Top 3 Most Favorited Hair Extension by white women.

All the trendy hair extensions for Europeans and Russians ladies are right here!!!

There are numerous types of hair extension in the hair field, which may confuse some women while searching for their suitable and beautiful types of extensions. As a 5 year-experience expert in the hair filed, I will give you what you need to know about some of the most favorable and trendy hair extensions of white skin women.

1. Tip hair extension

No need to discuss the popularity of this type because almost every hair extensions users know this Tip extension. This type is mostly used Russians women

Tip hair is divided into 2 types I-tip and U-Tip. I-Tip hair is can only be installed with a Micro-Ring and U-Tip is processed by melting the tip to stick the hair to your head.

Tip hair extension

1.2. Advantages

Tip hair will give you a natural look that can hardly be recognized only if they are professionals or paying deep attention. Additionally, Tip hair allows you to create your own hairstyles with different colors and shapes and suitable for all occasion and time such as summer, Christmas, etc. Basically, Tip hair will be similar to your own natural hair after

1.3. Disadvantages.

As mentioned above, the methods of applying Tip hair are complicated and maybe not suitable for women having too sparse hair or been through radiation treatment. The reason for this is that the applying process may cause damage to the clients or does not work efficiently.

Considering the prices, Tip hair extension is reasonable compared to other types of top human hair bulk extensions. However, the price for installation is pretty costly due to its complicity.

You can watch how I-Tip hair extension is installed by a hairstylist

2. Tape hair extension

This is also an extremely well-known type of hair extension which is used by Europeans or West Asia women.

Indeed, the name has explained everything. Tape hair has a small piece of tape attached to hair at the top.

Tape hair extension

The benefits of using this type are similar to Tip hair due to its natural looks. However, this type still has some down-sides. Tape hair efficiency depends greatly on the temperature of the place where clients live, which means that the type of tape used must be suitable or else the extension will fall off gradually.

The price of tape hair extension is similar to tip hair. However, the installation process is easier, therefore, cheaper than Tip hair. You can consider your budget to choose the suitable type.

3. Clip-in hair extension

Clip-in extensions are a piece of hair attached to clips at the top. This type is popularly used by many European women.

Clip-in extension

3.1. Benefits

This type will bring you a fancy-looking hair like all other hair extensions. Additionally, the applying process is so simple that you don’t have to come to the salon.

Clip-in extensions are a unique kind of extension. It is different from the other two because this is the only type that can allow you to put it off whenever you want. This function is the reason why there are many clip-in lovers due to its flexibility and comfort.

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3.2. Disadvantage.

Despite the amazing benefits, clip-in hair still remains some annoying setbacks. Initially, this kind of extension is not suitable for clients with weak and sparse hair. The reason for this is that clip-in has the biggest quantity of all kinds. Therefore, your weak natural hair can not hold the clip-in and it will lead to shedding or embarrassing accident, for example, falling off right in the middle of public places.

Another setback is the high price comparing to all other extensions. You should really consider carefully when choosing this one.


All the kinds of hair extensions mentioned above are some of the most favorable types of white women. Due to all the advantages and disadvantages of them, I strongly believe that you can choose the suitable type for your own to have the most beautiful hair.

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