Human hair extension – The Truth Behind Will Shock You

human hair extension truth behind
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Human real hair extension has been regarded as one of the most premium items in the beauty industry. The hair extension is widely used and beloved by international customers from many countries all over the world. So, “What contributes to its popularity? Why is it so famous?”. Have you heard of the truth about hair extensions? Try to read till the end of this article, we’re gonna bring you an insight into human hair extension and the truth behind will shock you. 


Human hair extension – The truth behind will shock you


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1/ An overview picture of human hair extension

In the first section, we will discuss more details about the definition, features and categories of hair extension which is from human hair, so that you can have a clearer view of the truth about hair extensions.

1.1/ Definition of human hair extension

This type of real hair extensions are hair products made of 100% human hair, gathered from 1 donor to groups of donors. These products give users the appearance of longer and thicker hair. 

1.2/ Characteristics of human hair extension

Hair extension from human hair has several typical characteristics which can be listed below:

  • Human hair extensions offer the most natural looking appearance

As mentioned, hair extensions made of human hair are collected directly from women. Therefore, they can retain the characteristics of human hair, which is smooth, strong and silky, resulting in it being well-blended with your natural hair. So it turns out to be difficult for others to recognize your hair extension.

In contrast, synthetic hair extensions are hair extension products made of man-made hair material. They aren’t able to blend well with natural hair, bringing users an artificial and unnatural look.

  • Human hair extensions can be treated as your natural hair

Hair extensions made out of real hair can be treated in the same way you treat your natural hair. Normal haircare like washing, blow-drying, … or chemistry treatment like straightening, curling, dying, bleaching… are all possible. Whereas it is so difficult to make different hair styles with synthetic hair extensions. No haircare, no treatment, otherwise the hair could be seriously damaged.

  • Human hair extensions have long-lasting lifespan

Qualified hair extensions made of human hair from wholesale hair distributors can last for a long period. In fact, depending on the types of hair or the hair material, the durability of this hair extension can be varied. Generally, it can be said that with proper hair care and preservation, your hair extensions could maintain their beauty for several months to years.


Characteristics of human hair extensions

1.3/ Different hair origin of human hair extension

Have you ever wondered about the origin of hair extensions made of human hair? Where do human hair extensions come from? Or how can this type of hair extension be classified based on the material? And how many types of human hair extensions are there? There are 3 main types of human hair namely Virgin hair, Remy hair and Non-remy hair.

1.3.1/ Virgin hair

Virgin hair is the best human hair extensions of all types of human hair extensions, which is collected from 1 donor. This is a kind of hair that hasn’t been under any chemical processes and all the hair strands follow one direction. This is the most premium type of hair. Virgin human real hair extension is absolutely soft, strong, thick and durable with natural color.


Virgin human hair extension

Moreover, thanks to its pureness, hair extensions made from virgin hair can be easily hairstyled or bleached to light color like 613. Hence virgin human real hair extensions are the favorite choice of types of best human hair extensions for women from many areas like Europe, America, Russia … They are also the best choice for wholesale hair vendors as they can meet high demand of customers. However, because of its exceptional quality and rareness, the price is not competitive at all.


Virgin human hair extension can be bleached to light color

1.3.2/ Remy hair

Remy hair is also a popular name of the three types of human hair extensions, which is gathered from 2 or groups of people who share the common characteristics of their hair. The texture consistency of hair material is not as much as virgin. But thanks to modern techniques and skillful craftsmen, the quality of hair extensions made from remy hair is still guaranteed. 

Besides, there are a wide range of hair extensions such as clip-in, tape-in, tip-in, sew-in, etc at a reasonable price. Therefore, remy hair extensions are widely used by worldwide customers and become one of their must-have items. With guaranteed quality and affordable price, remy quality human hair extensions have become more popular than ever.


Remy human hair extension

1.3.3/ Non-remy hair

Non-remy hair is mixed hair. The truth about hair extensions to consider is that, this kind of hair material is not directly collected from donors. Instead, hair is gathered from various places like salons, temples, comb hair or even scattered hair strands on floors. This is of lowest quality in comparison with other types of human hair extensions.

Unlike remy hair, which is collected carefully and processed by experienced workers, non-remy hair has inconsistent directions and unqualified hair strands. This leads to the fact that non-remy human hair extensions are easily tangled and shedding

Though at first, non-remy hair extensions can look pretty silky and soft, but after several times, the silicone coating will be worn off and the real hair extension will become harsh, rough and messy.


Non-remy human hair extension

1.3.4/ Conclusion and recommendation

After all, what are the advantages and disadvantages of all three types of human hair, and which are the best human hair extensions? Below is the synthetic table to let you have an overview of the truth about hair extensions.

Virgin hair extensionsRemy hair extensionsNon-remy hair extensions
AdvantagePurest hair with consistent texture
Can be dyed in many colors, especially bleached to 613 or 60 color 
Can be dyed to many different colors

Various products

Reasonable price

Cheapest price

Available and easy to buy


High price

Unable to bleached to light colorLow quality as get tangled and shedding easily
RecommendationIdeal choice for customers who pay attention on the quality and ability to be bleachedExcellent choice for consumers, especially wholesale vendors who seek reasonable price with guaranteed qualitySuitable for low-income customers or someone who just want to try many hair extension products

2/ Various types of human hair extension

Nowadays, there are so many types of human hair extensions and many products made from human hair. In order to help you to choose the best human hair extensions as well as your suitable one, we will list 5 main types of hair extensions as below.

2.1/ Clip-in human hair extension

Clip-in hair extensions is a products made from human hair, which hair is weft together and then attached to micro clips at the root of the hair bundles. As clip-in hair extensions are temporary hairstyles, it is so convenient for users. It takes only a few minutes to put a clip-in hair extension on your natural hair and then put it off easily without any hair damage. Clip-in hair extensions are such popular items for any one who wants to have a different and attractive appearance within a few minutes. 

Our advice is that you don’t have to wash and take care of your clip-in human hair extension too often. You just should wash this kind of products made from human hair after several use times. Besides, please remember to remove your clip-in hair extension before going to bed. This is a much to such temporary types of human hair extensions.


Clip-in human hair extension

2.2/ Tape-in human hair extension

Tape-in hair extensions are hair extensions attached to sticky tapes, one of the most popular products made from human hair. It is so easy and time-saving when using tape-in hair extensions. Customers just need to apply tape-in extensions on top of and under their real hair. Tape-in hair extensions are an ideal choice to make thin hair thicker and more voluminous. 

Besides, women are really into tape-in quality best human hair extensions because they cause no damage to natural hair without no requirement for heated tools or chemical ingredients. 

After several weeks, as your hair grows, you should have your hair stylist adjust tape-in human extensions for you. When you take off tape-in human hair extensions, you can preserve them carefully for the next time. 


Tape-in human hair extension

2.3/ Sew-in human hair extension

Sew-in hair extensions are hair extensions weft to fabric. Therefore they are also called weft hair. Sew-in human hair extensions are one of the most popular products made from human hair and are widely used by many customers in different countries. 

The application of sew-in human hair extensions may take a few hours. First, the hair stylist will braid your hair. Then she will sew your weft hair extension into your hair by a needle and thread. Thanks to this way of attachment, sew-in hair extensions are more secure and not likely to slip off like clip-in or tape-in extensions. Therefore, if you take care of them properly, sew-in hair extensions made of human hair can last for months, up to 1 year. 


Sew-in human hair extension

2.4/ I – tip human hair extension

I – tip human hair extensions, also called microbeads, are real hair extensions attached to keratin tips. They will be latched with natural hair using flattened microbeads. Applying method requires no glue, heat or braid. Therefore, it is friendly, causes less hair damage and pressure on your scalp. It also brings you longer and thicker hair with a natural look. 

You can treat I – tip human virgin remy hair extensions as your real hair, like washing, drying, straightening, etc. Remember to be patient and gentle when combing your microbead hair extension. Qualified brushes are suitable for microbeads, avoiding accidentally tugging at the beads.


I-tip human hair extension

2.5/ U-tip human hair extension 

U-tip hair extensions are one of the best hair extensions attached to a special glue. To install this kind of permanent human hair extension, you need to melt the glue out to stick to the roots of your natural hair. This dangerous heated process will take several hours. Please be careful, or else it may damage your real hair. We suggest you should not apply by yourself. Instead, you should have a hairstylist install it for you.

Despite its drawback, U-tip human hair extensions are really loved and popular, it is even considered the best human hair extensions because of its convenience and longevity. U-tip hair extensions are said to blend well with natural hair, bringing users a natural and stunning look. Moreover, they allow more versatility with different hairstyles. Last but not least, U-tip hair extensions have a longer-lasting lifespan compared to other methods.


U-tip human hair extension

3/ Which hairstyles can you do with human hair extension?

There are a lot of gorgeous hairstyles for quality human hair extensions. Here are the lists of top 5 stunning hair extension styles for everyone:

  • Human straight hair extension
  • Human wavy hair extension
  • Human curly hair extension
  • Human bleached hair extension
  • Human ponytail hair extension

Straight human hair extension


Wavy human hair extension


Curly human hair extension


Bleached human hair extension


Ponytail human hair extension

4/ Instruction for human hair extension

If you are a hair extension lover, this section definitely is necessary for you. Read this and you’ll know how to install and take care of your hair extension properly.

4.1/ How to install a human hair extension?

The way to attach a human virgin remy hair extension depends on each type of hair extension. Actually, we can divide into 2 kinds: temporary attachment and permanent attachment. 

  • Permanent attachment for sew-in, tip-in and micbread human virgin remy hair extensions requires chemical processing and complex methods, so we do not recommend you apply by yourself. You had better have assistance of skillful hairstylists to avoid your hair being damaged.
  • Temporary installation of clip-in and tape-in human hair extensions don’t require any heat or professional skill, so they can be easily applied by yourself at home.

Here are the ways to wear clip-in and tape-in human virgin remy hair extensions. Hope you can apply successfully.


Attachment of clip-in human hair extension


How to wear tape – in human hair extension

4.2/ How to take care of human hair extension?

Knowing the truth about hair extensions only is not enough. Haircare is absolutely essential for a shiny and smooth hair extensions made of human hair. There is nothing worse than a matted, tangled hair extension. Moreover, proper hair care can help you to extend the lifespan of your hair extension. So we are here to fill you in on the top useful tips of hair care and preservation.

4.2.1/ Choose hair products carefully for your human hair extension

You should avoid hair products containing sulfates and alcohol. Otherwise, the natural oil of your hair will be worn off, making your human hair extension tangled and harsh. We recommend you should take a look at hair products with natural ingredients. They are friendly and contain enough essential moisturizers to keep your hair smooth and silky. 


Choose hair products carefully

4.2.2/ Wash your human hair extension properly

Normally, washing in the sink may be easier and quicker. However, your hair extension will be easily tangled. If possible, you should wash your hair in the shower. This means the water can flow down your hair and also helps to remove the excess shampoo and conditioner. Please note down that putting hair conditioner near the roots can cause your hair extension to slip down your hair, making your human hair extension less durable. 


Wash your human hair extension properly

4.2.3/ Never sleep with wet human hair extension

As your human hair extension is at its weakest when it is wet. Therefore, tossing and turning while you sleep causes damage to it and makes it not silky and smooth when you wake up. Imagine that in the morning, it is so time-consuming to comb and brush out knots, pulling at your scalp and your hair may be shedding and tangled. There is nothing worse than this!


Never sleep with wet human hair extension

4.2.4/ Always comb your hair gently

First of all, you should invest in a qualified brush. Then patiently and gently brush at the end your human hair extension little by little before working your way up. This way will cause less pressure on your hair extension, your natural hair and scalp, keeping them healthy and avoiding falling down. Besides, comb your hair extension at least twice a day to keep it in its best state.


Comb your human hair extension patiently and properly

4.2.5/ Minimize heat damage

Hairstyles like drying, curling, straightening with heating processes or even direct sunlight will cause damage on your real hair and human hair extension as well. If possible, try to use heat protectants before these processes or go outside. In addition, you can turn down the temperature when using heated tools to maintain a silky and strong hair extension.


Minimize heat damage to your human hair extensions

5/ Price of human hair extension

Maybe this is the factor that plays a key role in the decision to purchase the best human hair extensions for personal users as well as wholesale hair suppliers. So what are those elements affecting the price of hair extension made of human hair? How much are hair extensions made of human hair? Let’s find out the answer.


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5.1/ Factors affecting price of human hair extension

When it comes to the price of real hair extensions made of human hair, there are several elements that contribute to the final price of hair extension. We are here to bring you some brief information about them

5.1.1/ Price depends on the source of human hair extension

We all know that price always goes with quality. If hair extensions are made of virgin hair, which is said to be luxurious, rare and in premium quality, it is obvious that human real hair extensions will be sold at a high price. Meanwhile these hair extensions made out of remy hair will be purchased at a more reasonable price with qualified quality. 


Price depends on the source of human hair extension

5.1.2/ Price depends on the quality grade of human hair extension

Quality grade refers to the similarity in length of hair strands of each hair extension bundle made of human hair. There are 3 kinds of quality grade as follows. 

Please notice that in Vietnam, in terms of quality grade, people use single, double and super double, meanwhile in China, they use 5A, 6A, 7A…

  • Single drawn/ 5A, 6A: 50% of human hair extension has the same length with the most affordable price
  • Double drawn/ 7A, 8A: with 60 to 70% hair of the same length
  • Super double drawn/ 9A, 10A: with 80-85% hair of the same length. This is the best type of hair extensions made of human hair, requiring high-qualified hair source and careful processing. Hence, super double drawn human hair extension is regarded as luxurious product in the highest price

Quality grade of human hair extension

5.1.3/ Price depends on the factories techniques, production scale and business methods

In fact, if the human hair extension factories are set up in industrial scale, mass production with automatic machines, we can see that the business expense could be reduced. In contrast, there are some hair vendors with small scale or hand-made products, the business operation expenditure will be more costly, resulting in higher price of hair extensions made of human hair for end users. 

Besides, thanks to the social-shopping movement, there are more and more hair factories which have changed their marketing strategy, adapting with social media. Therefore, instead of spending budget on expensive rent stores or showrooms, they are used to marketing and selling their products online. This will help to minimize operation costs and then offer consumers quality human hair extensions at a more reasonable price. It can be said to bring benefits for both sellers and buyers.


Price depends on the factories techniques, production scale and business methods

In addition, if you buy quality human hair extensions at a retail store, it is obvious that the price is not as competitive as the one offered by a wholesale human virgin remy hair extension vendor. You also can go and buy directly at hair factories. This means there aren’t any intermediaries and you can get the best price, also called as “factory price”

5.2/ How much does human hair extension cost? 

Here are several sample human hair price lists of most typical wholesale human virgin remy hair extension factories and hair warehouse worldwide. In fact, the price can be varied depending on the hair factories in different countries. Hope that you can have an overview and comparison between these wholesale hair suppliers.

5.2.1/ Chinese sample price list of human hair extension


Chinese human hair price list of human hair extension – Hair extension pricing examples

As mentioned before, in terms of quality grade, Chinese factories use 5A, 6A, etc. In this situation, this is a price table of 9A human virgin remy hair extension. Therefore you can understand that human hair extension is super double drawn with high quality. Please also remember that this is only one of the hair extension pricing examples, and the prices may vary more.

The unit of price is also USD/kg, 1 kg = 10 bundles = 1000g. For example, if you want to buy 1kg of 20” (inch) human virgin remy hair extension, you need to pay $480.

It can be said that the large scale of business and mass production helps Chinese human hair factors to offer customers competitive prices. However, also due to the mass production, the quality of hair extensions made of human hair is not always under control, leading to the fact that if you are a kind of person who expect such high-quality and durable products, may be Chinese hair extension made of human hair is not an ideal choice for you

5.2.2/ Indian sample price of human hair extension


Indian human hair price list of human hair extension – Hair extension pricing examples

It can be observed from the sample table that the price of Indian hair extensions made of human hair is more affordable than China and other countries, like any other hair extension pricing examples.

For example, the wholesale price of a 20 inch straight human hair extension costs $470, $10 lower than Chinese human virgin remy hair extension in the same length. 

In fact, India is known as an available area for hair sources of human virgin remy hair extension. In addition, the processing methods in Indian hair factories are pretty simple and don’t require modern equipment. This contributes to the competitive edge of India in the hair market as welll as the market hair extension with low prices. Therefore, Indian hair extension is believed to be suitable with someone who does not have an abundant budget or has no demand for excellent quality. However, you should consider carefully that the quality at least can meet your expectations.

5.2.3/ Vietnamese sample price of human hair extension


Vietnamese human hair price list of human hair extension – Hair extension pricing examples

This is a sample detailed price list from one of the top human hair extension factories in Vietnam. This is also supposed to be the best price list among many hair extension pricing examples.

You can see that the price is USD/kg. 1kg = 1000g = 10 bundles. The price can vary according to length and quality. For example, if you want to buy a 20 inch hair extensions made of human hair in super double drawn, it will cost you $585. If you buy a double drawn in the same length, you need to pay $514.

It can be said that the price of Vietnamese human virgin remy hair extensions is not the cheapest price among mentioned table prices from different countries, but it is the most reasonable price. Please note down that “Price always goes with quality”. Vietnamese quality human hair extensions are high-rated thanks to its high quality, long-lasting lifespan and affordable price. A further analysis of these human virgin remy hair extensions will be presented in a later section for you. 

Our recommendation is that instead of undurable and low quality products, you should take Vietnamese hair extensions made of human hair into consideration. For end-users, you surely will fall in love with its exceptional quality and reasonable price. Especially, in terms of wholesale purpose, they are definitely the most optimal choice for you to meet high demand on quality from customers as well as bring benefits for your business in the long term.

5.2.4/ Brazilian sample price of human hair extension


Brazilian human hair price list of human hair extension – Hair extension pricing examples

You can see that the price of Brazilian hair extensions made of human hair is extremely expensive. One kg of 20 inch human virgin remy hair extension is about $1070. 

In fact, Brazilian  hair extensions are beloved because of their softness, thickness with natural black color. It can be regarded as a luxurious human virgin remy hair extension among a bunch of extension products from many countries. Due to its high-rated quality, Brazilian hair extensions are sold at an exclusive price. If you want to purchase them, it will cost you an arm and a leg. Moreover, it is so difficult to buy a real Brazilian human virgin remy hair extension. Therefore, you should be aware! If not, customers could be buying hair in bulk but fake Brazilian human hair extensions at the price of real products.

6/ Top hair markets supplying human hair extension 

There are a bunch of countries supplying hair extensions made of human hair in the market hair extension nowadays. Have you ever wondered about the difference in origin and quality of hair extensions made of human hair that came from these countries? We are here to provide you with the answer. Let’s discover!

6.1/ Vietnamese human hair extension market

Vietnam is known as an available area of hair source. They supply qualified human hair extensions at the most reasonable price.

In fact, the hair material of Vietnamese human virgin remy hair extension is collected directly from mountainous women. They are in the age of 18 – 35, living in cold areas with a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, their hair is so strong, soft, silky, smooth and durable with natural color. In addition, quality human hair extensions in Vietnam are made by skillful craftsmen, meeting high demand of international customers. Thanks to high quality and affordable price, Vietnamese human virgin remy hair extensions are widely used and loved by women from many areas like Europe, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, etc.


Vietnamese human hair extension

6.2/ Chinese human hair extension market

China is said to be one of the huge hair markets all over the world. They are well-known for their various human hair extensions with competitive prices.

The Chinese human virgin remy market hair extension or non remy hair extension market has developed significantly thanks to industrial scale and mass production. Besides, their advantage in marketing makes Chinese hair extensions made of human hair popular worldwide. 

In fact, the origin of hair extension in China came from 2 main sources. There is only a small amount of hair material collected from local people. The remaining amount is imported from Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos and India. With giant hair factories and various hair material input, it can’t be secured about the quality of human hair extensions. There are more and more customers who focus on the durability and quality of products, instead of price. Hence, the Chinese hair market, particularly wholesale hair factories should reconsider and set out a more suitable strategy in the future.


Chinese human hair extension

6.3/ Indian human hair extension market

India is known as an abundant area, or a mini world of human hair extension.

The Indian human hair market is one of the biggest and earliest hair markets all over the world. They are well known for supplying various human hair extensions at the cheapest price. Actually, these hair extensions in India are made from “temple hair”. “Temple hair” means that hair from Indian temples. The Indians believe that if they give their hair to god, they will receive luck and support from them. Annually there are a huge amount of hair extensions made out of this source. However, this source couldn’t meet the demand for such a developed hair market in this country. Hair factories also rely on another source. Hair will be collected from various places like salons or even scattered hair strands on floors. With the unclear origin and mixed hair like this, hair extensions are low-qualified, easily tangled and not durable.


Indian human hair extension

6.4/ Brazilian human hair extension market

Brazilian hair market as well as Brazilian market hair extension is considered to be a high-end market all over the world. Brazilian hair extensions are famous for their black, strong and thick appearance. 

Real brazilian human hair extensions are made of hair gathered from native Brazilian women. Due to the excellent quality and shortage of hair source, Brazilian human native hair extensions are sold at an expensive price. However, the fact is that almost all Brazilian hair extensions are made of hair source imported from China or India. The word “Brazillian” is tagged just to attract the attention of customers. This is a way for hair suppliers to meet the high demand of market as well as make profits for themselves.


Brazilian human hair extension

6.5/ Conclusion

To make it more simple, we would like to provide you a brief table as follow.

Please note that this table is based on surveys from many sources which target various customers all over the world. It can be regarded as a typical table analysis of hair extension quality from worldwide hair market, and the reliability is up to 90%. Hope this table will help you to consider and make the right decision in purchasing human real hair extensions for personal uses and wholesale purposes.

Vietnamese hair extensionChinese hair extensionIndian hair extensionBrazilian hair extension
OriginNative mountainous womenImported from India, Laos, Campuchia…Temple hair and mixed hairImported from Vietnam, China and India
RecommendationOptimal choice for customers focusing on high-quality extensions at the most reasonable priceSuitable for consumers who want to import sufficient quantity hair at cheap priceSuitable for consumers with low budget and have no demand on qualityIdeal choice for people who have demand on excellent quality

7/ How to start a hair business with human hair extension?

There are several questions about starting a hair business issue. Let’s discuss and give yourself your own answer.


How to start a business with human hair extension?

7.1/ Should I start up a business with human hair extension?

We can’t deny that the hair business has become more and more potential as it creates thousands of jobs for people to earn a living as well as make huge profits annually. Therefore, there are no reasons for you to hesitate before setting up your own business.

7.2/ How to start a human hair extension business?

Careful preparation brings you success. Successful people always think about the plan and prepare carefully. If you want to start up business with human hair extension and be your own boss, you need to take these things into consideration.

  • Have interest and thorough knowledge about hair business 
  • Have a certain amount of budget
  • Set your clear goal
  • Have general and detailed plan

8/ Factors to identify qualified and reliable human hair extension factories

There are a bunch of international factories offering human hair extensions. However, choosing a reliable and qualified factory to import human virgin remy hair extensions or the best human hair extensions is not easy. So, we are here for you. There are some factors that you can take into account to evaluate whether that is a trustworthy hair extension factory or not.


Qualified human hair extension factories

8.1/ Regular update information about human hair extension

A reliable human hair extension factory has no reasons for not updating information frequently. Qualified and trustworthy wholesale factories will often update their new products, pictures and videos on social media like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.

While searching a wholesale human hair factory to contact and collaborate with them, you should consider whether these photos and videos of products really belong to them or not. What is more, you also can check their blogs or articles. If their blogs are written by their knowledgeable consultants and useful to you, this demonstrates that they are trustworthy human virgin remy hair extension wholesale vendors.

8.2/ Customer support and consultancy from human hair extension factories in time

At the very first time of conversation, you can check their support attitude. A reliable human hair extension factory is always willing to reply and support anyone who comes with them within minutes. Prestigious hair factories are also always available to give you advice, even if you are not their customers. 

However, maybe you can meet some unreliable factories that have unacceptable support attitudes. They have no willingness and patience in explaining all of your questions. They just try to sell their products and gain money. So please be aware of who you are working with!


Customer support and consultancy from human hair extension factories

8.3/ Guaranteed quality of human hair extension

A reliable person will be willing to help you check the quality of the human hair extensions. If you are welcome to go to their factories, checking the quality of the these real hair extensions directly, it is easy for you to make sure that the hair extension products are qualified. However, if you plan to work with a foreign wholesale human virgin remy hair extension factory, you definitely can ask them for a video call to see the real quality of hair extensions made of human hair.

In addition, often updating photos or videos of your order is necessary. You also can ask them to check your hair extension quality beforehand, making sure that the hair extensions meet your expectations.

8.4/ Able to access online transaction 

Nowadays, the social-shopping movement has become more and more popular. Therefore, you should choose human hair extension wholesale factories that are able to access online transactions. This will help the payment issue easier.

Please note that you should check the information of the payment address whether it is clear and trustworthy. Make sure that their order and payment policy are clear and reliable.


Online transaction with human hair extension factories

8.5/ Positive feedbacks and reviews about human hair extension

Feedbacks and reviews play an important role in evaluating a reliable human hair extension factory. Qualified factories definitely receive positive and high-rated reviews from international customers. 

On the other hand, you should be aware of fake reviews. Real reviews come from real accounts with persuasive photos and videos.

8.6/ No intermediaries with the best affordable price

In order to import your human hair extensions directly from wholesale factories with the best price and guaranteed quality, you need to make sure that there aren’t any intermediaries. Otherwise, you may have to pay a higher price in comparison with the original price. You may even import hair extensions with low quality, which is different from those in the photos sent by hair suppliers. Be careful!

In case you need more information about wholesale hair suppliers without intermediaries, please read the item below for the top B2B wholesale hair vendors list. They will definitely meet your demand!


Human hair extension factories without intermediaries

9. Top best wholesale human hair extension factories worldwide

Here are the top best wholesale human virgin remy hair extension factories we recommend for you. Hope that you can choose your beloved one.

9.1/ K-Hair – Top leading human hair extension factories in Vietnam

Founded in the 1990s, K- Hair Factory is proud to be the best human virgin remy hair extension vendor in Vietnam. The factory commits to provide human hair extension products which are identically high-quality.

With more than 30 years of experience, as the pioneer in the hair market in the national area,  K-Hair is leading the worldwide movements of the Vietnamese hair business, gradually affirming its position in the global hair market. For many years, with the exceptional quality and reasonable price, K-Hair has been regarded as a trustworthy and favorite destination for worldwide hair distributors like Africa, Russia, Europe,… with more than 1500 loyal international hair vendors.


K-Hair – The best human hair extension factory



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9.2/ Russian Hair Factory – Top human hair extension factories in Russia

Russian Hair Factory is one of the earliest human hair extension factories in Russia, supplying 100% high-quality hair extension, including virgin hair extension, remy hair extension and other various types of human hair.

Russian Hair Factory has accessed social media, so that all customers over the world can buy hair directly from their human virign remy hair extension factory with the best price. They are proud to be a reliable exporter to wholesale hair sellers in the world like Brazil, Russia. United Kingdom, United States, etc.


Russian human hair extension factory

9.3/ Baco – Top human hair extension factories in China

Baco Hair is a well-known Chinese human hair extension wholesale factory. Their products include hair bundles, lace closures, lace frontals, 360 frontal, hair extensions and lace wigs. With more than 10 years of experience in hair market, they always offer worldwide customers with high quality, durable and affordable hair extensions

9.4/ Indian Mermaid Hair Extension – Top human hair extension factories in India 

Indian Mermaid Hair Extension is an established human hair extension factory from India. They source hair directly from Indian Temples and weave them as premium quality wefts in their factory. Indian Mermaid Hair Extension offer premium quality in various types of hair extension like raw hair, bulk raw hair, closure, frontal, … . Their customers are from different regions like wholesalers, retailers and hair salons as well.


Human hair extension suppliers

10. FAQ about human hair extension

We often receive many questions about hair extension topics. Hope that our information and explanation will be useful to you

  • How much weight should my human hair extension be?

Actually, the weight of hair extensions depends on the supplier and types of the hair extensions as well. 

To make it more clear, we will give an example. K-Hair – top best human virgin remy hair extension factory in Vietnam, offers consumers qualified hair extensions in 100 gram per bundle. Normally, a complete wig will need 3 bundles, therefore your hair extension can weigh about 300 grams

  • How long can my human hair extension last?

In fact, it definitely depends on the types of your hair extensions made of human hair. With proper hair care and preservation, here are the normal lifespan of hair extensions made of human hair:

LongevityUp to 12 months4-6 months3-4 months3-4 months3-5 months
  • Can I bleach my human hair extension to light colors?

With a human virgin remy hair extension made of virgin hair, it is definite that you can dye or bleach your hair extension to many different color tones, including light colors like 613.

With remy hair extensions, they are not able to bleach to 613 tone. However, you still can style and dye them in various color tones.


Bleached & dyed human hair extensions

  • How to order human hair extensions from K-Hair?

Here are the steps as our suggestion for your orders at K-Hair – top best Vietnamese human hair extension factories

  • Search for their products at website:
  • Select your final one and send its name with detailed description ( texture, length, color…) to our Hotline +84 96 789 4448 . You can also contact their sales staffs directly via Whatsapp number . K-Hair has an professional team expertising in languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian to support you the best
  • Confirm your final decision with K-Hair regarding types, description and quantity
  • K-Hair will send  order confirmation with invoice
  • You confirm the invoice and make payment. Their factory will start making when we got your money
  • K-Hair factory will update  your status of hair production everyday. You can video call to them anytime to see your product in their factory (This privilege is just applied in our K-Hair factory)
  • K-Hair makes a video call for you to check the quantity of hair when they finish your production. K-Hair ONLY SHIP WHEN YOU ARE SATISFIED.
  • Order will be packed properly before sending to Logistics Providers.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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