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1. About K-Hair Factory

K-Hair is the biggest human hair factory in Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience in the wholesale hair business, K-Hair has been a reliable partner of over 1500 customers with their long-term business. With the mission to accompany hair sellers, hair salon owners and hair start-ups to run a successful business, we always try our best to give customers the best products, policies and services.

As a hair factory distributing hair extension directly without intermediaries, K-Hair can ensure the best deals for customers with:

  • Highest-quality hair extensions: K-Hair only distributes high-quality Vietnamese human hair. We say no to low-quality hair materials such as synthetic hair, non-remy hair or unknown imported mix hair, etc. Such carefully chosen hair is then meticulously processed in our factory by skilled workers to ensure the best products. 
  • Cheapest wholesale prices: Domestic raw hair sources, proper machines and factory techniques and no use of intermediaries are 3 factors that make sure that wholesale hair prices from K-Hair are the cheapest in the market.
  • Professional services: More than just a wholesale hair distributor, we are willing to be the instructor to help your hair business bloom. Please feel free to contact us, and our experienced 24/7 sales staff will serve you the best.
Về Nhà Máy K-Hair

K-Hair Factory always offers the best to customers

Find us at:

2. Why Choose K-Hair Factory

Being the best Vietnamese hair factory, K-Hair is always the number one choice when it comes to reliable wholesale hair vendors. Choosing K-Hair and you won’t be let down as we are and offer:

  • Biggest hair factory in Vietnam
  • Best wholesale price – No intermediary
  • Highest quality – 1 to 1 exchange warranty
  • Forever after-sales services
Tại sao chọn Nhà máy K-Hair

K-Hair Factory is always the best choice for wholesale hair business

3. Production Process in K-Hair Factory

Digging into the process of hair production, we can divide the whole production in K-Hair Factory into 3 main steps:

  • Step 1: Raw material processing: In this step, raw hair will be cleaned, combed and classified meticulously by the workers. We have a special tool to comb the hair, making sure that no bad-quality strand is kept. The process is all done by hand and simple tool, so the outcome is guaranteed.
  • Step 2: Hair extension manufacturing: Ready raw hair will be taken to specific regions for specific hair extension types and hairstyles making. We have the areas for bone straight hair processing, hair bleaching, hair weft making, closure and frontal making, etc.
  • Step 3: Hair extension checking: The complete hair extensions will be checked and getting ready for delivery. We make sure that both hair quality and quantity are proper.
Quy Trình Sản Xuất Tại Nhà Máy K-Hair

Human hair production in K-Hair Factory goes through 3 careful stages to ensure the best quality

4. For Wholesale Hair Vendors

Being a hair factory, our target is to serve our wholesale customers the best. This is also the reason why we have specific guidelines for specific customer groups.

4.1. For Hair Salon/Store Owners

When you are the owner of a hair salon or a retail hair store, what you need is the products which are most appealing to end-users. Besides trendy items in the market, such never-out-of-fashion items such as bone straight hair are also a wise choice.

We are a hair factory, so we can customize any unique colors and styles you desire. Don’t worry as the prices offered are always the most attractive.

Dành cho Tiệm làm tóc/Chủ cửa hàng

Hair salon/store owners can get various trendy items from K-Hair Factory

4.2. For Online Sellers

K-Hair is also a hair factory that mainly sells hair extensions online. Therefore, we know how important it is to build a reliable network that helps to connect with your customers worldwide. We are here to provide you with the highest-quality Vietnamese human hair as well as a true companion in the wholesale hair business.

Buying hair extensions online, customers are most concerned about the quality of the products. No matter how good you are at advertising, the customers won’t come back to you if the products are not satisfactory. Please let K-Hair supply you with the best hair extensions ever. All the images used are ours.

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Dành cho người bán hàng trực tuyến

K-Hair Factory supplies high-quality hair extensions with real business images

4.3. For Wholesalers

As a wholesale factory, we understand all your issues in running a wholesale hair business. What we can offer is more than just a stable source of wholesale hair extensions but also a lot of preferential treatment for a long-term relationship.

There are always attractive deals for wholesale orders:

  • Our wholesale deal best price start from 10kg (100 bundles): You will get best wholesale VIP competitive price
  • When you order below 10kg, we still use wholesale normal price (this price is not as good as VIP price, but price is also very affordable for resell)
  • From 50kg+ above, NEGOTIABLE PRICE

Here is the chance for you to become our representative partner. We are finding partners to become our distributors in all the words. You will get so many benefits when cooperate with us:

  • K-Hair support advertising, marketing, and accompany to develop together
  • GET ALL THE PRIVILEGES (discuss for more details)

Requirements is you must order at least 100 kg/month to become our representative partner, and you must commit to buying from us only!

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Đối với người bán buôn

K-Hair Factory offers amazing deals for wholesale orders

4.4. Start Hair Business

Every successful business begins as a start-up, so keep your mind, be confident and rock it in your journey. It is a pleasure for K-Hair to accompany you in this journey. We always offer sample orders for beginners. You can order at least 5 bundles (500 gram) to test the hair quality and check payment and shipping issues. After that, you can continue with wholesale orders with a lot of deals.

We also have a lot of experience to share with starters, so please feel free to contact us!

Bắt đầu kinh doanh tóc

K-Hair Factory accompanies you from the beginning with sample orders

5. Price List for Wholesale

Price lists from K-Hair are designed to be easiest for wholesalers to get and understand. Here are 3 main price lists for 3 different groups of natural color (black) hair weaves, including natural straight hair weave, bone straight/kinky/pixie hair weave and curly wavy hair weave.

The unit used is USD/kg (1 kg = 10 bundles = 1000 gram). The price range varies depending on hair lengths (8-10+ inch) and quality grades (single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn).

For example, from the natural straight hair price list below, we can easily see that 1kg of 8 inch single drawn natural straight natural color hair weave is 110 USD, while the price for 8 inch double drawn natural straight natural color hair weave is 124 USD/kg.

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Bảng Giá Sỉ 01

Natural straight natural color hair weave price list from K-Hair Factory

Bảng Giá Sỉ 02

Bone straight natural color hair weave price list from K-Hair Factory

Bảng Giá Sỉ 03

Curly wavy natural color hair weave price list from K-Hair Factory

6. Ordering Process

Here is the ordering process from K-Hair Factory:

  • Step 1: Chat our hotline +84967894448 to discuss on order (buy directly on website is not available, WhatsApp to deal only)
    • Always tell the orders in detail: hairstyles, quality grade, color, quantity and length
    • Remember to order together with closures: 3 bundles and 1 closure for a full head wig
  • Step 2: Make the invoice
  • Step 3: Confirm the invoice, pay the full money or make deposit (agent, WU, bank USD, etc)
  • Step 4: Hair process. The hair is not available in stock, 100% new hair is made to assure freshness & quality. Production time: 7-14 days depends on order
  • Step 5: Confirm shipping (agent, UPS, DHL, FedEx) and pay the rest (if any)
Quá trình đặt hàng

You can order from K-Hair Factory easily following 5 steps above

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7. Other Service for Hair Vendors

We always try our best to offer customers the best services. Below are some policies for the sake of customers.

7.1. Video Call to Check Hair

The wholesale business process is completely made through WhatsApp, so you can feel free to make video calls with us. This method is full of advantages:

  • Quickest way to check real hair factory: Be assured that hair scammers do not have a real hair factory or office, so they will refuse to make a video call with you. Only reliable brands with factories and offices will agree to make a video call and show their working environment.
  • Reliable way to check order quality: If you check the hair through pictures, they may be the reused pictures or random ones on the Internet. Meanwhile, making a video call ensures that the order is really yours, and you can check the hair quality through video right away.
Video call to check hair

Video call to check the quality of hair

7.2. Forever Warranty Policy

  • Our forever warranty policy means loyal wholesale customers can always exchange the hair extensions if any matter arises.
  • We are willing to support and exchange products in case there are any matters during usage. Even when the matter comes from customers’ fault, we will support them to the best of our ability.

Afterall, when it comes to the best hair factory to work with for wholesale business, K-Hair is always what to turn to. Please contact our WhatsApp number +84967894448 and we can work on the most beneficial wholesale orders for you.

8. Frequently asked questions

We are direct wholesale K-Hair factory, so my customer are always  wholesale hair sellers/ store owner from over the world 

Wholesale pack means you MIX MANY HAIR STYLES in 1 order, to make it a wholesale order. You can mix bonestraight, curly, colour in different length in 1 order.

  • An order which is from 5kg->10kg and from 10kg above is called a wholesale order
  • 1kg has 10 bundles of hair, so 10kg will include 100 hair bundles of different hair mixed

In K-Hair, our BEST WHOLESALE PACKAGE starts from 10kg. With this package:

  • You can mix many different hair styles you want, to make it 10kg 100 bundles. With this quantity of order, you will get OUR BEST PRICE FOR WHOLESALE 
  • Normally our sale programs is applied best discount for order from 10kg (example xmas discount, new year discount, valentine discount,…) => Which means that when you order from 10kg. You will get the best price ever.
  • With the order wholesale from 10kg, you will get SUPPORT SHIPPING FEE and QUALITY ASSURANCE POLICY

– Our wholesale deal best price start from 10kg (100 bundles): You will get best wholesale VIP competitive price ONLY WHEN you purchase from 10kg 

– When you order below 10kg, we still use wholesale normal price (this price is not as good as vip price, but price is also very affordable for resell)

– From 50kg+ above, NEGOTIABLE PRICE


Chat up with out WhatsApp hotline: +84967894448 to get immediately respond and guidelines about How to make the order


You drop the hair types you want and list them up so that factory can make invoices for you to check the price




Bonestraight – super double drawn – natural colour – 22inch- 0.6kg

* Note:

Please do not drop order like: 

I want 3 bundles 16” (because we will confuse to clarify which types of hair you want here, which quality grade you want Single Double or Super?,….) So kindly give us detailed information when you list order 

* Note:

If you don’t want how to list up matching closures to match up the hair orders, our factory will help you to make invoice with matching closures for hair


We will come with invoices and our sale will continue to guide you to make payment for order. 

=> Click whatsapp hotline to chat now to place wholesale order: +8496789448 

– You text our hotline to discuss about order. Our best sale will take care of you 

– After you conclude order with our sale, we will make invoices for you to check

– After you check, you will pay all or deposit at least 50% to start the order

(For Nigeria, Ghana, Camaroon customer: We have agent to pay and shipping agent to your country)

(For other countries: payment is made by bank, wu, moneygram,…

– Process time for order is about 7->14 days depending on orders

– When order done, we will take pictures and videos of your order and send to you to confirm

– After you confirm everything in order, you balance rest money then we will ship to you (through agent or ups, dhl, fedex)

Note: Paypal method is not accepted in my company

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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