Vietnamese Hair: The Best Hair Quality To Invest In Hair Market

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Vietnamese Hair Factory is the best and highest quality among wholesale hair vendors in the hair market. Vietnam Hair Extension is loved choices of many wholesalers in hair business, especially in Africa. Let’s find out together why Vietnamese Hair Extension is considered as “king” in hair market …

I. Vietnamese Hair – Highest Hair Quality In The Market

Vietnamese hair is valued as the best hair with the highest quality in the hair market. Vietnam hair is always the best choice for wholesale hair sellers because of its prominent characteristics. If you gonna invest in hair business or you just want to buy hair for personal use, then this post will blow your mind!


Vietnamese hair – The Best Hair Quality To Invest In Hair Market

Unlike hair extensions of countries such as China and India, Vietnam hair extensions meet the market’s demand for high quality hair extensions. So if you want to import hair extensions from Vietnam, you need to know some properties and characteristics of hair extensions. Because of the good quality, the price is also higher than the competition.

II. Vietnamese Hair – The Best Human Hair Extension

You have been always buying hair from China for a long time but really not impressed with the hair quality? You want to change to invest money on Vietnam Hair but you don’t know anything about Vietnamese Hair. Here are the reasons making Vietnam Hair become the Best Hait Quality To Invest In Hair Market.


vietnamese coloured weft hair

In order to meet the beauty demand and large demand for hair extensions of the market, hair extensions factories in Vietnam develop many different hair products. The hair products are manufactured from real hair and have international quality standards. That’s why Vietnam hair extensions gradually become famous and familiar to many people.


Varieties of Vietnamese hair

👉🏿👉🏿Further detailed information: Vietnamese Hair extension

2.1 What is Vietnamese Hair?

Vietnamese hair is hair collected from Vietnamese women. All the hair is pure and never mixed with low-quality materials such as animal fur or synthetic fibers. Vietnam hair is the best materials used to make human hair extensions.

Vietnam Hair is the best hair quality in the hair market. Vietnamese Hair is famous for the long-term durability and high quality under many conditions of weather. That’s the reason their hair extensions are at the top of the world.

2.2 Characteristics of Vietnamese Hair?

Characteristics of Vietnam Hair include healthy origin of Vietnamese Hair and natural characteristics. These prominent characteristics make Vietnamese Hair become the best hair quality in the hair market. Let’s find out

vietnamese hair

2.2.1 Orgin of Vietnam Hair

  • Vietnam Hair is taken from healthy donors: Origin of Vietnamese Hair is from young Vietnamese women’s hair at the ages from 18 to 25. Therefore, the hair quality is in the best status: STRONGEST AND BEST BEAUTIFUL.
  • Vietnamese women often take care of their hair with natural materials: They often wash their Vietnam hair from natural vegetation instead of chemical shampoos to keep the silky and shinning of the hair. This is the reason why the durability of Vietnam Hair is long because it is pure with no chemical vietnamese-hair

 Vietnamese women often use NATURAL VEGETATION to wash their hair to keep the hair silky and shinning. Customers can get 100% healthy virgin donor hair from K-Hair with “ 3 K-NO”: NO CHEMICAL,  NO MIXED HAIR, NO SYNTHETIC HAIR.

2.2.2 Natural characteristics of Vietnam hair

The natual characteristics of Vietnamese Hair is natural black color and strong durability.

  • Natural black color: Vietnam hair natural colors bring a fresh look to the one wearing this specific type of hair. Dyed black color never brings this fresh look.
  • Strong and Durability: Vietnamese hair is famous for the long term durability. Vietnam hair can be styled into many different curly and wavy styles without being damaged like hair from other countries.

vietnamese hair 2

2.3 Why should we choose Vietnamese Hair? Prominent characteristics of Vietnam Hair compared with Chinese Hair and Indian Hair?

As listed in 2.2, Vietnam hair is prominent as pure hair with no chemical. Hair salon, hair sellers want to buy hair to bleach and dye, and style the hair to curly wavy, then they must choose pure hair because mixed hair quality can’t be bleach and dye to perfect hair color. Therefore, Vietnamese Hair, especially Vietnamese weft hair is loved and advantaged compared with Chinese Hair and Indian Hair.

  • Vietnam Hair: 100% human virgin pure hair, hair salons and hair sellers can bleach and dye to any tone of color and style to different curly wavy styles without damage the hair ( because virgin hair is so strong)
  • Chinese Hair: Mixed hair between Indian and Cambodian, hair salons can’t bleach it to 613 colour. Because mixed process hair is very weak, temperature effect from hair styling machines can damage a lot to the hair

vietnamese hair 3

  • Indian Hair: Mixed hair from Cambodia and unknown origin of another hair source. The hair quality is always together with the price, that is why Indian hair is cheapest in the hair market. India Hair is popular among customers with low income. Hair salon which targets in this class of customers will prefer to invest in Indian Hair type than vietnamese hair and Chinese Hair.

👉🏿👉🏿To have the best knowledge of difference between Vietnamese Hair, Chinese Hair and Indian Hair


Compare Vietnamese Hair and Chinese Hair?

2.4 What is grade of Vietnamese Hair?

Vietnamese Hair Grade includes Vietnam hair single drawn, Vietnam hair double drawn and Vietnam hair super double drawn. (In some factory, because of customer demand for higher grade of hair, those factories also do the fourth hair quality FULL LENGTH. But as whole, there are 3 main grade of Vietnamese Hair: Single Double and Super)

Chinese Hair divides hair into A grade like 8A, 9A,10A, 11A,… while vietnamese hair is divided into single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. The difference between Vietnam hair grade if the fullest of hair


Vietnamese Grade Of Hair: Single, Double, Super

2.4.1 Single Drawn Vietnam hair

Single Drawn Vietnam Hair is the lowest hair grade in Vietnamese Hair grade. 45-50% strands of hair is same length, the rest is mixed. That is why Vietnam hair single drawn hair is thin at the end. When you caress the hair from top to end, you will see it turns from full to thinner at the end

2.4.2 Double Drawn Vietnam hair

Double Drawn Vietnam hair is middle-quality grade in Vietnamese Hair Grade. It is loved because of reasonable price ( not so cheap or expensive) but good hair quality. 60-65% strands of hair are same, the rest is mix, but you still can feel that Double Hair Bundle is quite full. Wholesale hair sellers prefer this grade of hair compared with Single Drawn and Double Drawn because of its reasonable price but good quality

vietnamese hair 4

2.4.3. Super Double Drawn

Super Double Drawn Vietnam hair is the best quality grade of Vietnamese Hair Grade. It is considered to be the best and perfect hair weave, 85-95% of hair is in the same length. With a high rate of same length hair strand, the Vietnam hair weave bundles are very full from top to end.  The thickness and fullness of these hair bundles grade make Super Double Drawn Hair is luxury hair grade of vip hair sellers and salons.

If you are into hair business and you don’t know which type of Vietnam hair grade should you use. Then consider who your class of customers are. If they are with low income, you can target in single drawn hair. If they have money and their demand are high quality, then target on Super Double Drawn Vietnam hair.

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III. Vietnamese Hair Types

There are 3 hair types of Vietnamese Hair: Vietnamese raw virgin hair, Vietnamese remy hair and Vietnamese non-remy hair. They are all top selling hairstyles on the market. Many customers around the world choose these hairstyles because of their popularity.

3.1 Virgin Vietnamese hair

Virgin Vietnamese hair is called as Vietnamese virgin ponytail hair. Vietnamese virgin hair is taken directly from donor with unprocessed hair. Each bundle( 100g) of raw virgin hair is taken from ONLY 1 DONOR


Vietnamese Virgin Hair

  • Advantages: Vietnam hair can be bleached and dyed to any colour, bleach to 613 and snow white colour( because the hair is raw virgin unprocessed from 1 donor per 1 bundles, then the characteristics of hair strand is the same in each bundles, which lead to similarity and uniform in colour)
  • Disadvantages: This Vietnam hair is very rare and expensive. The donor source is also rare too. Because 1 person can’t supply so much lot hair. If you don’t reserch hair vendors carefully before buying vietnamese virgin hair, then you can easily buy hair which is not virgin hair.

Buy best virgin Vietnamese hair with cheapest factory price in the market here!!!

3.2 Remy Vietnamese hair

vietnamese hair 5

Vietnamese remy hair is mixed hair taken from 2-3 donors with nearly same characteristics of hair quality. All the mixed strand of Vietnamese remy hair is in the same direction.

  • Advantages: Vietnam hair Can be bleached and dyed to many colour tone, the price is reasonbale
  • Disadvantages: Vietnam hair can’t be bleached to 613 tone and snow white tone because it is mixed from 2-3 bundles. Although hair vendors choose donors with nearly same characteristics of hair quality but it can’t be in 100% uniform texture virgin hair. If you just want to buy hair to colour and bleach to normal tone, this will be best choice.

Futher more detailed information: Vietnamese Remy Hair 

3.3 Non-remy Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese non-remy hair is mixed hair from many donors but the direction of hair strands are not in the same direction. Remy hair and non remy hair both is mixed hair, But remy hair is combed into 1 direction by skillful hair workers, while non-remy hair is not combed into 1 direction.

vietnamese hair 6

All strand of non-remy hair is mixed direction, that is why this type of hair can get tangled and shedding easily. When you use your finger to go through this hair type, you will be stuck at middle because of mixed strand with no direction.

  • Advantage: Cheapest price, suitable for low-income customers
  • Disadvantages: get tangled and shedding easily

IV. Compare Vietnamese Hair With Other Hair Type in Hair Market (China, India)

Hair Market is a potential market with high competition among Vietnamese Hair, Chinese Hair, Cambodian Hair, Brazil Hair, Indian Hair, Russia Hair,.. But in this blog, I just mentioned to 3 biggest hair components in the hair market. That is competition between Vietnamese Hair, Chinese Hair and Indian Hair

4.1 Hair source Vietnamese Hair and others

China purchases hair from India and some other nations for manufacture and export at cheap costs. Chinese women were the origin of Chinese hair previously. Chinese hair today is entirely blended hair from various origins, including synthetic hair. Indian hair is collected from major temples, barbershops and many other sources. Hair is out of sync and easily tangled.

vietnamese hair 7

Vietnam hair collected from highland women, soft and not processed through chemicals. Vietnam hair derived from 100% human virgin hair donors. In addition, Vietnamese hair vendors have sources from salons, households but the segment is much higher than Indian hair balls.

  • Vietnamese Hair: 100% human virgin hair donor.
  • Chinese Hair: Mixed hair from India and Cambodia
  • Indian Hair: Mixed hair from Cambodian and other unknown hair source

4.2 Hair quality of Vietnamese Hair and others

  • Vietnamese Hair: Vietnam Hair is the best hair quality in the hair market. Vietnamese Hair is famous for the long-term durability and high quality under many conditions of weathers. As mentioned above, Vietnamese woman use natural vegetation to maintain the hair to keep the Vietnam hair in best silky and perfect shape.
  • Chinese Hair: Chinese Hair Factory is famous for industrial-large-scale with chemical industry. Chinese hair is soaked with chemical to keep the silky and bouncy. However, because this is hair weave with chemical, after a time of using and washing, the hair get tangled and shedding.

vietnamese hair 8

  • Indian Hair: Indian Hair is mixed hair from many unknown hair sources. Indian hair as whole is very weak, get tangled and shedding easily.

4.3 Durability of Vietnamese Hair and others

The length of time to use Vietnam hair extensions depends on many factors. Some factors are due to the quality of hair extensions, because hair extensions use chemicals and also due to the care of the user. Therefore, when choosing hair extensions, it is necessary to learn information about hair types to choose the most suitable one for you.

Vietnamese hair can be used from 2–10 years with intact hair quality. With Chinese hair, it normally lasts from 5–12 months. Then it tangled and shedding because the hair is mixed up from low quality Indian hair and Cambodian hair. Indian Hair has the shortest use time at about 2 to 3 months.

  • Vietnamese hair : The hair can be used from 2–10 years with intact hair quality
  • Chinese hair: Normally last from 5–12 months, then tangled and shedding because the hair is mixed up from low quality India hair and Cambodian hair
  • Indian Hair: 2-3 months

4.4 Ability to bleach and dye of Vietnamese Hair and others

Similar to the time of use, the ability to bleach and dye is greatly influenced by the quality of the Vietnam hair. Beautiful and uniform hair can dye out easily and is durable. For example, Vietnamese Hair can be bleached and dyed to many colour tones. Especially Vietnamese Virgin Hair can be bleached to 613 tone and now white colour.

vietnamese hair 9

Meanwhile, Chinese hair and Indian hair do not meet customers’ dyeing and blench requirements well. Chinese Hair just can be dyed to some tone of colour. Indian Hair can’t be bleached or dyed because the hair is mixed with many unknown hair sources.

  • Vietnamese Hair: Can be bleached and dyed to many colour tone. Especially Vietnamese Virgin Hair can be bleached to 613 tone and now white colour.
  • Chinese Hair: Just can be dyed to some tone of colour
  • Indian Hair: Can’t be bleached or dyed because the hair is mixed with many unknown hair source

4.5 Vietnamese Hair and others price

You get what you pay for. A cheap hair extension can damage customers’ hair. Vietnamese hair is reasonably priced, matching its premium quality. One advice for retailers is not to be greedy for cheap hair extensions as they may be of poor quality.

Currently on the market we have researched Vietnam Hair at a reasonable price , from 8.6 USD/ bundle. Chinese and Indian Hair are at the cheapest rate of price, just from 6.9USD/bundle. The choice of prices depends on your finances.

  • Vietnamese Hair: At a reasonable price , from 8.6 USD/ bundle
  • Chinese and Indian Hair: At cheapest rate of price, just from 6.9USD/bundle

4.6 Customers of Vietnamese Hair and others

For countries that cannot produce hair extensions, they choose to import hair from Vietnam, China and India. Therefore, customers of Vietnam hair are present all over the world, stretching from west to east. Thanks to the outstanding product features, Vietnam hair has become popular. 

vietnamese hair 10

Many Nigerian customers come back to buy Vietnamese hair after buying Chinese hair. They only buy Chinese hair one time to test and don’t come back because of tangles and shedding problems. You see, cheap is not always good!

  • Vietnamese hair: Many Nigeria customers come back to buy Vietnamese hair after buying China hair because
  • Chinese Hair: They only buy one time to test and don’t comeback because of tangle and shedding problems.


V. Vietnamese Hair Extension: What Is The Best Choice?

Vietnam hair extension is made from Vietnamese Hair. Vietnamese Hair extension includes Raw Hair Vietnam Extension and Weft Hair Vietnam Extension

( This section is for people who are new and just into hair business, you can skip this section if you just want to read blog for information about Vietnam Hair Extension dear)

5.1 Raw Vietnam Hair Extension

Raw Hair Vietnam Extension is  specific types of hair which are popular among Europe and Eastern Europe countries like Russia, Brazil, England,… Raw Hair Vietnam hair extension includes Vietnam hair tip hair extension, tape hair extension, raw hair bundles.


raw hair vietnam extension

Raw Vietnam hair  is a classic hairstyle. It is cut, brushed and cleaned before packing for export. It can be bleached and dyed according to customers’ requirements.

5.2 Weft Hair Vietnamese Hair Extension

Weft Hair Vietnam Extension is specific types of Vietnam hair which are among Africa countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana… Weft Hair Vietnam Extension includes weft hair bundles, ponytail hair, lace closure frontal and wigs.


This is the hairstyle that accounts for 90% of the revenue of Vietnamese hair. Customers love dyed Vietnamese hair. European countries prefer subtle, simple colors while Africa prefers striking colors.


weft hair vietnam extension

5.3 Compare Raw Hair Vietnamese Hair Extension and Weft Hair Vietnam Extension: What is the best choice?

Having known the information about raw hair and weft hair, now comes the question: “Raw hair vs weft hair, what is better?”. Below are the detailed answers for you.

5.3.1 Distinguish Vietnam hair just by a look

Just by looking at the tip of hair, then you can recognize immediately between raw hair and weft hair. Weft hair Vietnam hair extension will have weave line at the tip of hair bundles, while the raw Vietnam hair extension is just bulk tip. 

5.3.2 Vietnam hair types

vietnamese hair 11

  • Vietnamese Raw Hair Extension: Raw Hair Vietnam Extension is used to make these types of Vietnam hair: tip hair extension, tape hair extension, clip-in hair extension, raw bulk hair bundles,…
  • Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension: Weft Hair Vietnam Extension is used to make these types of Vietnam hair: weft hair bundles, full lace wigs, lace frontal wigs,…

5.3.3 What is the best choices of Vietnam hair for your hair business?

If you are into hair business, you must know clearly and profoundly about your class of customers and characteristics of Vietnam hair type, then you can select hair sources matching with your grades of customers

  • If your customers are from South Africa countries like Nigerian customers or South Africa customers,… You must know that their native innate characteristics of hair is very short and little, then weft hair bundles + closure frontal Vietnam hair will be the best choices for this class of customers. They will love to buy hair bundles in the length about 8” -> 20″ length with trend styles like bonestraight, pixie hair.

vietnamese hair 12

  • If your customers are from Europe or Eastern Europe countries like Dubai, Brazil, Russia, England, America,… Their characteristics of thin and weak. Therefore they want to make their hair longer and thicker by using Vietnam hair extension. They will prefer clip-in, tip hair extension, tape hair extension,…

VI. Where Can I buy Vietnamese Hair With High Quality At Wholesale Factory Price?

There are a variety of Vietnamese hair suppliers in the market right now. Then, which one should  you choose to get the best benefits? The point is that please choose a wholesale Vietnam hair factory instead of a resell commercial company. Below are our recommendations.

6.1 Mrs Cherry- Vietnamese K.Hair Ceo — Just deal directly with wholesale

Mrs Cherry Ceo has been working in hair business for more than 7 years. She has been co-operating with many Vietnamese Hair Factories. With profound experience and great relationship with Nigeria wholesale hair sellers, she has built out her brand “ CHERRY K_HAIR CEO” and become the best trusted dealers for wholesale hair sellers in Nigeria.


Mrs Cherry Ceo – K.Hair company



Dealing directly with wholesale

By professional service attitude, k hair received a lot of positive feedback. This shows the quality as well as the trust customers have for Vietnam Hair K.Hair. So you can rest assured when working with them.


Customer positive feedback







Contact Mrs. Cherry K-Hair right now!!!

6.2 Vietnamese Hair K-Hair factory

K-Hair factory is famous for long term history. With more than 30 years in hair business, K-Hair company is proud to be the first Vietnamese Hair Vendor in Vietnam. K-Hair factory supplies:

  • Human Vietnamese virgin hair in wholesale quantity.
  • Closure, frontal, HD lace wigs, full lace wigs,….
  • Curly weft hair, color weft hair, hot trend styles in Nigeria.
  • Tip/tape/clip-in Vietnam hair,…

vietnamese hair 13


6.3 Vietnamese Hair is also a branch website of K-Hair company. This website is design ONLY FOR NIGERIA customers. With quick loading of pages, Nigeria customers can easily reach this Vietnam hair’s website with no difficulties.

In addition, you can see the item clearly. Policy way is also fully and regularly updated. The website will also guide you through the steps to order Vietnam hair easily and save time.

Have you found the reliable hair factory to invest ? If not, click this link to check more 👉🏿 :


VII. Expert Advice from Vietnamese Hair vendors 

Before we invest money in any fields of business, having profound knowledge of that hair business will be very importance. Once you understand deeply about the hair market, the products, then you hold in hand 99% opportunities of success!

vietnamese human hair vietnam

When buying at any hair extension factory, you need to research carefully about them. Some sources you can refer to are google, facebook and amazon. Besides, learn about the hair market where you want to do business to know how you will have to come up with a strategy to succeed. Good Luck to you and your hair business.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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