Must-Have Jayda Wayda Braids for Summer 2024

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Jayda Wayda braids are more than just a hairstyle; they are a statement of style and personality. Inspired by Jayda’s own unique fashion sense, these braids have become a symbol of individuality and confidence. They are perfect for anyone looking to make a bold statement while maintaining a chic and polished look


Must-Have Jayda Wayda Braids for Summer 2024

1. What is Jayda Wayda braids?

Jayda Wayda braids are a popular hairstyle inspired by Jayda Cheaves, also known as Jayda Wayda, an award-winning Vietnamese American singer and songwriter who won the ‘Best New Artist’ award at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. This style involves sectioning the hair into five parts using elastic bands, creating ponytails—two at the front and three at the back. Next, each section is braided into long, thick braids, resulting in a structured and eye-catching look. 

Why are Jayda Wayda’s braids so hot?

Discover the fabulous world of Jayda Wayda braids, or knotless braids styles, where you can explore a diverse range of styles, from the classic 5 braids to trendy knotless braids, adorned with beads, or fashioned into double braids, to suit every taste. 


Why are Jayda Wayda’s braids so hot?

Whether you’re aiming for a laid-back look or getting ready for a special occasion, these braids exude elegance and sophistication. With minimal upkeep, they can stay gorgeous for weeks, making them a perfect match for your on-the-go lifestyle. Notably, knotless braids ensure a comfortable experience with reduced scalp tension. 

Embracing the rich cultural heritage of braiding, Jayda Wayda braids seamlessly blend traditional artistry with modern flair. Styling your braids with eye-catching accessories like beads, hair cuffs, and ribbons. Championed by celebrities and influencers, these braids are a fashion statement that transcends time and trends, exuding confidence and individuality with every wear. Get ready to express yourself uniquely and feel empowered with Jayda Wayda braids!

2. Jayda Wayda braids 5 braids – 2024 trend

This unique style features the creation of five distinct braids, resulting in a structured and sophisticated appearance. The versatility of this look makes it suitable for a wide range of occasions, whether it’s a casual day out or a formal event.

How to style Jayda Wayda braids with 5 braids

To begin, carefully divide the hair into five equal sections, ensuring that each braid will be consistent and balanced in size. Next, meticulously braid each section separately, maintaining a tight and sleek appearance for a polished finish. Once all the braids are in place, use small elastics to secure them.


Jayda Wayda braids 5 braids

For an added touch of glamour, consider incorporating hair accessories to complete the style. The Jayda Wayda braids 5 braids style offers a refined and versatile look suitable for various occasions, whether it’s a casual day out or a formal event.

3. Jayda Wayda knotless braids – a classic with a modern twist

The rise of knotless braids has truly captivated the hairstyling world, and Jayda Wayda knotless braids stand out for their exceptional natural appearance and comfortable feel. By eliminating knots at the base, these braids alleviate scalp tension, resulting in a more effortless and delightful hairstyling experience.

How to style Jayda Wayda knotless braids

To achieve Jayda Wayda knotless braids, it’s important to begin by meticulously sectioning the hair into small sections. This process ensures that the braids will be highly detailed and intricate. 


Jayda Wayda knotless braids

Instead of starting with a knot, the hair is seamlessly integrated into the braid as it progresses, resulting in a natural and flawless appearance. Once complete, these braids offer versatility in styling, as they can be worn in various ways such as elegant updos, chic half-up, half-down styles, or left loosely hanging. 

These braids are an ideal choice for those seeking a natural and effortless look. Known for their low-maintenance and durability, with proper care, these braids can last for several weeks, making them an excellent option for individuals with busy lifestyles.

4. Jayda Wayda braids with beads – Fun energy for summer days

Enhance your braided look with beautiful beads! Jayda Wayda’s bead-adorned braids are a joyful and lively way to express your unique style, adding a playful and stunning touch to your overall appearance.

How to style Jayda Wayda braids with beads

Choosing beads allows you to select ones that complement your personal style, whether you prefer colorful beads for a bold look or metallic ones for a touch of sophistication. The options are endless. Braid your hair as usual, leaving space at the ends to add the beads. 


Jayda Wayda braids with beads

Once the braids are complete, thread the beads onto the ends of the braids and secure them with small rubber bands or bead locks. 

Jayda Wayda braids with beads are perfect for festivals, parties, or any occasion where you want to stand out, adding a playful element to your hairstyle and making you look stylish and unique.

5. Double Jayda Wayda braids – Bold and Distinctive

If you’re a fan of a striking and captivating look, the double Jayda Wayda braids are definitely for you! This eye-catching style features two stunning braids that wonderfully accentuate the face.

How to style Double Jayda Wayda braids

To achieve the Double Jayda Wayda braids, start by parting your hair down the middle to create two equal sections. Next, take each section and braid it into a large, thick braid. You have the option to style the braids tightly for a sleek look or loosely for a more relaxed feel.


Double Jayda Wayda braids

Once you’ve braided both sections, secure the ends with elastics and consider adding any desired accessories, such as hair cuffs or ribbons, to complete the look. 

These braids are perfect for making a bold statement and can be versatile, suited for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you’re off to a music festival or a chic dinner, these braids will surely help you achieve an effortlessly stunning look.

6. Maintaining Your Jayda Wayda Braids

No matter which Jayda Wayda braid style you choose, proper maintenance is key to keeping your braids looking fresh and beautiful.

3 steps to take care of your Jay Wayda Braids to make them last longer

First, moisturize your Jayda Wayda braid. Keeping your scalp and braids moisturized is crucial to prevent dryness and breakage. To maintain moisture, use a light oil or braid spray.  Apply the product to your scalp and braids to keep them well-hydrated.


Maintaining Your Jayda Wayda Braids

Second, protect your Jayda Wayda braid. While sleeping, it’s important to protect your braids to reduce friction and keep the style intact. Wrap your braids in a silk or satin scarf before bed. This will help prevent frizz and maintain the sleek look of your braids.

Third, cleanse your Jayda Wayda braid. Regular cleansing of your scalp is essential to remove any buildup that may occur. Use a gentle shampoo and avoid over-washing your hair to preserve the integrity of your braids. This will help to keep your scalp healthy and your braids looking fresh.

Jayda Wayda braids offer a variety of stylish and chic options for women who love to experiment with their hair. From the structured Jayda Wayda braids 5 braids to the effortlessly chic Jayda Wayda knotless braids, the playful Jayda Wayda braids with beads, and the bold double Jayda Wayda braids, there is a style for every personality and occasion. These braids enhance your look and reflect a confident and unique sense of style. So, why not embrace the Jayda Wayda braid trend and let your hair make a statement.

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