The Best Seller Chinese Remy Hair Extensions In The Hair Industry

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Nowadays, one of the largest wholesale hair extensions in the world is China. Chinese remy hair extensions are widely recognized for their affordable costs and wide selection of colors. Therefore, there is no doubt that more and more people are going crazy about Chinese remy hair extensions. What about you? Have you ever heard of them? Even if you do not know about that before, this article will introduce to you the Chinese remy hair extensions and some useful information if you want to become a wholesaler in the hair extension industry.

1. What are Chinese remy hair extensions?

A potential market for international trade is the hair industry, and one of the most popular products is Chinese remy hair extensions. In recent years, the demand for hair extensions has increased insanely, so why are Chinese remy hair extensions so special? Let’s figure it out starting with some definition.


Chinese remy hair extensions

1.1 Definition of Chinese remy hair extensions

Chinese remy hair extensions actually describe how the cuticle of the Chinese hair is directed. They are human hair extensions that have been taken from at least two donors and may be treated beforehand. The cuticle has been preserved, and the Chinese remy hair extensions are meticulously hand strung from root to end while maintaining the hair’s natural cuticle orientation, keeping them tangle-free and leaving them to look very natural and shiny.

Chinese remy hair extensions are made of Chinese women’s hair and said to be one of the greatest qualities of human hair since the cuticles are retained rather than peeled, in contrast to the majority of non-remy hair extensions. On average, they may last up to one year, depending on how well you take care of them and some other conditions.


Women with Chinese remy hair extensions

1.2 Quality of Chinese remy hair extensions

Nowadays, very few Chinese women in rural or mountain areas make a living by selling their hair, and the number of Chinese women who sell hair has substantially declined as a result of China’s growing urbanization. Because of that, Chinese remy hair extensions are gradually getting thinner and thinner. Chinese hair is roughly textured so that it needs significant chemical processing before it can even be used for extensions. It is not even appropriate for usage in hair extensions in its natural state.

In order to satisfy the enormous demand for hair extensions, Chinese remy hair extensions are no longer sourced from Chinese women’s hair. Instead, it is now imported from other nations across the world, including Vietnam, India, Cambodia, and others. Therein, Indian hair is the most popular. If you compare Indian hair extensions clip in with Chinese hair extensions clip in or any other hair types, there is a high percentage that their qualities are the same. In China, the low-quality imported hair is treated using many chemical processes to become Chinese remy hair extensions, for example, there are some Chinese hair factories that have the modern technology to turn non-remy hair into remy hair.


Different quality of Chinese remy hair extensions

2. What can you do with Chinese remy hair extensions?

After having some basic knowledge about Chinese remy hair extensions, do you know what you can do with them? To answer that question, here are some different extension methods as well as hairstyles that are suitable for Chinese remy hair extensions.

2.1 Different extension methods with Chinese remy hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions, sometimes referred to as clip-in weaves, helps you quickly connect Chinese remy hair extensions to your natural hair using several tiny pressure-sensitive clips. One set of clip-in hair extensions consists of one to four various sized wefts of hair in a variety of sizes. Due to how simple it is to maintain and use clip-in hair extensions, this attachment method is quite used in the fashion industry, and it will create a completely new look for you by flawlessly blending Chinese remy hair extensions with your natural hair. Although you must take off your extensions every night before bed using this procedure, it is highly safe.


Clip-in with Chinese remy hair extensions

Tape-in extensions must be placed by a specialist, unlike clip-in extensions. Tape extensions are among the most popular hair extension techniques since they are simple to apply, light in weight, and almost invisible as Chinese remy hair extensions lay flat on the head. The major advantage of tape extensions is that they are the lightest and least damaging form of permanent hair extensions, making them suitable for all hair types. Tape extensions are available in a wide range of colors and lengths, and they may be sliced into small pieces to give a soft highlight effect.

Hot fusion extensions use a keratin-based tip that fasten hair strands to the customer’s head. The keratin bond and extension are attached or fused to the customer’s hair using a heating element throughout the procedure. Since keratin makes up 95% of human hair, the fusion procedure is secure, soft, and long-lasting. There is no adhesive or tape used since hot fusion bonds the hair strands to the customer’s hair using keratin. Since the bonds are more subdued in the hair, they provide a naturally blended look with the customer’s hair and enable far greater style flexibility. Additionally, each extension bond’s weight is distributed more evenly using the hot fusion technique.


Hot fusion with Chinese remy hair extensions

Sew-in hair extensions, in comparison to tape-in and clip-in hair extensions, also known as weave hair extensions, are more difficult to apply. Using the professional sewing technique with a thread and needle, hair extensions are sewed into the cornrow directly. This implies that your Chinese remy hair extensions will be immediately sowed into the natural hair. Sew-in hair extensions’ most notable benefit is that they are the most durable kind available. These are directly stitched into your hair, as opposed to clip-in and tape-in extensions, which is why they do not come out as easily. Because they are permanent and strong, they are also rather popular. Additionally, because sew-in hair extensions are not attached with tape or clips, they appear natural and have no obvious signal of hair extension.

2.2 Hairstyles suitable with Chinese remy hair extensions

Short wavy bob: Bob hairstyle is among the most widely adopted hairdo styles in latest years. It strikes a perfect mix between becoming fashionable plus edgy. When you are getting tired of the conventional hairstyle, consider that wavy style using Chinese remy hair extensions. Think about wearing blunt cut front fringe if you would like to escalate things even more. The hairdo is attractive since it is unique and edgy instead of being excessive.


Short wavy bob with Chinese remy hair extensions

Low messy bun: Short hair may make it difficult for you to pull off the sloppy high bun. If so, apply the Chinese remy hair extensions and go for the other option, low messy bun. You might not have considered it, but a low messy bun accomplishes the same amount of straightforward style as a high topknot while also giving the impression that your hair is thicker. Simply collect your Chinese remy hair extensions at the nape of your neck, twist it into a bun as you normally would.

Lob with a knot: A lob and a top knot go perfectly together. The top knot is the only hairstyle that can compete with modern fashionable girl cut. Therefore, pairing the two together in holey-hair marriage simply makes sense. If your hair is lacking in body, adding a top knot with Chinese remy hair extensions will help offer some more volume.


Lob with a knot with Chinese remy hair extensions

Deep side part: A deep side part is an excellent hairstyle to renew the traditional lob with a modern twist. Even while the lob itself is still popular, you may change your appearance by just creating a deep side part with Chinese remy hair extensions and flicking one side over. This chic and classy look is appropriate for both formal occasions and normal days.

3. How to get Chinese remy hair extensions

It is a fact that there are so many hair suppliers of Chinese remy hair extensions around the world, so how to find a vendor that provides exactly what you need? Follow those steps and tips below and your worries will disappear.


How to get Chinese remy hair extensions

3.1 Steps to find and buy Chinese remy hair extensions

First things first: Before buying any hair extensions online, you must first understand the different types of Chinese remy hair extensions available and choose the one that best meets your requirements. Most of the time, people get hair extensions without first deciding on their hair color. As a result, they buy Chinese remy hair extensions that do not match the color of their hair, which leads to an uneven contrast between their natural hair and the Chinese remy hair extensions. So, before buying Chinese remy hair extensions, it is recommended to get a hair swatch at any nearby salon or retail location to find out what color your hair is.

Different types and styles of hair extensions are available. You could select from the above Chinese remy hair extensions methods depending on your demands. Whether you purchase your extension online or offline is fine. It is only essential that you follow the step-by-step instructions before making your purchase. It can be a success for you if you can find a hair supplier online that carries the Chinese remy hair extensions type you are looking for. Because online hair vendors typically sell items that are supplied straight from the manufacturer, they advertise a far higher level of authenticity than local hair stores.


Choose Chinese remy hair extensions suitable for you

3.2 Tips to choose Chinese remy hair extensions for your hair

Particularly if you are new to Chinese remy hair extensions, you do not necessarily have to go right into a full head of extensions. A pre-styled ponytail, clip-in fringe, or even a pair of clip-in highlights are available. You have the option to wear one or two clip-in extensions. This kind of hair accessory is useful because it enables a person to fully alter their appearance without committing to a permanent and radically different haircut.

If you are purchasing online Chinese remy hair extensions, be careful to ask a lot of questions, otherwise, do not be frightened to bother the seller in the hair store. It is a good idea to mix some hair extension colors. When applying extensions to blonde hair, for instance, you should use three to four various tones, however when applying them to darker hues of hair, you should use only two to three. Even if the color differences are hardly perceptible, it appears more realistic.


Consider color of Chinese remy hair extensions

4. The position of Chinese remy hair extensions in the hair extension industry

To become a great wholesaler of Chinese remy hair extensions, you need to determine who your customers are and what they want. Also, it is important to compare the price of different remy products for your customers to give them a general look about hair extensions.

4.1 Target customers of Chinese remy hair extensions

Chinese remy hair extensions, made of human hair, have exploded in popularity in recent years as domestic consumers gradually get over their psychological concerns about wearing hair extensions and as foreign customers gain access to Chinese remy hair extensions through the online hair vendors on the Internet. Because Chinese remy hair extensions are considered as cheap products, people who come from all nations can be customers. In fact, China is one of the biggest importers and exporters of hair extensions, which shows the huge potential of Chinese remy hair extensions.


Customer with blonde Chinese remy hair extensions

To be more specific, people who are from the United States, Asia, Europe or Africa, especially Nigerian customers are the main consumers of Chinese remy hair extensions. When dealing with those customers, ensure that you keep the commitments you make in your marketing and advertising initiatives. Therefore, maintain a streamlined, high-quality service delivery strategy to keep your consumers happy. If you cannot keep your commitment for inescapable circumstances, sincerely apologize and present a workable remedy. It is also important to treat your consumers with courtesy and consideration and maintain two-way contact while give your customers a sense of worth and appreciation. Customers always appreciate smooth, effective service, therefore it is your responsibility to keep them satisfied.

4.2 Comparison of Vietnamese and Chinese remy hair extensions

China presently imports human hair from a number of international places, including India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and others. Vietnamese remy hair extensions are procured from communities where women grow their hair for sale and who have contracts with Vietnamese hair factories stipulating regular deliveries of the hair. While Chinese hair extensions shed and become knotted after a short period of use, Vietnamese products are naturally strong, silky, and healthy because of Vietnamese nutritious diet, active lifestyle, and hair washing by hand.


Different grade of Chinese remy hair extensions

Vietnamese remy hair extensions are divided into three classes, namely, single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn, Chinese remy hair extensions are divided from 5A to 10A and more categories. Less shedding and tangling will occur with better grade hair. Chinese remy hair extensions are various, however not guaranteed in terms of quality compared to a wide variety of hairstyles, colors and lengths from Vietnamese hair suppliers. The price of Chinese remy hair extensions is less than those from Vietnam, but Vietnamese products are really worth buying because of their high quality and longtime usage. To find high-quality Vietnamese hair factory, you can contact K-Hair and be served the best:

5. Top hair suppliers of Chinese remy hair extensions

TedHair: With 14 years of running hair manufacturing, TedHair is the top hair factory in China. To salon owners, hair stylists, shop owners, and internet vendors worldwide, TedHair provides premium Chinese remy hair extensions and business services. TedHair sold 50,000 or more hair extensions in 2021, with lengths reaching up to 36″. Providing best-selling 12+ textures in wholesale hair bundles ranging in size from 8″ to 40″. TedHair quality was endorsed by more than 18000 renowned hair stylists. With those number, TedHair is your best choice to buy Chinese remy hair extensions.


TedHair in China

UNice Hair: The ultimate aim is to inspire people with the self-assurance they desire to feel gorgeous on the inside and out.. People can do anything and turn their goals into reality when they are confident. UNice Hair is dedicated to offering a large selection of high-quality Chinese remy hair extensions that are skillfully made to empower its consumers to look and feel their best. Everything in the UNice collection is developed to feel luxurious, inspiring, and custom-made for the customer wearing it. For that reason, it is highly recommended to purchase Chinese remy hair extensions in UNice Hair.


The UNice Hair Factory

Haiyi Hair: The firm has been producing hair for about 20 years. In the international markets for the highest quality human hairs, Haiyi Hair is your trustworthy partner. Its inventiveness, adaptability, and dependability have been developed over the previous 20 years. In order to develop its long-term partnerships, Haiyi Hair puts a priority on serving clients. Its high-quality Chinese remy hair extensions ongoing availability, along with its pre-sale and post-sale services, guarantees that Haiyi Hair is fiercely competitive in the hair market that is becoming more and more worldwide.


The Haiyi Hair

Elegant Hair: A reputable manufacturer and exporter of human hair products and is based in Xuchang, which is the largest hair collecting and distribution center. Because of its outstanding management team and experts, Elegant Hair has expanded swiftly since it began in 2010, and provides Chinese remy hair extensions that are made of human hair. Products of Elegant Hair are shipped to countries throughout the world, and the firm hopes to get the opportunity to work together with more customers to create a win-win situation in the hair industry.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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