5 Coolest And Most Badass Hairstyles For Girls Without Shaving

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Want to look like a real baddie but don’t want to shave your hair or dye everything in neon colors? Well, then we have some great news for you. Turns out there are a bunch of hairstyles that can make you feel like a real badass girl without you having to sacrifice some of your hair or risk running into a disaster trying to dye your hair at home. If you want to know how to look like a rebel with just a few simple twists to your hair, check out our list of the most badass hairstyles that won’t need shaving.  

These hairstyles are all great and dramatic styles that won’t require you to change anything about your hair. All you need for recreating them is to know how to braid, or just have some hair clips on hand, which every girl should have. They’re simple, easy, and can be a really fun way to change things up once in a while, so read on to know more!

Badass Hairstyles No 1: The Mohawk Pull-through Braid

The first hairstyle is the mohawk pull-through braid. It’s super badass, dramatic but so beautiful as well. It can make you feel like a real Viking queen without you having to shave off half of your head. Don’t let the look intimidate you, this braid is actually very to recreate. 

Start off by sectioning off the front of your hair into the center mid-section of your hairline. Create two ponytails at the center of your head in a mohawk formation. Split the first ponytail into two sections and put the second ponytail in between the sections that you have just created. Then tie off the sections into a ponytail. Repeat this step and add more hair along the way until you have reached the end of your hair. You can add hair rings or other side braids to make the style more badass. 


Badass Hairstyles No 1: The Mohawk Pull-through Braid

Badass Hairstyles No 2: The Faux Undercut

If you have no time to style your hair but still want to look chic, sharp and sophisticated, then this style is one of your best choices. It can go with everything, from punk rock outfits to glamour evening gowns, and can turn you into the center of the room. It’s elegant but has sharp edges, and no doubt makes you look like the femme fatale in Hollywood movies. 

To style your hair this way, start by placing a side or deeper side part, and section the portion desired to pin under. You can clip the rest of your hair aside for easier movement. Use lightweight styling cream (or pomade for thicker, coarser hair), and comb through until evenly distributed in case you want an ultra-sleek look. Secure this section back behind the ear and at the nape of the neck by cross-hatching bobby pins in an x shape for extra security. Hide the pins with the rest of your hair.


Badass Hairstyles No 2: The Faux Undercut

Badass Hairstyles No 3: The Cornrows Braids

It will be a shame if we talk about badass hairstyles but not include the cornrow’s braids. It’s one of the most iconic badass looks that can boost any girl’s confidence up to the sky and make them feel like a real baddie, both outside and inside. Another bonus point of the cornrows, aside from looking pretty, is that it is also a protective hairstyle, which can encourage the growth of your hair when done correctly. 

To recreate this style, section your hair depending on how many braids you wish to have. Clip the rest of your hair aside and start working one section at a time. Start with a three-strand braid and add more hair along the way until you have reached the end of your hair. Tie it off and repeat the same process with other hair sections. 


Badass Hairstyles No 3: The Cornrows Braids

Currently in the market, there are also braiding hair extensions for you to try this hairstyle in case you don’t have enough time to braid your real hair and keep the style for long. The most popular way is that top best human hair bulk factories will produce the hair extensions and then distribute them to resellers all over the world. After that, you will come to resellers’ places to buy the hair extensions in a small quantity like just one or two products.

Badass Hairstyles No 4: The Punk Pomp

For girls who love ponytails, or want to change up your ponytail game once in a while, this style is definitely a must-try. It’s pretty, and it’s super quick to do. Plus, it gives off the punk rock vibe from the old-time as it’s the recreation of the iconic and timeless pompadour, but with a twist. 

With this style, you want to section hair into four sections: a base and center top to create the pomp, and two side sections to be slicked back. Start with the top section up and out of the way. Comb through, then bring the side sections taught and straight back. Secure near the crown of the head once again by cross-hatching bobby pins in an x formation.

Then starting from the back of the center section, direct hair upward and gently tease/ backcomb with a rat tail comb or teasing brush. Gently brush back the center section from the top to form pomp and secure it with bobby pins. Feel free to use the help of hairspray to tame any stray strand of hair. 


Badass Hairstyles No 4: The Punk Pomp

Badass Hairstyles No 5: The Space Buns

And last but not least, the space buns – which is also a spirit hairstyles during summer days. This style is super cute but can be super badass at the same time. You won’t need much effort with this hairstyle, as it is the easiest style on our list. All you’ll need is some hair ties and a comb. 

The process is super quick and simple. Start by brushing your hair and parting it into two equal sections. Clip one away and then start working with the other. Make a high ponytail, then wrap it around into a bun. Secure the bun with hair ties or bobby pins. Fluff out the bun to make it look bigger. Repeat the same process with the other side. 


Badass Hairstyles No 5: The Space Buns

And there you have it, the most badass hairstyles that can be recreated without shaving your hair or dye it into some neon color. You can look like a rebel without risking turning your whole head into a hot mess. 

We hope that you feel inspired by our post. If you want to know more awesome hairstyles, then check out our post on Top 5 Best Ways To Braid Your Hair 2021 Edition and Top 5 Best And Hottest Hair Trends Of 2021. Check out our awesome hair extensions such as ombre, wavy, or raw bulk if you need some extra help with hairstyling too.

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