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As a seller entering the international market, you should always have market survey information at hand, where the price is indispensable. Known as one of the leading hair exporting countries in the world, Vietnam hair price offered by Vietnamese hair vendors is always one of the factors that many people care about. Let’s learn about Vietnam hair prices as well as its advantages for sellers and buyers.


Let’s discover Vietnam hair price!     

1. Overview of Vietnamese hair and its market

Being a key player in the market of hair-selling, Vietnamese hair vendors always provide customers with the most ideal hair extensions at affordable wholesale prices. Here is more to know about the market and products. 

1.1. Market for hair extensions in Vietnam

On the worldwide hair market, Vietnam is one of the biggest wholesale suppliers. The flow of Vietnamese hair extensions is really smooth and regular. We can buy the hair in bulk in-border or see Vietnamese hair vendors export large amounts of it to overseas customers. Vietnamese hair is exported to a lot of countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Australia, Canada and so on.

And the price of Vietnam’s hair (which from now we could call “Vietnam hair price”) created by this interaction is also acceptable and affordable. Comparing Vietnam’s hair price with other countries’, briefly saying, Vietnam’s hair price is not the cheapest one (and even ranked in the most expensive list). However, it never stops global customers from buying Vietnamese hair extensions as the quality, once again, is always guaranteed.


Vietnamese hair is popular worldwide

1.2. Types of Vietnamese hair extensions

When the product lines are finalized, the types of hair extensions that Vietnam could offer are very diverse. We can see that many hair bulks imported or originating from Vietnam are just silky black hair with a straight form, but many other ones are curved with color dyed no matter at which Vietnam hair price level.

In fact, you can literally get any hair extension type from Vietnam. The options include weft bundles, bulk bundles, wigs, tape ins, clip ins, tip hair, ponytails, etc.

In addition, the quality and appearance of different grades of Vietnamese hair will vary as well. Vietnamese hair quality can be categorized into three main categories. They are single-drawn, double-drawn, and super double-drawn hair.

  • Super double drawn hair: The majority of the hair, 80–90%, is the same length. The hair appears extremely thick and uniform as a result.
  • About 75% of the hair in a double drawn bundle has the same length. Although the percentage of double drawn is not as high, the overall hair volume is still incredible.
  • Single drawn hair: About 60% of the bundle has the same length. In comparison to the tail, the hair will appear thicker at the root.

So, whatever the Vietnam hair price is, if you are a quality-focused individual (buyer) rather than a price-biased one, always remember to note down these above hair types (divided based on quality) to make useful comparisons when it comes to the job of selection.


Vietnamese hair types are diverse

1.3. Characteristics of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair is well-known for 3 important factors: quality, price, and amazing review:

  • Quality: Vietnamese human hair is naturally pure, clean, soft, silky and smooth. Vietnamese hair is available in two different types: virgin hair and remy hair. Vietnamese wholesalers don’t offer non-remy hair, so you know the hair is of the highest quality.
  • Reviews: Customers have positively reviewed the Vietnamese wholesale hair extension suppliers, stating that they provide high-quality products.
  • Price: And finally, the hair price in Vietnam has been noted to be affordable. With a relatively low cost and high quality, Vietnamese hair is a popular choice among consumers.

2. Vietnam hair price and the comparisons with others’

Let’s move on to more specific examples so we can dive in and clearly understand what makes Vietnamese hair quite desirable compared to other hair types. Or maybe you would wonder whether Vietnam hair price was actually affordable. Let’s check.

2.1. Vietnam hair price in general

Many of the general characteristics of Vietnam’s hair price are covered in the section above. Let’s use an example to determine whether or not our assertions are true. Therefore, start by researching K-Hair, one of the biggest Vietnamese hair suppliers renowned for its affordable Vietnam hair prices.

A hair closure produced by K-Hair ranges from $21-$29-to over $50. 

Meanwhile, a natural raw black hair of K-Hair costs between $6 and $8.

Without any further comparison, the Vietnam hair price offered by K-Hair is obviously cheap and affordable.


Vietnam hair price list

2.2. China hair price in comparison with Vietnam hair price

To compare China hair price with Vietnam hair price, we should note that the information on Vietnam hair price has been provided before. So, thanks to this equipped knowledge, now we can simply think about at which level China hair price currently touches.

So let us come to discover the price of some famous Chinese hair extension brands. After that, the comparisons with Vietnam hair prices will gradually be revealed.

Among many brands of hair extensions in China, TedHair, Rebe Hair, First Hair, XBL Hair, and U-Nice are some of the well-known names in this market. Now, let’s look through the price lists of these vendors:

Firstly, let’s check out TedHair, which positions itself as the number one wholesale virgin hair factory for vendors and distributors. The pricing that TedHair put on Virgin Brazilian Hair – the one which would be considered to be the “strongest” hair thanks to the positive energy that Latin women from Brazil provide – is as below:

From the image above, the price range of virgin Brazilian hair is just between $23.50 and $29.50 (which is mostly $23.50) for a bundle lengthened 10–30 inches. Fairly speaking, this price is affordable and reasonable.

With the lace closure, with a 10-20 inch 4″ x 4″ closure, the price fluctuates deeply. Some are just a little bit above the level of $30, but some are approaching $100/each.

The price of wigs that TedHair offers, as we can see in the image above, could not be considered low and affordable to the common class, right? Over $100 or even $200 per full-head wig is set as the common price in general.

In terms of colored or dyed hair extensions, we rarely see a colored hair bulk for less than $60.

And TedHair’s price range is comparable to that of the mass-produced hair extension vendors currently manufacturing in China. From that, we could somehow infer the differences between Vietnam hair price and China hair price.


TedHair price

2.3. India hair price in comparison with Vietnam hair price

Let’s continue looking for some of India’s top hair extension companies. SGI Hair, Chennai Hair Factory, Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory, Jaipur Hair, and Adorable Hair Suppliers are the top 5 listed best Indian hair suppliers in this regard. To go further, let’s use SGI Hair as an example.

SGI positions itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of natural human hair wigs and hair extension products in Chennai, India. They sell different kinds of hair extensions, ranging from straight bulk hair to lace closures, etc.

With straight bulk hair in natural color (black, dark brown, etc.), the price for this type of product ranges from $167 to $496 per piece, with a length of 10–22 inches.

That’s much more expensive than Vietnam hair price as well as China’s.

And to compare Vietnam hair prices in the aspect of straight lace closure with India, the price of a 4 * 4 lace closure that India provides in the modest color (black) with a length of 10–14 inches ranges from $32–$41, approximately the same as in China.

In comparison to others, such as Vietnam hair price, India’s hair prices are generally higher for some products, but they are also reasonable for the rest.


SGI price

3. The reasons behind the current Vietnam hair price

I bet that after reading the second as well as the first part, a question would be raised in your head. Why – you would wonder why the current Vietnam hair price offered by mass producers in general and K-Hair, in particular, is so competitive but the quality is still stated to be the “best” worldwide. Is this overstated praise?

3.1. Why is Vietnam hair price reasonable despite the guaranteed good quality?

To discuss this section, we’d like to quickly review two points. The first is that, in comparison to other countries, Vietnam has a relatively low cash flow. The second is that Vietnam has a plentiful supply of silky, high-quality hair.

For example, on the first point, let’s see what it’s like to convert Vietnamese dong to other currencies:

Up to July, 2022,

  • 1 USD is equivalent to 23220.000 VND.
  • 1 CND is equal to 3476,1 VND.
  • 1 JPY is equal to 171.62 VND.
  • 1 INR is equal to 299,73 VND.

So, it’s understandable why Vietnam hair prices are much more affordable despite exporting worldwide in many other markets.

Regarding the second point, it is indisputable that the weather in Vietnam’s northern high mountains is absolutely perfect (in summer, people still flock to 3000m Sa Pa to experience the feeling of “4 seasons in 1 day”). Women in this region can always take care of and nourish their long, smooth hair with the Northwest mountains’ countless rare herbs. The standard of living in Vietnam, particularly in the mountainous provinces, will not be as high as it is in countries like India with its opulent Dubai, China with its bustling Shanghai, and so on. So, the cost of the raw materials used to produce hair in Vietnam is also not expensive, making Vietnam hair price more affordable.


Vietnamese hair is naturally smooth and healthy

3.2. Is Vietnam hair price acceptable for all countries worldwide?

Instinctually, the answer is yes. Vietnam’s hair price is segmented into many price ranges, demonstrating persuasively how the customer base extends from Asia and Africa – regions with uneven and unstable economies – to Europe for the same product, different (as we can see in the K-Hair straight hair bulk example above). Vietnam hair prices can be made easily affordable to almost any customer with hair beauty needs using this clever production method that targets many different customer groups, thereby expanding the market for Vietnam.

3.3. Will there be any case that Vietnam hair price suddenly goes up?

The response in this situation would be “no” or “rare.” In general, it is very rare for Vietnamese hair to be so expensive that people in other nations cannot afford it. We can support this claim with two arguments.

First off, compared to other nations, Vietnam currently has very affordable hair prices. Consider the cost of straight Vietnamese hair, which is only about $6 versus about $30 in China and India. Ask how much the cost of hair in Vietnam will rise if it does. Let’s say $30; however, it goes without saying that there are still customers purchasing hair extensions from China or India.

Secondly, the political-economic situation (environment) for hair businesses in particular and other companies in general operating in Vietnam is extremely ideal thanks to the macroeconomic stability, which has led to the economic situation. little volatility. Therefore, Vietnam hair price can be said to be stable over time, and with an increase, it will only increase slightly.


Vietnam hair price is stable thanks to stable domestic sources

4. Top wholesale hair suppliers with the best Vietnam hair price

Given that it is obvious that retailers’ and hair wholesalers’ pricing strategies cannot be overstated in the current Vietnamese market, it is challenging to determine which supplier of hair extensions will offer the best price. many variations. Let’s go with K-Hair, one of the top hair brands in Vietnam. Let’s look at some suggestions for you when you contact K-Hair to get the most ideal Vietnam hair price.

4.1. K-Hair – 1 Vietnam hair vendor with reasonable Vietnam hair price and quality

The article’s presentation above shows the tale of how K-Hair acquired a preferred price for Vietnam hair. The quality of K-Hair’s service is always appreciated because the company, like many other Vietnamese hair vendors, owns a high-quality hair supply, not the least of which is virgin hair (as previously mentioned). relative to many other well-known hair extension brands, the price is prohibitive.

At K-Hair, the manufacturing procedure is also unique and guaranteed. The clearest and most convincing evidence comes from K-Hair, a community-focused hair brand that participates in a variety of charitable endeavors. As a result, K-Hair’s put a lot of effort into the product. They spend the time necessary to carefully maintain the hair extensions they produce. The production process, which entails countless steps and involves many people and teams of workers, is crucial to delivering the best products with ideal Vietnam hair price and the best quality.


K-Hair is the biggest Vietnamese hair factory with best quality and wholesale price

4.2. How to get the best Vietnam hair price ever with K-Hair?

You might want to investigate the Vietnamese hair vendor K-Hair in the market. The second-largest hair extension supplier in Vietnam, K-Hair, offers quality assurance for each step of the production process and for every raw material, giving you complete peace of mind if you buy a lot of hair from us. So if you need to buy hair extensions in bulk, please keep this brand (K-Hair) in mind and get in touch with us to get the most comparative Vietnam hair price.

Additionally, you can find all of our team members’ contact information on our website. You can contact K-staff Hair’s by clicking the contact option next to our team’s photo (phone, Facebook, etc.), making it simpler to get in touch with a large number of hair extensions, then dealing with the price of hair you want to make with the K-Hair team. With a deep understanding built via many years of experience in the market, the K-Hair team is confident in serving you with our services at the best Vietnam hair price ever.

Above is all the brief information about Vietnam hair prices we provide to you. If you have any questions regarding the above, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here and ready to give you the most useful and reasonable answers.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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