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“It’s Monday, visit your hairstylist and everything will be okay”. The quote not only cheers us up, but it also reminds us of the importance of hairstyles. Because we cannot leave home without sparkle, let’s find the professional hair stylists and good hair salons for your hair. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take a look at “Top 5 best hair salons in Nigeria” today. In case you are also interested in hair factories, you can gain more truths about hair factories here.

<< The report is based on Instagram data of the influencers and popular accounts in hair business in Nigeria in 2020>>

1. The best hair salons in Nigeria- Excel Hair Lab

The first name of the top best hair salons besides human hair bulk business in Nigeria is Excel Hair Lab. Hair lovers in Benin city might be familiar with Excel hairstylist and his team. The appointment can be settled for bridal, hair extensions, wig making, make up, eyelashes extension and hair fixing. Training courses also opened, which show students how to make a pretty wig and take good care of the hair. 

About the owner of this hair brand, Mr Excel, there is no doubt of his professional hair skills. Though Excel Hair Lab is a new hair salon in the hair distributor and beauty business, with the incredible effort of all Excel’s team, the hair salon has received the attention of the community. In the last days of 2020, Mr Excel was selected as top favorite hairstylist and honored for an award in the Benin Film Festival.

We can watch his collection of hairstyles on Instagram to see how beautiful and skillful the hair showing. Moreover, each status has received a lot of comments and reaction, it’s showing that the best hair salons in Nigeria have an important influence in the community.

One thing you need to notice when you come to Excel Hair Lab- one of the best hair salons in Nigeria, the salon does not offer you the available hair like many wholesale hair vendors. You need to prepare the hair before installing because all the hair is just shown for display. To bring you multiple choices of hair suppliers, you can see the list of top hair distributors here below.

From this issue, the Excel Hair Lab team can consider selling hair bundles besides offering hair making service as well. Sometimes, customers can be confused with a lot of hairstyles and need the advice of hairstylists to know how to choose the appropriate ones with their faces, some even don’t know where to buy good hair.

The list of trustworthy hair suppliers can be found in these reports:


2. The best hair salons in Nigeria- dantushhair 

The next name of top list of the best hair salons in Nigeria is dantushhair with Dan stylist. Led by the young and enthusiastic boss, the hair brand has grown up very fast in these years. The images of dantushhair salon bring us a fresh feel and full of inspiration. Trendy colored hair and the most popular textures are found in the salon. Bone straight hair is the best-selling item and other curly hairstyles created by the hair stylist. 


dantushhair offer the trendy hairstyles for all ages

The hair has its origin from China and Vietnam hair in bulk wholesale. As a part of the leading hair trend, dantushhair salon has prepared a lot of bone straight hair for extension service. From the cute bob hair to the elegant wavy wigs, Dan shows us that he can deal with all hairstyles, colors and his salon is for all women, from all ages, jobs, taste of favors. Indeed, there is no boundary with the  hairstylist having innate talent.

With these reasons, dantushhair has received a huge amount of followers on Instagram and is worth being in the list of the best hair salons in Nigeria. If you still have not made up your mind of the hair for the special occasions, let’s clock the dantushhair door, you may find the inspiration from this wonderful place. 

Read more: 



3.  Best hair salons in Nigeria- Tays_signature

It’s time for the talented women in the hair business. Tays_signature was founded by women and works for the beauty of women. You can find the luxurious hair bundles, wigs and other hair care products in the salons.

All of the hair is Vietnamese hair, supplied by selected top hair suppliers. It suits the quote of the hair brand that only sells “luxurious hair”, therefore, the price is reasonable with the quality. As a professional hair salon, Tays_signature deals with all hairstyles and colors, we are overwhelmed with beautiful colored hair photos and are satisfied to see how gorgeous customers are with the hair after installment. Happy customers are key and we can make sure how good service the team has worked. 

Tay_signature is one of the best hair salons in Nigeria that you should try. Blonde hair, ombre hair and different hairstyles and colors are the trendy items. Thanks to Vietnamese hair origin, all the hair has a long life span, friendly with water and heat tools. If you need the hair care advice, why don’t you come to the best hair salons in Nigeria and ask for the treatment as well?


4. The best hair salons in Nigeria- DMD hairstylist

One more brand for your consideration of the best hair salons in Nigeria is DMD hairstylist. Located in Lagos, the center of Nigeria, DMD hairstylist must be the easy-to-pay-attention-to address for hair and beauty lovers. Indeed, you will be impressed by the first look at the hair salon.

The hair salon offers hair coloring, hair revamping and all types of hair extensions. We can see the colorful wigs with sophisticated workmanship. The hairstylist has turned hair deals into the wonderful games with colors and textures. This can be understood when DMD Hairstylist was recognized as Hairstylist brand of the year, nominated by La Mode Magazine in 2020. Blue, Navy, Pink, Grey, Orange… all the colors created  can not be mingled styles of the best hair salons in Nigeria. The quality is just like that of a top best wholesale hair distributor!


The hair is designed by talented hairstylist

The hair comes from Vietnam with lush texture. Bone straight hair still never goes out of style and is favorable with all customers. Piano color hair, bone straight hair, pixie, water curly and other handmade curling styled hair are the popular hairstyles in the salon. If you want to choose a trustworthy hair place, let’s consider one of the best hair salons in Nigeria- DMD hairstylist.


5.  Best hair salons in Nigeria- la_kingz_hairempire

Last but not least, the online shop, la_kingz_hairempire is the perfect choice for the best hair salons in Nigeria. Wholesale and retail are both served. The shop sells high grade human hair in bundles and wigs. Revamping, coloring, treatment and installation are also offered by the hair stylists as well. 

The hair is from China and Vietnam, with Chinese hair, the grade is from 10 A to 12 A. For Vietnamese hair, the shop only sells Super Double Drawn hair, which has 90-95% hair at the same length. It explained the “high grades” that the salon wants to aim for.

The natural straight hair and bouncy, wavy hair in short  and medium are the popular items in the best hair salons in Nigeria. However, long hair and colored hair is rarely seen. Therefore, if you want the hair with basic hairstyles and simple colors, the hair salon is still a good choice for you.

Finding the best hair salons in Nigeria, which is full of professional hair stylists, is the key for Nigerians to have a glamorous appearance. And no matter what salons you want to choose, don’t forget to be aware of hair vendors scam! For the human hair factory contact, which supplies hair for Nigerian wholesalers, you can send a message to us- K-Hair factory.


Deal with wholesale via WhatsApp: +84398344444 (Ms Astrid- CMO)

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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