Top 15 Best Human Hair Extension Items For Glowing 2024

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The human hair extension market now is blooming with a variety of extension options. Have you decided on the most suitable items to get for 2024? We will help you list the top 15 best choices according to the current trends and our experiences in the hair business. You can choose the greatest types and styles based on many different criteria, including simple application, low maintenance, trending & flattering styles and so on. Let’s see what are the most worthwhile 15 options.

Best Human Hair Extension

Top 15 Best Human Hair Extension Items For Glowing

1. Clip-in hair – Best temporary human hair extension

Introduction: When it comes to a hair extension type that users can put on and off easily everyday, it must be clip-in hair extension. Clip-in hair comes in different sizes and lengths. Each hair weft contains 1-4 hair clips on the weft string, depending on the size.

Application: Clip-in hair extensions are attached among the real hair layers of the users. Its main role is to add more volume to the hair. This human hair extension type is temporary, which means users can put it off at the end of the day to have the most comfortable bedtime.


  • Easy to apply and put off daily
  • Natural-looking as it blends well with the real hair
  • Diverse styles to choose from


  • Possibly damaging due to the clips

Recommended users: Users who have thin hair and prefer comfy hair extensions definitely should try clip-in hair extensions. Don’t forget to choose the items that have the same texture and color with the real hair, so that the hair and extensions can blend well and look natural.

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Clip-in hair - Human Hair Extension

Clip-in hair – Best temporary clip hair extension

2. Tape-in hair – Best semi-permanent real hair extensions

Introduction: Tape-in human hair extensions are the most popular semi-permanent hair extension type in the market. The extension structure includes one small hair weft and a hair tape attached near the root. It is called semi-permanent because the hair extension can last for quite a long time, about 2 months before re-installation.

Application: Tape-in hair extension can be applied either at home or at a hair salon. The hair extensions need to be attached into the real hair through the tape. If you are new to hair extensions, you’d better go to a salon, so that the hairstylist can attach and blend/style the hair for you. Otherwise, you can also ask for a friend to help. It is easier than doing it yourself.


  • Long-lasting on head, up to 2 months
  • Light, causing no pressure to the scalp
  • Diverse styles to choose from


  • Demanding hair care as the tape shouldn’t be wet

Recommended users: People with long thin hair are suitable to use tape-in hair extensions. Users with short hair should notice that the real hair shouldn’t be too short. Otherwise, the hair and extensions will not blend well. As a result, the final style looks unnatural.

Tape-in hair - Human Hair Extension

Tape-in hair – Best semi-permanent real hair extension

3. I-tip hair – Good low-maintenance human hair extension

Introduction: I-tip human hair extensions are one of the most popular keratin tip hair extensions. The conventional form of I-tips are small hair strands with I-shaped glue tips. However, I-tips are so diverse nowadays. Many other tip forms are available such as string tip or elastic tip, which means the hair extensions are not installed with keratin glue but with elastic string instead.

Application: I-tips definitely should be applied at hair salons by professional hairstylists. The installation needs to be meticulous and proper. Each small human hair extension piece will be attached near the root of the real hair (with melt keratin glue or with string), and this process is supposed to give as little pressure as possible.


  • Super natural looking
  • Long-lasting, at least 1-2 months
  • Easy hair care, the same and simultaneous with real hair
  • Diverse styles to choose from, usually straight with colors


  • Expensive hair extensions and installation
  • Demanding careful hair wash as the tip shouldn’t be affected

Recommended users: The suitable users are similar to those of clip-in and tape-in hair extensions. If you want to use I-tip hair extensions, you should make sure that your real hair is not too short. Then the I-tips can blend and add volume to the hair naturally.

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I-tip hair - Human Hair Extension

I-tip hair – Good low-maintenance real human hair extension

4. Sew-in hair – Best natural-looking real human hair extension

Introduction: Sew-in is the most popular method of weft hair extensions. Hair wefts or hair weaves are the phrases indicating long hair pieces (horizontally). The tips of hair strands are weaved together, up to 1-meter horizontally long bundle.

Application: Sew-in hair extensions are sewn onto users’ real hair to also add volume and length. Don’t worry, the extensions are not sewn directly on the hair strands. You will need to create at least 1 horizontal braid with your hair first. Then, you can have the extensions sewn onto the braids. The process is not suitable for DIY; you’d better go to a hair salon for sew-in installation.


  • Best natural-looking hair extension type
  • Suitable for ones with long thin hair (popular)
  • Diverse styles to choose from


  • Demanding installation
  • Possibly causing pressure to both real hair and scalp

Recommended users: Users with long thin hair should use sew-in human hair extensions. Remember that the real hair needs to be long enough to create braids and also cover the installing rows.

Sew-in hair - Human Hair Extension

Sew-in hair – Best natural-looking human hair extension

5. Halo hair – Damage free human hair extension

Introduction: Halo hair extension is a new type of human hair extensions. This is similar to sew-in hair extension or hair weave in general. However, halo wefts also include “invisible” strings attached.

Application: The installation is quite simple. Users just need to apply the weft into the middle layers of the real hair and then fix it with the string. Using hair accessories like hair clips or headbands is also a good idea to make sure the string is tight and invisible. This process can be done at home with only a couple of minutes.


  • Totally damage-free as the string causes no damage
  • Super easy DIY installation
  • Diverse styles to choose from


  • Not long-lasting, requiring frequent re-application

Recommended users: Like any other weft forms, halo hair extensions are suitable for ones who need to add more volume and length to real hair.

Halo hair - Human Hair Extension

Halo hair – Damage-free human hair extension

6. Lace wigs – Popular real hair extensions

Introduction: Lace wigs – Human hair extension are hair wigs made of weft hair bundles and hair closures/frontals. Each hair wig requires 2-3 hair bundles and 1 closure/frontal. This type of wig is super popular towards African customers.

Application: The real hair needs to be neat in the wig cap before users wear lace wigs. Just apply the wigs on the head, attach them onto the wig cap with wig glue and then cut the surplus lace. Modify anywhere you need, and then you have the natural-looking hair wigs.


  • Natural-looking as the lace is transparent and similar to the scalp
  • Easy application
  • Diverse styles to choose from


  • Sometimes uncomfortable as the real hair is totally covered in the wig cap
  • Demanding hair care

Recommended users: You want a quick full-head hair extension form and still natural-looking? Then lace wigs are recommended. Users should also have short hair, so that the wig cap is not too tight, and the application is easier.

Lace wigs - Human Hair Extension

Lace wigs – Popular hair wig choice

7. Quick weave – Special hair wig form

Introduction: Quick weave is such a unique form of human hair extension. Quick weaves are literally hair weft bundles. But the unique installation is what makes its name.

Application: Before applying hair weave as a quick weave, you need to put the real hair neatly in the wig cap. The real hair is also usually treated with a special hair conditioner beforehand. The special point is that you can keep the “leave out” (usually the hair bangs or the part with clear hair line) to make the final look 100% natural. Then, just use the glue to stick each hair weft on the cap until the full head is covered.


  • So natural-looking, like you are wearing no wigs or bundles at all
  • Diverse styles to choose from


  • Uncomfortable for real hair

Recommended users: Quick weave is worth trying for ones who want to wear a wig but still natural-looking. Also, users need to be aware that the real hair will be covered in the wig cap for at least a month without any hair care.

Quick weave - Human Hair Extension

Quick weave – Special hair wig form human hair extension

8. Ponytail – Best party-style human hair extension

Introduction: Ponytails give the most party vibes among hair extension types. It is literally the ponytail to attach to the user’s real ponytail tip.

Application: Ponytail hair extension can be attached through many forms. Some are tied with a string; some are attached with a big hair clip, and some are with tape, etc. Just create a ponytail with your own hair, either a low, medium or high one according to your preference. Then, attach the ponytail, and then it is done.


  • Super easy to wear
  • Diverse styles to choose from


  • Sometimes possibly heavy and uncomfortable

Recommended users: Any ones desiring longer ponytail hairstyles can use the ponytail human hair extensions. Make sure that the real hair is enough to create a small ponytail before attaching the extensions.

Ponytail hair - Human Hair Extension

Ponytail hair – Active human hair extension

9. Bone straight hair – Never-out-of-fashion human hair extension style

Introduction: When it comes to the most classic human hair extension style, bone straight is definitely the one. The hair is straightened purposely, so it is really smooth, silky, soft, and also sleek.


  • Suitable for all users with different face features
  • Diverse choices with different colors (black, brown, piano, light, etc)
  • Flexible with different styles (long hair, bob hair, lob style, layered style, ponytail, etc)
  • Available in many hair extension types: hair wefts, clip-in, tape-in, tip, etc


  • Demanding hair care: The hair should not be styled with heat (like dyeing or curling). Also, you also need to pay attention and use proper shampoo and hair conditioner to keep the hair texture silky and smooth.

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Bone straight - Human Hair Extension

Bone straight – Never-out-of-fashion human hair extension style

10. Balayage hair – Best colored clip hair extensions style

Introduction: Balayage is one colored hair extension style. This is one of the most special colored styles as it gives the vibes of both ombre and highlights, but still unique and appealing. The hair usually looks like highlights for the top and ombre for the bottom part.


  • Diverse choices with fancy colors (usually light ones) and styles (usually wavy ones)
  • Trendy and appealing look
  • Available in many hair extension types: hair weave, sew-in, hair wig, etc


  • Demanding hair care: Choosing proper shampoo and hair conditioner is so important to colored and bleached hair. This is to both maintain the hair color and keep the hair moisturized.
Balayage hair - Human Hair Extension

Balayage hair – Best colored human hair extension style

11. Chunky highlight hair – Trending colored human hair extension style

Introduction: Chunky high-light hairstyle is the special version of highlight hairstyle. The hair bangs are usually dyed with light colors. Then, it creates an attractive look from the first sight. This hairstyle is the trend of late 2022 and supposed to be still booming in 2024.


  • Super attractive and individual looking, suitable for individual styles
  • Available in many human hair extension types: hair bangs, clip-in, etc


  • High-maintenance: The chunky lines require proper hair care to keep their color and texture well.
Chunky highlight hair - Human Hair Extension

Chunky highlight hair – Trending colored human hair extension style

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12. Layered straight hair – Best human hair extension style for square face

Introduction: Layered straight is a “traditional” but never stops being hot style in the hairstyle field. Instead of plain straight or bone straight, this layer style uses the layers to add more texture and fun to your hair look. It is super suitable for a square face as it flatters your facial features well.


  • Easy to style: just add more layers to the straight hair extensions
  • Low-maintenance: All you need is to trim the layers occasionally.


  • This hairstyle is too popular, so maybe you can easily feel bored. Solution is to create some fun with your layered hair like adding more colors.
Layered straight hair - Human Hair Extension

Layered straight hair – Best human hair extension style for square face

13. Wavy lob – Best real hair extension style for round face

Introduction: Lob hairstyle is literally long bob hairstyle. Wavy lob is loved with its elegant wavy textures. This hairstyle is especially popular among Asians and Caucasians.


  • Elegant-looking, suitable for many circumstances: work, party, casual hanging out, etc
  • Available in many human hair extension types: tape-in, sew-in weft, clip-in, etc


  • This hairstyle has almost no disadvantage as it is beautiful, elegant, suitable for many face shapes and fashion styles. It is just so flexible and has high applicability.
Wavy lob - Human Hair Extension

Wavy lob – Best human hair extension style for round face

14. Kinky curl – Interesting curly human hair extension style

Introduction: Kinky curl is a special curly hair extension style. This curl is the natural curl of Africans. However, Africans usually have thin short hair, so they choose to use hair extensions of this style to add more length as well as hair volume. Any other hair lovers desiring the kinky textures can also use this hairstyle.


  • Unique-looking: Kinky is the tightest curly hair texture, and it gives super much volume to the hair. People can be confused when naming similar curly wavy styles like deep wave, loose wave or body wave, bouncy curl, etc. However, all are able to realize the unique kinky immediately.
  • Available in many hair extension types: lace wig, sew-in weft, clip-in, etc


  • Demanding hair care: How to keep the curls voluminous but not tangled and dry is always a tough question. People need to be really careful and dedicated to their kinky hair care.
Kinky curl - Human Hair Extension

Kinky curl – Interesting curly human hair extension style

15. Dreadlocks – Unique human hair extension style for all genders 

Introduction: Dreadlock is a significant hair extension style that both men and women can wear. The hair texture is so special that you can hardly use any word to describe it. It is a bit similar to braids but much more special. This hairstyle is also voluminous and individual.


  • Signature-looking: Like kinky hair, dreadlock is special and outstanding. Its texture is not similar to any other style.
  • Diverse choices with many different dreadlock styles


  • Not available in as diverse hair extension types as other hairstyles
  • Demanding hair care for such special hair texture
Dreadlocks - Human Hair Extension

Dreadlocks – Unique human hair extension style for all genders

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Are you satisfied with our top 15 best human hair extension recommendations? Each hair extension type and style has its own pros and cons. Your job is to be a smart user to choose the most suitable items. Sometimes, being creative and trying a new look is also fun!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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