What Hidden Crown Wire Extension Is – All You Need To Know

What Hidden Crown Wire Extension Is - All You Need To Know
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On the market today, there are many different types of hair extensions for many different needs of customers. Each type will have its own structure and application characteristics, but they all share the same texture and duration of use. Hidden crown wire extensions are a new type of hair that appeared in recent years but became extremely popular soon after and made modern girls hunt. Information about this type of hair will be provided to you in this article.

What Hidden Crown Wire Extension Is - All You Need To Know

What Hidden Crown Wire Extension Is – All You Need To Know

1. What is the hidden crown wire extension?

To understand any type of hair, you need an overview of its origin and structure. All features are described in detail in the passage below.

1.1 Definition and structure of hidden crown wire extensions

By definition, hidden crown wire extensions are hair extensions of equal length and thickness that are attached to the wire and fixed. They are usually made of human hair collected directly from human hair, with a structure similar to that of human hair, so they are considered soft and shiny.

They are simple, quick to apply and remove and are shaped like crowns, so they are very popular with customers. Girls usually like the hair extensions made from virgin hair the most, because all of their features are perfect.

1.2 Are halo hair extensions and hidden crown wire extensions the same?

The answer is yes. They all have the same smoothness and shine, which is perfect for adding volume to a client’s hair. Girls with thin hair who want it to be thicker can use them as a way to make their hair more attractive.

Moreover, because of their softness and the fact that they will be thinner and lighter than other normal hair types, applying a large amount of hair will not cause you inconvenience or heaviness when moving around.

Are halo hair extensions and hidden crown wire extensions the same

Are halo hair extensions and hidden crown wire extensions the same

2. Pros and cons of the hidden crown wire extensions

There are many pros and cons to a hairstyle. The features related to hidden crown-wire extensions are listed below.

2.1 Pros of hidden crown wire extensions

This type of hair has many advantages that you can consider when buying it. This is also the reason why this hairstyle is so popular.

  • Damage-free: Hidden crown wire extensions do absolutely no harm to your hair because they are not directly clamped or glued to the hair, exerting force on the scalp. So, if you want to use hair extensions but still want your hair to be strong and tangle-free, you can rest assured when using these items. You also don’t need to worry that they will make your hair dry if applied because there is always moisture in the hair extensions to keep them soft.
  • Long-lasting: You can comfortably apply them all day long without worrying about your hair getting tangled or falling out a lot later. They can be left on your hair for a few hours without feeling heavy or uncomfortable, so they are very popular with people who want to use them for a long time.
  • Convenient: The operation of applying and removing this special type of hair takes place within a few short minutes. The operation is short and simple. Even if you are a beginner and just using hair extensions for the first time, you can do it by yourself without anyone else’s help.
  • Natural-looking: They will match the color of your natural hair every time you use them, and their structure allows hair extensions to be hidden by your natural hair, making them extremely difficult to detect. So, they both help you have smooth, flowing hair while looking natural and shining in the crowd.
  • Making hair look voluminous and blending well: As mentioned above, hidden crown wire extensions only help you add volume to your hair and do no harm, so they will make your hair look thicker and more shiny. They will dispel your insecurities about having hair that is not thick enough, making you more confident with your appearance and hair.
Pros of hidden crown wire extensions

Pros of hidden crown wire extensions

2.2 Cons of hidden crown wire extensions

While this type of hair extension has a lot of good points, as mentioned above, it also has a few disadvantages. You can weigh them to see if they’re really right for you.

  • Mainly only for white people: This hair type requires you to have long, thin hair already, and the skin needs to be white because it matches the color and structure of the hair. Therefore, girls will often wonder if their skin is white enough before deciding to own an item like hidden crown wire extensions.
  • High price: Usually, customers have to pay a relatively high price to own a great item for themselves, especially when they want a custom-made item. Although the price comes with the quality, this hair type will only suit those with a medium to high budget who can afford it. In addition, after buying, you also need to buy more specialized shampoo and conditioner products to clean this hair type after each time you apply them on real hair and out.

3. Hidden crown wire extension usage

After buying yourself an item, you often worry about how to use it. To make sure everything goes smoothly, I have detailed instructions for you.

3.1 How to wear hidden crown wire extension

To learn how to wear this type of hair extension, you can follow the instructions below. They consist of four simple steps to make it easy for you to perfect them.

  • Step 1: Moisturize real hair so that it is not dry and frizzy during application, always retaining the necessary moisture. Then, gently use your hands or a comb to comb your hair to prepare the smoothest, most glossy texture for the upcoming application.
  • Step 2: Carefully shape the wires so that they cover the entire width of your head, and then secure them in your hair. Then, the hair extension will be placed on top of your real hair, and completely cover your hair.
  • Step 3: Use a comb to gently push the real hair on top of the hair extensions so that they don’t look visible. Then, you reposition the hair extensions so that they look most natural.
  • Step 4: Comb your hair back to make it as smooth as before. At this point, you are ready to go out with bouncy and thick hair.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping is to get a hidden crown wire extension that is the perfect length for your head width. Otherwise, when you apply, you will find them exposed and fake. And if you feel the wire doesn’t fit properly after applying it, you can adjust the wire or clip on your hair extension until you feel it fits properly and secure it. This way, your hair will look more natural.

How to wear hidden crown wire extension

How to wear hidden crown wire extension

3.2 How to adjust wire on hidden crown extensions

The width of the hidden crown wire extensions is usually adjustable based on your head size. You can change them based on moving the wire connected to the hair extension.

To manipulate them, after applying them to your hair and feeling that the extension is wider or narrower than your hair, you can adjust the wire accordingly. After determining they are fit, you fix the wire so that they do not fall, and then you continue with other operations as usual. Finally, you can try applying them to your hair to make sure they fit and look as close to real hair as possible, so you can wear them comfortably when you’re out and about.

3.3 How to rewire hidden crown extensions

Sometimes, during careless use, the wire in your hidden crown wire extension may break, and you cannot continue to use this item. Throwing things away is very wasteful, so you can refer to the following ways to rewire items when they are broken to continue using them:

First, you need to prepare a wire and two extra microbeads. Usually, these will be available in the packs of hair extensions you originally received, as the manufacturers will ship them to you with the product to prevent this from happening. Then, find a pair of nose pliers, a pair of scissors, and a jar of liquid gold to start fixing your hair extensions.

Next, use scissors to cut the two sides of the wire so that they are equal to the width of the hair extension, and the length of the wire will be equal to the length of the previous broken part. Be careful not to accidentally cut the elastic part of the hair extension. Then you remove the old broken wire and put the new wire in; use liquid gold to fix them.

Finally, you use the two original micro beads attached to the sides of the wire to secure the hair, and then you use the nose pliers you originally prepared to close the beads. Once there, your hidden crown wire extensions are ready, and you can continue using them as usual. You can also test them on real hair to see how effective they are and adjust them to best fit your hair.

You can also use the same steps to adjust if your original wire is longer than your real hair, making it visible when applied. The process will be the same, but the wire you cut will be much shorter, so you need to measure carefully before cutting it.

How to rewire hidden crown extensions

How to rewire hidden crown extensions

3.4 How to take care of hidden crown wire extensions

This type of hair care is also very easy. You just need to follow the instructions below, and your hair will always be glossy.

In terms of moisturizing, the nutrients that provide the necessary moisture are enough to keep the hair moist and in place. You do not need to use too many specialized care products at the same time, much less need to use them every day, just 2 to 3 times in a week is enough frequency for hair extension care. Excessive use is not good for the structure of the hair.

About how to wash your hair, you don’t need to worry too much about the operations. You just need to do the same as you do with real hair, gently use shampoo to clean the dirt on the hair, do not need to wash for too long, leading to the loss of inherent moisture in the hair. You also do not need to wash your hair too often, just wash it after each use to clean it.

As for how to brush your hair, you need to gently brush it with your hands or a comb. Just brush when you feel them getting frizzy or before applying to smooth them out.

4. Hidden crown wire extension custom guides

If you want to make an item yourself, you can refer to this paragraph. I have detailed instructions for you on how to make them.

Hidden crown wire extension custom guides

Hidden crown wire extension custom guides

4.1 How to make DIY hidden crown wire extension from weft bundles

You can use weft bundles to make an item hidden crown wire extension through simple operations. In a nutshell, they include the following steps.

  • Step 1: Measure the width of the hair you want. You need to measure the width of the hair extensions so that when you apply them, they will perfectly fit your real hair, so measure carefully.
  • Step 2: Cut a weft according to the measurements in step 1, then attach the hair extensions you bought to it. You can use a liquid gold solution to fix the hair extensions to the weft.
  • Step 3: After waiting for the liquid gold to dry and the hair having been firmly attached to the weft, continue using some liquid gold to stick the weft to the other side of the hair. At that time, both sides of the hair are glued with weft to ensure they are fixed in the best way.
  • Step 4: Stick the hair you just made into clips so that they can clip to your hair when applying. Then you adjust them so that they look as neat as possible after completing the process.

4.2 How to create hairstyles with hidden crown wire extensions

As mentioned, hidden crown wire extensions have a variety of types and styles for you to choose from when buying. However, if you are not satisfied with the modern style of your items, or want to customize them to be more unique, you can also do it by yourself.

The extension styles you can try will usually be more suitable for long hair, and you can consider wavy, layered, French braids, and half up half down, they are all hot styles in recent years.

As for how to make curly hair like curly or wavy hair, first you need to buy a hair straightener to start this process. To get started, apply the extension to your hair, comb it neatly to make sure it’s not frizzy, and then use a curling iron to create the curls you want. The curl of the hair extension depends on you, after the results make you satisfied, you comb your hair so that it is smooth, and the process is over.

How to create hairstyles with hidden crown wire extensions

How to create hairstyles with hidden crown wire extensions

5. Top 4 best hidden crown wire extension suppliers

If you are an end-user:

You can purchase hidden crown wire extensions individually at stores or salons near your home. They will be more convenient because you can directly view the product and see the colors and products available to choose the one that fits your hair best. In the shops, you will also meet sellers who are knowledgeable about hair, and they can give you more good advice regarding hair extensions, which will help you a lot in choosing products and hair care. You can consider two reputable wholesalers in Europe, Remicachet and Cosmetize.

If you are a reseller:

You can find products at weft bundles about customizing hidden crown wire extensions, they will be more cost-effective than buying a hair extension item. Their manipulation will be relatively long and time consuming, but if you are familiar with DIY hair extensions, you will quickly have a special item for yourself. And about weft bundles, suppliers from Vietnam will probably be a good choice for you when they have a wide variety of products at low prices, suitable for girls with average budgets. I recommend you research K Hair Factory and 5S Hair Factory to purchase, because they are all famous suppliers in Vietnam.

Finally, as you can see, hidden crown wire extensions are a type of hair that has many amazing advantages, and they make it easy to have a better look. They also have very little downside or harm to your hair, so they can be considered a hair choice when you want to choose for yourself a hair extension item. The information in the article has been fully listed in the paragraphs above; hopefully, that knowledge will help you have a good buying experience from a reputable supplier.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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