5 Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair: Looking For That Extra Volume? (2022 Edition)

Thick natural hair is great, but sometimes it’s not enough to achieve that extra luxurious voluminous look. Lucky for us girls, we can count on hair extensions to fix that problem. But not all extensions are good for thick hair, and contrary to popular belief, thick hair needs heavier hair extensions than fine hair to match with their thickness. So together, let’s dive in and see what are the best hair extensions for thick hair and which is the best match for you. Read on as our list will give you the 5 best options for you to choose from. It will take only a few minutes, but it can help you a lot in the long run, so check it out.


Hair extensions for thick hair

1. Overview Of Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair

When it comes to choosing the best type of extensions for thick hair, you may come up with some questions first. That’s the reason why we want to give you the overview before listing the top 5 options. Then, you’ll be knowledgeable and confident enough to choose the best items for yourself.

1.1. Can You Get Hair Extensions With Thick Hair

First of all, many people will wonder whether it is possible or not for a person with thick hair to wear extensions. Will the hair extensions make your hairstyle become too thick and unnatural? Will wearing hair extensions cause such annoying experiences such as sweating, stressing or so on? After all, is it recommended to wear a hair extension?

The answer is definitely yes, you can totally wear hair extensions for thick hair. In fact, wearing hair extensions is the easiest way to achieve your desired hair volume, length and style with the smallest chance of damage. The point is that you know which item is the most suitable. Each person with different hair situations will have their own favorite choice. We are here to help you choose the best ones.


Wearing hair extensions for thick hair

1.2. How To Choose Best Extensions For Thick Hair

To choose the best hair extensions, what are needed to be taken into consideration? Undoubtedly, installation is one of the most important criteria to consider. Therefore, it will be carefully clarified in the next part. In this part, we will discover other important criteria, including hair extension textures and length & volume.

1.2.1. Choose Hair Extensions For Thick Hair With Suitable Textures

Choosing matching textures is the key to making sure that the hair extension will blend well with your real hair. Especially for thick real hair, texture matching is super important. Only a slight difference in texture will be easily revealed. Therefore, you’d better choose hair extensions that have the same textures (styles) as your real hair. They can be straight, bone straight, curly, wavy, kinky, colored or so on.


Hair extensions for thick hair with different textures

1.2.2. Choose Best Thick Hair Extensions With Suitable Length & Volume

Depending on your real hair’s length and volume, you can also choose suitable types of hair extensions for thick hair. Though your hair is thick, it can be rather thick, medium-thick or super thick, etc. You need to estimate and choose a suitable extension which shouldn’t be thicker than your real hair. Also, if you want to choose hair extensions that are much longer than your real hair, please make sure that the styles blend well as your short thick hair tends to match not very well with long thick hair extensions.


Hair extensions for thick hair with different length & volume

2. Top 5 Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair

After knowing all the tips to choose the best type of hair extensions for thick hair in terms of hair textures, length and volume, now you need to consider the type of hair extension in terms of installing methods. This will greatly decide whether the hair extension looks good and natural on you or not. Below is the list of 5 best choices for you.

2.1. Fusion or Bonded Hair Extensions – Long Lasting Hair Extensions For Thick Hair

Individual strands of human hair are fused or bonded to your hair using a special glue or keratin (the same protein that your hair is made from), hence the name “fusion” hair extensions. This type of extension can last for a long time when cared for correctly. One note on how to care for it is that you must avoid applying oils, conditioners, and other hair products to the bonded area.

These products can dissolve the bond. Fusion hair extensions supplied by reliable and famous hair suppliers can last the longest out of any type of hair extension, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. There is no reuse here, so you’ll have to purchase new hair every time you have them redone.


Fusion hair extensions for thick hair

2.2. Weave or Sew-In Extensions – Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair And Curly Hair

If you have thick or curly hair, then this is the hair extension for you. To complete the look, it first requires that sections of hair are braided in cornrows from ear to ear. Then wefts of hair are sewn into the braids using a needle and thread.

Throughout the whole process, there will be no heat or glue required, and hair can be reused. Its thickness is just right for people with thick hair, and because there is no glue or heat treatment, it’s pretty safe for your scalp too. However, it does require a visit trip to the salon every 4 weeks or so to have the braids tightened. Over-styling can cause the braids to loosen, so definitely avoid that.


Sew-in hair extensions for thick hair

2.3. Clip-Ins- Easy And Cheap Hair Extensions For Thick Hair

180-200 grams of hair is the best thickness for naturally thick or medium hair. With that being said, double weft hair extensions are a great choice as they are made from two wefts of hair sewn together so you get twice as much hair as the single one. You should check the weight before you buy anything though. Each set of a full headset should come with 8 pieces in total.

To add clip-ins in your hair in the most natural way, you’ll start at your earlobe and work your way up in rows to your temples. This allows you to add instant length and volume while easily blending your hair with the extensions without unwanted unevenness. After that, you can style your hair however you like.


Clip-in hair extensions for thick hair

2.4. Micro-bead/Micro-Ring Hair Extensions – No-Damage Hair Extensions For Thick Hair

If you want the long-lasting effect of the fusion hair extensions, but don’t want to risk getting your scalp damaged, then choose the micro-bead hair extensions. These extensions are similar to the fusion method in that single strand hair extensions are attached to small sections of your natural hair.

The difference lies in that the micro-bead extensions clamped to your hair instead of glued. There is no need to use heat or chemicals in the process. However, just like fusion hair extensions, avoid oil and silicone hair products should be avoided as it can cause the beads to slip.


Micro bead hair extensions for thick hair

2.5. Hair Wefts- Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair

Hair wefts are the type of extensions that are made for full-time wearing and is the best selling item of all top hair in bulk suppliers. They are great for adding extra volume and length. The way you apply them can be pretty flexible too. However, it’s best if you can get a professional done for you as the hair wefts don’t come with clip-ins. This type of extension works best for thicker hair as it can give you the correct thickness and weight for your hair.

For people with thick hair, you’ll need two packs of these as each pack of hair wefts contains 110g of hair. As hair wefts are one of the most versatile types of hair extensions when it comes to applying them, styling is more important. You should think about how you’ll style it first to get the correct amount of hair extensions to suit your look.


Weft hair extensions for thick hair

Understand your hair and what it needs is important. We hope that through our list of the best hair extensions for thick hair, you have found the right answer for yourself. After getting the right hair extensions, why don’t you check our list of the Top 5 Best Hair Extension Styles For Long Hair and Best Summer Hair Extension Styles to know more about hairstyling as well as getting more ideas and inspiration?

Want some more volume? Check out our amazing hair extensions such as ombre, wavy, or raw bulk hair extensions. After all, styling is one of the most important steps to make your hair look awesome.

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