Protective Hairstyles – 8 Best Inspirations From Celebrities

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Extreme heat and humidity accompany the summer season, which are not ideal for many ladies with coily hair. The warm weather, beach days, and summer vacation have piqued your interest. Women with coily hair benefit from protective hairstyles in the summer. If you’re still undecided, keep reading for celebrity-inspired protective hairstyles.


Protective hairstyles – Best inspirations from celebrities

1. Penetrating the term protective hairstyles

Some ladies believe that protective style is the secret to hair development and health. Others claim that the stress in some of these styles might cause breakage, particularly if your hair isn’t properly hydrated. Especially when it comes to the summer hairstyles, besides some of other common hairstyles, protective hairstyles are also highly recommended.

1.1. What are protective hairstyles and Why do people love them?

Protective hairstyles keep your hair ends tucked down to prevent pulling or manipulation, limiting the stress of external variables on natural hair. However, if you don’t  properly care for your hair while wearing these styles, you may end up harming your natural one.


What are protective hairstyles?

Hair that is styled in protective hairstyles is less likely to tangle or catch on clothing or accessories. A protective hairstyle can benefit our roots and hairline as we shift the points of strain on our scalp. In the curly hair chart, they are also considered the coily ones.

Because our coils may be exceedingly sensitive, protective hairstyles are great for people with curly hair and many African-American women, according to the specialist. To keep hair safe and enable it to grow, use protective hairstyles like box braids, cornrows, and wigs.


Why are protective hairstyles popular?

1.2. Common kinds of protective hairstyles

Two-strand twists, cornrows or box braids are examples of protective styles, yet the fashions are honest. In overall, they are developed from three main types of protective hairstyles.

1.2.1. Braided hairstyles

Braids are regarded as the most common and simple protective hairstyles. They can be plaited all over the head to the middle back, or lie around your hair scalp for little manipulation. They efficiently preserve your hair ends from pressures including over-movement and exposure to the elements.

Some examples of popular braid types are cornrow, box braids or simply braided hair. They are all attractive and special. They are undoubtedly among the first choices when it comes to braided hairstyles. Besides braiding the real hair, using hair extensions from hair extensions suppliers are also very popular nowadays. As a result, wholesale hair extensions are also a lucrative investment for hair vendors.


Braided hairstyles – Protective hairstyles

1.2.2. Twisted hairstyles

Twists are a great low-maintenance protective hairstyle because they assist to preserve moisture in the hair for longer while also keeping it tangle-free. Two portions of hair are twisted together to the hair ends in this twist. The twists range from little to enormous and hefty, and you may leave them in for weeks. The twist technique can also be used in conjunction with other forms of protection.

Senegalese twists, Havana twists, Marley twists, two-strand, three-strand, goddess locs, and fake locs are all popular twist styles. They are all loved by all women as they are so trendy, fashionable and individual.


Twisted hairstyles – Protective hairstyles

2. Things to know before getting protective hairstyles

Women with coily hair benefit from protective hairstyles in the summer. They are free to get up and leave. Jump into the water with abandon. Sweat all day without having to look in the mirror to check their hair. Despite excellent benefits, you need to know some of the following things before deciding to have these hairstyles.

2.1. How to maintain protective hairstyles

You are recommended to wash your hair twice a week to eliminate buildup and maintain your protective style looking fresh. Also, please remove your wig and wash the braids underneath it if you’re wearing one. Moisturization is also essential for preserving your hair under wigs! To keep your hair hydrated, reduce breakage, and stimulate growth, oil your scalp or spray it with a leave-in conditioning mist on a daily or weekly basis.


How to maintain protective hairstyles?

One of the most common mistakes is that you leave your protective situations for an excessively long time. A protective style is meant to aid (not hurt) your hair, but if you keep it in it for too long, it will work against you. The average time is 6 to 8 hours. Remember that the longer you wear your protective hairstyles, the more build-up you’ll get. You’ll also have new growth exerting strain on your braids or twists, which might lead to the breaking you’re trying to avoid. Finding a happy medium for your hair is so crucial.

2.2. Appropriate time to take your protective hairstyles off

Natural hair that grows from your scalp in designs like box braids or twists is known as new growth. Because the braid is generated from the scalp, the style loosens as your hair grows, exposing your real hair. The moment your hair grows to a particular length, generally a few millimeters, women who wear protective styles have their styles totally touched up, which means they remove the braided part which is around the circumference, refresh the uncovered hair, and after that replace the braids.


When to take your protective hairstyles off?

When you see accumulation in your hair, it’s another indicator that it’s time to remove your protective hairstyle. If you don’t wash your protected hair at the time  it’s in protective hairstyles, it will become unclean, just like when your natural hair were exposed with the condition that your scalp would be dry and peeling.

3. Some recommended protective hairstyles inspired from celebrities

Because of the wonderful advantages of protective hairstyles, many celebrities choose them as one of their signature styles whenever appearing in public. These are some recommended protective hairstyles you can bear in mind.

3.1. Box braids – Top most favored protective hairstyles

Box braids are a protective hairstyle that, with appropriate maintenance, may last 4 to 6 weeks. It’s ideal for the summer since it protects your hair completely. Many women dread having box braids installed because the process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.


Box braids – Top most favored protective hairstyles

Because braids might become damp, you can wash these ones once a week to maintain your clean scalp. As I have noted, undoing the braids which lie around the edges, washing your hair, and having your hair rebraided is one approach to extend the life of your braids.

3.2. Braided Crown and Low Bun – Elegant Protective Hairstyles For Black Women

A braided crown is one of the simplest ways to boost the appearance of a low bun. A braided crown is the perfect accessory to make you look like the queen you are. Combine the style with a low bun for a look that’s both stylish and good for your hair.

It’s a quick and easy transition from casual to formal. In addition, it’s a wonderful look for the office or special occasions.


Braided Crown and Low Bun – Elegant Protective Hairstyles For Black Women

3.3. Two Strand Twists – Protective hairstyles bring you dynamic look

Two strand twists is an amazing choice to help you have such a dynamic look. With this hairstyle, two hair strands are twisted together to create uniform twists along the hair strands. Their appearances are similar to tiny braids, but they are actually the two-strand not the three-strand one.

This style of twist is suitable for anyone. It can suit any style, from being active, individual to being elegant, charming, etc.


Two Strand Twists – Protective hairstyles bring you dynamic look

3.4. Pineapple updos – Best protective hairstyles for curly women

A pineapple updo is a protective style that may be worn both in bed and out. Pineapple updos are a popular choice among natural women, particularly when a twist-out has worn off.

A leave-in conditioning spray or curling cream may be used to renew your Pineapple updos on a daily basis. Simply spray the perimeter of your hair with water and gel, brush your hair into a ponytail, and secure with a string or wide ponytail holder.


Pineapple updos – Best protective hairstyles for curly women

3.5. Faux Locs – Top favorite protective hairstyles

One of the most favored protective hairstyles is faux locs. Faux locs are a terrific option if you’ve always wanted to see what you’d look like when you are with locs, however, you were terrified of the word.

Faux locs may look great on both men and women, and they’re a very easy style to maintain. You may apply your fake locs in one of two ways: by wrapping your braids with hair extensions or by crocheting the hair onto your braids. Glued or a lighter are frequently used to seal the ends. In case your hair is not voluminous enough for this style, you can also use the hair extension from a hair warehouse distributor to help you. The result will also be natural and great.

Natural faux locs are said to be worn for up to a month. However, if you leave them in its forms for excessively long, you may face that your natural hair will begin to emerge below. Make an appointment with a fake locs professional since, depending on the length you want, this style does take time and certain procedures.


Faux Locs – Top favorite protective hairstyles

3.6. Medium Chunky Box Braids – Protective hairstyles with accessories

The braids have been shaped into a medium length bob with a center part and are finished off with gold accessories, which you may attempt. This is a gorgeous hairdo that will have you looking like a glam diva in no time.

You don’t have to stay to one style when picking accessories; you may mix and match them, like in our following hairdo. With cords and braid cuffs, the hair was braided into chunky braids. The cords and cuffs look great together since they’re fashionable and one-of-a-kind. You may go with gold, as shown, or experiment with various cord colors.


Medium Chunky Box Braids – Protective hairstyles with accessories

3.7. Flat Twists – Top best protective hairstyles

Cornrows and classic twists are combined in flat twists. And if you search Instagram using the hashtag #flattwists, you’ll see a plethora of variants on this look. Flat twists are also a terrific hairstyle to choose if you want your curl pattern to be more uniform.

They’re a terrific protective style that may last for a week or more. You may remove your flat twists at the end of the week to reveal a lovely twist-out.


Flat Twists – Top best protective hairstyles

3.8. Bantu Knot Hairstyles – Top attractive protective hairstyles

Everything from the 1990s is back in vogue, including this protective outfit, in case you hadn’t heard. Take a portion of hair and twist it from root to tip until it twists back on itself. Form a bun on top of your head with your twist and fasten it. Repeat this technique as many times as you can in your thoughts.

In our back pockets, we have Bantu knots. The knotted appearance is not just timeless (it dates back millennia), but it’s also quite adaptable. Twisting your hair into knots may help keep it protected and cut down on style time, whether your hair is particularly long, on the shorter side, or whether you’re just starting out on your natural hair adventure. You may also mix and match the look with other styles, such as elaborate feed-in braids, or apply it as a finishing touch on your week-old twist out.


Bantu Knot Hairstyles – Top attractive protective hairstyles

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