Malaysian vs Indian hair: What should I choose?

Hair Business is becoming more and more prosperous recently. So how do you know how to verify Which Hair Extension is the best? This article below will differentiate between Malaysian vs Indian Hair and suggest some extremely useful tips for you Hair Business.

1. Overview about Malaysian vs Indian Hair?

Some Asian countries are always known as big hair wholesalers in the world. With a wide range of materials that are collected directly from some countries like Viet Nam, Malaysia, India,… Asia is becoming a golden destination for any hair vendor all over the world. This article will focus on differentiating Malaysian vs Indian Hair to distinguish which one is the best for you?

1.1. What is the Characteristics of Malaysian Hair?

First of all, to differentiate between Malaysian vs Indian hair in the wholesale hair vendors business, it is necessary for researching their characteristics. So What is the highlights of Malaysian hair extensions?

Malaysian vs Indian Hair

Why should you choose Malaysian Hair:

    • If you want volume and thickness, Malaysian hair is your best choice.  At the first sight, the hair is super shiny with natural waves and hair folds. The hair even looks more natural after washing without any hair-care product.
    • Long-Lasting curl pattern is the highlight in choosing Malaysian hair. Any lady always wants to keep her Hair Extension with beautiful-looking style as long as possible. Therefore, Durability is one of the best important elements in finding hair extension.
    • Color : Natural black with shiny luster is one of the big advantages to make Malaysian Hair be more luxurious. 

Combining all of the above, you partially answer the question of should you buy Malaysian hair or not?

1.2. What is the Characteristics of Indian Hair?

Indian Hair can be seen as one of the biggest raw material hair suppliers in the world. Some revelations about How Indian people collect hair material: “In Hindu culture, tonsuring is performed for various reasons, including as a means of honoring the gods, remembering a loved one (usually deceased), seeking purification or fulfillment of wishes, or as a form of protest or punishment”. You can see that it is very different from Vietnamese hair.

Since the 1960s, hair is collected, cleaned and resold for hair distributors for supplying to hair retailers for commercial purpose and generating millions of dollars in the wig and hair extension market.

The highlight characteristic of Indian Hair:

India Hair

  • It is light and bouncy with light gloss. The hair is easily created with many hairstyles
  • with abundant raw materials, The price of Indian Hair is considered as one of cheapest hair in the world
  • The hair can last from 2-5 years

2. The Differences between Malaysian vs Indian Hair

There are some elements to evaluate between Malaysian vs Indian Hair to answer the question “ What should I choose?”

For more similar comparison, you can read about Brazailian hair vs. Indian hair!

2.1. The same point of Malaysian vs Indian hair

There are some of the same characteristics of both Malaysian vs Indian Hair. The hair is so shiny with beautiful natural black and easy for making styles

2.2. The different point of Malaysian vs Indian hair

Evaluation criteriaMalaysian HairIndian Hair
Durability2-4 years2- 5 years
ColorNatural black and more shinyNatural black and lighter
PricehigherLower ( very cheap)
QualityRemy hair ( 2-5 donors)Remy Hair ( many donors)
Supply AbilityMediumLarger

In summary, It is up to your personal opinion to choose which hair is the best for you between Malaysian vs Indian hair. But to be successful in doing Hair Business, you should find out some useful tips for your destination.

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2.3. Top 3 extremely useful tips for your Hair Business 

  • Finding reputable Hair Distributors: First and foremost , To start your hair business you should find some reputable hair vendors to meet your  demand with the affordable price and good quality. This is one of the most important keys to determine that your hair business can be good or not. This article will suggest  Top 3 reputable Hair Factories for your Hair Business in the next section.
  • Testing the quality of hair : A good vendor is a person who is willing to call you for showing the quality of hair or supplying samples before you place a bulk order. You also can ask them for buying samples from any their vendors in your country to save your time for testing hair
  • Researching on Social Media: A big company with large scale will focus on Social Media to get more and more potential customers. To make sure about your order, you can research them on facebook, instagram, google, website,… to make sure that they are not scammers and review some feedback to know how customers feel about the quality.

3. The Best Alternatives for Malaysian vs Indian Hair

In general, there are some the same points and different points between Malaysian vs Indian Hair. The quality also meets the demand for African market. However, Hair Vendors are expecting which types of hair with higher durability and the textures are stronger.

Malaysian vs Indian Hair

Asian Hair is the best alternative for them with a super strong texture for bleaching, the best quality for making styles and the most affordable price in the world. Vietnamese hair is considered as the most suitable for replacing.

3.1. What is the characteristic of Asian hair?

As can be seen, Asian hair owns some natural characteristics of the hair and they are becoming the biggest commercial Hair Distributors in the world with bulk quantities and many types of hairstyles. 

Vietnamese virgin hair with the best quality in the world

3.2. What is the characteristic of Vietnamese hair?

As expected, Vietnamese hair also keeps some key points in quality to become the best hair extension in the world. What is the reason?

  • The hair is not only collected from mountainous women with the careful process for taking care of. It means that women will take care of their hair with herb products, some vitamins for maintaining the long and shiny hair.

Vietnamese virgin hair the best quality in the world

  • There are many Hair Factories in Vietnam that you can get at the factory price with no intermediary with a variety of types of hair like Virgin hair, Remy hair.
  • The hair in the same Characteristic, no mixed with over 5 donors like Indian hair so It can last at least 5 years.
  • The hair is no tangled, no shedding and 100% from real human hair

4. Top 3 Best Alternatives for Malaysian vs Indian Hair from VIETNAMESE HAIR?

Hair wholesalers are very popular in Vietnam but How to Find A Reputable Hair Factories is not easy. Some alternatives for Malaysian vs Indian hair below will suggest you Top 3 The Best Vietnamese Hair Factories In Vietnam

4.1. K-hair Factory

K-hair is one of the most popular Hair Factories in Vietnam supplying for many hair vendors all over the world. With more than 30 years in the Hair Industry, they are overwhelming the Hair Market in Asia in particular and Africa and Europe in general. They are focusing on supplying virgin and remy hair with their main market in Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, USA,UK,… They are well-known for their quality hair and they can customize many hairstyles that are trendy in the Hair Market that not too many Hair Wholesalers can do. The price is considered as lowest one in the market right now compared with Malaysian vs Indian hair

4.2. Hair 68

With their own Hair Factory, they can reduce production time for producing. They are strong in supplying remy hair with a variety of hairstyles like body waves, pixie, kinky hair, silky straight and so on. One of the best advantages of them is making some trendy hairstyles. Instead of customizing many hairstyles, they supply with some types of hairstyles that they can do them with the best. In contrast, sometimes It can become a barrier for them to deny some order for customizing and then narrow customer’s demand.

4.3. Vuyhair

There are not too many customers knowing about them but they are one of the good Hair Wholesalers in Vietnam. Vuyhair with some years in the Hair Industry but they are proving they can be on top with their product’s quality. Their main markets are not only Africa but Europe also. They focus on bleaching hair with some colors and straight hair instead of following some trendy hairstyles in the market. So If you are a stylist or wigmakers, who want to design by yourself with hair, you can consider Vuyhair


Almar K-hair

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