Vietnamese virgin hair – How to buy in Vietnam

Vietnamese virgin hair a gold mine
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Vietnamese virgin hair is considered as the most advanced hair type on the world hair market today. However, not every country in the hair business can own virgin hair Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnamese virgin hair is welcomed by many consumers who want to buy Virgin Vietnamese hair and preferred to use virgin hair Vietnam more than ever. That makes Vietnamese virgin hair one of the hottest keywords right now. Therefore, in this article, I will help you understand best about Vietnamese virgin hair and how to buy virgin hair most effectively with Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale.

Vietnam virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair a gold mine

Vietnamese virgin hair - How to buy in Vietnam

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Wanna dig into the gain and loss when purchasing Vietnamese virgin hair first? Here is the answer:

1. What is Vietnamese Virgin Hair?

Firstly, before buying the Vietnam virgin hair from virgin Vietnamese hair wholesale, you need to have an overview about virgin Vietnamese hair. In this part, I will grasp all the basic information about Vietnam virgin hair for you. So that you can have more tips to buy virgin hair. 

1.1. Definition of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Vietnamese virgin hair which is taken from one head human becomes the most luxurious hair in Vietnam. With the same quality, aligned cuticle, Vietnamese virgin hair is rarer and rared nowadays. Vietnamese virgin hair vendors always produces the best quality Vietnam virgin hair products based on the following criteria: smoothness of virgin hair Vietnam, straightness of virgin hair Vietnam, good color consistency of virgin hair Vietnam, and good durability. Not only virgin hair Vietnam, Vietnamese remy hair is also very popular, you should check it out to widen your choices of the Vietnam hair, too.

Vietnam virgin hair 1

Definition of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese Virgin Hair has not been styled so they are sold to factories which produce virgin hair Vietnam extensions. The high quality of Vietnam virgin hair allows them to make more different kinds of virgin hair Vietnam extensions. This is the reason many people want to buy virgin hair from Virgin Vietnamese hair wholesale.

1.2. Characteristics of Vietnamese Virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is said to be a special hair item, only available in Vietnam, so Virgin Vietnamese hair have the following characteristics:

  • The Vietnam virgin hair stemmed from Vietnamese women who live in mountainous land in Vietnam. This place has a cold climate with little sun, which is a good condition for healthy hair Virgin Vietnamese hair. Besides, they always use natural shampoos such as linden, betel grass .. to make their Vietnam virgin hair healthy, smooth naturally.
  • The best quality of the virgin Vietnamese hair types in the world. Each Vietnamese virgin hair bundle is carefully selected by the mechanic before being delivered to the client’s hand.

Vietnamese virgin Hair

  • The high cost is one of the key features of Vietnamese virgin hair. However, the high price tag is worthy of the best quality Vietnam virgin hair  haircut.  That is the reason  Vietnamese Virgin Hair has outstanding characteristics compared to many other countries in the world.

1.3. How to use Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnam virgin hair needs to be paid attention to cleaning them. This makes the virgin Vietnamese hair products can extend the time of use and always shine like new.

  • Washing your  Vietnamese virgin hair for one to two weeks at a time. especially for natural oil. If you own an oily scalp, just consider using dry shampoo when washing your virgin Vietnamese hair.
  • Performing massages near the scalp and a light self-massage to protect the virgin Vietnamese hair from microbial growth and also to promote blood circulation. Vietnamese virgin hair gives a high degree of flexibility when exercising beside your scalp. After using virgin Vietnamese hair for a long time, don’t skip a mild but complete exfoliator.

Vietnamese virgin Hair 2

  • Applying a moisturizing conditioner on virgin Vietnamese hair after every shampooing, and conditioner every 2 to 4 weeks. Because Vietnamese virgin hair is made of 100% natural human hair, it will inevitably react with deeply nourishing the follicle layer and Vietnam virgin hair also restoring softness and shine. Comb your virgin Vietnamese hair from root to tip with a wide-tooth comb.
  • If you have to choose the Vietnamese knotting technique, you can operate near the scalp because your virgin Vietnamese hair area is special. However, Vietnam virgin hair just work carefully in a fraction to remove a hangs near your scalp.

2. Which hairstyles are used exclusively for Vietnamese virgin hair?

Vietnamese virgin hair can be turned out many special hairstyles, the more quality Vietnam virgin hair we have, the more colorful hair we produce. That is the reason many people love to buy Vietnam virgin hair from Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale. Not many wholesalers can meet the demand like Vietnamese virgin hair wholesalers.

2.1. Bleached hair color from Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin Hair 3

Vietnamese virgin hair is a perfect choice for bleached hair. For virgin Vietnamese hair extensions to achieve the hardest and brightest colors, to achieve the most uniform color, it is necessary to have a bundle of virgin hair and from one person. More and more new virgin hair Vietnam models are coming out with creative virgin Vietnamese hair colors such as virgin hair Vietnam red, virgin hair Vietnam orange, virgin hair Vietnam purple, virgin hair Vietnam ombre, and piano mixed in different colors. Therefore, one of the ways to check if the hair is Vietnamese virgin hair is to simply bleach it. Only virgin Vietnamese hair can bleach the highest colors.

613 is the brightest color in virgin hair Vietnam’s bleachable palette. There are many types of hair extensions in the world that cannot be bleached out because the hair material does not meet the requirements. In addition, some other colors of Vietnam virgin hair are also bleached and dyed beautifully. Take a look at the color chart below to see how Vietnamese virgin hair can be dyed many colors. And let’s see what real colors Vietnamese virgin hair can dye:

Vietnamese virgin Hair 4

2.2. Basic curly styles from Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair in straight form is the most common, followed by the basic curls. While Remy hair or non-Remy can also create basic curls, virgin hairless can give your curly Vietnam virgin hair the longest endurance. Because Vietnamese virgin hair brings the most uniform quality of virgin hair Vietnam, helping the hairdresser easily create curls for Vietnam virgin hair without drying, tangling, or shedding.

The basic curly styles from Vietnamese virgin hair include wavy hair such as Vietnam virgin hair deep wavy, Vietnam virgin hair loose wavy, Vietnam virgin hair water curly, Vietnam virgin hair natural wavy, and so on. Besides, this Vietnam virgin hair can make such small and difficult Vietnam virgin hair curly hairstyles such as kinky curly, pixie curl…etc. The better the hair, the more beautiful and quality curls will be present.  The variety of hair extension models helps customers love to buy virgin hair Vietnam.

quality Vietnam virgin hair

Curly hairstyles from Vietnamese virgin human hair

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Vietnamese virgin hair – How to buy in Vietnam

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3. How to know which is the best Vietnamese virgin hair?

After understanding what is Vietnam virgin hair, you must be wondering if virgin Vietnamese hair can be made fake. The answer is yes. That’s why we will provide you with information about the best virgin Vietnamese hair so you can rest assured to buy virgin hair Vietnam.

3.1. Visual perception of Vietnamese virgin hair

Actually,  Vietnamese virgin hair is “straight, very round and thick, and Vietnam virgin hair has a high amount of black pigment.” This is quite important to know when buying a new virgin Vietnamese hair color, as this means bleach is almost always used when dyeing Vietnam virgin hair. One thing to note: “Virgin Vietnamese hair is more difficult to discolor because virgin Vietnamese hair contains more melanin. Virgin Vietnamese hair requires a professional-strength, detergent/bleach (40 vol. Persulfate enhancer/bleach.) To achieve the desired and sometimes Vietnam virgin hair repeatable lift, ”he added.

Vietnamese virgin Hair 5

In this way, you can distinguish Vietnamese virgin hair from others easily. Because Vietnamese hair is the strongest and thickest hair in the world. Usually, my clients distinguish Virgin hair Vietnam very well since they can see the shine of the hair. Therefore, without touching virgin Vietnamese hair, you can see the difference between Virgin hair Vietnam with Remy- hair. So you can buy virgin hair Vietnam online but not have to meet in person.

3.2. Touch perception of Vietnamese virgin hair

By this way, you need to hold a bundle of virgin hair, and put virgin hair Vietnam gently over the skin of your hands, if the Vietnam virgin hair goes through your hand skin in a gentle, soft, and cool way, it is true virgin hair. Or you can put your finger through your virgin Vietnamese hair, if the hand comes down gently, does not freeze in one place, then your hair is good Vietnam virgin hair. However, this way you can also find out if Vietnam virgin hair is Remy hair.

Vietnamese virgin Hair 6

This is a virgin Vietnamese hair check that not everyone knows, only people with many years of experience on how to buy virgin hair Vietnam in the hair business like us can think of it. Try and comment to let us know what you think about this article of Vietnam virgin hair!

4. Compare Vietnamese virgin hair with the world’s virgin hair

The above sections have introduced you to Vietnam virgin hair. Some people think that Vietnam virgin hair is no different from the hair of other countries. However, Vietnam virgin hair is very different. Here are some strengths and weaknesses of Vietnam virgin hair.

Vietnamese virgin Hair 7

4.1. Advantages of Vietnamese virgin hair

As I mentioned before, Vietnamese virgin hair has some advantages characteristics such as

  • Virgin Vietnamese hair stemmed from Vietnamese women who live in mountainous land in Vietnam. This place has a cold climate with little sun, which is a good condition for healthy hair. Besides, they always use natural shampoos such as linden, betel grass .. to make their virgin Vietnamese hair healthy, smooth naturally.
  • The best quality of hair types in the world. Each Vietnamese virgin hair bundle is carefully selected by the mechanic before being delivered to the client’s hand.

Besides, when compared to virgin Vietnamese hair of all wholesale hair vendors in the world, most of the hair comes from hot and dry climates like India, Cambodia, Brazil … so not like Vietnam virgin hair, their virgin hair is often dry, messy, easy to fall. round into small bundles. Because of that, their virgin hair is usually of low durability and is not soft, smooth, straight like Vietnamese virgin hair. As a result, when some people are asked where to buy virgin hair, they choose virgin Vietnamese hair.

Vietnamese virgin hair vs India virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair vs India virgin hair

4.2. Disadvantages of Vietnamese virgin hair

Corresponding to the good quality is the high cost of Vietnamese virgin hair. It can be said that virgin Vietnamese hair is more expensive than any virgin hair in the world because of virgin hair Vietnam’s rarity and naturalness. And this is also one of the biggest obstacles for customers when it comes to Vietnam virgin hair products.

However, whatever you pay, we should remember that we would rather spend money to have the best hair. Not because of cheapness but buy dirty hair and quickly replace it because it is perishable. Not like real Vietnam virgin hair, it can also be harmful hair types for your scalp.

Vietnamese virgin Hair 8

5. Review of customers when buying Vietnamese virgin hair

With a purchase of nearly 100 times, the amount of  Vietnam virgin hair sold from 50-100kg per day, I have received a lot of good feedback from customers after using  Vietnam virgin hair. Since we are a wholesale supplier of Virgin Vietnam hair products, good virgin hair Vietnam business will be reflected in its rapid acquisition and replacement life cycle.

Customer feedback about Virgin Vietnamese hair can turn a small company into a big company in a short time and vice versa. And our company – K-Hair Factory is the first case. Read our customer reviews about  Virgin Vietnamese hair below. If you do not believe, you can purchase our samples of  Virgin Vietnamese hair and feel! We never let our customers down.

the best quality Vietnam virgin hair

K-hair feedbacks to Vietnamese virgin hair

The first customer said: ” Your Virgin Vietnamese hair quality is so lovely” and she could resell the Vietnamese virgin hair quickly after receiving our hair.

The second customer said: ” I really love the Virgin Vietnamese hair” and she would place a new order when they sell out their Virgin Vietnamese hair.

The third customer loves hair as much as “I looooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee it”. That sounds surprised when she saw my Virgin Vietnamese hair for the first time.

And, we have such a lot of good reviews like that but we can not show all of them in this article. If you want to see more Virgin Vietnamese hair, you can contact me at Whatsapp number: + 84 833333 074.

You can also get more get more objective view through our review Virgin hair Vietnam and comparison here: Mic hair review.

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Free consultant for Vietnamese hair weaves

Free consultant for Vietnamese hair weaves

Vietnamese virgin hair - How to buy in Vietnam

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