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The first and foremost step to pursue a proper hair with a collection of hair care products is to pick up the hair type and style as well. For more information, we are sharing about curly hair chart. Accordingly, if you have a deeper understanding about the curly hair chart, it is hassle-free to apply it without any worries. In case you have curly hair for such a long time and you are not sure what kind of curl belongs to you and what to choose for hair care, we will now clarify curly hair chart and remove concerns of customers when talking about this issue.


Curly hair chart

1. The definition of a curly hair chart

According to the source information of Andre Walker, curly hair chart tend to be divided into types and subtypes, starting with Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 which is equivalent to straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and coily or kinky hair. The sub-categorization of curly hair chart largely depends on the diameter or the width of your wave, curl, coil or kink, ranging from A to C. For instance, Type A tends to be the largest one, compared to the medium size of Type B and the smallest belongs to Type C. 

Sometimes, each type works independently or combines together for the best look of users. We have to believe that each one has its own perks with their own texture and traits, with different tight hair or coarse level also. In general, the division of curly hair charts has been a controversial debate for such a long time, regarding the narrow or wide aspects. No matter what, besides natural hairstyles or salon hairstyles, these are also popular hairstyles supplied by hair suppliers worldwide. Their charms are apparent.


What is curly hair chart?

That is the reason we are giving the first and foremost category of curly hair chart to make sure users are choosing the proper hairstyles which are suitable for you guys without worrying about their shortcomings or insecurity.

2. The category for curly hair chart

It is time to figure out the traits of curly hair chart with each and every single hair type. Follow us right now to clarify it.

2.1 Curly hair chart Type 1: Straight 

This is the first step with straight hair strands although it is lacking curly factors as its name suggests. Sometimes, people also wonder the reason behind wavy, kinky, or curly hair while others’ hair is straight and silky. All in all, the primary components for this explanation of human hair is the combination of the follicle – the root beneath the scalp of people and the hair shaft  visible hair strands no matter if your hair is straight or curly. 


Curly hair chart Type 1: Straight

In terms of the follicle, the shape has the ability to determine the wish of people for the growth of curly, straight, or twisted hair; along with the thickness of hair texture as well. If straight hair is the result of round follicles, curly hair, on the flip side, comes from oval-shaped follicles because the hair  strands become curlier in case the oval becomes narrower. Besides, the size of the follicle is larger, which is equivalent to the thickness of hair strands.

What about the shaft? Keratin bonds are considered as influencing the shape and size – a fibrous protein in the shafts of our hair. It is believed that the keratin content of curly hair is higher than straight hair. That’s why for those who want to straighten their curly hair, they need to go to physical salons and suffer from chemical treatment instead of doing this stage at home. 

2.2 Curly hair chart Type 2: Wavy

Wavy hair is one of the best hairstyles to try and has gained popularity with a charming and splendid look. The texture of wavy hair is the middle of straight and curly hair. Wavy hair tends to be slightly flat and straight in the root which can form the S-shaped pattern. Due to this, it is hassle-free to straighten if you want to change your curly hairstyles. Your hair might be light or thick, and it is usually easier to straighten and curl than other curl types. There is a difference from the Z letter angles, this curly hair chart belongs to S letter angles formed with the softness. 


Curly hair chart Type 2: Wavy

On the other hand, according to the feedback of users, if you don’t follow a proper hair care routine, you may put wavy hair at a significant risk of becoming rough or dry over time. That is why we need to highly appreciate daily maintenance of wavy hair. 

2.3 Curly hair chart Type 3: Curly

With the main texture of curly hair being bouncy, the truth is curly hair has less curly, if we make a comparison with kinky hair. Behind the dryness of curly hair is due to the  excessive natural oils from the scalp. With this curly hair type, the curl pattern can be divided into 3a, 3b, and 3c based on its tightness. 


Curly hair chart Type 3: Curly

The different shapes of curls vary from ringlets, rounds, loops, and even spiral shapes with different levels of hair volume, including thick, thin, fine, medium, or coarse. According to the highly paid attention of hair experts, curly hair is advised to be taken care of on a daily basis with suitable recipes and focus on its dryness and greasy factors. We also need to be honest that having curly hair is one of the effective ways to boost our hair volume during daily activities, rather than using temporary solutions. 

2.4 Curly hair chart Type 4: Coily 

In terms of curly hair chart, coily is the popular one also with the other name as kinky hair. Tight corkscrews or a ‘Z’ shaped pattern step by step create a solid foundation for the root of coily hair. With different tight curls, the hair length of coily often is shorter, which is known as shrinking. If you think that curly hair is the driest one, you are totally wrong. Coily hair is deemed as truly dry in the list of curly hair chart. 


Curly hair chart Type 4: Coily

Talking about coily hair, people suppose it is lively, free, and full of hair volume. Sometimes, many people think that coily hair and kinky hair are the same although there are some differences in their texture and natural form. From root to end, the strands of curly hair  are incredibly tight with little curls. As this hairstyle is hard to style if you were not born with it, many hair in bulk factories also produce this hair extension style to meet the giant demand of the customers.

3. Recommendations for caring hair of curly hair chart 

Moisture and hydration is the leading issue when we refer to proper hair care routine day by day. Straight hair is likely the type that does not care much for maintenance whereas it takes much time to supply essential nutrients, moisture and something like that for curly hair. The detailed steps will be listed in this part: 

3.1 Pick up proper shampoo and conditioner

It is highly vital to consider choosing shampoo and conditioner. Whatever we need is to stay away from toxic or chemical ingredients which have a negative effect on the growth and the moisture of curly hair chart, namely curly, coily, and wavy. The suggestion is to choose the hair care products containing some following ingredients: keratin, aloe vera, natural or essential oils, such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil,..; shea butter, animal protein, or sort of like that. 


Curly hair chart with proper hair care products

The frequency of once or twice seems suitable for washing curly hair chart to maintain the moisture and proper hydration for curly strands, as well as a feasible manner to avoid dirty substances.

One more important thing, adjusting the temperature of water also makes a great contribution to the growth of hair texture. The advice is not to choose hot or cold water to remove nutrients from curly hair chart . 

3.2 Use hair masks for hair of curly hair chart

As we mentioned earlier, due to their dryness, one of the effective ways to maintain the softness and bouncy element of curly hair chart, users can take full advantage of a hair mask to add up the moisture. With common and popular ingredients in the kitchen, including egg, honey, avocado, banana, yogurt, users can mix it up and let this combination overnight and experience its performance after several times. 


Curly hair chart with hair masks

Thanks to the amazing nutritions of those things, the dry problem can be improved significantly. More importantly, users don’t need to worry about the safety criteria with organic or natural ingredients. With the support of natural hair masks, they have the ability to protect curly hair chart from bad factors, including environments, weather conditions, and so on. 

3.3 Do not brush hair of curly hair chart

In other words, users need to figure out how to brush curly hair in a proper way. Generally, curly hair chart is vulnerable and fragile when we use a comb to brush. 

The best way to stay away from breakage or damage, it is better to brush or comb curly hair in the shower with a wide-tooth comb during the time you conditioner your hair. Instead of using a normal hairbrush, users can spend their budget on high-quality brush with natural bristles to protect hair strands for a long run.


Curly hair chart – Curly hair brushing

3.4 Focus on hair of curly hair chart during bedtime 

Don’t forget to keep an eye on curly hair chart even when we are about to go to sleep. This is an amazing step to make sure our effort for taking care of hair on a daily basis does not waste. There are some offers users can utilize to protect curly hair chart during bed time:

  • Choosing silk or satin  material for pillowcase, rather than cotton or others: Silk is the greatest material for avoiding hair tangles caused by friction between the hair and the pillow when sleeping. If silk pillowcases aren’t available, a plain silk shawl can be utilized to cover the pillow.

Curly hair chart – Bed time note

  • Using hair bonnet: another way is to base on the support of hair bonnet to cover the whole head of curly hair, maintain the order of hair strands. You will not be recommended to use such hard products like claw clips during bed time. Though claw clip hairstyles are so fancy, they are not gentle enough for hair resting time!

The last words we would like to hope readers can find out the best version of themselves with the best perfect choice for curly hair chart! 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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