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Over the years, the market for wigs has increased. The key cause for this is an increase in hair loss and baldness, regardless of gender or age. Hair wigs are more compact and can be colored in a variety of ways while also retaining a natural appearance. Vietnam is one of the leading exporters of wigs and hair extensions around the world. In Vietnam, there are a range of well-known hair extension manufactures. This article focuses primarily on Vietnam’s largest wholesale wig suppliers among top best Vietnamese hair factories.

Hair extension manufactures: Types of hair extension

Hair wigs are often worn to add to one’s appearance and fashion sense. Wigs are always the right choice if you want to change your hairstyle and color without compromising your natural hair.

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Human Hair Wigs: Human hair wigs are made from real or natural human hair, as their name suggests. In comparison to synthetic wigs, these wigs are larger and have a longer lifespan. Human hair wigs can be quickly styled and give a natural appearance. This wigs need to be properly handled, because it is more delicate in texture.

Synthetic Hair Wigs: This wigs are created with technology from human-made fabrics such as acrylic or synthetic fibers. It is less expensive than human hair wigs, and it has a less realistic appearance than the rest. Synthetic hair wigs come in a variety of shapes and colors. Heat-resistant silicone wigs are now present on the market, and can tolerate the use of heating devices for styling.

Peculiarities Of Vietnamese Human hair extension manufactures

Hair is very important in Vietnamese culture. Long hair has been a symbol of culture and custom in Vietnam since ancient times. Vietnamese men and women, regardless of gender, wore their hair long and well preserved in the early years. Vietnamese hair is now well-known for its distinct characteristics.

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Human virgin hair is used in the majority of human hair wigs produced in Vietnam. Virgin hair is unprocessed, natural hair that hasn’t been treated with chemicals or drugs. These hairs have an initial silky and solid texture as a result of this. Furthermore, a considerable proportion of hair is harvested from stable female donors aged 18 to 25.

These gathered hairs are handled by skilled staff and sold at a fair price on the market. The most notable feature is that wholesale wig manufacturers in Vietnam offer high-quality natural hair wigs at a reasonable price.

Top hair extension manufactures In Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are numerous Human hair extension manufactures that provide high-quality human hair wigs. Because of its healthy shape, volume, and longevity, Vietnamese hair is one of the best hair styles in Asia.

Top hair extension manufactures: K-hair Factory

K-hair Factory has over 25 years of experience in the industry. In the division of wigs and extensions, K-hair Factory offered a wide range of options. Natural human hair wigs made from Asian human hair are available from them. With the assistance of their allies, they had made significant inroads into the international market. They work with collaborators from all over the world, including Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Israel, and others.

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Vietnam Remy Hair Company

Vietnam Remy Hair Company Limited is a wholesale wig retailer that has been involved in this sector since 1999. They source real human hair from Vietnam and other countries for wigs. They sell wigs in a variety of countries at a fair price.


Laylahair is a well-known hair supplier of hair extension manufactures in Vietnam. As a raw material, they use pure, organic, and authentic Vietnamese and Cambodian hair. They have a wide range of hair extensions and wigs to meet the needs of their customers.


In Vietnam, the Lewigs hair vendor offers a cure to hair loss and baldness. Both men and women will get hair extensions and wigs from them. Lewigs is one of the few hair vendors in Vietnam who sells men’s wigs. Natural human hair wigs made from Vietnamese and Cambodian hair are available.


In this field, Hadahair has about ten years of experience. For wigs and hair extensions, they use natural hair from Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. They sell their goods in over 30 countries around the world.

Besides hair wigs, hair extensions are now of top concerns. Then, reading reviews about hair extensions suppliers are aslo useful. You can read one here: Oscar Hair Company Review

Top hair extension manufactures: Conclusion

Many countries had shown interest in Vietnam’s hair industry. As a result, Vietnam’s hair industry has developed economically. Furthermore, this resulted in the rise of hair extension manufactures in Vietnam, who now sell their wares all over the world. The use of real Vietnamese hair and virgin hair distinguishes Vietnam’s wigs and hair extensions as superior and exclusive. Many other nations, on the other hand, are more focused on the production of plastic hair wigs.

This article included a wealth of basic knowledge about Vietnam’s distinct approach to the hair industry. The name and features of top hair extension manufactures in Vietnam are also highlighted in the post, which will assist you in purchasing high-quality, trendy wigs and hair extensions.The majority of the hair factories listed have online shopping sites, which are extremely convenient for consumers. Many wholesale wig dealers in Vietnam give a return policy on their online platforms.

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