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Middle part closure is the best choice for customers
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In the case of hair weft extensions, people always understand that they need to sew 2-3 bundles and 1 closure to make a full head. Meanwhile, hair weft extensions in bundles can be made with such a lot of beautiful hairstyles, closure can be only made into some main types such as middle part closure, free part closure, and three-part closure. Nowadays, middle part closure is being interested in customers because they can make a perfect appearance for their hair extensions and they can easily style curtain bangs as well

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers

What is the Middle part closure? How does it look like?

As well as you know, hair extensions are applied to your hair can make your hair looks longer, and certainly, it will make you have a look better. In this part, I focus on figure out some most important information about middle part closure. This part is divided into 2 parts: what the middle part closure is and how it looks like. Let’s get started!

What is the Middle part closure?

The middle part closure is a lace closure with a middle parting. The middle parting can divide the hair in lace into 2 separated parts obviously. This lace closure is great because it helps customers have a flat and smooth appearance. Especially, the middle part closure is very flexible and versatile for applicable progress which suitable to all the hairstyles whether unprocessed or processed.

How does the Middle part closure look like?

The middle part closure can protect your hair from the damaging effects of removing the real hair out of the head. Moreover, it also can make your hair extensions look more efficient and fuller. And below are some pictures of middle part closures which I want to show you. They are wonderful for everyone tends to use them more and more. As you can see, middle part closure is appealing to a lot of celebrities to use it. And I think, you should try one time as well.

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers 9

How does the Middle part closure look like?

How many sizes of middle part closure are there?

Middle part closure can be produced in every size which depends on the customer’s demands. In some countries and B2B wholesale hair vendors brands like Vietnam, the workers make closures handmade, they mock each strand of hair into the knot of lace closure, which can make closure become very firm. Hereinafter, I will list some main sizes of middle part closures.

Middle part closure size 2×4

The size of the middle part closure depends on the lace closure. However, the larger the size, the more hair is hooked into the lace. Therefore, size 2×4 is considered the smallest lace closure size in the field of extensions. The length is 4inches and the width is 2inches. This would be the perfect choice for clients who are not too focused on the top of their hair. Besides, the middle part closure size 2×4 also saves customers a fair amount of money because of the cheap price of this item.

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers 2

Middle part closure size 2×4

Middle part closure size 2×6

Middle part closure size 2×6 is also called Kim K closure. So what is the history of Kim K Closure and why is its name? We all know that Kim Kardashian was never the one to resist some sort of hairstyle. From the flawless white straight hair to the polished ebony waves, there was barely any haircut that was absent from her.

Wet-looking buckles, shoulder-length tops, and fuzzy ballerina cakes exist anywhere from London to Los Angeles. We can barely choose what her signature hairstyle is. But if you look at Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles like us, you’ll see that she’s kept her perfect middle part closure hairstyle too glossy for a long time. However, for Kim, the former short hairstyle became more popular than ever. Plus, without the need for a hairdresser, Lewis can provide you with the best Kim K lace locks on the market today. Create your own style with it!

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers 3

Middle part closure size 2×6

Middle part closure size 4×4, 5×5, 6×6

Middle part closures size 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6, 7×7 with a width equal to 4, 5, 6, 7 inches long constitute a square lace closure. With these types of lace closures, the amount of hair on the laces is relatively thick and abundant, so when a customer applies these middle part closures to their head, their hair looks completely natural and very sexy. Besides, the price for middle part closure products with sizes like this is relatively expensive, suitable for customers with a high budget for beauty products.

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers 4

Middle part closure size 4×4, 5×5, 6×6

Compare the middle part closure with other types of part closures

As I mentioned above, there are several main types of closures such as middle part closures, free part closures, and three-part closures. Here I will give you some information about them, and compare them with each other to help you decide which one is best for you.

General information about free part closure

Free part closure is perhaps the most versatile part without splitting. A hair lace closure is a section of hair (about 3-5 inches wide/long) that is ventilated with lace, Swiss lace, or a silk sole made as a middle part closure to mimic the scalp and provide total protection to your hair! They can be sewn, glued, or glued down. The free part closure series can be split any way you want.

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers 5

General information about free part closure

General information about three-part closure

There are three sections of it, unlike the middle part closure. Two parts on either side and one in the center, allowing you to wear one part in the middle and one part on the right or left side. In comparison to any previous trend, you can create extremely flexible hairstyles with incredible ease!

There are also several textures ranging from smooth, wavy to curly, allowing you to achieve almost any look you like with a natural-looking component.

This is where the collapsible part is broken on the front and you can only wear the collapsible part throughout that region. If you want to tie the center, just place it on the side of the head instead of the center.

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers 6

Compare middle part closure with the two above closures

Middle part closure vs. free part closure

1) The free part is the most fundamental production of lace, not the middle part closure.

2) In comparison to previous installs, free matches do not have the slightest failure during startup.

3) But if you want a free choice, bear in mind that you will have to make a little more attempt to “keep up with that”

4) With the front knot, it’s almost harder to survive your twist, but because you can change your part creatively with a free bun, you need to practice your hair in a particular location. It’s going to be more complicated.

Middle part closure vs Three part closure

1.Middle part closure and three-part closures are pre-closure forms.

2.Partial closure is useful since it can be easier to install and may allow them to switch between various side sections based on how they are configured.

3.However, while wearing a lace-sewn top with three sections, Vietnamese hair, 100% pure hair, or fake hair will need to be added without any mistakes as if the closure becomes even marginally wrong, the entire wig will appear ugly.

4.Another point to bear in mind for a third is that, while it can offer a nice and special look, this aspect looks real. Even if the three pieces are fitted properly, often you can always look at the other parts you’re trying to cover up.

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers 7

Compare middle part closure with the two above closures


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How to apply the Middle part closure to your head

In this part, I will guide you through some basic steps to install the Middle part closure:

1.Take your middle part closure down so that the lock can lie flat. You ought to get as close as you can to lie down as smooth as possible and establish a realistic look.

2. The next move is potentially the most important one. You want to make sure that your hair is safe. If the middle part closure is on a wig, people can tie it down with a belt or even glue it down with a 2b glue gel. Whether you’re going to get a sew-in you, you ought to sew down your middle part closure. Bear in mind that you really can still tape the closure down or stick it down.

3.A closure may be found with both a sew-in and a wig. When mounting, I strongly recommend that you stitch the closure tightly to ensure protection. Before adding some other hair to the sew during the first sew in the lock. It’s the same when you make a wig with a closure.

This will help you to work with the correct amount of space. This is really important because if you’re doing it the other way round, you can end up not getting enough space to stitch your closure.

4.The next move is to add the leftover tracks to your wig or weave them in. You can do this anyway when you configure your sew.

5. After you’ve sewn your braids or wig head in your closing, it’s time for customization. The first step in customizing your middle part closure is to remove the lace. You can cut the lace straight off or cut it to match your hairline.

6.Now, this move is optional, but you can pick up the closure along the hairline or even along the section.

Finally, you might want to use a concealer or a foundation to shade the lace to complement your skin tone.

If you are using a middle part lace closure, make sure to bleach the knots before taking any of these moves to produce the best results.

You may know that 2-3 bundles and 1 closure are enough to make a full head, but do you know clearly how wigs are different from hair extensions? You can read more here.

Middle part closure is the best choice for customers 8

How to apply the Middle part closure to your head

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