Best Guides On Wave Human Hair For You To Follow Now

Best Guides On Wave Human Hair For You To Follow Now
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The hair business market recently is trending very busy and developing. The reason is that as people’s living standards increase, many people also tend to pay more attention to their appearance, especially their hair. And they look to buy wigs. No matter how diverse hair extensions and wig products are, wave human hair is still one of the most popular choices. So what’s special about this hair type? We will give its own definitions and characteristics to help customers and wholesalers better understand.

Best Guides On Wave Human Hair For You To Follow Now

Best Guides On Wave Human Hair For You To Follow Now

1. Overview of wave human hair

Wave human hair is a curly hairstyle with waves, depending on the S-shaped curly wall, there will be different levels of curls and names. In general, the part of the hair to keep the curl can go through the process of wrapping around the roller, but the strands will still be perfectly aligned and smooth.

Along with straight hair, wavy human hair is also one of the two very popular names. These two hairstyles can be said to always be at the top of the list of products that many customers think about and choose.

Moreover, wavy human hair is also very diverse. Customers can consider choosing between hairstyles such as: body wave, water wave, … Between them may have almost the same style but will differ in volume and some properties, so it will also bring different shapes.

Overview of wave human hair

Overview of wave human hair

In general, wave human hair is a very popular and popular hairstyle. But many customers have thin, weak hair, can’t do this hairstyle or many fear the heat and chemicals will damage their real hair. Therefore, wavy human hair extensions have great potential to grow in the hair extensions market.

Wavy human hair extensions are hair extensions that are derived from the angle of human hair, through the processing process including drinking waves, dyeing at large hair factories. This hair extension model mimics the wavy human hair shape without causing any damage to the real hair.

2. A variety of wave human hairstyles

In the world of wavy human hair, many people who look closely will be surprised by their diversity. There are many styles with different levels of curls to cater to the needs and preferences of each person. May be mentioned as:

  • Deep wave human hair: Hair with deep waves always gives users more femininity than other hairstyles. Different from loose waves, it is more of a hairstyle with thicker waves. The loose deep wave style is loved by many girls. The waves look very bouncy, giving a strong appearance. Many girls want to look more attractive and beautiful, so they choose this hairstyle, and deep wavy human hair can completely fulfill their desire.
A variety of wave human hairstyles

A variety of wave human hairstyles

  • Wet and wavy human hair: This is quite a special and interesting hairstyle. This hair type has a slightly wet and damp look. So the hair is very soft and strong. The truth is that when taking care of wet and wavy human hair, people can preserve it by using a specialized wet styling spray instead of hair conditioner.
  • Body wave human hair: Among the hair shapes of wavy human hair, body wavy hair is quite popular. This is also a curly hairstyle from beginning to end, suitable for letting loose. But if you want to style it is also possible, this is more suitable and easier to do than other wavy types. This is also a reasonable choice that you can consider.
  • Water wave human hair: The most attractive feature of water wavy human hair is that it has a shiny (like wet) appearance. This can be said to be the most voluminous hairstyle without making the hair frizzy. Moreover, they also look extremely thick, soft and luxurious, less prone to dirt and dust than other hair types.
  • Loose wave human hair: The characteristics of this hair type are a bit different from deep waves. In terms of texture, loose waves have thinner waves, and they have large curls. Many people also confuse this hairstyle with body waves. But you need to understand, they are a little bit tighter than the body wave hairs. Overall, this type of texture gives a look that’s also natural and bouncy.

In general, there are many wavy human hairstyles on the market. You can base on each feature in their structure and appearance to choose the style you like best.

3. Different hair extension types with wave human hair

So with wave human hair, what types of hair extensions are there? What is the most popular and popular type? And is there any unique, new style? We will learn in both aspects: Wavy human hair wigs and Human wavy hair extensions.

3.1 Wavy human hair wigs

First, we will introduce some styles of wavy human hair wigs. You can refer to some current street models, and choose the right style to buy and use. Then, let us know which product you decide to buy.

  • 3/4 human hair wig

It seems that this wig is quite new to many people, because people often mention and use the full head wig. If the full head wig is used by completely fixing the real hair, then putting the wig on the head, then 3/4 of the hair wig will be combined with the user’s real hair.

When using, the user will clip a small part of real hair in front, attach 3/4 hair wigs to the head, on top of the real hair layer. Then loosen the clipped hair. Real hair and wig will be blended together and no one can distinguish between the two. So your hair looks very natural and thicker.

  • V shape human hair wigs

Like its name, this wave human hair wig has a V-shaped shape. It can also be considered a half-head wig but has a V-shaped cutout at the top. This design allows the user to take a part of his real hair, through that hole, pushing the hair out. The layer of real hair will cover the outside of the wig, and let the two parts blend together.

This type of hair is quite rarely mentioned, but also helps users have a very natural look. In terms of design, V shape hair wigs are almost identical to V shape hair wigs, only differing in the shape of the hole.

  • Human hair frontal lace wigs

We have a separate article to analyze this hairstyle. But in general, the texture of this wave human hair type has a front that is made of lace sewn along the front hairline. They are then attached to the wig.

These strands are special in that they are hand-stitched to ensure the most natural look. When using frontal lace wigs, they look very natural because they are close to the color of your real scalp.

3.2 Human wavy hair extensions

Not only wavy human hair wigs, but also human wavy hair extensions are also very diverse in style. Because there are many extensions that customers can choose from. One of the wavy hair extensions you can refer to and popular as:

  • Wavy human hair extensions clip in: This type of hair extension appears quite a lot and is popular. They are made by weaving custom lengths of hair to meet the needs of the user. One end of this extension is secured with a hairpin, which is used to attach the hair extension to the scalp when in use. With the advantages of its design, it can be said that this is one of the best-selling types of wavy human hair extensions on the market.
Wavy human hair extensions clip in

Wavy human hair extensions clip in

  • Human hair weft bundles: Wave human hair is bundled into bundles specified by weight. Usually, a person only needs 3-4 bundles of hair, depending on the need for desired thickness or thinness. For wholesalers or bulk buyers, this is a term that is not new because the demand for hair weft bundles is huge among wavy hair extensions.
  • Wavy human hair ponytail: This hair type is also quite popular in wavy hair extensions. You wonder why? The truth is that they are very versatile and suitable for many people’s daily lives. They are designed to curl in different levels depending on your choice, one end of the wavy hair ponytail is fixed by a tie or clip. Users will feel very convenient because when they want to use it, they just need to tie a hair band or clip on their tied hair and everything is done.
  • Wavy human hair topper: This hairstyle was created for people whose hair may not be too thin, but they are bald. Wavy hair topper is like a small pad used to cover the user’s real scalp. The hairs seem more even. grows more and is wave. This hairstyle is especially loved by those with thinning hair, baldness, or those who wish to have more hair on the top of the head.

Human wavy hair extensions also come in many different styles and types. It is important that you know what problem your customer has and what solution they want so that you can choose the right product.

4. Wave human hair guides

The Wave human hair guides will actually begin. In this content we will guide you mainly in two parts. That is how to check hair quality and how to maintain waves in good form. You can apply for yourself, and advise customers to purchase as well.

4.1. How to check hair quality

To check if the hair is of good quality, first of all, you need to have basic information about hair, and know the difference between hair types. Do you have enough knowledge to distinguish virgin hair, remy hair and non remy hair? Do you know where Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair and hair from other countries have different textures and characteristics? Do different hair extensions affect the quality of the wave human hair? If these answers have not been answered, you still need to accumulate more basic knowledge to avoid being scammed in business.

How to check hair quality

How to check hair quality

The following five characteristics can help you at a glance to see if the hair is of good quality:

  • Check the shine and softness
  • Hair Elasticity Test
  • Check the amount of hair loss
  • Check humidity
  • Check for turbulence

But these features can also be faked. With a more in-depth examination, you can pinch a hair between your index and middle fingers. Then proceed to let the hair slide through the fingers. You do it from top to bottom. If the hair looks rough and uneven in quality, it is likely poor quality hair. On the contrary, if it is smooth and shiny then it is probably good quality.

To be even more secure, you should also learn other testing methods. Try further testing with water, with fire to be sure.

4.2. How to maintain waves in good form

Many people often mistakenly believe that straight hair is easy to take care of and wave human hair is difficult. But that’s not really the case. The care steps are also quite simple, as long as you do it properly, this can be done by anyone.

  • How to brush your hair

Every day, you should only comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Mainly just to untangle the hair, avoid damaging the curl.

  • How to wash your hair

You should choose a shampoo without too many chemicals to avoid drying your hair. Avoid using the dryer directly after washing. You should blot your hair with a towel, then gently brush your hair, then gently blow dry or let it dry naturally.

How to maintain waves in good form

How to maintain waves in good form

  • Hair conditioner

You can also choose the right conditioner to make your hair more moist and smooth. You can choose a special type for wavy hair.

  • When sleeping

If you are more careful, you can use a specialized sleeping hood. This will help keep your hair from getting too tangled the next morning.

5. Wave human hair extension market

The previous section will be more for wholesalers. General characteristics in the wavy human hair extension market we will share here. This is the content not everyone tells you, please read carefully.

5.1 Quality of wave human hair

To determine the quality of wavy human hair, in addition to the quality checks above, you should also choose reputable, quality wholesale suppliers.

If they are a company with a long history of doing business in the market, have a lot of experience, they provide full basic information about the business and products, then first of all, this is a reputable company.

Then, to make sure the product the business offers is reputable, be sure to check out the reviews of other wholesalers after making a purchase. You can read these reviews at Google, reviews on e-commerce platforms, or consult with other wholesalers.

Quality of wave human hair

Quality of wave human hair

5.2 Prices of wave human hair extensions

The market price depends on many factors. In general, the price is determined by:

Hair quality: Virgin, remy or non-remy hair has different prices.

  • Hair Origin: The price of hair from Vietnam is different from India. Every country has its own price tag for their hair type.
  • Wave human hair extensions: Each style requires a different processing and working process, so there is also a difference in price.
  • Hair length: Longer hair will cost more.
  • Color of hair: Hair through color treatment, bleaching will cost more than original color hair.
  • Quantity to buy: Usually, the larger the quantity purchased, the more reasonable the price will be.
  • Buy through the middle or not: If when buying hair in bulk, you work directly with the hair factory, without intermediaries, you will get the cheapest price.

5.3 Target market of wave human hair extensions

This is a very important thing, but few wholesalers pay attention to it. You need to know what your client file is.

If your customers are mainly low-income people, you can choose to buy goods originating from India or other countries with the same price range. You can also choose to buy non-remy hair. These types of hair are usually low priced, which can meet the affordability of your potential customers.

And if the customers are high-income people, they can choose to buy hair of good origin, such as Vietnamese hair, Brazilian hair,… You can consider choosing virgin hair or remy hair. The price of these hair types can be high, but has a longer lasting, and more luxurious look.

5.4 Popular suppliers of wave human hair extensions

If talking about popular suppliers of wavy human hair extensions, it is impossible not to mention the potential hair supplier market in Asia. Three countries are famous for providing good sources of raw materials at reasonable prices: Vietnam, China and India. In general, they can supply wave human hair according to the quantity, style and quality required by the wholesalers.

About these providers, we will make a separate in-depth article for everyone to refer to. They are the suppliers that any wholesaler should come and try to work with.

Any other information about wave human hair you want to know more about? We believe we have provided you with the most complete and detailed information about this popular hair type. It is expected that customers choose the right hairstyle and wholesalers choose the right products and suppliers to do business with.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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