5 Best Chic Hairstyles That Worth A Try (2021 Edition)

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It takes more than just clothes and makeup to be a classy lady. Hairstyles also play an important part in how you look and often play the role of the last factor that ties everything together. In order to look awesome in your chic outfits, you gotta have a chic hairstyle. With that being said, let’s take a look with us at the best chic hairstyles that never go out of style. 

Our list might be short, but they will give you the 5 best chic hairstyles that look great and timeless. It will give you more inspiration on how to up your hairstyling game a level, as well as build a better style too. What are you waiting for, check it out now!

The Neat Pixie – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 1.

The Neat Pixie - Classic Chic Hairstyles No 1.

The Neat Pixie – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 1.

It’s neat, it’s bold and it’s pretty. The neat pixie is a great hairstyle for girls who are bold and unafraid to show the world what they got. If you want a chic look straight out of the magazine without fussing around to style your hair in the morning, then this is a must-try style for you. Plus, as the summer is already approaching, this hairstyle will be great as it can keep off the sweat gathered at your nape, which is annoying and uncomfortable af. 

This hairstyle can fit any type of face shape, depending on how you plan to have your pixie haircut at your hair salon. However, people with oval face shapes will fit this style the most as it can add more dimension to your face as well as sharpen your facial features. 

The Classic Bob – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 2.

The Classic Bob - Classic Chic Hairstyles No 2

The Classic Bob – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 2

Another great chic hairstyle for the summer is the bob. It’s classy, it’s elegant and feminine but no doubt bold when done right. It’s easy to style and won’t take much time out of your morning routine, but look classy and beautiful with almost any type of outfit, casual or formal. If you want a classy chic look, then definitely give this style a try. 

People with round faces should pick wavy or curly bobs as they can frame your face, thus make your face appear slimmer. If you have a square face shape, a layered bob will be your best choice as it can make your facial features soften and become more beautiful. For people with an oval face shape, then you can easily pick any kind of bob. 

The Lob – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 3.

The Lob - Classic Chic Hairstyles No 3.

The Lob – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 3.

Unlike the bob, with the lob, you won’t have to be afraid of making your face look more square or wider. This hairstyle can suit any face shape without needing too much time to contemplate which style you should pick. It’s sophisticated, lovely, and cute. It’s great for the casual smart style, and the more elegant lady style as well. It is also suitable for updos from casual to glam.

If you are wondering which hairstyle to pick the next time you go to the salon for a haircut, but don’t want to run into the problem of making your face shape appear wider or less flattering, then the lob is a safe choice. You can have fun with how you cut it too, so don’t ever think this is a boring look. 

The Tousled Waves – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 4.

The Tousled Waves - Classic Chic Hairstyles No 4.

The Tousled Waves – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 4.

If you don’t want to cut your hair cause you’re still in love with your long locks, then this is the style for you. The tousled waves will always be a timeless classy hairstyle that can never truly go out of style. Actresses wear it on the red carpet, supermodels rock this style in the magazine. You don’t have to be in their fancy clothing and walk around in a million dollars handbag like them, but you still can rock this hairstyle with the chic outfits in your closet just fine.  

It’s super classy and feminine and can be beautiful with or without makeup. All you ever need to look awesome with this hairstyle is to put on some berry lipstick and you’re done. And while it does take a little more effort in styling and maintaining than the other hairstyles, its charm and beauty will certainly be worth it.  

The Layers – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 5.

The Layers - Classic Chic Hairstyles No 5

The Layers – Classic Chic Hairstyles No 5

Another classic hairstyle that has been worn by celebrities countless times is the layered haircut. This hairstyle is a great choice for people with fine hair, as it can add more texture to your hair, thus making everything appear much fuller and more voluminous. People with square faces will also love this hairstyle as it can make their faces slimmer and make their facial features shine out. 

This hairstyle on its own is pretty enough without needing any accessories or makeup. You can match it with any type of outfit and look, not just the chic ones. If you’re a girl who loves long hair but wants something more dynamic and has a sharpness to it, then try this hairstyle out.  

And there you have it, some of the most classic chic hairstyles that can never be truly out of style. These are all simple but pretty hairstyles that can suit many face shapes, so the next time you’re wondering which hairstyle should you pick the next time you give yourself a new haircut, then definitely try one of these hairstyles out. 

If you want more on other hairstyles, then check out our post on Top 5 Best Summer Hairstyles 2021 Updated and Top 5 Best Red Carpet Hairstyles That Rock The Internet. Check out K-Hair’s awesome hair extensions such as ombre, wavy, or raw bulk if you need some extra help with hairstyling too. 

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