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The hair industry is developing more and more, thereby producing many “unique” hair colors to serve customers’ needs. There are many fashionable and extremely eye-catching hair dyes, such as ombre hair, highlighting,… However, for your hair to get the correct color like the pictures you see on the internet, you need to go through the stage is to remove the original hair color.


30 kg of blonded and other colors of hair from Russian Customer

K-Hair, a reliable hair warehouse worldwide, usually provides bleached hair with color # 613 so that customers can easily dye their favorite color. Alternatively, you can order from K-Hair with a picture of your desired hair color.

A. First of all, what is hair bleaching?

Bleaching removes melanin in the hair with specialized chemicals to make the hair lose its original color. Melanin is known to be the melanin that gives hair, skin, and eyes color.

When melanin is lost, the hair will turn white or gray, and this is the condition for bright dyed colors such as platinum, smoky gray, etc. to be colored. The darker the hair, the more concentrated bleach will be required, and the longer it will need to stay on the nose to lose the color completely.

Typically, the typical black/brown hair of Vietnamese people will have to undergo an average of 2 hair bleaches to be eligible to dye light hair.

B. What is the problem with hair after being bleached?

The bleaching progress damages the raw hair: hair becomes weak, dull, dry, extremely fragile, and more sensitive to environmental hazards such as ultraviolet rays, moisture. , etc.

However, if the real hair is 100% from humans, the effect on hair will be less than that of synthetic or mixed hair. Because if it is synthetic hair, the cuticle is always not aligned. Check the K-hair quality of the hairs after bleaching progress.


Photos of bleached hair in K-Hair

C. How to take care of bleached hair?

  1. Use the right shampoo, and do not wash your hair too much.

Most bleached hair will be famous in the European market to make hair extensions. However, the African market also loves such hot trend colors to make wigs. (You can also read about how to take care of wigs here.)

Because to keep the color of the hair and avoid the damage caused by bleaching, choosing the right shampoo is extremely important. Choose a shampoo that protects your dyed hair color, but don’t overdo it and wash your hair too many times a week.


Use the right shampoo, and do not wash your hair too much

Immediately after bleaching and dying, at least for the first three weeks, you should wash your hair less, about two times a week is best. After three weeks, it is best to maintain the frequency of shampooing once every two days. That way, you will preserve your hair’s original state for as long as possible and not fall into the land of fast, sticky, curly hair.

  1. Boost the conditioner


    Using more and more conditioner is the most necessary thing

According to research experts, the bleaching and dyeing process loses the hair elasticity by up to 60%. The secret to helping your hair recover quickly during this time is to moisturize.

The thing to remember here is that bleached hair is very dry and easy to get split ends, so don’t ignore the conditioner that helps keep your hair color when you wash your hair, and use a moisturizer once a week to quench your dehydrated hair.

Conditioner not only helps nourish hair, promotes hair after being affected by the bleaching process will gradually recover, but also helps hair to be smoother and healthier than when you use shampoo. Note, you can only use conditioner at the ends of your hair, not on both the scalp and the roots, to avoid the condition in the conditioner can not focus on nourishing your hair but also make your hair.

  1. Limit hair drying

The bleached hair will inevitably be weak and needs meticulous care, especially when using heat on the nose to style. The best way to take care of your hair now is to limit the use of heat on your hair, and you should roll your hair and wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your hair from the sun.


Limit the use of a dryer to dry bleached hair

If you need to style your hair to party with friends, you should head over to the hair salon to help you. This is a point worth considering for those who love to make up but do not know how or do not have much time to take care of their hair.

  1. Change towels often

After washing your hair, letting it dry naturally in the wind is something you need to know. Moreover, a towel will be a great helper to help the hair dry time faster. Investing in a tiny hair towel is never a bad idea for any hair type. New towels absorb more water and help reduce the impact on hair that can cause damage and breakage.


Use a soft towel to dry bleached hair

You should also regularly change towels every two months, so that bleached hair is in the best environment. Using a soft towel will make the hair dry faster and prevent hair loss or damage to the scalp.

Bleached hair needs the most careful care because it is damaged by hydrogen peroxide – a highly oxidizing chemical and strong bleaching process. Hydrogen peroxide combines with ammonia and colorants that disrupt hair cuticles, release oxygen, and discolor hair. The above are essential shares for those using hair bleach from Ms. Jennie, a hair expert from K-Hair. K-Hair with 20 years ‘experience in exporting hair in the world market will satisfy all customers’ needs. If you want to have bleached hair colors available or any color you like, contact Jennie Expert for the best support. 

Contact me now for discounts and support 24/7 from one of the most reliable wholesale hair vendors:

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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