Peruvian hair vs Brazilian: Which one is better?

Peruvian hair vs Brazilian: Which one should you choose for your business? You are considering having this high-quality hair for personal usage or doing business but don’t have enough information about this different hair to choose the right one? Then this article is for you. Via this, you will be equipped with all the most useful knowledge about the Peruvian hair vs Brazilian as well as detailed guidance for usage and preservation of this hair.  

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1. Similarities between Peruvian hair vs Brazilian

Peruvian hair vs Brazilian has many things in common that make them very popular with consumers all over the world. What’s exactly the resemblance is there? Let’s find out with the list below


It sounds weird but actually, these two human hair bulk extensions have the same origin from South America. The two countries share the same climate, terrain, etc, which make the hair has pretty similar characteristics. Moreover, they are all from the human race group like Mulattoes, Zambos, etc

Same price

The hair from these countries is regarded as the best hair quality in the market with long wavy hair. Therefore, the price of the hair is also relevant to the quality. In general, it’s more than 20$ for 1 bundle of true Peruvian hair vs  Brazilian. However, in the market, there’s a lot of Chinese factories selling it at a cheap price. Therefore, you should be very careful when buying Peruvian hair and Brazilian from these suppliers because they can give you not relevant quality under the good name of raw Peruvian hair vs Brazilian.

2. Differences between Peruvian hair vs Brazilian

Although sharing many things in common, Peruvian hair vs Brazilian has the typical features that make them different from each other. The list below consists of the most transparent things that help you to recognize your favorite.


The first difference between the Peruvian hair vs Brazilian stems from the texture. While the two hair is all thick and full, the hair from Peru has more deep curls and coarser than the other one. Therefore, if you want to have a full hair outlook, Peruvian is the better choice in comparison with raw Brazilian hair. In contrast, Brazilian hair brings an elegant outlook with medium thickness for the users.

Bouncy and shiny strands

In compensation for the thinner strands of hair, Brazilian hair has better bouncy curl with elasticity. You can comb or wash the hair easily and the curly hair still keeps its shape as previously. Moreover, the hair is very shiny all day long without any additional products.

Long duration

Peruvian hair vs Brazilian is super thick and full of long duration from 3-5 years of usage relying on the usage of the person. Peruvian hair is considered to have a longer duration than Brazilian hair extensions, especially with the curly ones. Therefore, you can choose the more suitable one for you

3. Additional information about Peruvian hair vs Brazilian

3.1. Peruvian hair vs Brazilian? Which is better?

Then, what should you choose between Peruvian hair vs Brazilian? It merely depends on your demand and preference, and you are likely to have much more to do with finding a hair factory that is reliable and qualified enough!

  • If you want to have the hair with super thickness and fullness, you can choose Peruvian hair for that inquiry
  • If you want the hair with great bouncy and beautiful curls, Brazilian hair extensions are your best choice. It can give you the best experience and have your curly hair gorgeously mixed.

3.2. How to differentiate between Peruvian hair vs Brazilian

After getting to know the typical features of Peruvian hair vs Brazilian, you can easily differentiate between the two hair by some simple steps

  • Step 1: Checking the thickness of the hair. If one hair is thicker and fuller than the other one, its Peruvian hair.
  • Step 2: Checking the curly strands: The curly fibers of Peruvian hair will be more bouncy and keep the shape for a longer time than the other one
  • Step 3: Checking the shine of the hair: raw Brazilian hair will be shinier than the other one. It also can keep its grade of shine for a long period of time without needing any special treatment.

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4. Top 3 best Peruvian hair vs Brazilian suppliers updated

There are a lot of Peruvian hair vs Brazilian suppliers in the market today but the list below are the most reliable and trustworthy hair vendors in the countries updated

TOP 1: Julia Hair Extensions

Julia Hair Extensions is the leading hair supplier in Peru with many hair extensions products from Tip/ Tape/ Clip-in, etc. The main market of this hair supplier is in Europe and the adjacent countries. The virgin Peruvian hair from this supplier can be dyed, styled (curtain bangs, curls, bone straight, etc), or bleached easily to very light colors like 613, platinum, etc.


Julia hair extensions raw Peruvian hair vs Brazilian

TOP 2: JC Hair

JC Hair is the top 2 best Peruvian hair vs Brazilian extensions in the region. This hair vendor both distribute Brazilian hair extensions and raw Peruvian hair as well. Because of the persistence in good quality hair, the factory gets a very good reputation in the hair market, especially with African hair vendors such as Zambia, Malawi, etc…


JC Hair Peruvian hair vs Brazilian extensions

TOP 3: Karseell Maca Hairshop

Karseell Maca Hairshop is another reliable hair vendor that people can rely on, especially the customers buying for personal usage.  This hair vendor is well-known for the diversity in colored hair. They supply many beautiful color hair with different styles.  Therefore, you can buy it whenever you want without the time for waiting.

6. Free Expert Advice for Peruvian hair vs Brazilian

In the journey to finding the best hair suppliers for Peruvian hair vs Brazilian, you should gain enough information about the hair vendors and the products which are suitable for your consumers. Besides, getting to know other good quality of hair will broaden the scale and give you more options on the journey such as Vietnamese hair extensions


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Vietnamese hair extensions are popular sought-after hair products in the market for a long period of time. The hair is not only of good quality but also be sold at an affordable price when buying from a reliable factory like K-HAIR Vietnam. 

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K-Hair sale manager support deal Peruvian hair vs Brazilian

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