Hair Extensions That Don’t Damage Hair For Beauty Improvement

hair extensions that dont damage hair 3 types
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In the contemporary ages, people always give strict requirements for their beauty and look as well. We have to admit the benefits of non- natural hair products which make a huge difference for people. On the other hand, with the budget and criterias, hair extensions that don’t damage hair are highly recommended and get the huge attention of users as well. Let’s take a look at this writing to make sure you are wearing proper hair extensions, that not only boost your appearance, but also be harmless to the scalp, or the hair quality. 


Hair extensions that don’t damage hair

1. Hair Extensions That Don’t Damage Hair – Get to know about hair extensions 

You are likely familiar with the definition of hair extensions, right? Don’t worry, the detailed information is mentioned here. 

As its name suggests, hair extensions are artificial products, coming from a range of different hair conditions which are hair extensions that don’t damage hair. They can originate from virgin, remy or non- remy to become temporary or permanent solutions dependently. There are a lot of difference between three main type of hair with the best details as below: 

  • Virgin: when it comes to hair extensions from virgin, this type is the best in terms of premium quality in a famous wholesale hair distributor. The reason is virgin hair extensions are gathered from the only donor with the best cuticle alignment. This factor will guarantee the performance of this type and avoid unexpected hair problems in the long- run. 

Hair extensions that don’t damage hair – 3 types of hair extensions

  • Remy: The next type after virgin hair extensions is absolutely remy. Hair extensions from remy will be collected from at least two donors and chosen carefully for the equitable hair cuticle. Because of many reasons, remy hair extensions have gained popularity belongs to hair extensions that don’t damage hair.
  • Non-remy: Compared to virgin or remy hair extensions, non-remy hair extensions are inferior as much because of its quality. Collected from many types of hair condition with the combination, non-remy become the optional selection for many hair suppliers. Even Vietnamese hair vendors say no with this type for their hair extensions to make sure of the quality criteria! 

2. Hair Extensions That Don’t Damage Hair – The reasons for applying hair extensions? 

Having smooth and flowing hair becomes the desire of people for many reasons for their attractiveness. Are you curious about applying hair extensions? Make sure you entirely check out this content here. 

  • There will be no harm to your natural hair: unlike many other aesthetic alternatives, hair extensions that don’t damage hair can’t harm genuine hair or the scalp. Curling, straightening, and coloring methods that permanently alter the structure of the hair might cause the hair fiber to be damaged more quickly, increasing the chance of hair loss. If your hair is entirely broken as a result of chemicals (excessive bleaching and coloring), wearing hair extensions while waiting for your natural hair to repair and grow back is a good and  wonderful choice.
  • Assist you in fast changing your appearance: A proper hair extension can substantially alter one’s appearance without requiring excessive time and money spent in beauty salons. If you have natural brown hair and want to change it to a lighter tone but are worried about hair extensions that don’t damage hair in the hair market. Or you’ve grown tired of your long hair and want to switch to a shorter style but don’t want to cut it off. So, are wigs a good investment that produce excellent results? Furthermore, hair extensions made of actual hair allows you to cut, trim, and style it to your liking without fear of regret. You can also learn the tips of how to hide hair extensions in very short hair for the best natural look.

Hair extensions that don’t damage hair – Changing your appearance

  • Definitely a good pick for hair loss: Hair loss causes the hair to become sparse and less aesthetically pleasant, as well as a loss of confidence in communication. That is why we introduce wigs with true-to-life hues and designs to the market in order to boost people’s confidence and help them achieve a more complete look.

Hair extensions that don’t damage hair – Good pick for hair loss

  • It looks up to 90% like genuine hair: Hair extensions that don’t damage hair with high heat resistance when styling hair are not deformed like conventional hair, just like actual hair. Straighteners and curlers can be used to style hair. With this wig, you may make any style you desire (ponytails, braids, large curls, serrations, etc.).

Hair extensions that don’t damage hair – Natural look

  • Long life expectancy: A hair extension’s ability to last a long time is determined by a variety of elements, one of which is the user’s usage, which has an impact on the quality of the hair fiber. Wigs made of natural hair must be cared for and cleaned as if they were genuine hair. Hair can persist for many years if properly cared for. As a result, buying in the appropriate wig style is a good decision.

3. List of hair extensions that don’t damage hair?

After figuring out the amazing benefits of hair extensions, are you willing to apply hair extensions that don’t damage hair and bring comfort and eliminate the concerns of harmful factors? We are offering the top 5 hairstyles as practical suggestions! 


Hair extensions that don’t damage hair – Hair extension types

3.1 Clip-in hair extensions – hair extensions that don’t damage hair

When it comes to hair extensions, we can’t mention clip-in with all things you need to figure out, particularly their ability to be safe for scalp, as well as each and every single hair strand. 

This hairstyle is woven together and fixed with specific clips, and the right number of this tool largely depends on your hair texture. Because of their prevalence with the convenience and hassle-free application, clip-in hair extensions are hair extensions that don’t damage hair and are likely safe for users for such a long time. Plus, people don’t need to worry about uncomfortability when applying this type. 


Clip-in hair extensions that don’t damage hair

Clip-in hair extensions with a wide range of premium choices, in terms of  different lengths, colors, and styles to meet strict requirements of users across the globe. As you can see, clip-ins become perfect solutions for long and thick hair. Having a natural and reckless appearance becomes a piece of cake more than ever. For trying many colors, you can also read about how to dye hair with kool-aid which is quite safe.

Additionally, this temporary hair extension can be durable from 10-12 months and can be feasible with outdoor activities as well. In case, users want to dye or bleach clip-in, this is totally ok without worrying about safety criteria.

3.2 Tape-in hair extensions – hair extensions that don’t damage hair

If you have no ideas about tape-in with basic information, make sure you are here to approach our latest contents about this semi permanent. 

Specific tools for applying tape-in hair extensions are known as tabs, which is similar to medical-grape tabs with a collection of  lengths, colors, and hairstyles. Let’s look at the pros and cons of tape-in hair extensions as below:


  • Damage-free ability: the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is the guaranteed factor of tape-in hair extensions to apply for users. Compared to other hair extensions styles, tape-in hair extensions bring satisfaction for people as much as possible because they become one of the hair extensions that don’t damage hair.
  • Easy to install and remove: Even if you are newbies in this hair market, you still have the ability to apply and take off without much effort.
  • Comfortability: As semi permanent hair extensions, tape-in is considered convenient during use and makes sure users feel comfortable. 
  • Natural look: if you are looking for a good pick for your shortcomings, don’t hesitate to apply tape-in hair extensions constantly to gain a natural appearance for the best confidence. 

Tape-in hair extensions that don’t damage hair


  • Complicated hair routine: make sure users wash hair properly, use essential oils for hair quality and something like that to maintain the duration of this hair extension. It is also good for avoiding damage for tape-in hair extensions. 

3.3 Weft hair extensions – hair extensions that don’t damage hair

Along with trendy hair extensions, weft hair becomes must-have items for gorgeous women. Let’s figure out the best detail. 

Weft hair is fixed by sewing directly on the scalp of users. This application doesn’t require glue or heat, thus creating the best satisfaction for people in use. 


Weft hair extensions that don’t damage hair

One more thing, there are some special things we need to consider to avoid damage hair extensions: 

  • Avoid tightly typing or braiding which causes irritation. 
  • Applying this type is challenging for users and needs the support of hair experts. 
  • The volume of weight is likely to cause headaches and be a little bit. 

3.4 Keratin Fusion – hair extensions that don’t damage hair

Talking about one of the least damaging hair extensions for fine hair, we can’t miss keratin fusion. 

Hot fusion bonded hair extensions in a prestigious hair factory are a popular hair extension method in which the stylist uses a specific equipment called an extension connector iron to connect strands to your existing hair using keratin bonds.

Make sure micro bonds are included in the hair extensions that don’t damage hair and used by your hair extension specialist, which is difficult to observe, very lightweight and easy to wear, and both bring comfort. Besides, using large keratin bonds may be  uncomfortable if not properly applied. Let’s bear in mind this thing! 


Keratin fusion hair extensions that don’t damage hair

3.5 Sew-in or braided – hair extensions that don’t damage hair

Sew-in or braided extensions, in other words known as weaves, are definitely a good pick for rough or thick hair. With the purpose to create a base for hair extensions, we need to braid the hair of users and then wefts are sewed into the braids by using a marker and thread. 

With the budget from $250 to $600, customers can own a sew-in hair extensions with fantastic improvement for your beauty. Accordingly, the cost of sew-in or braided hair extensions largely depends on the fee of hair extensions, along with the cost of hairstylist one.  


Sew-in hair extensions that don’t damage hair

4. Hair Extensions That Don’t Damage Hair – The maintenance of hair extensions to avoid damage

Besides applying hair extensions that don’t damage hair for beauty improvement, it is vital for people to take into consideration tips for avoiding damage completely in use: 

  • Wash hair properly: Twice time may be ideal time for washing hair extensions, not too much to avoid hair problems, particularly damage.
  • Protect during bedtime: according to hair experts, users should sleep on satin or silk pillowcase to say no with dryness or damage. Along with that, hair bonnets are also highly recommended as an effective way to protect hair extensions. 

Hair extensions that don’t damage hair – Hair extension maintenance

  • Focus on specific products: instead of using many kinds of hair care products, users need to use specific hair products to get the best achievements. 

As below is the list of hair extensions that don’t damage hair for beauty improvement. We hope we give you new insights for choosing the best suitable hair extensions styles for your beauty with the best confidence. 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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