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Colors are the smiles of nature”. Imagine how boring life is without the colors shades. And that’s the reason why we want our stuff to be full of colors, so do the hair.  However, we shouldn’t choose hair colors depending on only our taste, let’s choose the right one that makes you look glamorous instead. These 5 hot trend hair colors listed here below will help brighten your skin. Therefore, let’s follow them in order not to go out of style. 

1.  Hot trend hair colors- Burgundy

Burgundy is a familiar color with hair dealers. The perfect shade has conquered all women’s hearts in these recent years. Though Burgundy color can be mixed with different hairstyles, the Burgundy bone straight hair still is the most favorite one. 

You might see other versions of the hot trend hair colors, such as: Ombre Burgundy (which the hair bundle has the natural black color at the top and the colored hair in the remaining part),  Red Wine color (the shade which is a bit darker than Burgundy ones), Red Velvet and  Cherry Red– the two bright red shades, promising to be on top favorite hairstyles list in this summer.



Bone straight hair, Burgundy color in the sunshine


The truth is though Burgundy is not a completely new color for hair dealers, it still is used by a lot of women all over the world. Not only having beautiful looks just as it is, this color is also incredible under the sun. Each hair strand catches the sunshine perfectly and the hair looks pretty shiny and gorgeous. Imagine how beautiful you are when walking in the Burgundy weave hair, it’s a dress to kill. 

Thanks to the friendly shades with light, you can use Burgundy hair wigs without any worries if it doesn’t match your skin. Don’t ever miss the hot trend hair colors in your collection. This is also a top best color for summer hairstyles!

Received the love of all women, Burgundy is worth being on the list of hot trend hair colors for a long time. If you haven’t had any Burgundy hair weaves at your hair shop or hair salon, let’s place an order for it, you will see how your customers fancy it. 

2. Hot trend hair colors- Piano

If you are looking for new items for your hair collection, don’t be old-fashioned by  missing Piano colored hair.  Why do people call Piano- an instrument for a hair color? The answer is the hair has highlight stripes with complex colors mixed together, reminding us of the Piano. 

Honestly, this beautiful color is suitable with all  skin colors: fair skin, black skin and the medium skin tone. By adjusting a bit of hair shades, the hot trend colors can brighten your skin. In addition, it is the most suitable for long hairstyles.


Piano color is the hot trend color in Africa and the USA

Having the characteristics is easy to be mixed with different hair textures, you can meet a lot of versions of Piano colored hair: Piano Water Curly, Piano Tip Twist Curl, Star Curl… But if you want the silky hair bundles, the mixture of bone straight hair and piano color will create the hot trend hair colors. Thanks to modern technology, the hair is straightened into the flawless textures, no tangling, no shedding, and you can let your fingers go through the hair very easily. 

3.  Cozy Brown color- the hot trend hair colors worth your try

The third choice for the top hot trend hair colors list is Cozy Brown. As a hair lover, you might know different shades of brown hair. Sometimes the hair can be mixed with Copper Brown, Honey Brown- the very popular ones with us. But for something new in this wonderful year, why don’t you try Cozy Brown shade?



The shiny brown hair can make your dream comes true

The delicate hair shades can brighten your skin and give you an elegant look. This color is not too fantastic and makes you be the center of attention. Therefore, you can use it freely when coming to the workplace, attending important events, and going to the parties.  


It’s definitely not a partiality when we suggest you choose the Cozy Brown for bone straight hair. Only the bone straight hair never goes out of style texture, and you won’t regret choosing a Cozy Brown bone straight to resell to your customers. 

4. The hot trend hair colors 613 blonde

Every woman loves blonde hair and the 613 color is the desire for a lot of us. If you still hesitate with the decision: should or shouldn’t choose to wear 613 blonde hair, the answer is no need to worry, it’s perfect for all skin tones. With the native European people, blonde hair is one of their natural colors. Obviously, 613 and other shades of blonde can match their skin. How about other skin tones?

blond-hot-trend-hair colors

Blonde hair, especially 613 is the favorite hair color of African women

The truth is nowadays, the young generation in Asia bleach and dye their hair into different colors. Black women also wear blonde wigs, they learn, teach and share the ways to bleach the hair into 613 blonde color. If you still have a doubt of the black people with blonde hair, you can read the another report to see actually, black people also have their natural blonde hair. 


By buying 613 blonde hair, you can dye the hair to turn it into a more colorful version. As a quick view on Pinterest, the influencers call the 613 blonde hair with different highlights on it is Unicorn color (maybe because of the rainbow shades on it: green, blue, pink, yellow and so on). With these reasons, nobody can deny 613 blonde is worth being in the top hot trend hair colors list.

5.  Tropical Orange- the promising hot trend hair colors

You might still not feel the heat of summer with parties and festivals at this time. But believe me, in the upcoming summer, there is one hair color that will rock all hair markets. It’s one of the hot trend hair colors that we mention today- Tropical Orange.


The light orange hair will make you stand out of the crowd

In Nigerian hair markets now, only a few of the leading hair dealers get the information of the trendy Orange hair color. But the Tropical Orange will soon be the trendy ones in every hair shop. Pictures speak louder than words, let’s see how beautiful the hair is.

Changing hairstyles can enhance our appearance and choosing the best colored hair will be worth your money. We hope you can find at least one of the favorite colors to add into your next hair collection with the Top 5 hot trend hair colors list.  

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