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Blonde shades and dark skin, what is the first thought that pops up in your mind? The truth is some people may feel it is an awkward or non-matching concept. However, black women are still wearing blonde hair, especially the top famous stars, and we can not deny they have gorgeous looks. The questions are: why is blonde hair favorable by almost all women (that they want to wear blonde hair at least once in a lifetime)? And how to choose the trendy blonde hairstyles and from what supplier? Let’s take a look at this report to find out the answers.

1. Why is blonde hair favorable with black women?

As beauty lovers, you can not go through blonde  hair without attention. The blonde shades can create the glamorous appearance, and worth a try for those who want more hair experience. Therefore, wearing blonde hair is the normal concept for all women. 


Ombre Blonde Pixie Hair

Moreover, one truth that you may not know about blonde hair: black people also have natural blonde hair. You can meet the Melanesian community in the Australian continent with their blonde or brown hair, naturally.  The hair strand is naturally curly blonde from genetics. Only a rare percentage of black community people have blonde hair, but they still have in reality. That’s why wearing rocking blonde hair is just the common term for all women.

2. What textures are suitable with blonde hair?

You may get confused with a lot of blonde hairstyles when searching information on the Internet. In short, what is the most trendy blonde texture?

2.1. Blonde straight  hair

Not only be the basic hairstyle, blonde straight hair, especially 613 color is popular with women by the way they can create hairstyles by themselves. The hair is bleached and dyed in a complicated process in order to have the perfect condition to be sold. Because the process of bleaching can change the natural hair characteristics, the hair needs to be strong and durable to keep the softness. 


The blond straight hair is favorable with women

2.2. Blond wavy hair

Body Wavy is the most popular texture when we name wavy hair. The Body Wavy is a slight texture and helps women to have an elegant look.

Deep Wavy is also a good choice for customers, you can mix the brown shade to make the beautiful  ombre hair. 

In fact, another trendy kind of wavy hair is soft beachy waves, and it is a super hot item in summer!


Blonde wavy hair creates the delicate look

2.3. Blonde curly hair

For those who want the fluffy hair, Curly texture is the best choice for you. The questions may pop up in your mind are: is the hair can be dry and how to maintain it for a long time? Hair strand texture is the crucial factor to answer these questions. Vietnamese hair is strong though the hair strand is thin, thanks to that, Vietnamese hair factories can bleach the hair into light color and don’t cause any damages for hair structure. If you want the curls to be lighter, then, you can also consult loose wavy hair extensions.


The blond curly hair can mix with other colors

To maintain the hair, let’s make sure you use the right hair care products. Hair serum and hair conditioner are the necessary ones in order to keep the hair fresh and apply moisture for it.  

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3. Where to buy good blonde hair?

There are many hair suppliers from different countries. If you are a professional hair dealer, you may feel familiar with the names: Cambodian hair factories, Indian hair factories, Hair sellers in England, Hair sellers in South Africa… How to make a decision among these choices?

The easy step is tracking the hair origin: where it comes from and how to differentiate its hair characteristics. Natural climate and technology can affect the hair, therefore, the hair comes from each country has particular pros and cons.

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K-Hair factory is the leading hair supplier from Vietnam. All the hair is from the young and healthy Vietnamese women. Most of the hair source is collected in the mountainous area, where the weather is cool and sun rays don’t affect the hair. 

In 30 years producing hair, K-Hair factory has exported hair to other countries, even the high standard markets such as: Europe, America, Brazil, Africa… We produce and design all hairstyles and color at an affordable price:  weft, tip, tape, clip-in, wig, closure and frontal. Happy customers are proof to show our quality hair and the best customer service. 

In conclusion, blonde hair is trendy hairstyles for all beauty lovers. Skin color is not the barrier preventing us from trying new hair. Let’s find your new blond hair after reading this article and choose the best hair distributor for your hair business. 

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