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Best quality – Super quality

Super high quality Vietnamese fullest hair 100% human hair

Vietnamese fullest hair is considered the best choice for any girl. The young women like to apply the substance hair extension such as fullest tip-in hair, while others like convenient types (full weft hair or clip-in hair). K-Hair factory is one of the best factories can supply this great hair type.

Among the high-quality coarse hair products, Vietnamese super double drawn hair is one of the best hair. With super high quality and the best price, this is a hair type many positive reactions from the customers. It’s quite hard to find any other hair supplier like K-Hair that can provide this hair type.

What is Vietnamese super double drawn hair?


Vietnamese super hair is a term commonly referred to the hair without any short hair inside the bundle. The fullest hair is exactly clear that what you get is what you pay. The bundle of hair is full of high-quality long hair, no mixed with short hair or any lower quality hair insides. Perfectly silky, smooth, Remy in the best condition of the hair.

Vietnamese fullest hair without short hair insides the bundle

Characteristics of Vietnamese super double drawn hair

  • This is a high-quality long hair, made from 100% human hair
  • The hair is no short, no shedding, no tangle, no lice, no nits or any problem.
  • Unprocessed hair, without toxic chemical
  • Vietnamese fullest hair bundle is the same length
  • The same thickness from tip to top
  • Easily to make style, bleach or renew
Easily to make any hairstyle from Vietnamese super double drawn hair

Product detail

Product nameSuper high quality Vietnamese super double drawn hair
Materials100% Vietnam human hair, no synthetic hair
Length8- 32 inches
ColorNatural black
Weight100 gram/ bundle
Payment methodT/T, Western Union, Bank, Money Gram
Delivery timeFrom 3 to 7 working days
ShippingUPS, DHL, Cargo carrier

The best address to buy super high quality Vietnamese fullest hair: K-Hair factory

With more than 20 years of building, our company can get more the trust and belief in customers around the world. K-Hair becomes the big brand and the prestige address for all customers to give opportunities. Nowadays, our hair can be known to the international market.

Super high quality Vietnamese fullest hair from our company

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