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Tape hair extensions
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Rocking your natural hair to a longer, fuller, more voluminous and even highlighted hair style is a dream of many girls and womens. And the most common way to achieve this is applying hair extension. There are a bunch of hair extensions, but if you are a lover of thick and voluminous hair with medium long-lasting lifespan, tape hair extension is definitely what you need! The truth behind these brilliant hair extensions, including the overview, styles, tape in hair extension placement, maintenance and all about the wholesale business will be revealed in this article. Let’s discover!

Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions

1. Overview of tape hair extension

If hair extensions, especially tape in hair extensions are new to you, we are here to help you. In the first part, we would like to provide you an overview picture about tape in hair extension.

1.1. Definition of tape hair extension

Tape in hair extension is hair strand extensions attached to sticky tabs. These tabs are similar to medical – grade tapes, which can be used to close wounds and surgical incisions. To use this type of hair extension, users will need to stick the hair onto their scalp or middle of the hair layers through the tape.

In terms of characteristics, tape hair extensions are well-known for their features in material, color, length, style and weight. Below are the details of all the points.

  • Material: Fullest hair, only human hair, unprocessed chemical, always strong and smooth
  • Color: natural color, we offer tape in hair with many types of colors for all customers
  • Length: 18 inches, available from 8 to 30 inches
  • Style: usually straight hair but other styles are also available
  • Weight: 100 grams/bundle, the girl usually uses 2 to 3 bundles in order to make their hair thicker and longer.
Tape hair extensions with special design

Tape hair extensions are hair spreaded and stuck evenly on pieces of tape with special design

1.2. Origin of tape in hair extension

Nowadays, there are 2 main sources of tape in hair extensions: human hair extension and synthetic hair extension.

Human hair tape in extension: Human hair refers to tape in hair extensions made out of real hair from humans. There are 3 subclasses of human hair, divided based on the origin of hair material namely virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair.

  • Virgin hair: collected from only 1 person. Virgin hair has not been under any chemical process, maining its consistency, natural color with smooth and silky feeling.
  • Remy hair: gathered from multiple donors. The texture consistency is not as much as virgin but the quality is still guaranteed. Tape in hair extensions made of remy hair are able to be dyed in many tone colors except from 613.
  • Non-remy hair: collected massly from many people. The cuticle of hair strands don’t follow the same direction, resulting in poor quality of products.
Comparison of different human hair

Comparison of different human hair made out of tape in hair extensions

Synthetic tape hair extension: In contrast, synthetic hair refers to fake hair strands, which are made artificially by nylon or acrylic. They were under various chemical processes to achieve color and look like real human hair strands. Although tape in hair extensions made of synthetic hair seems so sleek, smooth and silky, they cannot bring users such a natural look like virgin tape in hair.

Besides, synthetic tape in hair extensions are said to have a short lifespan. Customers cannot treat and take care of synthetic tapes like their own human hair, leading to the fact that they are easy to be tangled, matted and therefore undurable.

Synthetic tape hair

Synthetic tape hair extension

1.3. Pros and cons of tape hair extension

What are the pros and cons of tape in hair extension? Let’s find out with us.

1.3.1. Pros of tape in hair extension

Tape in hair extensions are really beloved thanks to their ease of use, hair friendliness, natural appearance and comfortability.

  • Easy application and removement: It just takes about 30 minutes, requiring no heated tools or chemical products to install the extension. Customers can apply tape in hair extensions by themselves or have a hair stylist support them. In addition, tape in hair extension removement is also easy. Users just need to apply a special liquid directly on the tapes and then remove the tapes out of natural hair without any effort.

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Easy application and removement

Tape hair extension – Easy application and removement

  • Damage free hairstyle: As mentioned above, the installation and removement of tape hair extensions cause no pressure on scalp or make natural hair fragile, leading to the fact that tape in hair extensions are regarded as one of the most hair – friendly extensions.
  • Natural appearance: Tape in hair extensions are attached to small and thin tabs, which will blend well with your scalp and natural hair. If you have fine hair, tape in hair extensions are definitely what you need.
  • Comfortable experience: As tape in hair extensions are very flat and light, and they do not require all head installation, they won’t cause pressure on your scalp or natural hair. Hence, customers using tapes in still have a comfortable feeling. Sometimes they may even forget that they are wearing tape in hair extensions.
Comfortable feeling

Tape hair extension – Comfortable feeling

1.3.2. Cons of tape in hair extension

On the other hands, tape in hair extensions also have some drawbacks

  • Need time to wait: The adhesive tapes need the time amount of 24 to 48 hours to get dry. During that period, the users have to avoid washing hair or sweating.
  • Limitation to some hair styles: When you are using human hair extensions tape in, it is challenging to tie up your hair.
  • Shorter wear time: As tape in hair extensions are applied directly near your roots, after several weeks, when your real hair grows up, your tapes can be figured out. Therefore, 6 to 8 weeks after installation, customers need to reinstall the extensions.
  • Hair care routine change: Washing hair extensions frequently, especially tape hair extensions can shorten its longevity. Users should not wash them too often with silicone or sulfate products. Instead of washing tape in hair extensions usually with water, a dry shampoo will be a better choice.

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Hair care routine changes

Tape hair extension – Hair care routine changes

1.4. Comparison between tape hair extension and other extensions

If you have difficulties in distinguishing a wide range of hair extensions, we are here to support you. The following table presents the most typical characteristics of many types of hair extensions, including tape in hair extension. In fact, besides these hair extension types, there are also many other popular types such as human hair extensions I tip, micro link hair extensions and so on. You can read more about them to know more about hair extensions.

Tape in hair extension

Clip in hair extension

Weft hair extension

U-tip hair extension

Kind of commitment

Semi permanent




Application method

Easy to install

Easy to install

Require skillful technique

Require heated tool and skillful technique


4-6 months

10 – 12 months

3-4 months

3-5 months


Suitable for short or thin-haired girl who want to achieve long hair in medium long-term commitment

Suitable for short or thin-haired girl who want to achieve long and thick hair less than 5 minutes

Suitable for short haired girl who want to achieve long, thick and voluminous hairstyle in long-term

Suitable for short haired girl who want to achieve long hair with natural looking

2. Top best tape hair extensions for girls

There are so many different hairstyles for girls. However, below are suggested hairstyles of the best tape in hair extensions for you when committed to tape in hair extensions. Choosing a suitable tape in hair extension with a suitable hairstyle will help you to become more confident!

  • Straight tape in hair extension: This hairstyle is one of the best tape in hair extensions styles and will bring you a charming and elegant appearance, but it also looks energetic and youthful. Girls with square faces are really suitable with straight tape in hair extensions.
Straight tape in hair

Straight tape in hair extension

  • Wavy tape hair extensionWavy tape in hair extension is said to be born for everyone. This hairstyle can match with all shapes of faces. Long wavy hair bonds can cover all your defects, bringing you a more fashionable appearance than ever.
Wavy tape in hair

Wavy tape in hair extension

  • Curly tape in hair extension: You may feel a little bit afraid of wearing this hairstyle because it is not suitable for everyone. But in fact, curly tape in hair extensions is one of the most popular hairstyles, which are suitable with many shapes of faces such as oval face, squared face, rounded face, etc.
Curly tape in hair

Curly tape in hair extension

  • Bleached or highlighted tape hair extension: With bleached and highlighted tape in hair extension, you no longer have to dye your real hair with harmful chemicals, you just have to put tape in hair extensions on and then you will become outstanding in the crowd.
bleached and highlighted

Tape in hair extension bleached and highlighted

3. Placement of tape hair extension tutorial

Installation method of tape in hair extensions is semi permanent, therefore this tape in hair extension placement guide doesn’t require too much complex skill, so you can go to a hair salon or install them at home by yourself. We would like to provide you with the placement tutorial of tape in hair extensions.

  • Step 1: Separate a part of your hair horizontally just above your ears
  • Step 2: Make sure a section has been selected
  • Step 3: Tape one piece of hair extension under sectioned hair about ¼ inch from the scalp and peel the tape cover off
  • Step 4: Use comb through the tape area and make sure it is flat
  • Step 5: Take a second tape hair piece strip and press it firmly towards the under pieces
  • Step 6: Apply pressure with figures for 5-10s to secure 2 tape wefts held together.

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Placement of tape hair

Placement of tape hair extension tutorial

4. Must-know tips for tape hair extension

Haircare is absolutely essential for the users to take into account if they want to extend the longevity of their products. We have some valuable tips provided below for the human hair extensions tape in:

  • Do not comb or brush your hair extensions when it is wet: When your hair extension is wet, the threads tend to stick with the others harder or be weakened and more sensitive. Thus, when you try to comb or brush, the hair will definitely become tangled or breakable.
  • Always keep your hair extensions clean and untangled: It is suggested to invest in a high-quality brush to keep your hair extensions in shape. Brushing downward motion until the end of the hair. Place the other hand on the attachment points then hold the extension firmly to brush. If there is a knot, gently coax it instead of tearing.
  • Be careful in washing the hair and sleeping: A hair expert recommended that the hair extension should be washed and conditioned at least every other week and at a minimum once a month. During sleeping time, you should wear a silk or satin bonnet to prevent dryness.
  • Carefully choose products for your tape hair extension: Please take note that you should avoid shampoo and other hair products containing sulfates, otherwise it will remove the natural oil of your hair, making your hair as well as your tape in hair extension easily tangled, matted and shedding.
Take care of human hair

Take care of human hair extensions tape in

  • Avoid using oil-based products near the roots of your tape in hair extension: Oily hair care products and hair conditioners are necessary for smooth hair extensions. But if they are left near your roots, they potentially damage the tapes in, making your tape in hair extension slippery. Our recommendation is that you only should put oily hair care or conditioners at your ear level or under for a long lasting tape in hair extension.
  • Avoid heat application directly on the sticky tabs of your tape hair extension: In addition to the oily ingredients, heat is also regarded as a factor affecting significantly to the lifespan of tape in hair extensions. In fact, if you apply heat directly on the sticky tabs when curling or straightening, they will melt and slip off. As a result, your whole tape in hair extensions will be ruined. So please be careful when styling your hair.
Human Hair Extensions tape in?

How to maintain the Human Hair Extensions tape in?

5. The wholesale tape hair extension business

In order to take the fullest advantages of this competitive hair market, the investors tend to choose the wholesale business type instead of being sellers.

5.1. Target customers of hair extensions tape in

Based on the typical features of human hair extensions tape in, real hair extensions tape in are mainly imported by European tape in extension vendors. The consumers in those countries have already got long hair; however, as their hair is thin, they purchase the tape hair extensions in order to thicken their hair.

In condition, hair extensions tape in are also popularly used in American countries. As long as the user’s hair is long and thick enough at a minimum level, users can freely use this type of hair extensions. This is also the reason why so many hair salons and tape in extensions vendors in America are making a fortune with these items.

Who is relevant to Human Hair

Who is relevant to Human Hair Extensions tape in the most?

5.2. The supplying market for tape hair extensions

Although the hair extensions business has spread to multiple regions around the world, there are still some major markets of tape in hair extensions. The most dominating ones are located in Asia. These are the best three wholesalers in this continent.

  • Vietnamese wholesale human hair extensions tape in vendors: The human hair extensions distributors in Vietnam are recognized to export products with the best quality and provide pleasing customer service. Although the price of Vietnamese tape in hair extensions is a little more expensive than the other countries’ tape in extension vendors, it is worth the quality.
Vietnamese Hair Vendor

Human Hair Extensions tape in: Vietnamese Vendor

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  • Chinese wholesale human hair extensions tape in vendors: The most significant benefit of human hair extensions tape in supplied by Chinese factories is the sufficient source. As they gather both the domestic and international materials, the tape in extension vendors can always have a huge amount of products.
Chinese Hair Vendor

Human Hair Extensions tape in: Chinese Vendor

  • Indian wholesale human hair extensions tape in vendors: The Indian distributors always offer the cheapest price of tape in hair extensions among three markets for the consumers. However, the quality of their products are not on point enough because the main source of Indian hair extensions tape in comes from waste hair.
Indian Hair Vendor

Human Hair Extensions tape in: Indian Vendor

5.3. The price of tape hair extension

Price of tape in hair extensions may be the most considerable factor when choosing a tape in hair extension for yourself.

Price of tape in hair

Price of tape in hair extension

5.3.1. Price depends on the quality of tape in hair extension

Please note down that “Price always goes with quality”. The price of tapes in hair extensions can be varied according to the quality.

As mentioned, each tape hair extension supplier offers a different price with different quality. You should consider carefully based on your demand, your expectation before deciding to commit to specific tape in hair extensions. Here are our recommendation:

  • If you do not have high demand on quality or just want to try many types of tapes in hair extensions, you can consider cheap tapes in with lower expense.
  • If you seek tape in hair extensions in high quality with reasonable price and long-lasting lifespan, you can consider more high-rated products. Clear origin with qualified material will bring you a long-term benefit.

5.3.2. How much is a tape in hair extension?

This is a sample detailed price list from one of the top tape in hair extension factories in Vietnam.

price of tape in hair extension from a Vietnamese

Sample price of tape in hair extension from a Vietnamese top leading hair factory

As you can see from the table, the unit price is in USD/kg, 1kg equal to 30-40 pieces of tape hair extensions. The price is varied in lengths, quality and types of tape in hair extensions.

Please note that Vietnamese hair factories use single, double and super double to refer to quality grade of tape in hair extensions and other products as well.

For example, 1 kg of 20 inch double drawn straight will be sold at $648, while 1 kg of 24 inch double drawn wavy will cost you $869.

6. How to buy tape in hair extensions

Both end-users and resellers need to know how to buy tape hair extensions smartly. Here are the guides for both.

6.1. How to buy a tape in hair extension near me

Choosing a suitable tape in hair extension and a trustworthy hair store nearby to purchase is not easy at all. We are here to support you with some suggestions as follows.

  • Choosing suitable tape in hair extensions: You need to think about your requirement, your expectation to choose a suitable length of extension. Besides, what matters most is the color. In order to make sure that the color of the tape in hair extension matches with your hair color, you can directly go to the hair store or ask them for real photos of the color.
buy a tape hair extension near me?

How to buy a tape hair extension near me?

  • Choosing reliable hair store nearby:
  • Searching for a hair store nearby on Google and other social media. Tip is that you can search “hair store” on the Google map, then choose some hair stores nearby to check quality.
  • You should read all the information about hair stores carefully on their website, facebook, instagram… . The depiction of products, frequently asked questions and payment methods will help you to have a thorough knowledge about these stores.
  • Last but not least, you need to check all reviews and feedback of the hair stores. Please note that there are maybe several fake reviews with fake videos about the tape in hair extension products. So be conscious!
  • We recommend you should ask for consultancy from staff of the hair stores, so that you can receive support and more information about the tape in extensions you want to purchase. Besides, through conservation, you also can check the knowledge and attitude of the staff, to decide whether they are reliable hair stores or not.

6.2. How to import tape hair extensions from Vietnam

As mentioned before, Vietnam seems to be the best distributor for both wholesale hair extensions vendor and hair tape seller. If you want to start a business with those tape in extension vendors, we have a basis guideline available:

  • Step 1: Make a list of products that you want to import
  • Step 2: Choose the relevant and reliable hair vendors
  • Step 3: Contact the manager of the factory through a website or hotline.
  • Step 4: Build contract including prices, shipping methods…

7. Should I start a business with tape hair extensions?

Starting up a business with tape in hair extensions is one of the most frequently asking questions we receive. In this section, we’re gonna talk about “Why should I start a hair business?” and “How to choose a trustworthy tape in hair extension wholesale vendor?”. Hope this will be useful to you.

 start a business with tape hair

Should I start a business with tape hair extension?

7.1. Why should I start a hair business with tape hair extension?

We would like to provide you some reasons, then try to read carefully, so that you can get your own answer.

  • If you get rid of nine-to-five jobs, and you want to explore more, want to discover areas that are not familiar to you, or just want to be your own boss, starting up a hair business is one of your ideal solutions.
  • Hair business has been developing more and more dramatically all over the world. This potential market makes billions USD, bringing huge benefits for the hair business owners per year
  • What is more, hair business is not only beneficial for the business owners, but it also creates thousands of opportunities for local people to earn their living. In emerging hair markets, thanks to the hair industry, lower income people receive more chances to earn money. To look more generally, the hair business is said to be such a potential business, which helps develop the economics of many countries.
  • Last but not least, thanks to the tape hair extension business, it can be said that people in different countries are getting closer, further and helping each other.

International trades and mutual trades between countries create invisible bridges to connect people. There are so many volunteer events between hair factories and their hair suppliers or customers to support local children and people.

K-Hair in a motherless babies home in Nigeria

A charity event hold by K-Hair in a motherless babies home in Nigeria

Here is a charity event organized by K-Hair – a Vietnamese top leading hair factory. They are emerging significantly and gradually put their footprint in the worldwide market. Tape in hair extensions and other products from their factories are famous and widely used by customers from Africa, Europe, Russia … .

7.2. How to choose a trustworthy tape hair extension wholesale vendor?

We are here to recommend some standards for you in choosing a trustworthy tape in hair extension wholesale vendor or hair warehouse. Hope that they are helpful for you.

Choosing a trustworthy tape in hair

Choosing a trustworthy tape in hair extension wholesale vendor

  • Regular update information about human hair extension

A reliable tape in hair extension factories has no reasons for not updating information frequently on social media like facebook, twitter, youtube… . This helps them to spread photos and videos of their qualified tape in hair extensions and other products as well.

Besides, it is necessary for you to think about whether these photos and videos of tape in hair extensions really belong to them or not.

What is more, you also need to check their blogs or articles. Reliable and useful articles to some extent can demonstrate that they are trustworthy tape in hair extension wholesale vendors.

  • Customer support and consultancy from tape hair extension factories in time

A reliable tape in hair extension factory always has the willingness to reply and support anyone who comes with them within minutes. They are always available to give you advice.

In contrast, unreliable factories will have unacceptable support attitudes. They are not willing and patient in answering your questions. They just try to sell their products and gain benefits. So please be aware of who you are working with!

  • Reliable quality of human hair extension

A qualified tape in hair factory will be willing to help you check the quality of the tape hair extensions directly in their factory. If not possible to go directly, you definitely can ask them for a video call to see the real quality of tape in hair extensions.

You also can ask them to check your tape in hair extensions quality beforehand, making sure that the hair extensions meet your expectations.

  • Positive feedbacks and reviews about human hair extension

Feedbacks and reviews play an important role in evaluating a trustworthy tape in hair extension factory.

Qualified tape in hair extension factories definitely receive positive reviews from international customers. However, you should be aware of fake reviews. Real reviews come from real accounts with persuasive photos and videos.

8. Top 6 tape hair extension vendors in Vietnam

In case you are new to the Vietnamese hair extensions market or you are hesitant to choose a vendor for importing, we have a list of top 6 dominating distributors in this country. Let’s get more details about these wholesale tape in extension vendors.

8.1. K-Hair Factory – Best wholesale supplier of human hair extensions tape in

“Quality is King”- the motto of this best hair extensions vendor and tape human hair extensions wholesale supplier in Vietnam. They are famous for their products which are purely made from human hair. They also ranked at first place as the biggest hair company in Vietnam in 2020. With the foundation of 30-year-experience, K-Hair promises to supply high-quality products and the finest customer service.

Tape hair extensions are made of 100% Vietnamese hair. It is high-quality virgin remy hair. In terms of quality grades classified by hair volumes, there are 3 grades, including single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair. You can also order the special VIP hair if necessary as well. This ensures that you can get all the hair volumes you want for different purposes.

Hair Extensions tape in- K-Hair Factory

Human Hair Extensions tape in- K-Hair Factory

Contact details:

8.2. RAWHAIRVIETNAM COMPANY – Top best tape human hair extension wholesaler

Another well-known company in the Vietnamese hair extensions market as well as a top tape human hair extensions wholesale is Rawhair Vietnam. As the message that the name delivers, this vendor provides the human hair extensions tape in 100% made from virgin hair. Therefore, it is worth considering if you are focusing on the material of goods.

Rawhair Vietnam company is available in many business platforms such as website, Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp, so you can easily contact this top brand among wholesale tape hair extension vendors. There strengths are in supplying raw hair, so you can also consider buying raw hair bulk besides tape in real hair extensions.

RawhairVietnam Company

Human Hair Extensions tape in: RawhairVietnam Company

8.3. 5S Hair Vietnam – Top best tape in human hair extensions wholesaler

Founded in 1989, 5S Hair is recognized as the first hair extensions company in Vietnam. They have strong cooperations with hair sellers around the world such as Europe and Africa.

5S Hair is able to supply a variety of hair extension types and styles, especially the tape hair extensions. You can visit the website to check the detailed hair styles available and the wholesale prices offered.

5S Hair

Human Hair Extensions tape in- 5S Hair

8.4. Layla Hair Factory – Top best tape human hair extensions wholesaler

This brand of top best wholesale tape in hair extensions vendor has a wide range of branches in the North of Vietnam, which produce multiple types of hair extensions. The founder of the factory is a women having a passion of bring the job opportunities to other women living in disable areas of Vietnam.

Working with Layla Hair Factory, you will not only get a wide range of choices of hair extension styles but also the types as well. Besides wholesale hair extensions tape in, you can also choose weft hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, keratin tip hair extensions and so on.

Layla Hair Factory

Human Hair Extensions tape in- Layla Hair Factory

8.5. JEN HAIR VIETNAM – Top best tape human hair extensions wholesaler

This company is the top wholesale tape hair extension vendor and was founded in 2007 and has achieved some significant prizes in the hair business field. With the passion “Bring the top quality made-in Vietnam and made-by Vietnam products to over around the world, and become the leading export company in Vietnam”, Jen Hair is considered as one of the most reliable tape in hair vendors in this country.

Jen Hair Vietnam

Human Hair Extensions tape in- Jen Hair Vietnam

8.6. Mic Hair Company – Top best wholesale tape in hair extensions vendor

Mic Hair Company is another vendor that supplies tape in human hair extensions that are worth your consideration if you want to start a hair business with Vietnamese distributors. They have the source of well-cared hair from Vietnamese and Cambodian women without chemicals re-treating. In addition, there is 24/7 supporting service provided.

 Mic Hair Company

Human Hair Extensions tape in- Mic Hair Company

After all, tape hair extensions are really worth buying. They are beneficial for both end-users and resellers thanks to the styling effects as well as good sales. There are a variety of choices in the hair market right now. Therefore, please take all the pros and cons into consideration and choose the best items.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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