How to Distinguish Loose Wave and Body Wave Hairtyles 2023?

How to Distinguish Loose Wave and Body Wave Hairtyles 2020
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With the various options in extensions available for users, particularly women, there are many opportunities you might get confused as to which type of extension you should choose. People often get confused between a loose wave and body wave. Today Ms.Jennie (Hair Expert and Sales Manager from K-Hair Factory) will help you know the difference between loose wave and body wave so that you can make the right decisions. Let’s read together now!

1.Loose Wave Hairstyles

Firstly, we will explore the loose wave hairstyles below.

1.1. What is Loose Wave?

Loose Wave is a kind of wave hairstyle that has is loose and also usually has huge curls. The curls made by prestigious hair warehouse are usually very special and pretty. People have difficulty in distinguishing loose wave because the hairstyle is the same as that of the body wave hairs. But you must be aware that the curl pattern of the loose wave is a little tighter and smaller as compared to body wave hairs. 

1.2. Outstanding Features of Loose Wave

The main feature of loose wavy hairstyles is that it is quite curly. Despite the tight curls, they are quite small and loose, as the name suggests. Each hair strand flows in a different direction and the curling pattern can last quite a while. When applied to the ends of your natural hair, the result will be natural, shiny, and soft. This hairstyle is ideal for any face as it looks playful and very feminine.

1.3. Pros and Cons of Loose Wave

beautiful loose wave hot trend in K-Hair

The real picture of beautiful loose wave hot trend in K-Hair

1.3.1. Pros

  • High-quality hair, especially items from reliable wholesale hair vendors distributor
  • Looks very shiny
  • Can be colored
  • Features defined curls
  • Doesn’t demand any additional styling tools

1.3.2. Cons

Shouldn’t be bleached on your own

2.Body Wave Hairstyles

Guess what is next? It’s the body wave hairstyles. Let’s go!

2.1. What is Body Wave?

Body wave is a kind of hair extension that usually has loose curls creating an S-like shape. This S-pattern is created through the complete hair extension. It is generally shiny and has a natural appearance. 

2.2. Outstanding Features of Body Wave

The body wavy hairstyle is not voluminous, and its strands are only in one direction. Once applied on top, this wave will create a specific S-shaped curl, but only towards the lower part of your hair. It feels super soft when touching and produces a straight and defined flow. This hair doesn’t tangle a lot and it doesn’t shed. It can be easily blended into your natural hair and is easy to maintain. However, it will suit women who love the simplicity and only one specific hairstyle.

2.3. Pros and Cons of Body Wave

beautiful body wave for women from K-Hair

The real picture of Beautiful body wave for women from K-Hair

2.3.1. Pros

  • Features flat strains
  • Ideal if you love simple hairstyles
  • Easy to maintain
  • Doesn’t shed a lot
  • Can be colored and bleached

2.3.2. Cons

Not for you if you want to switch up your hairstyles

Doesn’t hold the curl the best

3. What’s The Difference Between Loose Wave and Body Wave

It seems that both hairstyles have similarities and differences. Let’s check it!

3.1. Similarity

Loose Wave and Body Wave are from the best virgin hair, 100% real Vietnamese human hair, no chemical, no synthetic and mixed hair, give a beautiful wavy pattern for appearance and can be diversely restyled (with curtain bangs, blunt bangs, etc).

3.2. Differences

Basically, the main differences are:

  • Loose extensions are more voluminous and would look the best on someone who is on the lookout for a bouncy curl.
  • Loose wave hair is a lot more curly and in the shape of a wave, if you want straight hair rather stick to body wave.
  • Styling-wise – loose wave extensions can look better in many different styles and will hold the curl a lot better.
  • Body waves will get straighter in time and with often washing.
  • Body wave extensions feature strains that are placed close one next to another and are a lot less bouncy.

4. Which one is the TOP-RECOMMENDED hairstyles?

Loose wave and body waves are hot trendy hairstyles that every woman wants to wear on her head. Furthermore, the quality of loose wave and body wave is 100% real human hair, Vietnamese woman donors. To sum up, you can both choose to buy either because they are both excellently beautiful. If you can afford it, you can buy both. We just took a look at the differences between body wave and loose wave hair. And now that you are well aware of body wave hair vs loose wave hair, you will be able to choose for your hobby. 


If you are looking for a wholesale price loose wave or body wave supplier in Vietnam, please contact Ms. Jennie (Hair Expert and Sales Manager from K-Hair Factory) for a free consultation and get a good discount.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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