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It can be denied that “teeth and head hair are the most important when it comes to appearance”. Nowadays, this statement is still worthy as people are focusing more on our appearance, especially our hair look. Consequently, hair extension has become a phenomenon as it is a trendy item and beloved by every girl and woman. So what is hair extension? Why are they so popular? This article will bring you a thorough knowledge about hair extension.


Hair extension – all things you need to know

1/ Basic knowledge about hair extension

In the first part, we will discuss the definition and classification of hair extension. Hope that you will have a clearer overview about it.

1.1/ Definition of hair extension

Hair extension is an item that makes your real hair longer, thicker and more voluminous. If you are worried or feel unconfident of your short and thin hair, hair extensions are absolutely for you. Achieving a long, voluminous and sleek hair look is no longer a dream!

Hair extensions can be varied in length, colors, styles and quality. You can easily find an extension salon or available products on online stores. They have become a must have in the beauty industry, widely used by many girls and women, especially customers in South Africa, Europe, Russia, the US, the UK… 


Hair extension – before and after

1.2/ Classification of hair extension based on material

In terms of classification based on material, hair extensions can be divided into 2 branches: human hair extension and synthetic hair extension. So keep moving to find out the typical features and difference between these types of material.

1.2.1/ Human hair extension

Human hair extension products refer to hair extensions made of 100% human hair. There are 3 subclasses namely: Virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair.


Human hair extension classified based on the origin

  • Virgin hair extension: This kind of material is collected directly from only 1 donor. The hair is unprocessed and all hair strands follow the same direction, which helps virgin hair extensions become a high-end product in the beauty industry. They are high-rated thanks to the pureness, sleekness, durability and natural color. Besides, the ability to bleach to 613 color also attracts hair resellers or vendors in many countries, especially European and Russian customers. Due to the extra excellent quality, virgin hair extensions will be sold at a high price.
  • Remy hair extension: Remy hair refers to hair gathered from a group of people sharing the same characteristics of hair. The consistency of hair texture is not as high as virgin hair but the quality is still guaranteed. In addition, remy hair can be dyed in many colorful tones, meeting different demands from customers. Remy hair extensions are appreciated because of their diversified styles, colors, length with reasonable price.
  • Non-remy hair extensions: These kinds of hair extensions are made of mixed hair, which is collected massly from public places, hair salons, pipes, floors… . Non-remy hair is in poor quality as it is frequently processed, seriously damaged and the hair strands don’t follow the same directions. These typical characteristics make non-remy hair extensions low-rated. In fact, extensions made of non-remy hair are easily tangled, harsh and shedding. However, the short lifespan with inferior quality contributes to the amazingly cheap price of non-remy hair extensions.

1.2.2/ Synthetic hair extension

Synthetic hair extensions are made from artificial hair strands like nylon or acrylic. These fibers are put under various chemical processes to achieve the look and feeling like real human hair. 

At first, synthetic hair extensions seem so smooth and shiny. However, washing and blowing can wear off the silicone coat, making the extensions matted, tangled and shedding. Hair factories and vendors usually offer customers a cheap price.


Synthetic hair extensions

1.2.3/ Conclusion

Here is a brief conclusion table of different hair extension materials mentioned above. If you are seeking a excellent quality extension, virgin hair is an ideal choice for you. On the other hands, non-remy or synthetic hair will meet the expectation of price from customers with low budget. If you consider both guaranteed quality and affordable price, remy hair extension definitely is what you need.


Comparison between different hair extension materials

1.3/ Classification of hair extension based on installation method

Have you ever wondered how hair extensions can be attached to your hair? How many types of them in terms of installation method? We will list 6 main types of hair extensions namely clip in, tape in, weft, u tip, i tip and ponytail. Hope that you can choose a favorite one for yourself.

1.3.1/ Hair extension clip in

Clip in hair extension is hair strands attached to microclips. It is said to be the most popular type of hair extensions thanks to its ease of use, damage-hair free and durability.

  • Ease of use: The installation of clip in hair extensions requires no heated tools or skillful techniques. Therefore, users can apply at home by themselves. It just takes only a few minutes to put hair extensions into your real hair. The removal of clip in extension is also really easy. No special products or techniques needed, consumers just need taking off the extension.
  • Damage-hair free: Clip in hair extensions are beloved because of its hair friendliness. As mentioned before, the attachment is so simple, putting no pressure or damage on your hair and scalp. Besides, thanks to the temporary installation, you can use and take off the extensions usually without having to worry about hair damage.
  • Durability: These temporary extensions are said to be the most long-lasting hair extension products. You can take clip in extensions off your head and treat them in the same way with your natural hair to lengthen their lifespan. As long as users take care and wash clip in hair extensions in the proper way, they can last up to 12 months. Besides, if the clips are broken, consumers also can replace them with another one. 

Clip in hair extension

1.3.2/ Hair extension tape in

Hair extension tape in is based on flat sticky tapes. Hair strands are attached onto these tapes at the root of the hair. To install, customers will peel off the paper covering the tapes, and then stick them right away near the root of real hair. Tape in hair extensions are favorite products worldwide thanks to its convenience, natural appearance and comfortable feeling

  • Convenience: Tape in hair extension is semi-permanent hair extension, therefore it can be easily installed and removed. Depending on how much tape in pieces users want to apply, the time consumed can be varied. On average, full-head tape in hair extensions will take 30 – 45 minutes. In addition, the removal just requires a special liquid, which causes no damage to the hair and scalp.
  • Natural appearance: Tape in hair extension pieces are so thin and flat, therefore they can blend well with your natural hair. Actually, tape in extensions are widely beloved and used by many girls and women, especially those with short or thin hair. If you are worried about your short or thin hair, tape in hair extensions is definitely an ideal choice for you. 
  • Comfortable feeling: In fact, tape in hair extensions is light. On average, each piece is just about 25g-35g. Based on your requirement, you can choose the suitable number of pieces for yourself without having to put a full wig onto your head. Moreover, instead of wrapped under the hair extensions, your hair is still free, which also can bring you a comfortable feeling. 

Tape in hair extension

1.3.3/ Hair extension weft

Hair extension weft, also called as sew-in, is hair weft to fabric. These kinds of extensions will be sewn into your real hair. This process can take a few hours, and they should be done by experienced hair stylists. On the other hand, weft hair extensions are so famous for its effectiveness, natural appearance and variety:

  • Effectiveness: A weft hair extension looks like a curtain, and its length is up to 1.2 meters. Therefore, the effectiveness in making your hair longer and thicker is unbelievable. Girls with short hair can give it a try and you will be surprised about the length and thickness it can add to your hair. 
  • Natural appearance: Because your real hair is braided to your scalp, it lies under the weft hair extensions, which means you don’t have to blend your hair with extensions. Consequently, it is inconspicuous that you are wearing hair extensions. With sew-in extensions, you can rock your hair to a completely different appearance without being noticed.
  • Variety: Hair extension weft are various in hair styles, colors, lengths and quality to meet different demands of customers. You can easily choose a new one for yourself. Weft hair extensions are trendy and high-demanded products in every hair salon, especially in South Africa.

Weft/sew in hair extension

1.3.4/ Hair extension u tip

U-tip hair extensions, also known as bonding or pre-bonded extensions, are hair strands attached with keratin bonds. The application process may take 2 hours or above. This process is complex, and it should be conducted carefully by hairstylists. The hairstylist will mell the keratin bond, then stick your real hair to the extensions. U-tip hair extensions have become more and more popular because of their long-lasting use, natural look and suitability for every one.

  • Long-lasting use: The use of special glue to stick your hair with extensions play a key role in the lifespan of u-tip hair extensions. With proper washing and hair care, your u-tip can last up to 6 months. Therefore, those who are seeking a long-term solution for hair concern, u-tip hair extensions are worthy for customers to take into consideration.
  • Natural look: Hair extension u-tip are believed to bring you such a natural and charming appearance. As they are linked with your real hair, you can style them in the way you like, such as curling, waving, braiding or even ponytailing.
  • Suitability for every one: Ladies, regardless how long and how thick your hair is, U-tip hair extensions are suitable for all hair densities. They are linked with real hair, hence there is no likelihood that the extensions can be exposed and figured out. You no longer have to worry about your thin or short hair. Everyone has the ability to rock your hair into stunning styles with u-tip hair extensions.

U tip hair extension

1.3.5/ I tip hair extension

Hair extension I tip, similar to u-tip, is attached to a keratin bond. However, instead of a heated method, they will be linked to real hair by microbeads. Hence they are also called cold extensions. I tip hair extensions are favorite products in many salons all over the world thanks to their convenient, versatility and natural appearance.

  • Convenience: In fact, I tip extensions are said to be the easiest hair extensions to keep and maintain. Unlike other extensions like tape in or weft hair, I tip seems not to be affected by outside elements like temperature or hair products. Therefore, customers can spend less time and effort in hair care and preservation.
  • Versatility: As the hair extensions are linked with your real hair by microbeads or micro loops, you can style them in many different ways. In addition, when your hair grows, you can make an appointment with hairstylists. So that the I tip hair extensions can be adjust to fit with the length of your real hair
  • Natural appearance: Similar to u-tip hair, I tip is also regarded as one of the most natural hair extensions. Your real hair is connected with i-tip extensions, which means that it’s difficult to figure out your extensions.

I tip hair extension

1.3.6/ Hair extension ponytail

Ponytail hair extension is hair attached together to form a ready-made ponytail. It is used to add length and thickness for real hair, bringing the customers long, voluminous and charming ponytail hair instantly. They are regarded as a fashionable and trendy item, used by many girls and women, especially those in the US and South Africa. What we really like about it includes convenience, durability, natural looking and hair friendliness

  • Convenience: The application of ponytail hair extensions just takes 5 – 10 minutes, requiring no tools or skillful techniques. For beginners, it may take more than 10 minutes. But “Practice makes perfect”. We recommend you practice hairstyling ponytail hair frequently, you will master it. The removement of ponytail hair extensions is also really easy. Removing the pony extensions takes no time and effort.
  • Durability: Ponytail hair extensions are temporarily put on our head, therefore they can be cared for and preserved more easily than other permanent extensions. We recommend that you shouldn’t wear and wash them too frequently, so that their lifespan can be lengthened. Normally, with careful preservation, a ponytail hair extension can last for 9-12 months.
  • Natural looking: Ponytail extensions will wrap around your short and thin ponytail, bringing you a natural and stunning appearance. You also can style in different ways without being noticed like low ponytail, high pony, messy or half head ponytail. Besides, ponytail hair extensions are varied in length, colors and styles, meeting various demands from customers.
  • Hair friendliness: there are 3 main types of installation methods namely wrap, weft and clip in ponytail extensions. All these kinds can be attached easily to your head and no tools needed. Consequently, the installation process causes no damage to natural hair.

Ponytail hair extension

2/ How to choose the best hair extension for me?

Choosing a suitable hair extension is not really easy. It has to depend on many factors. In fact, hair extensions are the favorite choices of girls with short and thin hair. So in this part, we would like to talk about how to choose the best extensions that are suitable with these girls. Let’s discover!

2.1/ Hair extensions for short hair

There are some factors we should consider to choose a suitable hair extension for short hair including length, color and weight:

  • Length of real hair: If you plan to purchase a clip in hair extension for yourself, your real hair should be at least 7 – 10 cm in length, so that the clip in hair will have enough strong base to stay in place. On the other hand, with hair shorter than 7cm, you can take a look at other types like weft or u tip hair extensions.You should apply the clips near the root of your hair, right under the hairline, so that clip in extension will be well blended.
  • Color: Color is a key factor contributing to a natural and well-blended hair. Consequently, we suggest that you should consider color carefully to make sure that the color of your hair and extension are matched together. If you have difficulties in choosing color visually, you can ask the hair vendors to give you samples of hair, then compare them with your natural color hair. Besides, in case you want to dye or bleach hair extensions into different colors, you can choose extensions in lighter shades.
  • Weight of hair extensions: the weight of extensions depends on the hairstyles you expect. For example, each tape in extension piece is about 25-35g, a full-head tape in extension normally includes 20-25 pieces, which means if you want to commit a full-head tape in hair extensions, the weight will be around 500g. Meanwhile a clip in extension weighs about 100-150g, commonly we need 3 pieces to add length and volume to our natural hair. So a full head of clip is about 300-500g. We recommend that you choose hair extensions according to your requirement and budget.

Hair extension for short hair

2.2/ Hair extensions for thin hair 

If you have thin hair, we recommend that you should pay attention to the weight, quality, color and hairstyle in order to make sure that you will have a stunning and flawless hair look:

  • Weigh: Instead of a significant heavy extension, you had better take a look at other hair extension products with medium weight, 120-150g approximately. This can reduce the pressure put on your real hair as well as head scalp.
  • Quality: It’s important to choose high quality hair extensions for your thin hair. You can consider virgin or remy hair which are made of qualified hair material and can blend with your natural hair texture. Besides, hair extensions which are made by modern techniques and skillful craftsmen can bring you such a natural and flawless appearance without being noticed.
  • Color: Please note down that colors play an important role for a natural and gorgeous look. Make sure that the color of your hair and the extensions are matched together. Otherwise, it may be easy to figure out your hair extensions.
  • Blend: Last but not least, you should remember to hairstyle and blend your hair extension with real hair, so that you can create a completely charming hair look.

Hair extension for thin hair

3/ Top stunning hair extension styles for girls

Hair extensions are loved for the fact that there are a variety of hairstyles available. Users can easily change their hairstyles without causing any damage to the real hair with the help of a proper hair extension choice. So, right now we will give you the list of top best stunning hair extension styles that will help you in the process of choosing suitable hair extensions.

3.1/ Bone straight hair extension

Bone Straight hair is regarded as a classic hairstyle for girls. However, long and silky hair could be a dream of many short or thin haired girls. Then, a straight hair extension can help you achieve such a long, thick and voluminous hair look. 

Bone straight hair was made of different hair materials and available in diverse colors and length. Before purchasing an extension, you should consider carefully about the length you want to achieve. Suitable and natural extension will bring you a flawless appearance.


Straight hair extension

3.2/ Wavy hair extension 

It is widely said that every girl should try this hairstyle at least once in their life. Wavy hair extensions can bring you different and stunning hair instantly. You could be surprised by the effectiveness of it. Wavy bonds can cover all your detects, bringing customers a flawless appearance.

Our recommendation is that you should choose extensions according to your expectation and requirement. Besides, remember to style your natural hair when applying wavy hair extensions. This is a way to help them blend well together, so that your whole look can become more natural and unnoticeable.


Wavy hair extension

3.3/ Curly/Pixie hair extension 

Curly hair is one of the most beloved hairstyles by girls, especially Western girls. With curly hair extensions, you can become a muse with such charming hair. Meanwhile, you also can create a cool and trendy appearance.

Our suggest is that you should choose a product that has matched hair texture with your own hair. In addition, don’t forget to provide your hair with enough nourish ingredients. So that, your curly hair extension can maintain the sleekness and strength.


Curly hair extension

3.4/ Braid hair extension

This is such a cool hairstyle. You can wear this hair extension on many different occasions like going to dance clubs, enjoying night parties or fashion shows. You surely will catch the eyes of the crowd.

Hair suppliers provide customers with various types of braid hair extensions in many colors, length and styles. They can suit many shapes of faces, therefore don’t hesitate if you wanna try it on. It will bring you an attractive and fashionable look, and make you become more confident. 


Braid hair extension

4/ Guideline for hair extension

In this part, we would like to provide you with necessary information about how to install and how to take care of hair extensions. Hope that they will be helpful for you.

4.1/ How to install hair extension?

The installation of hair extensions can be classified by 3 types: temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. However, we recommend that permanent extensions required tools and skillful techniques should be attached by experienced stylists. Therefore, in this section, we would like to provide you information about the installation of 2 first types extension products namely hair extension clip in and tape in.

Installation of clip in hair extension

  • Step 1: Make a U part on your back head that spans from ear to ear. Snap open each clip on one of your welfs
  • Step 2: Place the clips along the line and snap shut. Make sure it’s secure
  • Step 3: Add another weft following step 2. Continue to add wefts until the desired style is achieved

Or you can add in wefts from the top (around the top of the ear) and work your way down

  • Step 4: Use the single clip pieces to fill in the sides

Installation of clip in hair extension

Installation of tape in hair extension

  • Make a section horizontal in your hair
  • Grab a bit of hair, put the first tape extension on your own hair
  • Line up the extensions and apply pressure with fingers
  • Take the second tape strip and press towards the underlying extension
  • Apply pressure for 10 seconds to secure holds
  • The extensions should always stay covered under your own hair

Installation of tape in hair extension

4.2/ How to take care of hair extension?

Haircare is significant for a blooming and smooth hair extension. There isn’t anything more awful than tangled and matted hair. In addition, taking care of hair extensions in the right way can help you with broadening the life expectancy of your extension products. We are here to provide you with some valuable tips on hair care and preservation.

  • Choosing hair products carefully for your hair extension: You ought to choose reliable and suitable products for your extensions. Avoiding products containing sulfate can maintain the natural oil coat of your hair extension, keeping it shiny, smooth and strong.
  • Wash your hair extension in the right way: You should be patient and kind when washing your hair extensions. Please note that you don’t have to wash them too often, which may remove all the natural moisturizers and cause your hair to be harsh. Besides, when nourishing, you should not put conditioner near the root of hair like tape in or pre-bonded extensions. Otherwise, the hair extensions could be weakened and the lifespan would be shortened.
  • Always comb your hair gently: Remember to patiently and gently brush at the top your hair extension little by little, then gradually work your way up to the root. It will cause less pressure and damage to your hair extension, your natural hair and scalp, keeping them healthy and avoiding falling down. What is more, we also recommend that you invest in qualified brush
  • Reduce heat damage: Hairstyles like drying, waving, straightening … with temperature or even direct daylight will be harmful to the natural hair and hair extensions simultaneously. Therefore, our expert advice is that you should minimize exposure of the hair to hot processes. Moreover, consumers alo should use heat protectants before hanging out or styling to keep a velvety and solid human hair expansion
  • Never sleep with wet hair extension. Indeed, our hair is so weak and fragile when it is wet. Hence, turning around while lying and sleeping can seriously damage it. So, please don’t forget to blow your hair before going to bed. Otherwhile, in the morning, you would have to spend minutes combing and brushing out your knots. 

5/ Price of hair extension

This is the most concerning aspect of customers when talking about hair extension. We will discuss to make it clearer and more detailed about the factors affecting the price of it.


Price of hair extension

5.1/ Factors affecting price of hair extension

We would like to talk more about 3 main factors that have influence on the price of hair extension: Origin, quality grade and scale business:

  • Price depends on the origin of hair extension: The price of hair extension can be varied according to the material. It’s obvious that “Price goes with quality”. Therefore, a high quality and durable extension is definitely more expensive than a low quality product. Think about your expectation and budget to choose a suitable extension for yourself.
  • Price depends on the quality grade of hair extension: In terms of quality grade, in Vietnam, we classify into single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. Chinese hair factories will classify them by 5A, 6A, 7A …
    • Single drawn: 50% of the hair strands are at the same length
    • Double drawn: 60-70% hair at the same length
    • Super double drawn: Voluminous effect with 80-85% of hair strands at the same length.

Super double drawn hair extensions with the highest quality are regarded as a luxury in the beauty industry. They will create a sleek, voluminous and flawless hair look for customers.

  • Price depends on the techniques and scale of hair extension factories

It can be said that huge factories with mass production can offer consumers more competitive prices in comparison with smaller hair factories. The automatic production method or low-cost labor force is able to reduce the operation expense for hair businesses. Consequently, the price would be lower.

5.2/ Hair extension prices

There is a wide range of wholesale hair vendors from different countries. We would like to provide you with a sample price list of wholesale hair extensions from top 5 famous hair markets all over the world.


Price list of hair extension

The above table shows the price of 1 kg Natural hair bulk in wholesale factories from Vietnam, China, India, Brazil and Europe. The price is USD/kg. It can be observed that there is a significant difference between the price offered by the 3 first hair markets and the remaining areas. 

In fact, quality of European hair is excellent, but purchasing hair extensions from these factories will cost you an arm and leg. Whereas, Brazilian hair is imported from Asean countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc, then labelled as “Brazilian hair” with an expensive price. On the other hand, the price of Vietnam, China and India is much lower. Although China and India sell products at a little bit cheaper price, hair extensions from Vietnamese factories are still high-rated thanks to their quality and reasonable price. The truth about these hair markets will be revealed in the next part.

6/ Comparison of hair markets supplying hair extension

In this part, we’re gonna take a closer investigation about 5 huge hair extensions markets all over the world namely: Vietnam, China, India, Brazil and Europe. The truth behind these market will shock you. Let’s discover. 

6.1/ Vietnamese hair extension market

Vietnamese hair extensions are widely beloved by international customers thanks to their clear origin, high quality with reasonable price.


Vietnamese hair extension market

  • Clear origin: In fact, trustworthy wholesale hair extension factories in Vietnam collect hair from mountainous women. They are in the age of 18-35 with such long and natural hair. In addition, donors live in cold weather, so that the hair won’t be damaged by temperature, chemical process or sunlight.
  • High quality: Thanks to the reliable origin, hair extensions from Vietnam are appreciated with their strength, sleekness, durability and natural color. Besides, the main hair material gathered by Vietnamese hair factories is virgin and remy hair, leading to the fact that the quality of their extension products are guaranteed, meeting high demand on quality of many customers, especially those from Europe, Russia, South Africa, the UK…
  • Reasonable price: The local source of hair contributes to the affordable price of Vietnamese hair extensions. Please note that “Price goes with quality”. Although the price of Vietnamese products seems a little bit higher than China and India, we can’t deny that the quality is far more excellent. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who focuses on quality and price simultaneously, Vietnamese hair extensions are what you need.
  • Disadvantage: price higher than surrounding market

6.2/ Chinese hair extension market

China is known as one of the biggest and oldest hair markets. They are well-known for their cheap price and huge available quantities of hair extensions.

  • Cheap price: The huge scale of industry with automatic machines is a key contributor to amazingly cheap Chinese hair extensions. What is more, the imported hair source also helps to reduce the business expense. In fact, most hair material in China is imported from Asian countries like Laos or Campuchia. This hair source is not appreciated because of its poor quality. But thanks to this cheap hair source, Chinese hair extensions can be sold at competitive prices.
  • Huge available quantities: thanks to the mass production and huge scale of industry, Chinese hair factories can meet the big deal from wholesale vendors instantly. Hence, if you are having a demand to import hair in large quantities, China will be an ideal choice for you.

Chinese hair extension market

6.3/ Indian hair extension market

India is famous for its abundant hair material from local people as well as variety in hair extensions. Besides, Indian hair factories also offer customers low prices.

  • Abundant source: Indeed, Indian people have a custom to donate hair for temples. They believe that if they give hair to God, they will receive luck and support from them. Consequently, there is a huge amount of hair collected from temples annually, creating conditions to develop the hair industry in the country.
  • Various types: Indian hair factories supply various kinds of hair extensions such as clip in, tape in, ponytail, weft hair …, which helps to satisfy requirement and demand of customers all over the world.
  • Low quality, texture not good

Indian hair extension market

6.4/ Brazilian hair extension market

Considered as high-end items, hair extensions from Brazil are famous because of their high quality. Hair extensions made out of hair collected from local people will have a strong and shiny appearance. In addition, Brazilian hair extensions have a qualified texture, which is said to be able to blend well with real hair of different customers. This exceptional feature means that the Brazilian products could be sold at an expensive price.

However, there is a truth that almost all Brazilian-labelled hair extensions aren’t collected from native women. In fact, many Asian countries exported hair to Brazil to meet the high demand of this exploding hair market. The country’s hair source includes India, China, Malaysia and mainly relies on Vietnamese hair vendors. Consequently, apart from local high-quality products, the quality of the remaining hair extensions varies according to the hair source. Hair that is commonly high-rated is imported from top Vietnamese hair factories. Meanwhile, several products made of Indian or Chinese hair are said to be low quality and not durable.


Brazilian hair extension market

6.5/ European hair extension market

Hair extensions from Europe are well-known because of their exceptional quality and durability. Indeed, European hair extensions originated from Russia, which have high quality hair material with ability to bleach to light color. Thanks to these high-rated characteristics and the high standard in production, European products are considered as luxurious items in the hair market. They attract attention from wholesalers, resellers as well as en users. 

However, due to the shortage of material, hair extensions from Europe are sold at super expensive prices. If you plan to purchase, they will cost you an arm and leg! These kinds of hair extensions are said to be suitable for customers who have high demand for excellent quality.


European hair extension market

6.6/ Conclusion

Here is a brief table of information about the advantages, disadvantages, price, quality and recommendation for mentioned hair markets. You should note down that this information is collected from many sources based on opinions of customers and experts. Therefore, the reliability of this table is up to 90%.


Comparison of different hair extension markets

Our advice from experienced experts is that low budget customers can take a look at Chinese or Indian markets with the aim of a cheap price. European hair extensions are said to be an ideal choice for people who have high demand on quality without worrying about the price. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese hair market is considered to be a favorite destination of worldwide customers with expectations on both high quality and competitive price.

7/ Should I start up a business with hair extension?

As the living standard is higher and higher, people are focusing more on quality of life, especially beauty. Recently, global economics has seen the explosion in the hair business, which merges dramatically and has brought billion dollar profit per year. So, if you are a hair extension lover, and want to discover further in this potential market, there’s no reason for you to hesitate before starting your own business. In this part, we would like to discuss something you need to consider before starting your own business, and where you should import hair from.


Running business with hair extension

7.1/ Things to consider before running business with hair extension

Commonly, successful people always think about the plan and prepare carefully before doing something. Planning and preparation become more and more important in running a business. As long as you plan carefully, you can go further in this market. So, before starting up, we recommend that you take these things into consideration

  • Have interest and thorough knowledge about hair business: First and foremost, you surely must have knowledge about what you are going to do. Learning and discovering what you are going to do is an initial step to become a master in the hair business.
  • Have a certain amount of budget: It’s obvious that starting up needs a budget. Depending on your goal, your expectation and your conditions, you will need a certain amount of budget. You can start up by yourself or with friends, you can run your business as hair wholesalers or hair resellers. Make sure that you have taken all things into your consideration.
  • Set your clear goal: Setting out your goal before start is a fundamental factor affecting your success. Clarifying about what you want and what you expect can motivate and control yourself in the process of running and operating hair business.
  • Have a general and detailed plan: You should consider setting a general plan for your hair business. Then go little by little to list each smaller step to achieve those plans as detailed as possible. You also can ask your friends or experts to give some advice. They would be so useful.

7.2/ Where should I import hair extension from: wholesale hair factories or wholesale hair resellers?

Have you ever wondered where I should import hair extensions from? There are 2 main sources that you can consider to import hair for your business namely wholesale hair factories and wholesale hair resellers. So what is the difference between them? Where should I import from? The following information may help you to find out your own answer.

  • Wholesale hair factories: those directly manufacture the hair extensions and then sell them to wholesale vendors or wholesale factories. The price offered by factories is original, which means it is the best price.
  • Wholesale resellers: those buy hair from wholesale factories and then resell them to end users or another hair suppliers. The price of hair extensions from resellers is said to be higher than the factory price.

Wholesale hair extension factory VS reseller

Here is a brief table about the difference between wholesale hair factories and wholesale rellers. Depending on your requirements and expectations, I hope that you can choose the right one for your business. We recommend that in terms of business aspect, it is optimal to import hair from wholesale hair factories with the best price and guaranteed quality. Consequently, it can help you achieve profit as much as possible.

Wholesale hair warehouse Wholesale hair reseller
Original hair supplier Intermediaries
Directly manufacture hair extensions Buy hair extensions from factory and then resell to other people
Own standard hair factory No factories
Original price  Higher price

7.3/ Hair extension near me – finding a reliable wholesale hair extension factory

The most concerning issue is how to find a reliable wholesale hair extension factory with a suitable hair extension. Among plentiful factories, finding a trustworthy one is not really easy. We are here to support you with some notes to distinguish a trustworthy factory with questionable hair vendors as follow:


Finding a reliable hair extension factory

  • Frequently updating information about hair extension products
  • Urgently supporting customers with positive attitude
  • Providing customers with high quality hair extensions
  • Having clear order and payment policy with online transaction
  • Receiving high-rated feedbacks and reviews about hair extensions

8/ Top best wholesale factories supplying hair extension worldwide

There are a variety of wholesale factories and prestigious hair warehouse offering hair extensions with competitive prices. Here are our top 5 suggested factories from Vietnam, China and India.

8.1/ K-Hair – top leading wholesale hair extension factories in Vietnam

Founded in the 1990s, K- Hair Factory is proud to be one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam. The factory commits to provide hair extension products which are identically high-quality.

K-Hair Factory Vietnam, with over 20 years of involvement with the hair business, is insisting on its status as the main hair extension factory in Vietnam and rapidly building up traction in the worldwide hair market. Until now, K-Hair Vietnam has been enlisted as the most dependable hair wholesaler in numerous nations from Africa to Europe,… with in excess of 1500 faithful hair merchants around the world.


K-Hair – Best hair extension factory

With the slogan: “Quality is king”, K-Hair Factory guarantees to provide clients with the best hair extensions at the most reasonable wholesale expense. Besides, K-Hair Factory is incessantly involved in production and operation to fulfill high demand of international customers such as Africa, Europe, Russia, Mexico, etc.


8.2/  Kabeilu – top leading wholesale hair extension factories in China

Kabeilu – An expert human hair extension factory specialized in virgin human hair items for almost 13 years. Thanks to their qualified hair extensions, Kabeilu has become a reliable destination for thousands of customers and vendors from different countries.

As one of the most famous hair extensions in China, they own a hair factory to supply premium hair products, meeting urgent orders of customers. The manufacturing factory covers an area of 15000 square meters and has in excess of 600 laborers, with a production capacity of 50+ tons each month.

8.3/ SGI hair – top leading wholesale hair extension factories in India

SGI is a leading wholesale hair extension from India. Their raw Indian human hair is sourced from south Indian specific temples. It is traditional for women’s offer long hair in return for prayers. The Indian temple authorities collect this raw Indian remy hair auctioned every month to Indian hair suppliers and exporters.


SGI hair extension factory

SGI provides various types of hair extensions like virgin Indian human hair, weave, curly blond, long hair, lace closures, lace frontal, pre-bonded hair… . They almost offer online order and payment.

8.4/ Jaipur hair – top leading wholesale hair extension factories in India

Jaipur hair is one of the biggest hair extension manufacturers in India. With over 20 years industry experience and an industrial facility in Delhi and Hyderabad, Jaipur Hair can offer customers direct access to the best quality raw/virgin human Hair, collected from Indian Temples, India has to offer.

Their best virgin hair extensions are accessible to individuals purchasers, salon chains, hair stylists, cosmetic/beauty distributors and retailers of all sizes. They attracts customers with their acceptable quality hair extensions with reasonable price.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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