Hair Suppliers: Tip to Find Trustful Suppliers for Wholesale Resellers

Hair suppliers
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Nowadays people significantly pay more and more attention to their hair, which pretty much affects their appearances. This is also the reason why wholesale hair suppliers and toupee suppliers as well as wholesale suppliers for resellers have traditionally ranked first in the beauty industry. Then, it is essential to discover the greatest wholesale hair distributor if you want to import hair. We will show you how to identify the best wholesale hair suppliers and how to start the business in this article!


Hair suppliers


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I. Overview of hair suppliers

It can be difficult to decide which hair suppliers are appropriate for your hair business if you are new to the market. Knowing this, the following content contains the most useful information on wholesale hair vendor suppliers and the hair sources that you should consider. This will help you get more knowledge to become a smart resell hair supplier.

1.1. Sources of hair extensions – hair suppliers all over the world

Hair suppliers and toupee suppliers can be found in a variety of locations around the world. Asian, European, and South American wholesale hair vendors are the three largest in the globe. As a result, hair sources in certain places are typically of higher quality and more popular than those from other areas. Below are our findings and analysis.


Hair suppliers – Sources of hair

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1.1.1. Hair sources of top 4 Asian wholesale hair suppliers

Chinese wholesale hair suppliers

One of the most well-known wholesale hair suppliers in the world, especially in Asia, is Chinese wholesale hair suppliers. It is because Chinese hair distributors have been in the business for decades. Along with that, they have quite stable sources of hair with certain popularity. The hair sources of Chinese wholesale hair supply vendors lie in 2 main sources: from Chinese women and from hair imported overseas.

Hair of Chinese women, however, is now more and more decreasing. It is the result of China’s urbanization. Nowadays, only a small number of Chinese women in rural or mountainous areas sell their hair for a living. The rest usually live in developed regions and have a higher standard of living. They will go to salons to take care of their hair instead of selling it to hair suppliers and toupee suppliers.

About the quality of local Chinese women’s hair, in fact, it is not of very high quality. The original hair is often thin, weak and easily tangled or shedding. Therefore, it is difficult for restyling, processing or taking care to lengthen the life-span. The low hair quality is the result of a fatty eating style as well as an extra cold climate.


Chinese hair suppliers: Hair from local women

Hair imported from foreign countries is now the main source of Chinese wholesale hair suppliers factories. Main hair materials suppliers of Chinese hair factories are from nearby countries like India, Cambodia, Pakistan or Bangladesh, etc. These kinds of hair are also not very high-quality. The hair quality of some of the listed suppliers will be now clarified.

Indian wholesale hair suppliers

The second famous wholesale hair vendor supplier of b2b hair products in Asia is Indian Wholesale hair suppliers. Indian hair includes a large amount and half of which is estimated to be collected by Chinese collectors. Chinese factories have staff in India to collect the original Indian hair. The reason for this collection is Indian hair is 100% local human hair which is plentiful and cheap. More clearly, Indian hair comes from 2 main sources: temple hair and hairballs.


Hair sources of Indian hair suppliers

Temple hair is literally hair collected from temples. The most famous one is Tirumala temple in Andhra Pradesh in SouthEast India. In such temples like this, as Hindus have a profound belief in their God, every year they go on a pilgrimage and show their veneration. They have a tradition of praying, and to make the prayings come true, they will shave their heads, and sacrifice their hair, which both men and women do. This hair, then, will be collected to sell to hair suppliers at quite a low price. This hair is usually virgin hair, but sometimes it is easily mixed up and turns to remy or non remy hair by wholesale hair supply vendors.


Indian hair suppliers – Temple hair

Indian hairballs are also Indian human hair. However, the sources where they are collected are not clean. Indian women particularly have the habit of picking up the hairs that fall out when they are combed. They consider it a part of their body, and they cannot be thrown away. In addition, there is also a large amount of female hair loss in Indian public bathrooms. Then, by collecting the above two types of hair “trash” to dry and clean, hair suppliers can give it a new name – hairball. For the hair is almost all non remy hair, both the price and the quality are low. 


Indian hair suppliers – Hairballs

Cambodian wholesale hair suppliers

Cambodian hair is not a very famous kind of hair in the market. Also, not much research was done about this kind of hair or its distributors. Cambodian wholesale hair suppliers and toupee suppliers usually have a small scale. Then, the hair of these wholesale hair supply vendors is also not very diverse. The main hair source of Cambodian wholesale suppliers for resellers is local Cambodian women, and the hair quality can vary a lot. Some say that the hair quality is great, but also some say the reverse. However, there is one certain thing. Cambodian hair suppliers still operate under a backward condition, and this can affect the hair quality a lot. 


Hair sources of Cambodian hair suppliers

Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers

The Vietnamese hair industry can be said to have started for more than 30 years, from 1992 when the first Chinese merchants came to ask for buying hair for wig processing. After that, Vietnamese b2b hair suppliers gradually developed strongly and are now totally able to produce their own hair extensions and become prestigious suppliers of many hair resellers and hair retailers all over the world. Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers have only one hair source – local human hair which consists of 2 hair types: Virgin hair and Remy hair.


Hair sources of Vietnamese hair suppliers

Virgin hair comes from buying directly from women who are mainly in high mountainous areas and ethnic minorities. Thanks to local people’s healthy lifestyles, the hair is always of great quality and is the best version of virgin hair. The ideal Vietnamese virgin hair is the hair that has not been styled, dyed, or bleached before. It means that the hair is soft, smooth, supple; hair cuticles are well kept and the restyling capability is amazing. 

Remy hair is also purchased by hair suppliers, and the hair is cut or shed, in homes or hair salons. This hair type is not very qualified, and the hair is quite messy due to the fact that wholesale hair supply vendors often mixing the hair of many women together. However, after rearrangement, the hair cuticles can be still kept and the quality is highly acceptable.


Hair of Vietnamese hair suppliers


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1.1.2. Hair sources of European wholesale hair suppliers  

The UK wholesale hair suppliers

UK hair usually has a natural blond color and has a high quality. The natural color one is collected from native people and some is also imported.

Local UK hair is very rare and expensive. For having a high living standard, not many people agree to sell their hair for money. As a result, this source of hair is very scarce.

Imported hair is that of Asian countries. As its original color is black, the hair needs to be bleached beforehand. If the source is qualified virgin hair, the bleached hair is also of good quality.


UK hair suppliers hair

Russian wholesale hair suppliers

Russian hair is very beautiful and natural. Its color never fades. The Russian silky hair from wholesale suppliers for resellers is the blond hair which is also very rare and expensive. When it comes to fake hair that is created by bleaching or dying, it will never last as long as the natural one. 

1.1.3. Hair sources of South American wholesale hair suppliers – Brazilian and Peruvian hair

Latin America itself is a huge market for wholesale hair suppliers. The largest hair suppliers come from Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. The fact is, most of the hair is Chinese hair, which is named after these countries. This helps such a normal hair type become a prestigious and high-quality one. As a result, the hair prices are much higher than normal, too. 


South American hair suppliers hair

1.2. Price range of hair extensions from worldwide hair suppliers

The price lists of the most common wholesale hair sellers factories can be found below. One point to note before continuing reading is that, the price lists listed are from the most typical factories, so it cannot be true for all hair suppliers and toupee suppliers. However, they are typical enough to help you have an overview of hair prices in the market and have the smartest choice of whose hair to import! 

1.2.1. Chinese hair suppliers price list

The following table is the price list of Chinese wholesale hair vendor suppliers:


A price list of Chinese hair suppliers

Among different Chinese hair factories, this price is only an example of a Chinese b2b hair products price list. The price will differ and vary from one Chinese Hair Factory to another, but this price list will give you an idea of what to expect.

In China, A grade is used to assess the quality of hair. There are many grades of A such as 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A,10A,11A, etc. The higher the grade is, the higher the quality of the hair is. The above price list is of 9A hair, which is equal to super double grade of many other hair suppliers.

The price is a kilo deal – the price of 1kg of hair. You need to remember that 1kg of hair is equal to 10 hair bundles. So, from the table, we can easily see that the price of 1 kg of natural straight 8 inch hair is $150, or the price of 1kg of natural straight 10 inch hair is $180, etc.

So, what can be concluded from this price list of wholesale suppliers for resellers, together with the quality of hair sources we analyzed before? There is one condensed conclusion that the hair of Chinese hair suppliers is cheap, but it still is not worth it, as the quality deserves a lower price.

1.2.2. Indian hair suppliers price list

The following table is the price list of Indian wholesale hair vendor suppliers:


A price list of Indian hair suppliers

Indian wholesale hair suppliers’ price list is calculated per kilogram (1kg = 10 bundles = 1000g).

Prices vary depending on the lengths and styles of the hair. For example, 1kg 20 inch straight hair costs $470, or 1kg 24 inch straight hair costs $570.

As we can see, hair from Indian hair suppliers is very cheap. The reason is the low-quality hair sources that we explained above. Therefore, one advice for this kind of hair from Indian wholesale suppliers for resellers is that you shouldn’t be attracted by just its prices, but please also consider another important factor – quality.

1.2.3. Vietnamese hair suppliers price list

Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor suppliers’ price lists are considered the most competitive in the world. In the middle and high-end segment, the price in Vietnam is worth the quality of the goods, and the intrinsic hair of Vietnamese women is beautiful. It does not take much effort and time to process and does not need to be intervened with chemicals. It cannot be as sparkling shiny as that of Chinese hair suppliers, which is the result of overuse of oil, but its beauty is in a luxurious way and the durability is obviously superior to Chinese products.

Reasons for reasonable prices

The cost of production in Vietnam is now much cheaper than in China because the cost of labor in China is 2-3 times higher than in Vietnam.

The source of raw materials is close to the production area, so there is no transportation cost. Chinese hair originated in India, sometimes the cost of shipping, paperwork, making laws is sometimes equal to the original price of the hair.


A price list of Vietnamese hair suppliers

The Vietnamese Wholesale hair suppliers price list is shown above. The price is per kilogram (1kg = 10 bundles = 1000g).

Prices vary depending on the lengths and styles of the hair. For example, 1kg 20 inch straight hair costs $530, or 1kg 24 inch straight hair costs $675.

As analyzed very clearly, Vietnamese hair is one of the most competitive in the market both in price and quality. Therefore, every reseller should have a try with this hair!

1.2.4. Cambodian hair suppliers price list

The following table is the price list of b2b hair products from Cambodian wholesale hair vendor suppliers:


A price list of Cambodian hair suppliers

The wholesale price list from Cambodian Hair Factory is shown above. The price is per kilogram (1kg = 10 bundles = 1000g).

Prices vary depending on the lengths, quality grades and styles of the hair. For example, 1kg 20 inch straight single drawn hair costs $526, or so on.

As we can see, the prices given by Cambodian hair suppliers are not very expensive, but it is also not cheap as many people may think. Therefore, a hair reseller needs to consider very carefully before deciding to import this kind of hair!

1.2.5. Russian hair suppliers price list

The following table is the price list of Russian wholesale hair vendor suppliers:


A price list of Russian hair suppliers

The wholesale price list from the Russian Hair Factory is shown above. The price is per kilogram (1kg = 10 bundles = 1000g).

Prices vary depending on the lengths and styles of the hair. For example, 1kg 20 inch straight hair costs £140, or 1kg 26 inch straight hair costs £180 so on.

As we can see, the price is very expensive, as the hair is rare. Therefore, reselling hair suppliers should not start with this kind of hair. As it will be difficult to find a stable source as well as to deal with a good price.

1.2.6. The comparison among 5 hair suppliers price list

The table below is the comparison among 5 wholesale hair vendor suppliers near us together with assessment. You can get another table which simply lists the synthetic prices in this post: Table of synthetic hair prices


A comparison of hair suppliers

If you are a newbie to the hair business and have capital, you should care more about product quality than comparing prices. We recommend looking to hair suppliers in Vietnam because the quality of their products will exceed your expectations. And if you want to build a luxury brand, you can choose hair suppliers from Russia.

On the other hand, if you want to become a wholesale hair distributor, you can look into hair suppliers in China, India, or Cambodia. We recommend you do thorough research on Chinese hair suppliers because they are cheap; there is no shortage of products, and they are always available.

1.3. The hair type products of wholesale hair suppliers

One important factor to consider when starting or operating a hair business is to understand all the hair types and hairstyles. Knowing these,you will be able to make easier business decisions. So, please keep reading to get the very necessary information.


Hair suppliers – Hair types

1.3.1. Human hair and Synthetic hair – 2 common hair materials

Human hair is divided into 3 types: Virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair.

Virgin hair from wholesale virgin hair suppliers is simply undisturbed hair, similar to what we are born with. It is the hair that has never been chemically processed. To be far more specific, it is hair that has not been subjected to perms, bleaches, color treatments, or dyes – and yes, highlights and ombre hair color.

Your hair can never be returned to its natural state after it has been processed or colored. When you’ve colored your hair, just once, you’ve permanently lost your virgin strands.

Remy hair: The term “Remy” refers to both the characteristics of the hair and the method used to create the styling products. Remy hair has a unilateral cuticle direction, which means that the hair roots all go in the same direction.

Non-remy hair cuticles from wholesale hair suppliers are peeled or run in both directions, which results in tangling. This hair’s roots and tips are mixed together. Non-Remy hair is usually collected from temple floors, salons, and random suppliers. When using this method of collection, cuticle directions become jumbled, resulting in unavoidable shedding, tangling, and matting issues. Furthermore, because of its low cost, non-remy hair is quite popular and widely available.


Hair suppliers – Human hair

Synthetic hair

Unlike human hair, synthetic hair lacks keratin. Man-made polymers used to make synthetic hair are frequently combined with plastics. Therefore, the quality is certainly not as good as that of human hair. 

1.3.2. The popular hair types of hair extensions

There are many hairstyles that can be made from human or synthetic hair materials. They are ponytail hair extensions, clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, tip-in hair extensions, weft hair extensions, closure or frontal extensions and wigs. Each kind of extension has its own special characteristics, so they are suitable for different customer demands. As one of the wholesale resell hair suppliers, you need to understand all the characteristics to be able to attract and give advice to your customers. Therefore, you can consult more information here: wholesale hair vendors – all hairstyles to consider


Hair suppliers – Hair collection

II. Comparing current hair suppliers near us

We need to identify hair suppliers near us then make comparison tables to find the most suitable hair supplier. Here we will make a comparison between hair factories from Vietnam, K-Hair, 5S Hair, and other small hair suppliers. The reason to choose Vietnam is because Vietnam seems the most worth considering factories, so we want to analyze more about its specific local wholesale hair distributors.


Vietnamese hair suppliers

2.1.  Main hair sources of current hair suppliers

A large amount of hair from these Vietnamese domestic hair suppliers is exported to famous hair supply markets worldwide such as China and Europe. Only a few small domestic ones do not have enough investment then have to import hair from Indian or Cambodian hair suppliers. In Vietnam, there are many famous domestic wholesale hair factories such as K-Hair and 5S Hair factories, etc.

2.2. The quality of hair extensions from current hair suppliers near us

The table below is the comparison between hair salon businesses or local factories (K-Hair, 5S Hair, MicHair, etc.) and other hair businesses.


Compare Vietnamese hair suppliers

  • Hair quality: pretty goods because all the products are bought from high-quality worldwide wholesale hair vendor suppliers
  • High-quality hair suppliers such as K-hair can gain virgin hair from Vietnamese women → better than other hair distributors buying hair from China or Indian hair suppliers

An overview of the best wholesale hair vendor K-Hair is covered in this video:

Of all the factories, K-Hair is specially the top 1 best wholesale hair factories as well as hair supply wholesale in Vietnam. Its hair quality is proven over time. You can learn more about its hair quality here: Vietnamese hair quality

In case you want to find much for information, below are official channels that you can access:


K-Hair hair supplier factory

2.3. The price of hair extensions from current hair suppliers near us

The prices of the domestic wholesale hair factories are very reasonable and the price difference is not too much when imported from famous hair suppliers in the world. The reason for this preference is because Vietnamese domestic hair vendor suppliers do not have to import too much hair from other countries like other hair supply wholesale. You want to know why? Because they have the main hair supply right in their country. Vietnamese hair is famous for its smooth shine. 

Besides, Vietnamese domestic hair suppliers are very focused on the policy of “customer-centered”. They focus on the customer’s feelings and set the criteria for both cheap and quality products for customers. Therefore, many customers after ordering hair from Vietnamese hair suppliers are very satisfied and refer more and more new customers to hair vendor suppliers in Vietnam.


Vietnamese hair suppliers prices

Through the above comparison table, we recommend that if you want to open a hair salon or start a hair business, you should buy and import hair directly from Vietnam. The reason we give this advice is that the hair quality of hair suppliers from Vietnam is excellent. Besides, their prices are very reasonable for those who are new to the hair industry. Choosing to import hair extensions from Vietnam is the right choice when you want to attract customers quickly and effectively. You can also read more about the reasons here: Vietnam is top choice of hair in bulk for hair vendors

III. B2B Wholesale hair suppliers

B2B is always a good option when you want to start your own reselling hair business. However, not many people know a lot about B2B. They just know that B2B is something that can bring a bigger benefit, but they hardly understand thoroughly about its specific features and trends. They cannot make the most of B2B, though. Therefore, we will analyze B2B very clearly below and hope that you can use it to develop your career as hair suppliers. 

3.1. What are B2B hair suppliers sales?

B2B or B-to-B, stands for business to business. This is a form of business, indicating the copertation between two businesses (a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer), together with another popular form called B2C (business to customer). B2B wholesale hair suppliers, therefore, choose to make transactions with other hair suppliers instead of an individual customer.


B2B hair suppliers

In a typical supply hair chain, business-to-business hair supplier sales are common, as companies purchase components and products such as other raw hair for use in the manufacturing processes. After that, finished goods from hair supply wholesale can be sold to individuals through business-to-consumer transactions.

Business-to-business hair vendor sales, in the context of communication, refers to methods by which different hair factories can connect with one another such as social media. B2B communication refers to communication between employees of two or more hair suppliers.

B2B can certainly bring about lots of benefits and is becoming the top choice of more and more hair resellers. Therefore, choosing the right hair business to work with is of importance. Here is our suggestion to find a Vietnamese one that you can consult: Steps to find a reliable Vietnamese wholesale hair factory distributor


B2B trustful hair suppliers

3.2. Key trends in B2B hair vendor suppliers sales

A standard B2B hair vendor sales should have the 3 key trends. Knowing these will help you apply and develop your hair suppliers business a lot. The 3 trends are mobile, self-service as a channel and bundle, cross-sell, up-sell.

  • Mobile: Mobile apps and devices are becoming more important in the way B2B hair vendor sales reps work and their customers order stock. Salesmen use mobile CRM to better manage their client relationships, to take orders more efficiently on a mobile device (so that they are automatically sent for fulfillment), to plan their day more efficiently using e-maps for route accounting, to present new product data and videos, to take photos of shelves, to use planograms, and to do other things.

The B2B hair vendor sales, hair salon businesses, toupee suppliers and hair suppliers place orders on their mobile devices – via an app or a website.


Mobile hair suppliers

  • Self-Service as a Channel in B2B E-commerce: Mobility is a powerful enabler of B2B hair vendor supplier sales self-service ordering.
    • Today’s knowledgeable B2B hair suppliers and sales customers are accustomed to researching information online before making a purchase. The B2B hair vendor supplier’s e-commerce experience must be as straightforward and friendly as the one we are all familiar with in our personal lives – the one we know and have grown accustomed to on sites like Amazon, Zappos, and Walmart.
    • Beauty wholesalers and brands enhance order volume and customer loyalty by providing their B2B hair suppliers sales clients – wholesale sellers, salons, and spas – with a mobile app or website for B2B hair vendor suppliers sales ordering.

Self-service hair suppliers

  • Bundle, cross-sell, up-sell: In the hair market, product packaging, as well as upsell and cross-sell tactics, are critical. Campaigns may change weekly, be offered to select consumers only, or be available to everyone. Campaigns can be used to promote hair goods by offering a discount on a certain item or to build loyalty by offering discounts once a certain amount of money has been spent.

3.3. Features of the perfect B2B hair vendor suppliers suppliers

Success in any business can only be generated by two parties: the buyer and the seller. Both are critical because no one will win if either side fails.

Which qualities are most crucial to you when looking for B2B hair suppliers? Price or Honesty?

It is certain that 99% of clients will answer “Honesty” even if they always want “Price”.


Hair suppliers: Honesty vs. Price

Follow us to see the story without being honest.

  • The hair suppliers guarantee that the hair bundles are made entirely of human hair. When you get it, however, you discover that the hair bundle from these hair supply wholesale is mixed with synthetic hair.
  • You like the hair sample because it is high quality and reasonably priced. And you are confident that your company will take off soon. When the first bulk order arrived, you discovered it was of lower quality than the samples. How do you go about running a successful hair salon business?

First and foremost, the ideal hair suppliers should be truthful. Without honesty, everything is meaningless.

IV. The factors affecting worldwide hair suppliers

There are numerous elements that determine wholesale hair vendor suppliers; therefore, hair retailers should conduct a thorough study ahead of time to ensure the greatest possible preparation for your business! We’d like to discuss four of the most important criteria below.

4.1. Supplier sources – The factor of hair suppliers

A factory which appears to have good-quality and reasonable prices can be fake, though. The point is that the chemical treatment can make the hair look pretty naturally good at first, so it can turn a low-quality hair source into a “good-looking” one easily. What’s more, this process also helps save the cost on qualified hair sources, so the end-hair extensions prices will be low, too. 


Hair suppliers hair sources

One example, you may not know, is the hair from Chinese hair suppliers. As mentioned above, Chinese hair factories usually import hair from their nearby countries like India. Then most of the hair is non remy one. However, after some process, Chinese factories can turn it into remy hair and make a fortune from it!

So, how to avoid such bad hair from hair suppliers like that? One of the solutions is to make hair sample orders beforehand.

4.2. Shipping – The factor of hair extension suppliers

  • African hair suppliers: The majority means of transportation to Africa is by air and sea, especially by sea.

African hair suppliers shipping

Their sea shipping is a type of sea transport that can provide services within a region or even nationally. Their sea shipping has a low transport cost compared with rail, road, and air. Their sea shipping could play three roles: it could provide unimodal transportation services between port cities, the major transportation leg of an intermodal freight transport chain, and feeder services to deep-sea shipping in a hub-and-spoke cycle. 

  • The Europe and Russian hair suppliers: When buying hair from them, you should remember that importing must be based on ease of shipment.

The table below is the price list for each European region.


EU hair suppliers shipping

  • Chinese hair suppliers shipping: It is reported that the cost of shipping by container will have increased fivefold by 2021. In addition, delays are no longer a new issue. Many wholesale hair vendors had to experience delays of up to 2-3 months.

The following chart is the shipping policy framework of China


Chinese hair suppliers shipping

  • Indian hair suppliers shipping
    • The whole shipping process takes somewhere between 2 weeks for the product to get delivered. That is quite quick looking at the current situation (due to the Covid-19).
    • The shipping cost will be calculated as per the product weight.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers shipping:
    • Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor suppliers implement a policy to support viewing and checking goods upon delivery in order to meet the needs and maximize the interest of customers when using our service. When customers receive their orders, they must review the preliminary information and sign the agreement (if any). When the customer receives the order from the courier, he or she can open the package to inspect the contents (quantity, color, condition, type, size, etc).
    • However, the products will not be used or tested during the item inspection process.

Vietnamese hair suppliers shipping

  • Cambodian hair suppliers shipping: The lack of rules led to a complete lack of standards for Cambodian ship registration. The shipping process often takes 1-3 months.

4.3. Productivity of goods – The factor of hair extension suppliers

Productivity of goods is a major concern for wholesale hair vendors and hair retailers. It is extremely difficult for hair retailers to find suppliers who have a short production time but still meet quality standards when dealing in B2B form. Obviously, you can choose between a quick but unqualified hair distributor and a slow but qualified hair supplier.

Here are some suggestions we want to inform you:

  • Quick but unqualified hair factories: Chinese hair suppliers and India hair suppliers.
    • Chinese hair suppliers: When you need one or some kinds of hair extensions or b2b hair products in general, it is most likely that Chinese hair factories can easily provide you. It is because they always have hair in stock, and their factory scale is industrial. However, the point is, the hair will not be fresh or very qualified.
    • India hair suppliers: Because their hair is poor-quality and their production is simple and backward, the time needed to produce hair is short, but you know you’ll have to face some trade-off when buying this hair!

Quick hair suppliers

  • Although not very fast, qualified hair factories are being produced: Vietnamese hair suppliers, The UK and Russian hair factories.
    • Vietnamese hair suppliers: The suppliers who meet the demand for quality while producing in a reasonable time frame are said to be Vietnamese wholesale hair factories. As previously discussed, Vietnam’s hair sources are of good quality, and the hair is always new and fresh. In addition, all of the hair is managed by skillful workers, so it may take a longer time of production, but the end result is of great quality.
    • The UK and Russian hair suppliers: European culture is always on time so that all the hair supply wholesale here are famous for their excellent customer service. Therefore, it is not surprising that they always lead the list of famous hair suppliers in terms of shipping services, customer care as well as the time to complete ordered products.

Qualified hair suppliers

4.4. Impacts of Covid-19 on hair suppliers – The factor of hair extension suppliers

Covid-19 by now has been widely spread and brings about such influences on the global economy, particularly the Asian economy. And hair suppliers as well as toupee suppliers also have to suffer from that change due to the pandemic. The pandemic caused significant changes in this industry, with China, India, and Vietnam being the three most affected Asian countries.

People who intend to open a hair salon or resellers need to pay attention to the factors we have just mentioned above to choose and adjust the most suitable hair suppliers and time for your hair business. Besides choosing reputable hair suppliers, you need to have a plan to adjust the opening time of your hair business to match the time you receive hair products from the above hair suppliers. You may consider it is easy, but there are a lot of factors involved such as the 4 we analyzed. You need to note that during the Covid – 19 epidemic period, services, especially transportation services, are even more difficult. Moreover, the shortage of workers due to the city lockdown or they have died during the epidemic makes the time to complete the product more difficult. Therefore, be very clear and prepare support plans when your supply of goods has problems.


Hair suppliers in the pandemic

V. How to successfully find a suitable hair vendor supplier?

Without a doubt, the hair industry is booming at the moment. As a result, now is a great moment to start making money in this lucrative business. Market saturation will be an issue in the future because it is a rising market. To compete and win, you will need fantastic wholesale hair suppliers.

5.1. Do research & make a budget – Steps to find the best hair suppliers

Carefully look up the information about hair suppliers in this article of ours and choose for yourself the quality wholesale hair extension suppliers that are suitable for the amount of capital you intend to spend. Different types of hair have different costs, so making a budget is important when you want to open a hair salon or start a reselling business in general.


Hair suppliers researching

5.2. Examine the fine print of the company  – Steps to find the best hair suppliers

Is there a guarantee that they make? What are their terms of sale? If they are reputable hair vendors, all of this information will be available on their website. Their website should include information about returns and shipping times. If this information is missing, you may want to look for another seller.

5.3. Request hair samples  – Steps to find the best hair suppliers

If you are hesitant to place a large order of unknown products, this is a perfectly reasonable request. Request that the seller send you straight and wavy hair samples. Sew the hair on yourself or a co-worker, dye, lighten, dry, and warm them. Keep an eye on how well it is holding up.


Samples from hair suppliers

Samples are an excellent way to get a sense of quality. If you like the example, place a small order to ensure the sample pieces are not a ruse (just enough to meet the seller’s minimum). If the performance is comparable to the sample, you will be more confident the next time you place a large order.


K-Hair is running HOT SALE now – The more you buy, the more you save!

You can follow the triangle diagram below to find yourself reputable hair suppliers for your hair business.


How to find the best hair suppliers

VI. How to sell as newbie resell hair suppliers?

We understand how overwhelming it can be to walk into a resell hair business for the first time. Overwhelmed by nerves, you are trying to impress your staff, provide prompt service to your clients, establish a clientele, and sell wholesale/retail. Here are some pointers to help you start a hair business.

6.1. Do an online quality consultation – Tips to gain your hair suppliers business

Finding the solutions for clients is valuable in so many ways. They will come right out and give you problems to fix. THEY WANT SOLUTIONS FOR THEIR HAIR!

  • The clients need volume if the hair is thin.
  • They may need heavy products if the hair is too thick.
  • They need condition and shine if the hair is dull.

Hair suppliers – Online consultation

So, based on the consultation or your examination of the client’s hair, start figuring out what product you’ll be utilizing in your head. If you keep to the strategy, reselling hair suppliers is considerably easier than you think.

6.2. Have the Sale – Tips to gain your hair suppliers business

A newly opened hair salon does not only need the skill of a high-class hairdresser, we need to have many ways to attract customers. One of the easiest ways to get customers’ attention is to lower the price for them. We can have many ways to reduce the price, for example:

  • Choose the way to get 20% off for the 10 fastest customers to book a hairdressing appointment
  • 10% off when customers choose the combo of perm-wash-dye
  • 10% off when customers check-in at your hairdresser

Above are some solutions to give when you are confused about how to reduce the price to suit your customers and stores.


Attractive resell hair suppliers give discounts!!!

6.3. Sell more services/products per client visit – Tips to gain your hair suppliers business

There are numerous ways to increase the number of products and services sold at each salon visit.

Provide add-on services: Make sure your menu includes a variety of hair extensions that are quick to perform and simple to add on during an appointment.

For example, if you own a hair salon or any kinds of hair suppliers business, you could provide your clients with a deep care treatment or even a color glossing service. Then provide a nose waxing service for the clients.

Offer a diverse assortment: The most straightforward way to increase the number of items sold during a salon visit is to provide products that complement the service provided if any, especially in the hair salon.

Proactively sell in a non-sales way: It is critical for you, as hair suppliers, to turn this conversation around. In fact, clients who visit your hair stores or hair salons regard receiving product recommendations as well as sometimes a valuable service. They are prepared for it. A simple habit to instill in your staff is to always inform your clients of the product you are using on them and why.


A variety of products of resell hair suppliers

6.4. Sell more expensive services/products during each client visit – Tips to gain your hair suppliers business

First, you need to make sure your product and service (for hair salons) menu enables this. 

Then, you can significantly increase the value of each customer visit by offering add-on services as well as trading up customers to a premium, higher-priced service. This can have a huge impact on your hair suppliers business.

6.5. Show the professionalism of your hair business – Tips to gain your hair suppliers business

Get the GO-TO products – Show your professional hair business

Choose styling items in which you have complete faith. These are the items you prefer using to others. Make sure you have these products at your station, clean and labeled, where the clients can see them.


GO-TO products of hair suppliers

Do the 4-1-1 method – Show your professional hair suppliers business

The 4-1-1 stands for 4 Hairstyles from 1 Haircut and 1 Product

Here are some tips to using the 4-1-1 method:

  • Inquire about the products they typically use.
  • For today’s fashion, select a different type of product.
  • Put 4 different looks in front of their eyes, each with a different product.

Rather than “selling” clients, the 4-1-1 Method focuses on “educating” them. They will inquire if you have the product if you use this technique.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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