Top 5 Best Updos: From Casual To Glam (2023 Edition)

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There is nothing more elegant than a hair updo. It’s undeniably one of the best go-to hairstyles to wear to formal events such as a fancy dinner date or prom. If you’re wondering which way to style your hair the next time you attend a wedding or join a fancy party, then check out our list of the best updos that can glam you up in a second.

These updos are great for not only formal occasions but charming with casual outfits as well, especially for casual summer hairstyles. If you know how to braid, then you’ll find them pretty simple and won’t take much more time than your normal braids. Read on to find out more and get inspired to try new styles! 

1. Rope Braids Updo – Best Updos That Are Simple

This awesome hair updo’s charm lies in the fact that it can be done with a long, medium, or even short hair length. If you know the basic rope braid, then this style will be as easy as a piece of cake for you. All you need to recreate this easy yet eye-catching hairstyle is a brush, some bobby pins and hair elastics, and some help from the hairspray. 

If you want to add extra charm to this hair updo, then play around with accessories. Pearls and flowers are great choices if you’re planning to wear this to a wedding or a fancy dinner party. If you’re planning on wearing it with your casual everyday outfit, then just leave it plain is already enough. 


Rope Braids Updo – Best Updos That Are Simple

2. Dutch Braids Updo – Best Updos For A Romantic Look

Let’s say the previous updo was too simple for you and you want something more intricate to really make you stand out in the crowd. Well, then how about the Dutch braids updo? Similar to how you recreate the rope braids updo, simply create two Dutch braids and then wrap them up into a bun when you’ve reached the end of your scalp. For an even more intricate look, braid your hair down all the way like how you would normally do, then wrap up the ends into a bun. 

If you know how to do Dutch braids, then this shouldn’t be a challenge for you. The look on its own is already beautiful and romantic enough without needing any fancy hair accessories. Make sure you fan out everything to make your braids look bigger, thus creating the illusion of voluminous hair. 


Dutch Braids Updo – Best Updos For A Romantic Look

3. Simple Twisted Updo – Best Updos For A Quick Elegant Look

Not that good with braiding? Well, lucky for you, this style won’t require any fancy braiding technique at all. All you have to do is create a ponytail, then twist that ponytail around until it becomes taught. Then, wrap the ponytail around until you have a nice bun. Tug the end inside the bun and secure it with bobby pins to make the bun look seamless. Play around and fan your hair out for a more sultry look, or keep it tight for the ultra-elegant style. 

This hairstyle will look amazing with any evening gown. Pair it up with some glamorous earrings or a simple necklace and you will become the center of any dinner party or even red carpet. Plus, it’s super easy to do and won’t require any braiding technique at all, so you can do it in under 5 minutes. Easy and beautiful, what more do you need? 


Simple Twisted Updo – Best Updos For A Quick Elegant Look

4. High Braided Top Knot – Best Updos For A Glam Look

Speaking of glam, this hair updo is an amazing choice for the next prom that you’ll be attending. The top knot must be one of the most iconic prom looks, but why not take it to the next level with some braids? Braids make everything look more interesting as it creates more texture to your hair, and can make your hair look more voluminous than it actually is. 

All you need to do to recreate this style is brush and tie your hair into a high ponytail. Braid the ponytail however you like. Twisted rope braid, Dutch braid, fishbone braid,…doesn’t matter. It will look awesome once you’ve wrapped it all up into a bun. Add some pearl comb and crystal flowers and you’ve got yourself a prom queen look. 


High Braided Top Knot – Best Updos For A Glam Look

5. Slicked-Back Bun – Best Updos For The Ultra Chic Look

And last but not least, if you’re a classy lady but don’t have the skills, or the time to do any of the updos that are mentioned above, then just stick to a slicked-back bun. This style will never fail to look elegant and graceful, despite being the simplest hair updo in the bunch. All you have to do is brush your hair really well and maybe use some hair gel to help create the slicked-back look, then tie it into a bun. 

This hairstyle is best worn with smokey makeup and red berry lipstick for the ultra Hollywood glam look. However, if you don’t want something that is too extra, just the red lipstick is fine. This style is perfect not only for weddings and formal parties but also for job interviews or working days. 


Slicked-Back Bun – Best Updos For The Ultra Chic Look

We hope that our post on the best updos can help you with the hairstyling game and give you new ideas to try out the next time you’re joining a fancy party or go to the prom. If you’re finding yourself a little rusty with your braiding skill, or want to know more about braiding, then check out our post on Top 5 Best Ways To Braid Your Hair 2021 Edition. For even more awesome hairstyles check out the Top 5 Best And Hottest Hair Trends Of 2021

Check out our awesome hair extensions such as ombre, wavy, or raw bulk if you need some extra help with hairstyling. And if you’re still hungry for more hair-related topics, then you can go here.

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