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Have you ever wondered why Korean women wear claw clips in their hair and how they become gorgeous and splendid with claw clip hairstyles? If you want to have both neat and stylish hair, here is the moment to learn how “kimchi” girls tie their hair with clip claws in a sumptuous style. Many sisters adore crab claw clips, which are a hair accessory. When coupled with clothing, the claw clip not only keeps her hair neater, but it also adds stylish highlights. As a result, you should get this item ready to create some lovely hairstyles. 


Claw clip hairstyles for you

1. The convenience of claw clip hairstyles

Before getting the full details about claw clip hairstyles, we want to share about the potential use of claw clips for gorgeous women on a daily basis as hairstyles to try are always a popular concern of all women. Don’t miss it if your hair needs to be protected as much as possible. 

  • Make a bulge that looks natural: The claw clip makes your hair look more natural than a curling iron because of its flexible structure and shape. Your hair will become more bouncy and lustrous after each application, particularly after the time using claw clip hairstyles. Because the scalp is not stretched, proper and effective oil secretion is ensured, resulting in a stunning shine for the hair strands. This procedure will assist you in achieving the lovely curly hair you desire.
  • Minimize brokenness with large and gentle curls: The use of a claw clip to retain curls creates a huge curve, which makes the waves gentler. Furthermore, the entire hair will swell gradually, rather than creating a “false” feeling like when you use a roller to roll the hair ends. Your appearance will also become more spectacular, elegant, and feminine as a result of this.

The convenience of claw clip hairstyles

  • Simple and straightforward to execute: this approach is ideal for anyone with curly hair because it is simple to use and incredibly effective. To preserve the style at home, all you need is a clip and a simple hair wrap. Furthermore, it takes a long time for your hair to return to its original curly and bouncy state after the clip is removed. It can give your hair volume and curl in 3-4 hours on average.

2. The collection of hot trend clips for claw clip hairstyles 

There is a truth that with different tastes of consumers, it is vital to vary the material and notorious models’ clips for females to choose. With hair extensions, you’ll need to find the top best wholesale hair vendors or retailers for the best products, and with this hair accessories item, you can get one more easily in a lot of hair accessories stores. Let’s take a look at the collection of clip models that have been popular with women in the beauty industry. 

  • Squeezing the pearl clip: This pearl-studded claw clip was the first style of clip for claw clip hairstyles that made ladies squirm for a long time. This claw clip comes in a variety of patterns and sizes, ranging from large to small, to allow you to create a wide range of  looks. It is appropriate for thin hair or even thick hair. This is a clip model for females with a cute style and a little movement, giving the user nobility and grace.

Squeezing the pearl clip for claw clip hairstyles

  • Plastic clip: The plastic clips are the next model of crab claws mentioned. This type of clip is available in a number of designs and colors, depending on the individual’s tastes. With the light weight, there is not much pressure on our hair strands to get away from the brokenness or damage or harmful effect towards the scalps when applying claw clip hairstyles. 

Plastic clip for claw clip hairstyles

  • Metal clips made of metal: The next clip is constructed of metal and features the most popular designs and colors among young people. The maker has been very creative in making clips with a variety of shapes, such as stars, hearts, squares, rectangles, clamshell clamps, flowers, and so on. This clip model will assist ladies in creating nice hairstyles that will keep them cool on hot summer days while also being attractive and highlighting their hair.

Metal clip for claw clip hairstyles

  • Butterfly-shaped claw clip: The butterfly claw clip model is another model that gets the huge attraction of users, whether you are young girls or ladies. Don’t forget to try this one to become unique and be confident as well! 

Butterfly-shaped clip for claw clip hairstyles

3. Claw clip hairstyles for long hair

It is time to experience our suggestions for fashionable and stunning claw clip hairstyles on  a daily basis. If you have tried one of these, don’t hesitate to share your experience with us and pick up your favorite hairstyles. Also, you can think of the zodiac signs hairstyles to style your long hair most attractively as well.

3.1 Half up claw clip hairstyles 

Because of its tidy and exquisite elegance while yet being highly charming and feminine, this half-tipped hairstyle with crab claws is quite popular in Korea and is regarded as one of the most acceptable options for office girls. count. Not only those with long hair, but also those with short hair, can attempt this style for a lovely and cute look. If you are truly into half up claw clip hairstyles, there are two methods to arrange it with a fashionable hairpin. 

  • Start taking the hair on the top half of the head, regulating the volume to avoid flattening the hair, using the top of the ear as a border. Secure hair with clamps, then loosen and tweak until you are totally satisfied. 

Half up claw clip hairstyles

  • To obtain the basic half-up hairstyle of claw clip hairstyles, take the hair over the ears on both sides. Twist the hair you have just taken with your hands, then roll it into a bun (like a messy bun). Finally, secure the bun by clamping the claws. This haircut can help you get a cool look by sharpening your facial outlines and reducing the amount of stray hair. 
  • You can also use your hands to gently twist a section of your hair, roll it in a circular manner, and secure it with a clip. For people who want tenderness, this hairstyle provides lightness, grace, and a little momentum.

3.2 Low bun claw clip hairstyles 

Low bun hairstyle is a simple yet effective approach to build a low bun with a crab pin that is ideal for females in case your hair is shoulder length or medium hair. This low bun hairstyle is quite popular in the hot summer due to the convenience, neatness, and cooling. With a simple crab pin, you can bun in a variety of ways.


Low bun claw clip hairstyles

  • Gather your hair behind your ears, determine the height of your bun, then fold the hair in half (ends facing up) and cup with an elastic band.
  • Roll the remaining ponytail around the bun produced above with your hands, clip the claws, and tweak till you are happy with your application. 

3.3 Twisted do claw clip hairstyles 

The cool and neat high bun twisted do is always the first and foremost option of girls if you are living in the hot and sunny summer weather. When you are sick of the same old bun styles, try investing in a long form clamp and practicing our instructions as  below.

  • To begin, knot your hair low at the nape of your neck using a hair band. 

Twisted do claw clip hairstyles

  • Then, fold the ends of the hair and secure them with a long-style crab claw clip, gripping the entire length of the hair to keep it from falling out while also adding a lovely part.

3.4 Low ponytail claw clip hairstyles 

A low ponytail is a classic hairstyle, but when paired with the lovely claw clips, it takes on a whole new, more elegant and sophisticated appeal. So, if you want to modify your beloved hairdo, keep the following simple tips in mind.


Low ponytail claw clip hairstyles

  • Comb and gather your hair behind your ears, establish the height of the low ponytail you desire, and secure it with your hands.
  • Twist the hair tightly 2-3 times with your hands, then attach it with the crab claws. You can bind your hair with a hair band first and then clip it with a claw clip if you wish.

4. Claw clip hairstyles for short hair 

The clip merely clamps behind the nape of the neck with short hair to assist fix the hair as the main function for limited hair volume. Those who are falling in love with flexible beauty, on the other hand, can create a range of hairstyles with this attractive hair accessory by becoming creative in ways that are both cute and personal, such as the ones we have listed below.

4.1 Clip the whole hair for claw clip hairstyles 

This method of clipping the claws for short hair is also very simple and applied by anyone before. If you are a newbie and haven’t tried it, don’t worry, follow our instruction to get this type of claw clip hairstyles: 

  • Grab all of the hair at the back of the neck, turn it slightly upwards, and then fasten it with the crab claws.

Clip the whole hair for claw clip hairstyles 

  • Use extra bobby pins to make your hair more neat. Align the hair a little on the sides, with the hair hanging at the nape of the neck.
  • So you have finished the first crab claw clip hairdo. This haircut is both basic and attractive, enhancing the elegance of short-haired women.

It’s worth noting that the candle comes with a long claw clip that’s the perfect size and shape for hair. Hair will become tangled if the clips are too small.

4.2 Half style for claw clip hairstyles 

Clamping Korean crab claws is a trendy trend, and the following way will make them look even more remarkable and draw everyone’s attention to them. This is a highly “hot” and popular clamping approach today, and it’s also incredibly simple to use.

  • Punch two little curls or a small portion of hair at the top of the head and on the sides of the bangs, and brace with a clip.
  • After that, carefully pull both sides of the hair down to generate more droop.

Half style for claw clip hairstyles

This short hair clip will soften and feminineize your hair and face, making it perfect for office girls by instilling a sense of neatness, respect, and grandeur.

We have to admit that there is no struggle with claw clip hairstyles for our transformation. We hope that with our practical knowledge and hassle-free application, readers of K-Hair company will select the best assesorty along with the best proper hairstyles for your elegant look! 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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