Tips To Get Ordered Vietnamese Hair Quickly-Secrets are Revealed

As the senior sales manager of K Hair Factory, recently, I have received so many questions from my dear customers that “How To Get Ordered Vietnamese Hair Quickly” or “ The international delivery from wholesale hair vendors takes so much time”. So that’s why I do this video to reveal with you guys 5 tips to Get Ordered Vietnamese Hair Extemely Quickly!


1.Choosing the natural straight hair To Get Ordered Vietnamese Hair Quickly

. Alright, let’s move to the first tip, choosing the natural straight hair, for example, I am holding the bone straight hair of K hair factory, and this type of hair is really easy to resell, and the processing time is really short, so the TRENDY hair, and processing time is short, so Why not, right?

However, which kind of natural hair should be chosen? Virgin, remy or non-remy hair? It depends on your business direction, but you can also read more to find out the answer!

2. Choose the common closure To Get Ordered Vietnamese Hair Quickly

Moving to the second tip is about the closure, try to choose the common closure, for example the Kim K (2×6) closure, or the 2×4 closure. As I mentioned before, We are the wholesale factory so we would prioritize the common things. You shouldNOT try to place the order of the really big closure, for example 13×4 or 13×6 closure.

3. Getting Ordered Vietnamese Hair Quickly by placing the order in Bulk

So we move to the third tip, about the quantity of your orders. You should place the order in bulk from Vietnamese hair factory, for example, more than 500gram, but if you do not own your vendor or hair salon, you should gather the orders from your friends. Try to avoid placing the order like one bundle of this type and another bundle of another type. You know that, it really takes time, and we are the wholesale factory as I mentioned before. The price that I gave you is already the price right after the factory produced it, so it’s really affordable already.

4. Place an order on Catalogue To Get Ordered Vietnamese Hair Quickly

So we move to the fourth tip, If you really want to place the order of the curly hair or the color hair, try to place an order on our catalogue, I will put our catalogue here. You know that, all the hairs in this catalogue are really trendy and our factory is more familiar with them so that you will receive the hair exactly what you want in this catalogue and you definitely will not disappoint from that.

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5. Fast Payment is also a important part to Get Ordered Vietnamese Hair Quickly

Okay, The last but not least, the tip number five, is about the fast payment.
You can transfer the deposit and we start processing your hair but I hope that you can transfer the balance soon. Avoid the situation that the hair is already finish and ready to ship but the payment is not finish and we still keep it

So there are five tips that can shorten the order time. Please contact me on Whatsapp that I can answer you immediately and I hope that you can receive the BEST hair, in the SHORTEST time!

Author: Almar – sales manager

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