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Quick weaves
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Quick weave is no longer an unfamiliar hair extension method, especially with African women who prefer convenient protective hair extension types. This post will give you more useful information about this amazing hair extension by focusing on the details of  how to do quick weave, how long do quick weave last as well as a brief comparison with normal sew in weave.

Quick weaves

Quick weaves

Overview of quick weave

First things to know about quick weave are its definition and its pros and cons. Knowing these points will help you understand why quick weave is becoming so popular, and maybe consider trying this hair extension form as well.

Definition of quick weave

Quick weave is a quick application of weaves onto your head to achieve such a similar effect as a complete wig. However, it is more simple than making and installing a hair wig.

Quick weave includes hair weave bundles glued directly on the wig cap. This process is done directly on your head. This method makes wearing a quick weave a convenient but also protective way of changing the entire real hairstyle.

Quick weaves

Quick weaves

Pros and cons of quick weave

Mentioning the pros, wearing a quick weave is really beneficial:

  • Quick application: Fast applying is definitely a strength when it comes to quick weave. Instead of spending days making a wig on a mannequin head, you can have a full hair set within a few hours with a quick weave. The wig cap is applied right on your head together with the weaving process, so it’s much more convenient.
  • Easy removal: Together with the quick installation is easy removal as you just need to remove the set of wig cap and wefts out of your head. This takes only a couple of minutes  only.
  • Protective method: Quick weave is called a protective method because it covers all your head. In addition, the leave out with your real hair brings naturalness to the complete look.
  • Natural look: Naturalness comes from the leave out. This can be considered an advantage of quick weave compared to a wig. Besides the hair extension on the quick weave, you can also leave your hair out to use your real hairline and bangs. This is a perfect way to add volume to all your hairstyle but also look super natural.
  • Diverse styles: With a quick weave, you can choose any hairstyles such as bone straight or curly wavy. Moreover, quick weaves never prevent you from choosing fun styles like ponytail, half up half down and bangs which are supposedly not easy to look natural with other hair extension choices!
Pros of quick weaves

Pros of quick weaves

On the other hand, wearing quick weave also has some drawbacks:

  • Hairline damage: When you choose to wear a quick weave without a leave out, all of your hair is covered within the cap for about 1 month. This can affect the health of the hairline.
  • Short lifespan: A quick weave can only last for about 1 month, and it is considered quite a short time. 
  • Discomfort: Of course when you have all your real hair covered under the cap for 1 month without touching or caring, you cannot feel super comfortable. If you’re not used to it, wearing a quick weave is difficult.
  • Possible hair loss result: Also due to the real hair covering without hair care, it can cause some hair issues especially hair loss.
Cons of quick weaves

Cons of quick weaves

How to do DIY quick weave

Now comes one of the most important parts, guidance on how to wear a quick weave! Here are the lists of what to prepare and what steps to follow.

Guide on preparing

The list of ingredients includes:

  • 2-3 weft hair bundles
  • Hair wig cap
  • Hair glue
  • Other tools: scissors, blow dryer, hair ties, hair clips, comb

Step-by-step procedure

  • Step 1: Set your real hair ready for a quick weave: In order to let your hair stay neat, you need to tie or braid it and cover it within the wig cap. A wig cap is necessary as it will help protect your real hair from the glue you apply afterwards.
  • Step 2: Handle the leave out: If you choose to have the leave out to make the style look much more natural (almost all quick weave is done with a leave out), you need to cut the cap following your hairline and let the bangs out. Then, please tie the leave out neatly as styling it is the final part of the quick weave. 
  • Step 3: Apply the wefts: Before gluing the weaves on the wig cap, please make sure that everything is dry first. Then, you can stick the wefts on the cap normally like making a wig.
  • Step 4: Style the final look: The last step is to style your hair and the leave out part to make sure they are in the form you like and they look natural as well.
How to apply quick weaves

How to apply quick weaves

How long does a quick weave last

Then, how long does quick weave last? As mentioned quite a lot of time, the quick weaves can normally last 1 month. To keep the quick weave durable and well styled, you need to pay attention to hair care as well. For bedtime, please wear a bonnet to make sure the style is not messed up. Normally, you can also use the roller to shape the curl or a straightener to achieve the silky hair texture.

In addition, 1 month is also the recommended quick weave lifespan as if it lasts longer, it may not be good for your real hair. Covering your hair without hair care for such a long time is not good. It may cause shedding issues afterwards.

Quick weave vs sew in weave

Many people also wonder about the quick weave and sew in hair extensions, to see which one is better. Both are done with applying hair extensions on your head. Quick weave requires glue to stick the weft of the wig cap. Meanwhile, sew-in method requires sewing the wefts onto the braids made of your real hair.

Quick weave vs Sew in weave

Quick weave vs Sew in weave

  • Quick weave is definitely more suitable for people with real short hair which is not suitable to create at least a braid for sew-ins. This method is also better for ones who want to change their hairstyles completely. However, this method has a big drawback of being not good for real hair status.
  • Sew in weave is meanwhile suitable for people with long hair which can be made into braids. With this method, your real hair and the hair extensions are revealed together, so it hardly causes any hair damage. However, this requires a good blending between your real hair and the hair extensions to create a natural look, so the style option is restricted to your real hair’s style.

In conclusion, we hope that our share about quick weave, how to do one, how long do quick weave last and a quick comparison of quick weave and sew in weave is useful for you all. Hope you will achieve the amazing hairstyles you desire!

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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