Best Nano Ring Hair Extensions Guides For The Beginners

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Today’s hair extension market is more and more innovative, with many new products that have a special structure and make customers excited. Nano ring hair extensions are a type of hair extension that has been successful in impressing customers since the early days of their appearance, with their unusual rings and special shapes. Do you want to learn more about this hair type? The article below is full of information for you and will be described in the most detailed way possible so that even beginners can easily understand it.

Nano ring hair extensions guides

Best nano ring hair extensions guides for the beginners

1. Definition of nano ring hair extensions

As the name suggests, nano ring hair extensions consist of thin and small curls that are attached to microscopic nano rings to fix them in the hair. The nano rings will be attached to the client’s hair when applied, so they won’t cause any heavy feelings.

Nano ring hair products are usually made from human hair for a lighter texture and are thinner when attached to rings. Therefore, they often have an extra smooth feature, and when applied, it will not be revealed because they look like your real hair.

About who is suitable to use this hair extension type, people with relatively thick hair are more suitable to use, because they do not add volume to people with thin hair like other hair extensions. In addition, whether you have long or short hair, you can use this hair extension for a more attractive look.

2. Pros and cons of nano ring hair extensions

Each type of hair extension has its own pros and cons, you can rely on them to choose the one you want. Nano ring hair extensions also have a few pros and cons, which are listed below for your consideration.

Pros and cons of nano ring hair extensions

Pros and cons of nano ring hair extensions

2.1 Pros of nano ring hair extensions 

Regarding pros, this item is considered to have many outstanding advantages compared to other types of hair extensions. Read the passage below for more details.

  • Thin and light: Nano ring hair extensions consist of fine and small hairs that are attached to the ring, so it is very light in weight and almost non-irritating when applied to the hair. So, even if you apply many rings to your hair at the same time, you will feel light and comfortable.
  • No harm to your scalp: These items are attached to your real hair, not applied directly to the scalp, so they are very safe. In addition, they are also almost invisible when applied, creating a real feeling.
  • Variety of colors: They come in a variety of colors like other hair extensions, so it’s up to you to choose based on personal preference. Also, if you want a multicolored hair style, feel free to buy multiple rings with different colors to make it special.
  • Can be used many times: There are many types with structures like nano ring and keratin tip hair extensions that can only be used once, so they don’t save you money and are not the perfect solution for people on a budget. often. Nano ring hair extensions can be used many times, as long as you store and keep them well and are careful when applying them so as not to break the nano ring.
Pros of nano ring hair

Pros of nano ring hair extensions

2.2 Cons of nano ring hair extensions

This type of hair extension has so many advantages, are there any cons? They have a few drawbacks based on their particular construction.

  • Takes time to apply and remove: This hair type has a relatively time-consuming and professional application and removal method, so if you are a beginner, it may be awkward to do. At the same time, if you love a simple and convenient hairstyle, they are not a good choice.
  • Can cause hair loss: Nano ring hair extensions are attached to your hair, so if you do the wrong application or use too much force, it can cause hair breakage. And if you use them for a long time, they can put pressure on the hair and cause the strands to become loose.

3. Distinguish nano ring hair extensions with other tip hair extensions

So the question arises, how is nano ring hair different from other tip hair extensions? I will compare nano ring hair extensions with some basic hair tips below for you to understand more about the characteristics of each type.

Distinguish nano ring hair extensions

Distinguish nano ring hair extensions with other tip hair extensions

3.1 Nano ring hair extensions vs micro ring hair extensions

In terms of similarities, the two have a similar appearance, and the way to apply is also identical. They do, however, have different ring sizes, and different types of hair will suit different types.

Nano ring hair extensions have smaller and thinner rings than micro ring hair extensions, so micro ring will be recommended for girls with soft and thin hair, while nano ring will be more suitable for girls with short, flowing hair.

3.2. Nano ring hair extensions vs keratin tip hair extensions

Keratin tip hair extensions are also a method of attaching a few curls to your real hair, but they will be glued to your hair instead of a ring. So they can only be used once and cannot be reused twice, which is costly if you want to buy them.

Compared to the other type, nano ring hair extensions are more appreciated because they can be used many times, and are especially less harmful to the hair. Based on the structure and application characteristics, keratin tip hair extensions will put pressure on real hair, cause easier breakage, and even make your hair sticky when using hair glue.

Nano ring hair vs keratin tip hair

Nano ring hair extensions vs keratin tip hair extensions

4. Guides to installing nano ring hair extensions

The above paragraphs all say that the process of applying a nano ring hair item is very complicated and time consuming. So what is that process, and what are the steps to doing it? Let’s find out in the sections below.

4.1 Can I install nano ring hair extensions at home

Of course, the answer is yes; you can make and use this item at home. However, if you are new, this will be difficult and confusing, especially because sometimes you can do it wrong and cause real hair loss. Only those who are familiar with the use of this product are recommended to carry out this procedure themselves.

So, if you are a beginner and haven’t been used to applying this complex item before, you’d better go to the nearest hair salon. The seller there will help you apply and walk you through the process, after a few times, you will be able to do them yourself at home.

Install nano ring hair extensions

Can I install nano ring hair extensions at home

4.2 Steps to install nano ring hair extensions

The process of applying nano ring hair extensions involves many small and difficult steps. However, below, I have summarized the basic steps for you.

Step 1: You comb your hair with a comb to make it smoother and easier to apply. Then, you take a small section of hair on the top of your head to prepare to attach the ring of the nano to your hair.

Step 2: Attach the wig part of the nano ring hair extension to its beads. Then, use a specialized bead loader to push a nanoparticle and the wig onto the small hair you just held earlier. The right place for nanoparticles is on the ends of your hair, but not too close to your scalp, they will easily make your scalp heavy and even burn.

Step 3: Use specialized pliers to fix the nano ring hair extensions on your hair, then reposition them to match your real hair. Remember, you should not clamp too tightly, use just enough force so that the nano can attach to the hair and not slip. The process is repeated several times until all the nano ring hair is attached to your hair and you are done.

5. Guides to taking care of nano ring hair extensions

Because of the simple structure, the wigs on the nano ring are very thin, so taking care of them is also simpler than usual. They do not need to be cared for on a regular basis, nor do you need to spend time brushing and combing them many times when tangled.

Taking care of nano ring hair

Guides to taking care of nano ring hair extensions

5.1 How to brush nano ring hair extensions

In terms of brushing, they are just like you would with real hair, combing from bottom to top to ensure they are shiny. When brushing the hair near the nano ring, use gentle force because using too much force can cause the hair to fall out of the nano part and require you to reattach the hair, which is time-consuming.

In addition, you should not use the usual combs used to comb real hair to comb hair extensions because they are often hard and do not control the force on the hair. Specialized combs sold in salons will be more suitable for your use.

5.2 How to wash nano ring hair extensions

In terms of washing, you will use mild shampoos and conditioners, preferably with natural plant extracts to wash them off. They are just strips of hair, so you just need to use a gentle shampoo to drop the dust on it, no need to wash it too many times to make the inherent nourishing layer of the hair lost.

In addition, when using conditioner, you can massage conditioner into your hair and then wait a few minutes for the wig to absorb the nutrients. This way, they will be softer and keep the feeling of lightness for you every time you use them.

5.3 Bedtime care for nano ring hair extensions

Regarding bedtime care, the only caveat is that you should not apply nano ring hair extensions to your hair and then go to bed. Leaving them on overnight can cause the nano ring to work on your scalp and hair, causing heaviness and even redness. So, before going to bed, you should remove it to ensure the most comfort.

Also, before you go to sleep and you remove this item, you can use a little more conditioner on the nano ring hair extensions. Thus, when you sleep, the nutrients will make the wig smoother, and the next morning, when you apply it, it will also be convenient, giving you a more radiant appearance with smooth hair.

Bedtime care for nano ring hair

Bedtime care for nano ring hair extensions

5.3 Nano ring hair extensions daily notice

Finally, daily notice, when not using nano ring hair, you can store them in a cool place, because places with high humidity can make the hair weak, long-term reducing the durability of the hair. In addition, hair care products are necessary but should not be used repeatedly or applied too much to the hair at one time, making them sticky.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the nano ring has a thin and small structure, so when applying or removing them every day you have to be careful, paying attention to be gentle. Using pliers that are too strong can break them, causing trouble for you to apply.

6. Guides to buying nano ring hair extensions

After understanding the definition and characteristics of nano ring hair extensions, do you want to have one for yourself? Here are some amazing suggestions for you if you want to find the right place to buy a product for yourself.

6.1. Where to buy nano ring hair extensions

First, my advice for you is to buy nano ring hair items from local suppliers, which will be more convenient for you and whose delivery times are also much shorter. Large suppliers also have vendors in many different countries, you can message the seller to ask about their vendor list to see if it is available in your country.

In addition, if there is no reliable domestic supplier, you can completely order from a foreign supplier. They are all good, but the delivery time will be longer, and if there is a defect that needs to be returned, the process will be relatively complicated.

The second piece of advice is that buying offline is best. You can go directly to the store to choose, see the most obvious texture and color of the hair extensions, and try the product on the hair to test its suitability. In the store, there will also be enthusiastic staff who will immediately give you advice based on the products you have tried and the products you want.

However, just like the first advice, if you don’t have a reliable store around, buying online is also a good choice. However, since you can’t see the products in person, you should ask the seller more about them and ask for samples when needed. Sellers all have samples of their products available for buyers to check the quality of the products before purchasing and are welcome to send them if desired.

Buy nano ring hair extensions

Where to buy nano ring hair extensions

6.2 Top addresses to buy nano ring hair extensions from

Do you know how to choose for yourself a reputable address to buy their nano ring hair extensions? And do you know what characteristics a reliable supplier usually has?

First, you should buy from the top leading suppliers, because they have a high reputation and many customers have purchased the product, so you can see the feedback. Second, the supplier should have a website full of information, along with the necessary business licenses. Third, the enthusiasm of the staff is also taken into consideration, because the right advice on the product will help you make the right decision.

And if you don’t have any supplier plans yet, you can check out some of the good suppliers we recommend. K Hair Factory, 5S Hair Factory, Juancheng Shangkai Hair Products Factory, Qingdao Denghao Import & Export Co., Ltd., and Xuchang Aviva Hair Products Co., Ltd. are all famous suppliers of high quality, affordable nano ring hair extensions to be moderate. The information is available on their website for your convenience. The above suppliers often have many special promotions and discounts when buying a lot, so you can message the seller to ask about them without missing any programs.

In short, nano ring hair extensions are a special type of hair and are suitable for many different styles of modern girls. The application process is a bit complicated, but the effect on the hair is extremely good. The information about this wonderful hair has been fully listed in the paragraphs above, hope they will be useful to you. In addition, you can also refer to the supplier suggestions at the end of the article to easily buy a high-quality product.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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