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Vietnamese Single drawn Virgin hair extension from Vietnamese hair factories is a world of diversity of style, length, color, etc… It could be a challenge for newbies to choose the suitable one. Apart from the various styles, such as clip-in, microbeads, and weft, you can quickly discover the various features of these items. If you are looking for a guid to help you figure out the Single drawn Virgin hair extension, this article is for you.


Vietnamese Single Drawn Virgin Hair

1. What is Vietnamese Single drawn Virgin hair extension?

Hair for single drawn hair extensions is cut from a single donor and then woven into a weft. Because of the low cost of development, most extensions are marketed as single drawn other super double drawn hair. Since the hair in each strand is barely the same thickness, it becomes thinner as it approaches the ends and thicker as it approaches the tip.

To understand the term “Vietnamese single drawn virgin hair extension” thoroughly, you are highly recommended to understand each individual phrase “Vietnamese hair”, “single drawn hair” and “virgin hair”. In fact, they are not complicated to understand at all. Here are the significant points for you to know.

About Vietnamese hair, it is simply Vietnamese human hair. Vietnamese hair is now so popular in the market as its quality and price have been proved to be among the best offers to all wholesale hair vendors and hair extension retailers. 100% Vietnamese hair is collected from young Vietnamese women’s hair. The point is that all these women live in mountainous areas where the weather is not so hot or so cold. It is just right and mild enough to ensure the best hair quality. In addition, in these regions, women prefer natural-based hair care methods and products, so the hair is even healthier, silkier and more durable.


Vietnamese single drawn virgin hair extensions

About single drawn hair, it is one type among three types of hair quality grades, including single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair. Below are specific features of each type.

  • With a single drawn hair bundle, the hair will look thick in the root but thin in the tail. It is because 50-65% of the hair has the same length, and the rest of the hair has shorter lengths. You will best see this when you touch the hair. In general, this is the cheapest type of hair extension among 3 types.
  • With a double drawn hair bundle, the hair looks fuller than the single drawn one. About 70-80% of the hair has the same length, so the differences in volumes between hair root and hair tail are not so significant. The price of this type of hair extension is more expensive than the single drawn one.
  • With a super double drawn hair bundle, the hair will look really full. About 80-85% of the hair has the same length. This type of hair is the greatest choice for thick hair extension production. It is also the most expensive item among the 3 ones as well.

Vietnamese Hair Grades

About virgin hair, it is one type among three types of hair origins, including virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair. Below are specific features of each type.

  • Vietnamese virgin hair is the hair collected from only one donor with a lot of significant characteristics. The hair is supposed to have never been affected by chemicals before. In addition, the hair cuticles are well maintained, and the hair alignment is uniform. All of these features make the virgin weft hair extensions become the best type of hair extension which enables the best ability to bleach, dye, straighten and curl.
  • Remy hair is the hair collected from two donors or more. The cuticle situation of this type of hair is quite good, and the hair alignment is quite uniform as well. This type of hair is highly recommended for normal restyling steps such as straightening, curling and dyeing.
  • Non-remy hair is hair collected from a lot of donors. This type of hair has the lowest quality. The hair cuticles are usually totally ruined, and the hair alignments are in confusion. This type of hair is not recommended for any restyling steps. In fact, reliable wholesale hair factories won’t produce this type of hair extension.

Vietnamese Luxury Virgin Hair

A typical packet of Vietnamese Single drawn Virgin hair extension would contain roughly 50% full length hairs and 50% varying length variations. This means that the hair becomes thinner as it gets closer to the edges, but it gets thicker at the bundle’s tip.

2. The process of producing Vietnamese Single drawn Virgin hair extension

When it comes to single drawn virgin weft hair extensions, there are usually three steps involved. The process is not especially complicated since these products use hair from a single donor.

Take a look at one case and see what I mean. If you want to make an 18-inch bundle, follow these steps:

Step 1: Measure the bundle by using a measuring tape. Hair should be between 14” and 19” in weight.

Step 2: The hair would then be combed to its full length by the seller (wholesale hair vendors). They then make a bundle by tying the hair together with a rubber band or sewing it into weft bundles.

Step 3: Broken ends would be trimmed down. Following that, some vendors will attempt to thin the hair at the last quarter inch before starting the weft making process.


Producing Vietnamese Single Drawn Virgin Hair

3. The pros and cons of Vietnamese Single drawn Virgin hair extension

Though Vietnamese single drawn virgin hair is in general a good choice, it also has some drawbacks as well. Below are the pros and cons of this type of hair. We hope that these objective opinions will help you in deciding on the best items to choose.


  • Single drawn Vietnamese virgin hair extensions are inexpensive, making it a good option for women on a budget. It is in fact the cheapest option among 3 quality grades: single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn hair with other conditions in the same.
  • This hair style emphasizes the natural finish, so if you don’t mind the hair thickness, this is the hair type for you. Actually, if you don’t target a very thick final hair look, the single drawn hair is amazing for a natural look and comfortable feeling when wearing.

Vietnamese Single Drawn Virgin Hair Gives Natural Look

  • Single drawn Vietnamese hair bundles may also be trimmed up several inches to obtain the desired hair thickness.


  • This hair style is not for those who wish to increase the density of their hair.
  • For short hair, single drawn Vietnamese hair isn’t the right choice.
  • If you want to reach the ideal length and density with single drawn hair, you’ll need to buy multiple packages for one head. This method is also not very cost-effective.

If you want natural-looking locks, it can be achieved with single drawn hair. That each strand of our hair has a different length as it emerges spontaneously from our scalp. And it appears that this is one of the characteristics of Vietnamese single drawn virgin hair.

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