Selling Remy Hair Extensions Weft: Are You Ready To Make A Fortune!!!

Remy hair extensions weft are always of top best selling items thanks to their numerous advantages. Have you ever listed all the points to make the best use of this hair extension type yet? If not, let us help you. This post will analyze the reasons why remy hair extensions weft are a perfect choice to make a fortune in the hair business! The reasons will be described in terms of the hair’s definition, features, potential customers and distributors.


Remy hair extensions weft


I. Initial understanding of natural remy hair extensions weft

Before deciding to sell any kinds of hair extensions, you all need to get very basic information about them first. This part will provide you with the definition as well as the significant features of hair extensions weft. It will help you distinguish them with many other kinds of hair extensions available in the market.

1.1. Definition of remy hair extensions weft

In fact, it is hard to give an official definition of any kinds of hair extensions. People name them through their observations and experiences. Therefore, remy hair extensions weft can be understood as one kind of remy hair extensions with the typical characteristic of being made into wefts. Normally, a weft is 1 meter long, and it is made by sewing the hair together. Before being sold, weft hair is made into pieces or bundles; each can weigh 100g.


Remy hair extensions weft & bundle

1.2. Features of remy hair extensions weft

Hair extensions weft have lots of outstanding characteristics that help sellers attract customers. They are about quality and durability.

Quality of remy hair extensions weft: For being made of remy hair which is natural human hair, weft hair extensions are of good quality. The hair material is usually never processed by chemicals or lots of heat before, so it still stays healthy. This also ensures that the hair can be bleached, dyed or restyled into many different styles.

Life-span of remy hair extensions weft: In good condition, the unused hair can last as long as 5 years in hair factory or stock. When the hair is applied on human hair, it can last for up to 1 year with proper hair care. Of course, users also have to take the hair off to reapply each month to make sure the hair extensions blend well with their growing real hair.


Features of remy hair extensions weft

1.3. Hairstyles of remy human hair extensions weft

As mentioned, the hair can be bleached, dyed and restyled easily. Therefore, there are many kinds of hairstyles made of this type of hair extensions. Top 3 most popular hairstyles are bone straight weft hair, straight weft hair and curly wavy weft hair. You can visit K-Hair weft hair product category for more styles. Below we will briefly show these significant styles.

1.3.1. Short, Medium Long and Long remy hair extensions weft

Before digging into the hairstyles, let’s first take a look at the hair lengths which massively affect how the hairstyles look. There are three levels of weft hair extension lengths. They are long hair extensions, medium long hair extensions and short hair extensions. Long hair which is 22-32 inch is suitable to create many hairstyles of all vibes. Medium long hair which is 14-20 inch is, too. Meanwhile, short hair which is 8-12 inch is a bit more limited in hairstyles. However, not too short hair still enables you to apply lots of styles.


Different lengths of remy hair extensions weft

1.3.2. Curly wavy remy hair extensions weft

Curly wavy patterns are the most popular styles of all hair extension types from any wholesale hair distributor factory. Curly patterns are usually tighter than wavy ones. Both curly and wavy styles can have their own ways to match all fashion vibes, from American African, Asian to Caucasian ones. With curly wavy hair, you can be so active, gorgeous, classy, elegant or individual.

1.3.3. Straight remy hair extensions weft

Straight weft hair extensions are pretty popular. The hair is usually smooth and silky, so it always satisfies users whose real hair is weak, thin and easily tangled. A straight hair extension can be put on for any occasion, from daily life, meetings, parties to celebrations, etc.

1.3.4. Bone straight remy hair extensions weft

Bone straight weft hair extensions are extremely popular in American African countries. The hair texture is amazingly smooth and sleek. Normally, American African human real hair is naturally curly and dry, so the bone straight hair extensions are the loved choices for creating a new look.


Hairstyles of remy hair extensions weft

II. How to apply remy hair extensions weft

Weft hair extensions are popular as they offer a variety of types and applying methods for users to freely choose from. Let’s see what they are!

2.1. Two types of remy hair extensions weft: hand sewn vs. machine sewn hair

There are two kinds of weft hair extensions: hand sewn weft hair and machine sewn weft hair.

Hand sewn remy hair extensions weft are handmade. Workers have to sew each hair very meticulously to make it into a weft. The process is quite hard and time-consuming, so the hair is usually not very thick. This kind of weft hair is suitable for users who don’t like a heavy hair extension, or who have thin hair and don’t want to possibly hurt their weak scalp with too many hair extensions.


Hand sewn remy hair extensions weft

Machine sewn remy hair extensions weft are made by machine. The process is much easier and less time-consuming. Therefore, the hair is thicker. It is super suitable for ones who really want to improve their hair volume significantly.


Machine sewn remy hair extensions weft

2.2. The 3 most popular ways to apply remy hair extensions weft

One special point about hair extensions weft is that users can choose different ways to apply the hair extensions, which is very different from others that only have one applying method. Top 3 most popular methods that we’re going to share are sew in, microring and clip in methods.

2.2.1. Sew in remy hair extensions weft

With the sew in method, like its name, users will have the remy hair extensions weft sewn in their real hair with real needle and threads. The weft will be sewn fully up to its two ends. With this method, the hair is stuck very firmly with natural hair through a specific horizontal braid. However, this method is really time-consuming and hurts sometimes.


Sew in remy hair extensions weft

2.2.2. Microring remy hair extensions weft

Using micro rings is one of the most popular methods to apply remy hair extensions weft. The hair extensions are stuck on users’ natural hair with some tiny tools called hair beads. This method is also quite a long-lasting method and not as possibly painful as the sew in one.


Microring remy hair extensions weft

2.2.3. Clip in remy hair extensions weft

Of all the methods to apply weft hair extensions, clip in can be said to be the quickest and easiest way. In fact, clip in hair extensions are also one type of remy hair extensions weft. The normal weft is attached with hair clips. These clips are responsible for sticking the hair extensions and users natural hair together. Although this method is very convenient, one minus point is that users ought to take off the hair extensions before going to sleep.


Clip in remy hair extensions weft

After all, we can see that weft hair extensions are special as they give a variety of choices to both resellers and customers. Selling this type of hair extensions and you won’t be afraid of the vision that your products are too boring, out of fashion or so on. It is one of the key points that helps you attract your long-term customers with different requirements and make a fortune!

III. Who can wholesale resellers sell remy hair extensions weft to?

There are a variety of customers that wholesale resellers can aim at to boost the revenues. The customers can be classified into three main categories: other sellers, hair salons and retail customers.

3.1. Remy hair extensions weft sellers with reselling purpose

One of the most potential customer groups of wholesale resellers is the group of other sellers with smaller business scale. They can be wholesalers or retailers who want to buy your remy hair extensions weft in quantities. They are also the ones that are more likely to build a long-term business relationship with you, as long as your products are qualified and reasonable.


Remy hair extensions weft sellers

3.2. Remy hair extensions weft salons with salon use purpose

Hair salons can also buy hair extensions from you. However, big salons tend to import hair extensions directly from hair factories. Then, you’d better aim at local hair salons instead. Hair salons buy your remy hair extensions weft for 2 main purposes: to directly stick to customers’ hair and to make hair wigs.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to apply weft hair extensions. Some of them are time-consuming; some require lots of techniques. Therefore, users tend to go to salons and have hairdressers help them.

In addition, hair salons also use remy hair extensions weft together with closures and frontals to make hair wigs. Normally, a wig requires 3 bundles and 1 closure/frontal. The number of bundles needed can vary depending on each user.


Remy hair extensions weft salons

3.3. Remy hair extensions weft users with personal use purpose

The last group in the customer group is end users. They don’t buy hair in quantities at once. However, if you have enough skills and knowledge to give them persuasive consultancy, they can turn back to you for many later purchases! They can also introduce your hair to their acquaintances, which gradually helps you build a prestige and position in the hair market.


Remy hair extensions weft users

In conclusion, with remy hair extensions weft, you can aim at many customer groups. They are all potential ones that can give you giant sales. Therefore, don’t forget to try to become a reliable hair expert as well as a considerate hair seller. 

IV. Where can resellers import remy hair extensions weft? – Top 8 suppliers

Selling weft hair extensions can help you make a fortune, and choosing the right wholesale hair distributors can also help you save lots of money. Below are top 8 famous hair extensions weft factories or suppliers that you can consult.

4.1. Maiden Hair Extension – Leading remy hair extensions weft supplier in Australia

Australian hair distributors seem not to be very well-known in the overall hair business. However, they are now gaining their fame and prestige thanks to amazing hair quality. One of the leading weft remy hair extensions suppliers in Australia is Maiden Hair Extension supplier. They have over 15-year-experience in the hair business, so they are really reliable and knowledgeable, especially in the field of hairdressers.


Maiden Hair Extensions supplier

4.2. Panache – Remy hair extensions weft supplier in Nigeria

Panache is a hair company in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It is not only famous for hair extensions but also many hair products as well as hair services.


Panache hair supplier

4.3. K-Hair Factory – Top 1 hair factory in Vietnam

K-Hair Factory has been in the hair market for decades. It is the trustworthy supplier for lots of hair sellers all over the world. Customers from European, African, American or Asian countries, etc are all satisfied with the customer care, hair diversity, hair quality as well as the hair prices. You can visit K-Hair Factory online through:


K-Hair Factory

4.4. KaBeiLu – Remy hair extensions weft factory in China

KaBeiLu is a famous hair factory in China. It has been in the hair business for nearly 13 years. Besides good quality hair, it is also said to provide professional services. 


KaBeiLu factory

4.5. Beauty SHE India – Indian remy hair extensions weft factory

Beauty She India is famous for supplying Indian raw hair. They distribute a wide range of hair extension products such as machine weft hair, bulk hair, lace closures/frontals and wigs, etc with the majority of weft remy hair extensions. All the hair is said to be collected from temple hair, so the quality is good.


Beauty SHE India hair supplier

4.6. Kalugahair – Russian remy hair extensions weft supplier

Kalugahair is the biggest hair manufacturer in Russia. 100% the extensions here are made of human hair. They are said to be exclusive high-quality and can satisfy the most difficult customers.


Kalugahair – Remy hair extensions weft supplier

4.7. USA Hair – USA remy hair extensions weft supplier

USA Hair is a hair extensions and wigs wholesaler in the USA. The brand has existed in the hair extension business for 10 years, so it has accumulated a lot of experiences as well as built such strong trust in customers. If you are in the USA, then it is an advantage as the hair extensions are delivered freeship to anywhere in the country.


USA Hair – Remy hair extensions weft supplier

4.8. Hair & Graces – Supplier of remy hair extensions weft in UK

Hair & Graces is a luxury hair extension supplier in the UK. Among the hair extension products, the most significant items are nano tip hair, stick tip hair, tape hair, weaves and clip-in hair. Especially for weft hair extensions, this supplier even has the diamond limited edition weave which is super high-quality.


Hair & Graces – Remy hair extensions weft supplier

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