Natural Straight Weft Hair: Top Secrets for Shining Silky Weft Hair

Malaysian vs Indian Hair
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Why is Natural Straight Weft Hair always being trending for many years?

Through many years, people want to be more beautiful. For their beauty, they focus not only on their face, their body but also care about their hair. That is the reason why there are many and many hairstyles that appear in this world. In hundred styles of hair like bone straight, deep wavy, body wavy, pixie curly, water curly, hair wig styled curtain bangs, etc… Why is natural straight weft hair still being one of the best selling items for dedicate? What is the attraction of The natural straight weft hair that makes everyone fall in love with it? I will give you some look about this hair style and give you some tips to take care of them when using natural straight weft hair.

natural straight weft hair

I- What is the Natural Straight Weft hair? What does the hair look like? 

  • What is the natural straight weft hair?

Natural Straight Weft Hair is 100% real human hair collected from Vietnamese women hair. Then they are woven/weft into bundles by the workers. From natural hair, it is taken to the factory then cleaned. Then they will be neatly rearranged, and woven by using a hair loom. You can choose between two types of single weft and double weft line for your hair. Each bundle weighs normally 100 gram.

  • What does the hair look like?

The hair has all length from short to long. The shortest is about 3 to 4 inches and the longest is about 40 to 50 inches. Depending on the customer’s demand that factory procedure the hair at the length they like. The popular length of wholesale hair distributor products that people like is from 8 to 30 inches length. The Natural Straight Weft Hair is the hair in straight. It is the original hair, not under any chemical or process, just the natural hair collected from women. 

Malaysian vs Indian Hair

When you wear this hair, it looks like this picture below, super silky and natural as it is your own hair, looks super perfect and makes you attractive.

straight hair wig wig 1

II- Advantage and disadvantage of using Natural Straight Weft Hair

Advantages of using Natural Straight Weft Hair

There are so many reason for you to choose this hairstyle:

  • Price: The price of this hairstyle is the Cheapest price if you compare it with other hairstyles like deep wavy, body wavy, bone straight,ect… The reason is that the straight hair is just the original hair collected and wept into a bundle, it does not have to be under any machine to be in any texture.
  • Fast time for hair ready: It is the hair that the workers make the fastest in many hair styles because they just only need to collect the hair, wash it and make it in a bundle. This is pretty sure in B2B hair factory.
  • Styling hair: the natural hair can be turned to any other hair texture if you want to with using a hair machine like using curling iron to make hair in curly or using iron to make it in bone straight.
  • Easy to dye or bleach hair: Because it is not under any machine or process and the hair still keeps its original keratin, you can dye and bleach it to any hair color you like without scare that the hair will be dry or tangle.
  • Easy to use and take care of:  the natural straight hair is also the easiest hair to take care of, you just need to wash it and comb like usual and use some hair water balance or gel if you like the hair vn1

Disadvantages of using Natural Straight Weft Hair

Using this hair is don’t have much difficult except for these two things:

  • Take time to styling hair: If you want to remake your natural straight hair by using a hair machine to make hair to be in a new style like wavy or pixie, it will take your time, about from 10 to 30 minutes for you to prepare and styling your hair.
  • Time in texture (curly and wavy): After you wash your hair. If you make hair wavy or curly, the hair is just still kept in the texture in about 2 days, and when you wash it, the hair will turn to be the natural straight as beginning.

III – How to take care of Natural Straight Weft Hair? Top Secrets for a perfect shining silky weft hair

These are some tips for you to take care of your Natural Straight hair. The hair is silky and shining or not and it all depends on you. 

  • Shampoo, conditioner and comb

Use shampoo, conditioner and comb suitable with you. Each person has their own things that match them. These famous brands in the world like Sunsilk, Pantene, Dove, TRESemmé are good choices for you to use when washing your hair. You can also read this to know how to comb pixie hair properly.

natural straight hair

  • Reduce using any kind of spray in your hair

Using spray is not good for you. When you do this, the hair is more likely to tangle, or become greasy and unmanageable, especially if you use a lot of different products, like hold spray, or shiny spray. Some spray is alright! Just don’t over do it.

natural straight hair tip

  • Reduce heat – Hair-dryer

When you are styling your hair, you have to know that heat can really damage it! Especially if your hair is the long one,because the hair will be under a long time using the heat for hair to be dry or be in texture. So be careful not to use too much of it. It would be better if you can get your hair dry naturally.

straght hair heat

  • Your own hair is important too!

Always have your own hair clean and comb it in the right way! Using a comb or brush to comb the hair slowly and lightly. There is no reason for your hair to be under strong strength from your hand. I recommend using a cap when you go outside in the summer , it makes it easier to hide your hair under the bad UV light in the sunlight which is not good for your hair, and to keep hair clean.

natural straight hair hand


How to comb the Hair 

Vietnamese Hair vs Chinese Hair: Best Detailed Comparison

IV – Where can you get the best Natural Straight Weft Hair?

There are many big and famous hair companies in Vietnam. For example: Layla hair company, Jenhair company, MIC hair company, etc… But do you know which company will be the best choice for you? The answer for this question is K-Hair company, with the slogan “ Quality is King”, K-hair company is the smartest and right chosen for all customers.

K-Hair Factory - The Top Hair Factory in Vietnam

  • History and development

Established in 1990, K-hair group is proud to be one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam. With the extraordinary leadership of Mr. Rick ( Trong Quy) – Founder, wise vision of Mr Jack and Mrs Cherry – K.Hair Ceo, K-hair group has become the biggest hair company in the world.

K-Hair Vietnam, with more than 30 years of experience in the hair business, is affirming its position as the leading hair supplier in Vietnam and quickly establish a foothold in the global hair market. Hitherto, K-Hair Vietnam has been registered as the most trustworthy hair distributor in many countries from Africa to Europe,… with more than 1500 loyal hair vendors worldwide.

K hair company which shows that they have a long history and reputation in the market. This leaves the audience no doubt about the quality of the hair they have, are and will buy. k hair company

  • Good feedbacks from customers

There has been a lot of good feedback from customers after buying K hair and recommending it to their colleagues and friends. K hair company is proud of their professional sales staff who can support all customers on time whenever they need. Take a look at these customer’s feedbacks that  you can see they are really happy and satisfied when working with this company.

vietnamesevirginhair feedback 3 1

vietnamesevirginhair feedback 2

vietnamesevirginhair feedback 1

If you want to find a reputable, quality, low-cost hair supply company with many good reviews feedbacks, then contact me: SARAH HAIR EXPERT IN K HAIR COMPANY

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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