Best Body Wave Hair Extension Knowledge For You To Know

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The hair extension market is getting more and more popular, with more suppliers entering and many new products being sold every year. Consumers are always looking for a hairstyle that suits them best, making it easier for them to have a more beautiful look. As one of the never-ending hot hairstyles, body wave hair extension is always on the must-have item list for attractive modern girls. What do they have to offer to attract customers and make them love it so much? And is there any downside to this hair type? All answers will be provided in the passage below.

Best Body Wave Hair Extension Knowledge For You To Know

Best Body Wave Hair Extension Knowledge For You To Know

1. An overview of body wave hair extensions

To learn about a type of hair, you need to have an overview of them. The characteristics of the body wavy hair extension are found in the paragraph below.

1.1 What is body wave hair extension?

By definition, body wave hair extensions are hair extensions that are weaved into bundles of similar length with a dark “S”-shaped pattern. This makes them look glossy and smoother than the rest of the hairstyles. They usually have a straight shape to give a feeling of floating to the girls’ hair when applied.

This item is suitable for many different hair types of customers, whether short or long, and it will be suitable when applied. In addition, they are also not picky about whether guests with fair skin or healthy brown skin look more beautiful when applying them.

1.2 Popular types of body wave hair extensions

This is a very diverse hair type. You can choose between them based on personal preference.

  • Body wave sew ins: A type of hair most favored by both gentle and active girls, they have an “S” shape that looks like the soft curves of a girl’s body and has a slight curl. They are easy to care for and make their hair look more trendy, so the number of purchases is always huge.
  • Clip in body wave hair extensions: The hair extensions are attached to a clip to make them easier to apply to natural hair. The packs of clip in body wavy hair extensions have a relatively uniform number of hair extensions, so you can choose the number of packs based on your hair condition to apply enough.
  • Tape in body wave hair extensions: Hair extensions are carefully glued to the tape to look even, and then glued to your real hair instead of clipping like a printed clip. So the tape in body wavy hair extensions will stick to your hair more tightly and don’t fall out easily, looking more like your real hair.
  • Body wave ponytail extension: A special hair type is applied when you tie your hair in a ponytail and want it to look thicker. They are like ponytails, so they have this name, and when applied, they will make your ponytail not only not boring but also very youthful.
  • Body wave I tip hair extensions: Unlike frontal body wave wigthese hair extensions are sewn into the lace sections and shaped like an “I” on the top of the head. They are applied after your real hair, not covering the whole head, so it was slight.
Popular types of body wave hair extensions

Popular types of body wave hair extensions

1.3 Creative hairstyles with body wave hair extensions

Body wavy hair extensions also have a lot of styles, from young to mature. You can choose based on the style you like best.

  • Long body wave hairstyles: This is one of the very popular hair extensions for girls who love the lightness and softness of the texture. They are usually as long as the girl’s back, so they make them look more gentle when going out. They also always stay soft even without regular hair care, so they are always a best-selling item at wholesale, girls with short hair can also buy them.
  • Short body wave hairstyles: This item is only for girls who have short hair. They are often chosen to fit their real hair the best, because if it is shorter than the real hair, it will be exposed and look fake.
  • Colored body wave hair: These are body wave hair extensions that are dyed into unique colors based on the wishes of the customer. Basic and multi-style colors will be sold more at wholesale, so if you like a unique color like neon that is not commonly purchased, it may be out of stock from small vendors.

2. Pros and cons body wave hair extension

Each type of hair will have its own advantages and disadvantages, just as does the body wavy hair extension. Here are the points you should keep in mind about them.

Pros and cons body wave hair extension

Pros and cons body wave hair extension

2.1 Pros of body wave hair extensions

This hair type has many outstanding advantages. If you want to know more about them, read the passage below.

  • Make you look younger: There’s no denying this simple hairstyle will make you look younger than your actual age because of its silky texture. Especially when you buy a waist-length item and tie your hair in a ponytail, you will look even more shiny and attract the crowd.
  • There are many colors to choose from: The colors that come to mind are available from major suppliers. Colors that range from dark to neutral to light are all sold for the same price, so you can choose between them for the best effect. Dark colors will make you look softer, while light colors and especially bright yellows will make you look whiter because they have the effect of lifting your skin tone.
  • Easy to care for: This type of hair does not require a lot of hair care to keep it strong, nor does it need you to moisturize too often. The built-in moisture in the extensions makes them stay smooth and shiny, and even if you’re a beginner and don’t know much about hair care, they won’t break off too often.

2.2 Cons of body wave hair extensions

In addition to the above advantages, they will also have a few disadvantages that cause trouble during use. You can find out by reading the text below.

  • Styling your hair extensions is not recommended: Styling is not forbidden, but it can easily cause hair extensions to be damaged and gradually weakened, even causing harm to your natural hair every time you apply them. So, if you want a special hairstyle, for example, curly hair instead of straight hair, you can buy an item with that style from the seller. All items with different types and styles are available.
  • You need to use the same specialized hair care products: You cannot use regular hair shampoos or conditioners for extensions, as they can be harmful and cause hair extensions to tangle. Instead, you will need to use gentle products to make them softer, which also prolongs the use of hair.
Cons of body wave hair extensions

Cons of body wave hair extensions

3. Compare different wavy hair extensions

This hair extension item has many different types but many things in common that make it difficult for their customers to distinguish if they are beginners. Here are a few more recognizable points about them that can help you understand more about this hair type.

3.1 Compare body wave vs loose wave hair extensions

Compared to body wave hair, loose wave hair extensions look voluminous and help clients add more volume to their hair. Therefore, they are more suitable for girls with thin and short hair. This structure also helps customers keep curls longer when curling.

In terms of features, body wave hair is considered to have more strains than the rest, so it will look straighter and smoother. In addition, they also straighten over time as you regularly wash your hair.

3.2 Compare deep wave vs body wave hair extensions

Deep wave vs. body wave hair extensions are all made from human hair and are of excellent quality. The only difference between them is the shape of the curls.

Deep waves are deeper waves, and the shape is closer to curls while body waves have a straighter shape. Body waves can’t hold curls for as long as deep waves, but they don’t require too much care as they are almost straight. This difference is the same when comparing body wave vs water wave hair extensions.

Compare deep wave vs body wave hair extensions

Compare deep wave vs body wave hair extensions

4. How to take care of body wave hair extensions

This type of hair is relatively easy to take care of, but there are still a few characteristics that you need to pay attention to. Therefore, please read the following carefully.

As for how to store body wave hair extensions, you need to keep them in cool and dry places. You can also store them in small boxes to prevent dust and dirt from getting on them when you’re not using them. Before you store them, you should also use a little conditioner on your hair extensions to keep them soft and smooth when using them.

About how to brush this hair type, they are similar to how you do with other hair extensions, and also your real hair. The correct action is to brush from the bottom to untangle the hair extensions to make them shiny, then brush up to make sure they will be smoothest. At the same time, you should also be gentle instead of using too much force when untangling the tangled parts, as this will make the hair easier to fall out.

In terms of how to wash body wave hair extensions, the method is also very simple, you just need to do it like you would wash real hair. However, washing this type of hair does not take as much time as when you wash your real hair, and you usually only use one shampoo and one conditioner to keep your hair clean. The shampoo and conditioner products used a lot are those with natural extracts, they treat your hair very gently, and only have the effect of cleaning the hair, but do not contain alcohol that is harmful to the hair.

Finally, how should this particular hair type be moisturized? The process is also not too complicated, they do not require daily care with a variety of expensive products. If you want softer, smoother hair, you just need to use the famous oils recommended by the sellers to provide the necessary moisture to the hair. Their frequency doesn’t need to be too frequent either, just use them before you go out to make sure your hair stays shiny.

How to take care of body wave hair extensions

How to take care of body wave hair extensions

5. Should you start a hair business with body wave hair extensions?

If you are looking to start your business as a vendor submitting body wavy hair extensions, this article is for you. I have some detailed advice for you.

5.1 Target customers of body wave hair extensions

The main customers for this hair type are still women with a medium to high budget. The reason is that because the price of this type of hair is relatively high, it is usually made from good quality human hair and not other poor quality synthetic hair. In addition, they have a smooth texture and a long shelf life, so they are very popular with these customers.

Customers are also often women with thin and short hair. This hair type has the effect of adding volume to the hair, so it is loved by those with soft and thin hair, making their hair more bouncy and glossy. At the same time, they also help your hair become longer and more attractive. However, remember, you should only choose hair extensions longer than your real hair and not buy hair shorter than real hair, because they will be more exposed.

5.2 Competitiveness of body wave hair extensions

Body wavy hair extensions have many competitive advantages over many other hair types. You can check out some of the features here.

In terms of popularity, it is currently a relatively famous hair type on the market and has many loyal customers. Purchases are always large and at the top of the list of best-selling products at suppliers, and more and more items appear with different colors, styles, and types to better suit customer requirements. In addition, on beauty and hair extensions forums, there are always a lot of posts related to body wave hair extensions.

In terms of price, this type of hair is more expensive than other synthetic hair extensions, but the price is worth the quality, so customers agree that the price is right. They can be used many times after purchase, do not require too much hair care, and have a good effect on the hair. Compared to synthetic hair extensions, which have a short life span, and require frequent moisturizing, they are more popular with customers.

In terms of quality, they are always the most talked about by the customers of this particular hair extension. Their quality is always rated as excellent for the price, silky smooth, and similar in structure to your real hair. It also doesn’t show when you apply it that you’re using a wig, and the better the quality, the more it looks like your real hair, and gives the best results.

Competitiveness of body wave hair extensions

Competitiveness of body wave hair extensions

5.3 Where to import wholesale body wave hair extensions

You can choose to import hair from suppliers in your country and abroad. Each option will have different advantages and disadvantages.

If you choose to import your hair and start your business from a local supplier, shipping costs and delivery times are reduced, you’ll have the items you want quicker, and you’ll get started quicker. In addition, each supplier will have their own price incentives, such as discounts for their vendors, so you can save some money. However, it will be more difficult for you to attract customers because the supplier is already well known in your country and has certain loyal customers. At that time, it is difficult at first to attract customers because they need time to trust you as a reputable vendor and buy your high quality items.

If you want to import body wave hair extensions from a foreign supplier, it will be easier to sell locally, as their loyal customers in your country will switch to buying from your vendor. And foreign suppliers will also have more forms of discounts, selling you cheaper bulk prices when they sell directly to customers. However, it will take longer for you to deliver the goods, and every time something goes wrong with your order, the exchange or return takes a huge amount of time for you. If you are interested in importing hair from them, you can give K Hair Factory, Qingdao Haiyi Hair Product Co.,Ltd, 5S Hair Factory a try.

Finally, body wave hair extensions are a famous hair type on the current market and are loved by many modern girls today. They have great texture and do not require daily hair care, so they are the best choice for busy girls. The information about them as well as the basic characteristics that you need to keep in mind have been provided in the above paragraphs. I hope they will be useful to you.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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