Hair Trend 2020: Top 3 Hottest Hair Styles In Nigeria

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2020 is the beginning of a new year, also the start of a new decade. New year -new decade – new you💞. 2020 symbolizes for the freshness and youthfulness. Fashion trend of the world also keeps up with this spirit in hair styles, cloth collections, bag collections, jewelry collections,…What are you waiting for now? Let’s change your style together to be trendy and fashionable with HAIR TREND 2020! 💋

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I. Overview Hair Trend Style 2020 In Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country with the blossom of hair and beauty business. Fashionable lace wigs and hair weft bundles play an indispensable role in Nigeria women daily life. Therefore, the newest hair trend is always updated and originated from Nigeria. As a whole, Hair trend style 2020 in Nigeria is natural bone straight, pixie kinky curly, water curly hair(new style). H

II. Top 3 Hair Trend Style 2020

1. Bone Straight Hair – Queen Of Hair👑

Bone Straight Hair can be symbolized as “Queen Of Hair”. This hairstyle has ranked top#1 hot trend in many years. This is hairstyle with no opponents all the time! You can also try dying it purple without bleaching for a new look!

  • Suitable with age: Suitable with all ranges of age from 16-45
  • Outlook: Bring out the freshness and youthfulness for the one wearing this hairstyles. Compared with curly hair, this style can make your younger some ages
  • Mix cloth with hair: This hairstyle is suitable for all cloth set such as skirt, T-shirt, and jeans or dress,… This Bone Straight style makes you more energetic and youthful all the time
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2. Pixie Hair Style

Pixie Hair Style is the best-beloved curl style among many curly wavy styles in the hair market. This pixie curly hairstyle is never out of trend and is the most popular curly styles with Nigeria women.

  • Suitable with age: Suitable with age from 18-45
  • Outlook: Bring out the attractiveness and gorgeousness for the one wearing this hairstyles. Among curly hairstyles, this style is the most popular and becomes the hottest style in Nigeria hair salons.
  • Mix cloth with hair: This hairstyle is suitable for many cloths sets such as skirt, T-shirt, and jeans or dress,.. Especially with off-shoulder cloth, this pixie hairstyle will make you extremely prominent, becoming light-spot of the party!



3. Water Cury Hair – New Hair Trend 2020

Water Curly Style is the newest curl style 2020 in the hair market. This water curly hairstyle is new hair trend in Nigeria and becomes very hot-selling items recently of any pretigious hair factory. This hairstyle is designed by K-hair factory and quickly become the best-loved hairstyles. K-Hair factory is proud to be the “Father of Curly Hair Style”!!!

  • Suitable with age: Suitable with age from 20-35
  • Outlook: Bring out the attractiveness and freshness for the one wearing this hairstyle. Although this style is new, it is welcomed warmly and loved by Nigerian customers.
  • Mix cloth with hair: This hairstyle is suitable for many cloths sets such as skirt, T-shirt, and jeans or dress,… This water curly hairstyle is must-have items for your energetic outlook!


III. Where Can I Get These 3 Hair Trend Style?

These are the list of reliable Vietnamese Hair Factory supplying these 3 hair trend style!

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With 30 years of experience in the hair industry and the understanding of each hair type,K-Hair factoryis one of the leading suppliers in Vietnam.K-Hairproducts always have competitive advantage superior to other manufacturers because of the quality, price and customer service. We ensure that we can supply the highest qualityVietnam hair extensions

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💞There are no ugly women, just the one who don’t know how to beautify themselves 💞

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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