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There is a truth that the demand for beautiful hair looks is growing in importance, especially in the context of modern age. Talking about this matter, we can’t ignore the role of type of hair extensions, which become a companion with consumers for look transformation. To give you more practical and worthwhile content, in this blog, readers will get through all things about type of hair extensions with pros and cons of each type. Accordingly, customers may pick up the best proper item for their hair styles and bring their confidence as well.


Type Of Hair Extensions

1. Get to know about type of hair extensions

First thing to say is the definition of hair extensions when it comes to types of hair extensions for customers out there. We also would like to focus on much more the duration for using these hair items for the best suitable. 

1.1 The definition of type of hair extensions 

Firstly, type of hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors suppliers are utilized to lengthen and thicken the original hair of customers with the best natural and stunning hair beauty. In case you are bored with fine hair, broken hair, frizzy hair, and so on due to a wide range of physical effects, now, the dream for stunning and shiny hair is no longer strange with this type of hair extensions. This is also the main function of these hair styles.

Depending on your interests and budget, clients have the ability to opt for real type of hair extensions or synthetic type of hair extensions. Obviously, real type tend to be premium and more natural with the higher price, compared to the latter one. 


What are types of hair extensions?

On the flip side, with the aim of responding to different tastes of consumers, type of hair extensions offered by hair vendors tend to vary from length, quality and also color: 8 inch, 30 inch, 20 inch hair extension, single drawn, double drawn, super double drawn, blonde, black, ombre, red, etc. Nowadays, with the booming of technology, users can make use of virtual sites or go to the physical stores to purchase different type of hair extensions which are suitable for your needs. 

1.2 Who can apply type of hair extensions? 

We have to admit that everyone can use type of hair extensions with their own demands. If you are a hair lover and are really into changing your hair cuts, type of hair extensions are definitely for you guys day by day. 

On the other hand, in case users get into trouble with hair status due to physical factors, such as hair loss, broken hair, damaged hair, don’t hesitate to go for hair extensions styles with suitable items to upgrade your look! 


Who can apply type of hair extensions?

For celebrities, type of hair extensions become their time savor for a short period of time as must-have items. Depending on each hair’s status, hair suppliers offer their own selections to make sure the type of hair extensions fit the customers perfectly for such a long time. If you want to figure out the details, let’s keep on our following information to have a deeper understanding. Overall, anyone wishing to become confident with hair look, type of hair extensions will support all of you guys! 

2. The list of type of hair extensions based on installation

This content is highly attractive for readers with top 5 type of hair extensions, which is not only dominating the hair market, but they also become sought-after hair items from international and domestic clients. Find out who are they with us right now.

2.1 Tape in hair extensions – Type of hair extensions

Talking about type of hair extensions, we are going to share about tape in which is considered one of the most fashionable hair items for consumers. Below are all about their features, pros and cons.


Type of hair extensions – Tape in hair extensions

What are they? 

  • Belong to semi-permanent type of hair extensions, the main trait of tape in is similar to what they call. With the support of specific tape and glue, tape-in extensions are installed in both two side of the user’s hair to create a bonded, smooth, and manageable look. This approach may take less time than other methods, around an hour to place your extensions and another hour to remove them the next time you go to the physical salon. 


  • Hassle-free and safe application: even if you are a novice to apply tape in hair extensions for the first time, you totally can do this successfully. Besides, one of the fatest hair extensions is definitely tape in,  around 10 to 60 minutes. 
  • Damage-free ability: due to no heat exposure or any special equipment, the application of tape in hair extension brings safety for customers during use. 
  • Natural appearance: the first and foremost criteria of customers as wearing hair extensions, namely tape in is natural beauty. And this hairstyle can make them different thanks to the invisible and transparent tape installation. 

About tape in type of hair extensions


  • Required a complicated hair care: admittedly, along with premium quality of hair, tape in also requires meticulous hair care to lengthen its duration. 
  • Focus on the first time period: To ensure the stickiness of hair strands after installation in an effective manner, it is better for clients to avoid washing your hair or sweating excessively during 24 to 48 hours. 

2.2 Clip in hair extensions – Type of hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the next when we mention the type of hair extensions as a suggestion for customers. Check out carefully the details here: 

What are they?

  • Hair extensions that are clipped in are woven together by using special clips from fabric and silicone material and then fastened to tiny clips at the top of the hair strands. Hair extensions are considered as the king in the hair market.

Type of hair extensions – Clip in hair extensions

  • Clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, styles, and colors to fulfill the great demand of users. Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect destination for those who desire to have a long, thick, and lustrous look whether your original hair is thin or short.


  • Easy to apply and remove: Whatever customers need is to apply clips directly on the hair strands by themself at home without any support from hair stylist and hair salons. 
  • Work well instantly: clip in is one of the most effective type of hair extensions to boost hair volume as applying. That is the reason we always said that clip in is an ideal choice for thin and fine hair. 
  • Affordable price: because users don’t base on hair professionals, they totally can save budget for using this stunning hairstyle. 

About clip in type of hair extensions


  • Not suitable for short hair or serious hair loss: it is a challenge to apply for those whose hair is shorter than 7cm because of not a solid foundation for a proper installation. 
  • Not a good idea for outdoor activities: if you tend to utilize clip in for outdoor activities, like dancing or running, this may worsen the quality of this hair due to environmental exposure. 

2.3 Weft hair extensions – Type of hair extensions

The next type of hair extensions is weft hair extension. We can’t miss weft hair extensions with these amazing truths.

What are they? 

  • Whereas using a special clip for application of clip in, or making use of transparent tape to put on directly the hair of customers, weft hair is often sewn by hand or machine into your existing hair of clients in a horizontal trip. 

Type of hair extensions –  Weft hair extensions

  • For those whose hair is fine, it is strongly recommended to use  hand-tied wefts. Hand-tied sew-in or weave extensions can look great if your hair is thicker. Of course, customers can also choose between hand-tired and machine-sewn wefts according to their interest and budget as well. Overall, the process of weft hair often lasts an hour. 


  • Offer different thick levels: Weft hair always pledges to provide a good compromise on the hair thickness you desire. This is also the different trait of this hairstyle, compared to other type of hair extensions. 
  • Minimize the damage to hair: the application of weft hair does not involve heat or glue, which contributes to easing the harm for original hair of customers.

About weft type of hair extensions 

  • Become flexible: Surprisingly, clients can have the ability to mix and match designs on your hair with a variety of weft hair extensions in a variety of styles and colors. It is hassle-free to transform hairstyles day by day. 


  • May cause irritation: it is difficult to avoid putting pressure on hair of customers with tight installation, which leads to the feeling of heavy or painful, along with uncomfortability. That is not for thin hair and fine hair. 
  • May be difficult to do by ourselves: honestly speaking, weft hair requires hair professions for a proper application. Users can’t do it by themselves at home likewise some of the above type of hair extensions. 

2.4 Microlink hair extensions – Type of hair extensions

Microlink hair extension is known as microbead. The details will be explained in this section.

What are they? 


Type of hair extensions – Microlinks hair extensions

  • Microlinks are a type of hair extensions that use little silicone beads to hide the extension to individual hair strands . Microlinks are temporary and must be removed or re-fitted after a few weeks. 
  • We want to express one of the most alluring advantages of micro links is undetectable ability with a right installation, resulting in a natural-looking combination of extensions and your own hair. Metal tubes, such as aluminum or copper, are frequently used during application of microlinks.


  • Virtually unnoticeable: the careful installation  of micro links gives a perfect hair look thanks to the expertise of hair professionals. If you have ever seen micro links before, it is difficult to identify if someone is wearing this hairstyle. 
  • Flexible: Versatility of micro links is one of the most beneficial aspects of micro link hair extensions. Customers can treat it the similar way you care for your bio hair. 

About microlinks type of hair extensions

  • Less maintenance: instead of highly focusing on daily hair care routine, this hairstyle just requires a moderate care. Accordingly, clients can go to the hair salon every 5-8 weeks to have your hair touched up and follow the instructions to get the best routine. 


  • Expensive cost: compared to other hair of type of hair extensions, the price of micro links tend to be higher. 

2.5 Wigs and hair pieces – Type of hair extensions

In the type of hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces are whatever we want to show you guys. Now are the definition, advantages as well as disadvantages.

What are they? 

  • The first and function of wigs is the ability to cover the full head of users for many different purposes as an alternative. Normally, wigs are mainly for those who have hair loss, balding or beauty goals simply. 

Type of hair extensions – Wigs and hair pieces

  • Hair pieces often come with a ponytail, hair tie, or a bun to apply on the top of the hair. Hair pieces are famous for their ability to  boost  thickness or bring a fresh look. 


  • Variety: Wearing wigs is the fastest way of wearing one type of hair extensions to change your hair and color, no need to bleach, color, or trim your natural hair; all you have to do now is find a good wig and attach it to your head.
  • The ability to hide hair shortcomings: whether you are suffering serious hair loss, wearing wigs can totally help you guys to get a distinct look. 
  • Naturalness: Wigs absolutely bring a natural beauty to apply for the hair of clients with a full range of coverage. 

About wigs and hair pieces type of hair extensions


  • Maintenance: to keep the lifespan of wigs, users need to choose proper shampoo, conditioner for wigs to clean and supply necessary nutrients. 
  • Temporary solutions: the typical example is that wigs can not be used everywhere. In these cases, this is actually a big cons. 

With those who are always falling in love with hair extensions, we hope we can give you guys the new insights for type of hair extensions which can bring a new fresh and stunning hair look for all of you. If you are searching for the best hair factory, K-Hair is the top 1 to consider. We are the best hair factory in Vietnam and have been the prestigious partner of wholesale hair vendors and retailers all over the world.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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