How To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Say Goodbye To Flat Look

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Ever run into the problem of greasy bangs and have to ask “why are my bangs always greasy”? Then you know how frustrating it can get when your hair is looking as flawless as ever but your bangs look like an oily mess because bangs get oily fast. You’ll irritatingly ask why do my bangs get so greasy or how to stop bangs from getting oily! Not only does it make your hair look bad and affect your overall look, but it will also make you want to go and wash your hair as a method of how to avoid greasy bangs, which can lead to the nasty habit of over-washing your hair. 

Bangs always greasy can be caused by the oil on your forehead, or the heat from your helmet lining, and many other factors. It doesn’t mean your hair and greasy curtain bangs are dirty and you should wash it right away as a method of how to make bangs look less greasy, but it isn’t a great look on you either. Lucky for you, we have some tricks up our sleeves on oily bangs quick fix to help you with your greasy bangs. Read on to know all the oily bangs tips and know how to deal with them!

TIP 1 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: No Conditioning For Your Bangs

While shampoo is necessary, even for oily hair, not conditioning your bangs when it is greasy might be the better choice for how to not get greasy bangs. When you wash your hair, shampoo your bangs as usual, but skip the conditioner. Your bangs won’t suffer from drying out or splitting if you don’t use a conditioner, unlike your whole head of hair. By not adding extra hydration, your bangs won’t get oily as fast. Also, avoid putting conditioner on your scalp so there will be no extra grease. Conditioning one-third of your hair length away from your roots will be better. 


TIP 1 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: No Conditioning For Your Bangs

TIP 2 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Dry Shampoo

About why are my bangs so greasy, over-washing your hair is a nasty habit that will cause your hair to weaken, especially for processed hair like bleached hair instead of being useful in how to fix greasy hair as many people may think. You don’t have to wash your hair just because your bangs are greasy. In fact, there is an amazing greasy bangs quick fix tip. Just apply dry shampoo to absorb the grease instead!

Here is how to use dry shampoo on bangs. For powdered dry shampoo, sprinkle a little onto the oily area, wait 10 minutes, then brush it evenly through your hair. If using a spray, hold it at least 8 inches (20cm) away, spray at the roots, then brush it through your hair. Spray lightly, since the spray can give your hair a weird texture or a greyer color. You can even use cornstarch or baby powder if you have light hair or cocoa powder for dark hair. These will soak up extra oil that makes your bangs greasy. And these are the steps of how to make bangs less greasy with dry shampoo to follow.

TIP 2 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Dry Shampoo

TIP 2 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Dry Shampoo

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TIP 3 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Pin Your Bangs Back

Got no time for dry shampoo? Then, how to fix greasy bangs without dry shampoo? Simply using a hair clip to clip your bangs back and away from your forehead is a good way of how to prevent bangs from getting greasy. Not only will it make your bangs less visible and hide away the greasiness, but it will also keep your bangs from getting any more oiling from touching your forehead directly. When you’re at it, might as well try out some pretty hair clips or hair accessories to up your hairstyling game and make everything cuter too.

If you use the bangs hair extensions, you will need to put off the bangs instead of pinning them backs. It is a good tip of how to make bangs not greasy. This can be more convenient for ones who want the bangs just temporarily and don’t want to deal with such greasy bangs. To do so, please remember to choose the products produced by reliable human hair bulk companies and distributed by prestigious retailers.


TIP 3 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Pin Your Bangs Back

TIP 4 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: How To Wash Bangs Separately

If you really don’t like the feeling of oil in your bangs, then wash and shampoo your bangs only. All you need to know is how to wash bangs separately. That’s how to keep your bangs from getting greasy straightforward. By washing your bangs separately, the other parts of your hair won’t be damaged from over-washing.


TIP 4 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Wash Your Bangs Separately

TIP 5 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: No Touchy

Do you know one of the main answers to the question of why do my bangs get greasy so fast? Like your scalp, your fingertips also produce natural oil. By touching your bangs, you will add a tiny bit of oil from your fingertips. To answer why do bangs get oily so fast, if you have the habit of constantly sweeping your bangs back, chances are your bangs are going to get oily faster. If you have a habit of twirling your hair or running your hand over your head, learn how to stop. 


TIP 5 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: No Touchy!

TIP 6 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Wash Your Face 

Your bangs will come in contact with your forehead, thus making them exposed to the extra oil from your skin. Wash your face whenever oils build-up, so they don’t transfer to your bangs. If you’re on the go, use oil removal wipes to wipe away your problems. When you’re sweating, remember to wipe off sweat from your forehead and hairline. Sweating is also a reason why do bangs get greasy so fast. If your skin is particularly oily, keep your bangs pinned up or to the side. That’s how to keep curtain bangs from getting greasy quickly.


TIP 6 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Wash Your Face

TIP 7 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Light Forehead Makeup

Makeup is oily. If you apply it thick and heavy on your forehead, chances are it will rub off onto your bangs, which will cause it to become greasy faster. Your bangs will cover up your forehead, so there is no need for heavy makeup there. Otherwise, you will be in the situation of “my bangs always look greasy”.


TIP 7 To Prevent and Fix Greasy Bangs: Light Forehead Makeup

And these are all the tips on how to not get greasy bangs, including how to fix them with hair care products, fix greasy hair without dry shampoo, and many other home-based tips. We hope that we’ve helped you counter back on your bangs problems and answer the question of why are my bangs oily confidently.

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