Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 1
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Hair extensions is not only the term of beauty service but also is a promising land with hair dealers. In order to take a solid step into the hair business, let’s take a look at the report of virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters, the best selling items of hair factories. 

  •  Overview of Virgin human straight hair  65 centimeters

Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters is a term of the combination: virgin hair, human hair, straight hair and the length 65 centimeters. You can read more about human virgin hair to know it really thoroughly. And let’s move on the details now. 

1.1. What is Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters?

Virgin hair is the haircut from 1 donor, the hair strands are cuticles aligned or in the same direction. Virgin hair is called “donor hair” as well. Because finding the hair source which only comes from 1 person for each hair bundle is very difficult and costs a high price, nowadays, a lot of hair companies sell Remy hair or Non- remy hair instead.. 

Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 1

Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 1

Remy hair is the hair that was collected from more than 2 people, but the hair is still in the same direction. Meanwhile, non- remy hair is the hair collected from different hair sources, mixed and cuticles are not aligned. Non- remy hair is usually bought by Indian hair factories at a dirty cheap price. Then they will stretch every piece of hair into the long shape and arrange hair direction by workmanship.

Human hair is the term used to differentiate  “synthetic hair”. The human hair bundles must come from 100% real human hair, no synthetic, no mixed with animal hair, animal fur or silicones.

Straight hair or natural straight hair is the natural condition of the hair strand, without any chemicals. From the virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters, the hairstylists can create curly or wavy hairstyles. Moreover, they can bleach or dye their hair into a variety of colored hair.

65 centimeters is the length of a hair bundle. It’s the quite long hair bundle but also a popular choice of hair salons. Normally, with 100- 150 gram of virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters, the hairstylists can complete hair extension work for one customer.  

1.2. Chacteristics of virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters

The general characteristic of human hair is durability with a long life span, especially the raw (unprocessed hair). We can use the hair to dye or bleach freely into different colors. With virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters, thanks to the pros of virgin hair, the hair is very strong and easily bleached to other colors, particularly, blonde and platinum ones. 

Heat and water friendly also the questions of hair dealers. For virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters, you don’t need to worry about it. As raw hair characteristics, the hair can resist high temperature from hair tools. With colored hair, the heat can be used up to  160 Celsius (= 320 Fahrenheit).

As a sanity habit, we need to wash our hair to keep it clean. So does human hair extension bundles, let’s wash it in the right way to keep the hair always in good condition. 
The hair strands have different structures depending on the hair source. With the Vietnamese hair, the hair is naturally straight and silky, preferable for hair extension.

Though each hair strand is soft and thin, it is very strong for dyeing or bleaching. After the process of coloring, the hair still remains its smooth condition.  From virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters, we can create beautiful hairstyles. 

Besides straight hair, there is also natural curly virgin human hair which can be 70-75cm long! It is also a popular hair type that you need to discover more.

1.3.  Hairstyles for virgin human straight hair 65 centimetersVirgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 2

Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 1We can see a lot of pretty hairstyles from virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters. The most popular type is bulk hair (or colored slice). It means the hair is cut without weft.

Factories in Russia and other countries in Europe usually buy these types of hair, the raw hair in natural black color and produce the hair by themselves. They dye, bleach and make curly hairstyles by modern machines. Hair trade companies prefer buying colored hair slices and reselling them rather than producing hair. They ask for blonde hair, especially 613 color. Sometimes, the hair salon owners look for natural black hair for bleaching. 

The easy-to-see images in social media of hair extension are straight hair in different colors. In order to keep the hair into good shape, hairstylists can use hair straightener to straighten the hair after doing an extension. Therefore, the hair looks more silky and shiny. Wavy hair is also a popular hairstyle when the girls look for elegant and glamorous appearance. From 613 color, they can make highlights, by this way the hair looks fantastic. 

  •  Why choose virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters?

There must be reasons that virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters is the favorite choice of hair business owners. Besides the good quality thanks to wonderful characteristics aforementioned, this type of hair also has the popular length and reasonable price. 


2.1. Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters is the most popular length

Though hair factories can deal with all length 

( normally as seen is from 20 centimeters to 75 centimeters), the 65 centimeters is widen-chosen. The common beauty standard is long hair has a ravishing look, it is suitable with all occasions and places. Moreover,  65 centimeters of hair after curling is still not too short and the girls can be confident to walk the street with their modern  back-length hair. 

2.2.  Price of virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 

Each hair supplier has their own price list for virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters according to quality of hair source, material prices, the sophisticated workmanship and modern technology. The below price list is from one of the leading hair distributors located in Vietnam. 

Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 3

Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 3

The price list is quoted in USD for 1 kg of bulk hair. We can see the price of different lengths and grades stated clearly. There are 3 grades used in the price list: Super Double Drawn, Double Drawn and Single Drawn. The only different thing is the density, which you can see in the video.

Therefore, though you choose Single Drawn hair bundles, they still have good quality as Super Double Drawn hair.

With long hair as virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters, the Double Drawn or Super Double Drawn is the perfect choice, depending on your targeted customers requirement. For shorter hair than 45 centimeters, we suggest the Single Drawn hair to gain a natural density, the hair will not look too full. For longer hair than 65 centimeters, let’s consider Super Double Drawn hair. 

The color ring comes along with the price list to help customers choose hair colors. You can also ask for different colors, because color trends change as time goes by. Let’s choose a clear hair photo to send to the hair supplier if you want the customized hair. 

Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 4

Virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters 4


  •  Where to buy virgin human straight hair 65 centimeters in bulk?

K-HAIR was established in 1992 with the first aim to become a top 1 hair factory in Vietnam. But we don’t stop at such a high position, in the 2020s, we expect to be in top global manufacturers for all countries around the world.

Furthermore, K-HAIR is willing to sell to potential markets in Europe, Russia and US thanks to our qualified products. Therefore, a wide hair business network is certainly possible.

Our main goal is to raise the beauty of every woman, stimulating their belief in self-confidence and to prove that high- quality hair extensions are affordable for everybody.

Last but not least, K-HAIR is an ideal environment for all members to improve themselves, showing their passion and realizing their dreams.

3.1. Virgin human straight hair 65  centimeters in raw hair and colored slice- the favorite items of European and Russian customers:

Raw virgin hair and slices which are full of colors are popular with all hair sellers. We cooperate with high quality Vietnamese hair and Russian dye and bleach technology to produce and design the hair. With raw hair, our customers can bleach hair into other colors. Besides, from our 613 blond color, they can dye it into many fabulous colors as they wish.

3.2.  Virgin human straight hair 65  centimeters- Keratin hair extension, the most favorable fixing system:

Keratin hair extensions or Tip hair is hand made by our experienced hair experts, the tiny bonds keep your hair no shedding, high-quality keratin and lightweight strands.

3.3.  Virgin human straight hair 65  centimeters in Tape hair- the easiest extension type

Tape hair extensions are neat, super thin and elastic, heat and moisture resistant. Our tape hair can be installed quickly and easily.

3.4. Virgin human straight hair 65  centimeters in Weft hair- phenomenal quality standard

Soft, silky and tangle free hair for a variety of purposes: wearing, making wig… We can dye and bleach weft hair into platinum, blond, ash, ombre and other colors as our customer’s requirement.

Virgin human straight hair 65  centimeters is the hot item with beauty lovers and hair business owners. Finding hairstyles or colors to brighten your skin is hard, choosing a trustworthy hair supplier for your business is important as well. Let’s find the right hair supplier with the useful advice . 

Contact Ms Lani for being support 24/7 for your hair business:

WhatsApp Number: +84 384700916 (Ms Lani)

Instagram: lani_k.hair_factory

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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