16-inch Straight Hair: How To Have Silky Straight Hair

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Ladies, which length of hair do you want to wear? Many girls cut their hair short because they think short hair is easier to manage but it is obvious that various gorgeous hairstyles can be created with long hair. 16-inch straight hair is super ideal but it is not for everyone, follow us to make the best use of your 16-inch straight hair. 

1. What is 16-inch straight hair

  • 16-inch straight hair: with the same hair length, different hairstyles have a great impact on how long your hair appears. Obviously, you can see its actual 16-inch length in its entirety if your hair is straight.
  • 16 inch hair extensions before and after: 16 inches can be ideal for everyone because it is simple to style, and it will look more gorgeous. The hair will reach right at your waist and it is the most desirable length because it is long enough to see the volume and thick enough that the hairdresser can make them soft and shiny. The picture below about the 16 inch straight hair before and after applying will give you a better illustration.
16-inch straight hair

Learn about 16 inch straight hair

2. How long is 16 inch hair

Those who can still keep their hair virgin until 16-inch length, they should be called “angle”. 16-inch hair can be considered medium hair at length. In general, 16 inch is still the most popular length for virgin hair for its perfect length and flexibility.

16 inch hair is medium long, so it is not too long or too short. It fits every face shape. It also enables many hairstyles that too short or too long hair does not fit for. Many trending styles to try with this ideal hair length are braids, curly or wavy, etc.

16 inch hair extensions before and after: 16 inches can be ideal for everyone because it is simple to style, and it will look more gorgeous. The hair will reach right at your waist and it is the most desirable length because it is long enough to see the volume and thick enough that the hairdresser can make them soft and shiny. The picture below about the 16 inch straight hair before and after applying will give you a better illustration.

16-inch straight hair before and after

Review 16-inch straight hair before and after

3. Characteristics of 16 inch hair straight

16-inch straight hair has many features that customers fall in love with. The most typical ones are the material, quality and length. Besides, many other characteristics like color, texture, weight, flexibility, etc are also cared about when customers make a purchase.

Characteristics of 16 inch hair straight

16-inch straight hair has many features that makes customers satisfied

Hair Color Black/Custom Colors
Hair Length 16 inch
Hair Texture Natural Straight
Hair Type Hair Weft
Hair Weight 100g
Unit Bundle, 1 Bundle = 100g
Restyle possibility Can Be Dyed/Curled
  • Hair material: The item can be made of virgin and remy hair which have outstanding quality or non-remy hair which is low-quality and cheap.
  • Hair quality grade: The 16-inch straight hair usually has 3 different quality grades, including single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn hair.
  • Hair length: 16 inch is equal to 40 cm. With this medium long straight hair type, you can easily have the hair restyled into any other styles you desire.
  • Hair weight: Each weft bundle weighs 100g. Customers usually need about 2-3 bundles (200-300g) to cover a full head.
  • Hair color: Black is the natural Asian hair color. Meanwhile, the Slavic hair is blond in many shades. The hair can also be dyed as well.

4. All types of straight hair 16 inches extensions

You are afraid that the 16 inch straight hair extensions sometimes can be so boring and limited in choices? Then, you are wrong! In fact, you can still have so many options to choose from. Below are the lists of typical hair types classified based on straight patterns and hair extension types.

4.1 16-inch straight hair types based on straight patterns

Almost all of us are familiar with natural straight hair. However, do you know that there are actually other types of straight hair! Kinky straight hair and Yaki straight hair are what to mention.

16 inch straight hair patterns

Check out the 3 models’ different 16-inch straight hair styles

Different 16-inch straight hair patterns

  • 16 inch natural straight hair: Needless to say, natural straight hair is the most popular item when it comes to straight hair. The hair pattern is usually silky, smooth but in natural status, unlike the bone straight one. The natural straight hair is also loved as it can suit all vibes from all countries.
  • 16 inch kinky straight hair: Kinky 16-inch straight hair is pretty special. Though the hair is straight in general, we can also see the tiny kinks along the strands. This makes the 16 inch kinky straight hair special and is more likely to suit African vibes. In fact, kinky hair is also famous for its kinky curl patterns as well.
  • 16 inch Yaki straight hair: Yaki 16 inch straight hair is quite similar to the kinky straight hair. However, the kinks are not that clear. The hair looks more chemically-relaxed and natural straight. The combination of 2 types of straight hair also gives us the Yaki kinky straight hair.

4.2 16 inch straight hair types based on hair extensions method

Based on the installation methods, we have a variety of 16 inch straight hair types. Below are the main characteristics of 4 most popular types: straight hair wig, straight hair sew in, clip in straight hair extensions and tape in straight hair extensions.

16 inch straight hair extensions

4 types of 16-inch straight hair extensions

  • 16 inch straight hair wig: A 16 inch straight hair wig is the best solution for women whose hair is too bald and too thin. Instead of wearing the hair wefts with more hair closures or hair frontals, choosing a straight hair wig will help you save a lot of time applying. The hair is already made into a full-head wig, so you just need to neat the real hair and put on the wig quickly.
  • 16 inch straight hair sew in: A 16-inch straight hair sew in is the 16 inch hair extension of which the hairs are sewn together into a 1-meter-long weft. To install this kind of hair extension, users need to have the extensions sewn onto the cornrow in the middle layer of the hair. This method is almost damage-free and pretty durable.
  • 16 inch clip in hair extensions: A 16 inch straight hair clip in extension is the easiest type of hair extension to install. The hair clips are already attached to the hair wefts, so what you need to do is just to clip the extensions on the middle layer of your real hair. This is the best temporary method to add both length and volume to the real hair.
  • 16 inch tape hair extensions: A 16-inch straight hair tape in extension is a semi permanent hair extension type that is quite easy to apply. Each hair piece is added a hair tape, so users can easily use the tape to attach the hair extension to the real hair. This type of hair extension is also installed in the middle layers and also brings about great hair length and volume.

5. How to maintain and use the hair longer

  • Apply proper washing, no machine washing. Instead, wash the hair with suitable shampoo and conditioner to detangle it gently.
  • Gently comb the hair. Comb from the bottom, and comb it in water to detangle.
  • Dry the hair naturally, avoid using extreme heat which causes damage to the hair.
  • Protect the hair from chemicals, including bleaching chemicals, alkaline or acidic, etc.

6. How long does it take to grow 16 inch hair

Human hair grows continuously. Depending on each person’s health and hair situation, the hair growth speed can be slow or fast. In addition, the hair and scalp health also affects how the hair looks after it grows. The hair can be smooth, shiny and silky, but it can also be frizzy as well.

Normally, the hair grows about 1-2 centimeters a month. As long as you maintain good health and lifestyle, the hair will grow 40 centimeters more (16 inches) in about one month. To enhance the process, you can also use more hair care products like hair growth oil or hair growth serum.

7. Habits to have a perfect 16-inch straight hair

If you are born with a straight and silky blowout, you would definitely wonder how to maintain it for goods. Here we show you some tips from hair experts all over the world:

7.1 Haircare for 16-inch straight hair during bedtime

It is inevitable that you toss and turn through all night, and the next morning, your hair looks very messy. Therefore, beauty experts come up with those tips to help you with such a problem.

First, before lying on bed and sleep, you should brush your hair thoroughly, not only can it get rid of tangles, but it also evens out the natural oils staying near your scalp. Next, according to Byrdie, you should apply a bit of dry shampoo to your roots. Alternatively, you could spread your hair up behind you or spreads out on the pillow.

Haircare at night

Haircare at night: Haircare for 16-inch straight hair during bedtime

7.2 Haircare for 16 inch straight hair at daytime

To keep the hair stay healthy, you can follow these instructions:

  • You should use the detangling brush to distribute the primer evenly.
  • Shampoo less frequently and always using conditioner after shampoo not to let your strands thirsty.
  • Keep it moisturized, apply anything on your hair with care
  • Last, use a “green” product that could let your hair be natural itself as much as possible.
Hair care for daytime

Hair care for daytime: Haircare for 16 inch straight hair at daytime

8. How to import wholesale Human Hair for 16-inch straight hair

In the hair industry, there are so many competitors from all over the world, especially in Vietnam. Let’s see how Vietnam monopolizes the hair market as a prestigious hair factory in Asia.

K-hair: Vietnamese hair Supplier

K-hair: One of the most reliable Vietnamese hair Supplier

K-hair factory K-hair is Vietnam’s largest manufacturer. delivering wholesale orders to all international traders, especially in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.) and America (Russia, Brazil, Dubai, etc.). With more than 30 years of experience in the hair industry, K-hair products can surely meet the strict requirements of either inland and overseas customers.

Contact for more information:

  • Website:
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000
  • Instagram : the_k_hair

9. FAQs about 16-inch straight hair

If your hair is naturally straight hair and healthy enough to apply any chemical effects, then you can bleach and dye any color you want. It is best if it has not been heat-treated because your hair may be damaged after that process.

It depends on scores of things, but generally, Vietnamese girls are born with straight hair and remain it till they are adults. No wonder why Vietnam is the largest market that produces bone straight hair. In addition, other countries where straight hair is popular are China, Brazil and Cambodia.

A 16 ponytail is still 16 inches long. What to notice here is the way to measure the length properly, especially for high ponytails. The length stretches from the root of the tail (not real hair) till the tip of the tail.

In appearance, 16 inch wavy hair is a bit shorter than 16 inch straight hair. The difference is about 1-2 inches. However, in fact, the hair lengths are literally the same. The wavy hair when stretched is still 16 inches.

Short hair is hair shorter than 10 inches. The hair is supposed to look shorter than the shoulder. Then, it is suitable for many cool styles like bob styles.

In conclusion, 16-inch straight hair is an ideal item for all hair lovers. This medium long hair style is diverse in types and custom styles. Customers can create any individual look with it.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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