Vietnam Remy Hair: How To Recognize The High Quality?

Vietnamese Remy Hair: How To Recognize The High Quality?

There’s no doubt at all that the market for human hair, especially Remy hair, is booming all over the world: from dying to styling, from weaving to braiding, from treating to relaxing, hair doing now really becomes a beauty ritual for women worldwide! Therefore, there have been more hair extensions vendors than ever before: from Malaysia to Indonesia, from Peru to Cambodia, from China to India and all wholesale hair vendors in the world… among which Vietnamese Remy hair play the leading role. If you still have little knowledge about Vietnamese Remy Hair, how to recognize high-quality one, and the best Remy hair vendors to buy from, this article is for you!

All about Vietnamese Remy Hair

Vietnamese Remy Hair is now regarded as the golden choice for hair extensions on account of their high quality, their perfect texture, and the capacity to blend well with different types of hair in other dark shades color.

What is Vietnamese Remy Hair?

Vietnam has risen to become one of the best hair vendors in the world for some recent decades. Vietnamese hair is naturally black, thus it is able to blend well with the dark colors of African, American hair and also even European hair. Vietnamese hair is extremely smooth and beautiful. Its longevity is exceptional. Meanwhile, its price if the most reasonable in the hair market. From 89$, you can own yourself a kilogram of Vietnamese Remy hair already, and it can last up to 3-5 years.

Remy hair is 100% human hair, and is also considered luxury Vietnamese hair. It is collected from a group of people who have the same characteristics, with all strands staying aligned in the unilateral direction of the cuticles so the hair roots and tips lie in the same direction.


Vietnamese Remy Hair with cuticles aligned

Vietnamese Remy hair is 100% natural black hair from Vietnamese women.

Vietnamese Natural Hair

The characteristics of Vietnamese Remy Hair

Vietnamese Remy hair for extensions looks natural because the hair is going in the same direction as it naturally grew.  Vietnamese Remy hair can also last very long thanks to its high quality, unlike non-remy hair where the hair can run in different directions. Therefore, Vietnamese Remy hair is extremely silky, smooth, and tangle-free.  It can be bleached and colored well, also very suitable for being permed. Thus Vietnamese Remy hair is now a golden choice when it comes to hair extensions. To distinguish between natural human hair and synthetic hair is not very difficult, you can follow this intrustion: Distinguish Synthetis Hair vs. Human Hair

How to keep Vietnamese Remy hair under proper conditions

  • You should always use a wooden come to brush your Vietnamese Remy hair. In addition, you had better regularly comb your hair to gently tease out tangles caused by daily wear
  • In your hair care routine, you should also use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, specifically designed for Vietnamese Remy hair, to preserve its silky softness and shine.
  • For simple stylings such as curtain bangs, you can feel free to apply as they do not do harm to your hair.

Remy hair, or Non-Remy hair?

In fact, there are 3 main types of hair: virgin hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair. Each type of hair  is used for differentiated uses, for example, if you want to bleach and then dye your Vietnamese hair, you should choose Virgin hair (hair from a single donor) so that the color is the same among all of the hair strands. If you do not, then remy hair is fine. Naked look cannot tell Virgin hair and Remy hair and Non-remy hair apart. Below are detailed information about them. Or you can also consult this to know more ways to define Vietnamese hair quality grades.

Non-Remy hair

Non–Remy hair is also 100% human hair, but it is collected and sorted from many different sources: from many people with different characteristics, from many vendors, or even on the floor of hair salons. The direction of cuticles is mixed all up, which makes the hair get tangled and frizzy very soon.

Because non-remy hair is non-cuticles hair, it has to go through an acid chemical process to remove the cuticles. Owing to the high acid concentration, the natural moisture decreases, and the hair strands turn out like straws. To cover up this problem, non-remy hair is then coated with silicon to keep it shiny and silky. As time goes by, the chemicals will get washed off by shampoos, causing the hair to slowly get tangled, dried and frizzy.  For all of these reasons, non-remy hair is not recommended for long-term and sustainable uses. 

How to tell them all apart?

vietnamese remy compare min

Why do you choose Vietnamese Remy Hair?

Vietnamese Remy hair is as that precious, but have you ever thought about what you can do with them? Then Laurel Expert (from K-Hair Vietnam) can recommend some to you:

Vietnamese Remy Hair Can Be Dyed

One of the major concerns that users have when purchasing Remy Hair is whether it is mixed with hair from another group of people. If not, the hair strands are highly prone to the risk of not lying aligned. Then if it is chemically treated for coloring, the hair is suffered from strong damage, and the color can not run evenly through all of the hair strands.

Vietnamese Remy hair is naturally black and strong in itself, that’s the reason why it is extremely suitable for good coloring to dark shades.

Vietnamese Remy Hair Can Be Permed

Vietnamese Remy Hair is strong already, hence it is the first choice for suitable types of Vietnamese Hair Extensions to be permed. You can curl your Vietnamese Remy Hair with heat just as your natural hair, using hair styling tools such as a blow dryer or a flat iron. However, there is one thing you must keep in mind is that also just like your natural hair, Vietnamese Remy hair can not suffer from too much damage from heat. To keep its longevity, you should always spray heat protectants over your hair curls before applying a hot iron or dryer to them.

Vietnamese Remy Hair vs. Other?

There are many types of Remy hair over the regions in the world: Vietnamese Remy hair, Brazilian, Indian, and Chinese Remy Hair. If you get hold of the differences among them, then you can take the most advantages.

Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy Hair is often sourced from the rural regions of Brazil, it is thick, soft, and wavy in its natural state. Brazilian hair comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths and is often much shinier and silkier than Peruvian hair. With its shiny appearance, Brazilian hair is soft to touch and comes available in various textured styles.

Indian Remy Hair

Indian Remy Hair by virtue of its length, thickness, supply volume, already wins the global market for medium and low-cost hair. For people with standard income, Indian Remy Hair is an obvious choice. Compared with Brazilian Remy Hair, Indian Remy Hair is finer, as it can be styled and curled very easily. In addition, its integration is better than Brazilian Remy Hair, because of the density of hair.

However, there is one disadvantage of Indian Remy Hair is that it is easy to become frizzy in bad weather and wet environment, so the customers need to use anti-frizz products all the time.

Chinese Remy Hair

Chinese hair, by and large, is the least expensive type of hair in the global hair market. This type of hair is coarse and thick. Its texture requires the hair to be properly chemical-treated before it can be made to hair extensions. After the acidification process, the hair loses the shine and has a rough texture.

Which hair type to choose?

Through the analysis above, you can clearly see that Brazilian Remy Hair, Indian Remy Hair, and Chinese Remy Hair has its own characteristics, we can according to our needs and preferences carefully purchased.

If you prefer straight human hair, you can choose Brazilian Remy Hair; If you like curly hair, and you can choose the soft Indian Remy Hair. Beautyforever Hairsupply a wide variety of human hair, not only Brazilian Remy Hair and Indian Remy Hair, but also Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair. If you are seeking for the most beautiful hair texture, meanwhile the highest quality hair with the longest beauty, Vietnamese Remy Hair is surely your top choice.

For more information: Vietnamese hair weaves 999 things help you become a big vendor

How to recognize good Vietnamese Remy hair?

Due to its high quality, durability, and reasonable price, Vietnamese Remy Hair is now the most favored choice that customers all over the world are seeking for. Therefore, there are more and more hair suppliers recently selling hair with unverified origins under the name “Vietnamese Remy hair”. You, as a customer sometimes have to spend a bulk of money to buy good hair, but then only receive mixed and low quality one, which time after time makes your heart get cold and shut.

prevent your hair from getting knotted and tangled in the winter 600x350 picmobhome

It turns out that you do not need to be hair experts or have modern technology alongside with you to check your hair quality. Now there are two easy tests for you, as a wise customer, to check whether your “Vietnamese Remy Hair” is original Vietnamese human hair or not.

Check the hair cuticles 

If it is original Vietnamese Remy hair, it definitely has hair cuticles. You can check the feel of it by yourself, just by running your fingers through the hair shaft. The strand of hair must have a smooth feel that is going along with the directions of hair growth.

If your fingers can not run through it and feel the resistance of hair strands, be alert as it is very likely that your hair is mixed with other types such as Indian or Chinese hair.

Conduct a smoke test

The natural hair goes like this: when it is burned with fire, it will turn into ash. If it is mixed with synthetic hair, it will turn into a sticky texture with a bad synthetic smell which will get hard after cooling down. You can also notice the white smoke from the burn. These are visible and noticeable signs for you to recognize any plastics in your hair.

To perform this easy test, you only need a lighter to burn some hair strands, and you can do this right after you receive your hair and right at your home.

Top 5 best factories supplying Vietnamese Remy hair

  • K-Hair Factory

K-Hair Factory is regarded as the leading and the most reliable hair vendor in Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience in this industry and 10 years of experience in penetrating the global hair market, K-Hair Factory has now become the most trusted vendor to many big hair wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

K-Hair Factory –  the leading hair factory in Vietnam

A wide range of products that K-Hair Factory supplies include: weft straight hair, curly and wavy hair, kinky and pixie hair, closures and frontals, full lace wigs,… all are 100% Vietnamese human hair.

Deal directly with K-Hair Factory to get the best factory prices:

Instagram: K-Hair Factory

WhatsApp: K-Hair Factory

  • Elsa Hair

Elsa Hair company has 10 years of experience, they know and understand the buying habits and demands of each market in the world such as Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Their office has a team of professional Sales who understand and understand all products, consult customers when buying and support 24/24.


  • Anhhair Vietnam

AnhHair Viet Nam specializes in trading in the natural raw hair of Asiatic Human with many countries in the world. Having experience years of hair business and research, their company can understand fathom the demands and expectations of customers.

Although there are some customers giving negative feedbacks about the slow production of Anhhair, also telling they are prone to be scammed. There is not still firm evidence about this but Anhhair Vietnam is still a good choice when it comes to Vietnamese vendors for Remy hair.

  • Apohair

Apohair has been 10 years in this industry, they deal with both hair wholesalers and retailers. They are famous for customizing hairstyles, also selling hair extensions at a low price. They also have a hair factory. They are known for their human hair manufacturing to designs.

Their service overview: Customers support, a wide range of delivery services, careful packaging  and labeling.

Apohair is there to manufacture your specific order to meet your product requirements. The standardized quality is guaranteed. And another similarly famous company is Anka hair company.

  • Ivirgohair

Ivirgohair has the full name as Investment And Commerce Joint Stock Company from Vietnam. Their company is one of the top Vietnamese companies which export the natural raw hair of Vietnamese people to many countries all over the world. With 5 many years of experience in the hair business, they can understand the various demands of customers in each country thoroughly.

Especially, they supply 100% original hair in bulk and weft with high quality just cutting from women directly without processed or chemical substance. Their campaign is seeking and dealing with more and more customers in the world.

Although there are some customers giving negative feedbacks about the slow production of Anhhair, also telling they are prone to be scammed. There is not still firm evidence about this but Anhhair Vietnam is still a good choice when it comes to Vietnamese vendors for Remy hair.

You can also kindly take a look at Vietnamese Hair Factory: Top 5 Best Wholesale Hair Distributors for more information!

If you are setting up your hair business and looking for a mentor to guide you through this difficult and challenging time, feel free to contact Experts from K-Hair. With 20 years of experience in the hair industry and 10 years of experience in penetrating the African hair market, we wish to offer you consultation 24/7 and free of charge.

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