4 Standards Of A Reliable Hair Factory: Must Know Before Investment

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What are exact standards of “A Reliable Hair Factory“? The era of 4.0 Digital Technology has lead to the blossom of ads marketing on the internet. Various wholesale hair factories on the internet consider themselves as “Best Reliable Hair factory”. Even scam hair vendors and bad service hair factory also apply that ” disguised tag” for themselves. You are among chaotic sources of information to distinguish between “true reliable hair factory” and “fake hair factory” ? Then this post will blow your mind off. All the standards for a Reliable Hair Factory is revealed here!

I. Verified Brand Name

  • A reliable hair factory or top wholesale hair vendors must have a verified brand name. A brand name is the easiest way to distinguish between this hair company and other hair companies.
  • With trustworthy hair vendors, you can see that all the pictures and videos of hair uploaded in social media have watermark brand names, hair brand name tags, logo brand cards to authorize their products.
  • In contrast, with hair vendors of no brand name or logo on products, we can’t distinguish if the hair photos uploaded on their Facebook, Instagram is real or taken from other hair company

Key Tip: Skip hair factories or hair company with no brand name, no logo. A trustworthy hair vendors must have verified brand names! You can also read more about hair factories in general to know more about them. Please consider our post about Top hair factory.

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Reliable hair factory must have a brand nameYou can read more about some big brand name of weft hair UK suppliers here.

II. Verified Company Registration

Verified Company Registration Document plays an important role in creating trust with customers. A hair factory with Verified Company Registration Document is absolutely a reliable hair vendor because this document shows that the hair vendor is real and verified by trading govement agency. Best human hair bulk K-Hair factory is an example.

However, in this era of 4.0 Digital Technology, many scam factories can make fake documents to deceive customers. Therefore, BE ALERT when you check your vendor registration document. The best way is checking the information from the official registration agent website to see if the vendors are real or scam.


In top best hair suppliers K-Hair, we are proud to be a global hair exporter company, Our hair company is verified and registered in many countries in the world such as Vietnam, Nigeria or the United States. K-hair’s target in the future is blossoming and spreading to all foreign countries and verified with certificates document in more countries.

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K-Hair verified certificates in many global countries

K-Hair factory has celebrated 30 years of anniversary of hair business. The success of K-Hair factory these days is thanks to our loyal partners, loyal customers from all over the world. This video is our sincere thanks to dear customers in our 30-long-journey. Check this video here:

III. Available On Social Media

  • A hair factory is considered to be a reliable vendor if it is available on many platforms of social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Alibaba and so on.
  • This spread is a representation of how big the company is. A large-scale and reliable hair factory will be on all platforms of social customers to reach potential customers.

Key Tips: Searching the hair vendors in many social media platfoms such as Alibaba, Amazon, FaceBook, Instagram to see whether they are available or not and to see the customers feedbacks. By doing this way, you can have an overall estimations to your hair vendor

reliable top vietnamese hair factory
best hair factory
Hair Factory With Verified Status Is Highly Recommended

IV. Physical Scale Factories


Keytips: Ask your hair factory to provide you with photos or videos of their hair factory, then ask them to make video call to you to see their factory. The factory which is willing to do this for you to show their customers can be consider to be a real hair factory, not commercial intermidiate hair company.

vietnamese top the best hair vendor
Vietnamese Factory Scale vs China Factory Scale

However, many people think that the term “factory” symbolizes for big factory with industrial-scale production. That is not the case because the scale of factory depends on the country exporter. For example, in Vietnam hair market and China hair market, the Industrial-scale is different:

  • China Hair factory: Industrial-scale production. This is the reason why China is the biggest hair vendor with an enormous quantity of hair importation.
  • Vietnamese Hair factory: Family-household scale production. In Vietnam, we havespecific trade villages( many families do the same business gathering together in a village). We also havehair trade villages. In that village, many families organize hair business themselves with employees who are close relatives.

Check this link to distinguish profoundly between Vietnam hair market and China hair market to see What the differences between 2 factories are: Vietnamese hair vs. Chinese hair. 

As a whole, a hair company is only considered to be a “standard hair factory” if it has a real, physical place for production. Hair factory with no physical places, can’t video call to customers to show their factory is absolutely commercial intermediate hair factory.

V. Where can I find Standard Vietnamese Hair Factory with good quality and best price?

Check this link to find out top 5 best Reliable Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Distributors !! 

The best address to buyVietnamese hair high quality: K-Hair factory

  • Vietnamese fullest hair is considered the best choice for any girl. The young women like to apply the substance hair extension such as fullest tip-in hair, while others like convenient types (full weft hair or clip-in hair). K-Hair factory is one of the best factories can supply this great hair type.
  • With 30 years of experience in the hair industry and the understanding of each hair type, K-Hair factory is one of the leading suppliers in Vietnam. Best hair in bulk K-Hair products always have competitive advantage superior to other manufacturers because of the quality, price and customer service. We ensure that we can supply the highest qualityVietnam hair extensions.
100% vietnameses natural human hair

Contact :

Checking your current hair vendor to see if it meets these 4 above standards. If it meets all standards, then you have chosen a propriate hair factory already. If not, consider carefully to choose the best reliable hair factories. A standard hair company will accompany to the pinnacle of success!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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