5 Best Ways To Style Curtain Bangs And How To Rock Them

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The Internet is going crazy with curtain bangs. You can pretty much spot them everywhere because everyone seems to have them nowadays. And it’s easy to understand why they have reached the top hair trends: they are pretty, romantic, sultry, and charming as hell. You sometimes may ask how to style hair with curtain bangs. Looking at all your favorite influencers that have this item might make you want to recreate the hairstyle yourself. So read on and find out all about the most popular styles, how to style and rock them too!

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Style Curtain Bangs

I. What Are Curtain Bangs And Who Should Style Curtain Bangs?

In this first part, we will show you the overview of curtain bangs. Let’s see what they are!

1.1. What Are Curtain Bangs?

Basically, curtain bangs are just fringe bangs that are parted down the middle to frame your face, like the curtains hence the name. It’s longer than your typical bangs and has wispy ends that blend into the rest of your hair. This makes the bangs appear much softer and more sultry as it frames your face perfectly without harsh edges like side-swept bangs.

Unlike straight-across bangs, curtain bangs are angled so they’re shorter in the center and longer on the sides. They’re usually parted right down the middle which will create a special effect that makes your eyes and your facial features stand out soft and beautiful. That’s why so many girls fall head over heels to style them.

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Style curtain bangs: Curtain bangs vs. Blunt bangs

1.2. Why Should We Try Curtain Bangs Styling – Top Advantages

A significant bonus is that this is one heck of a versatile style. You can add your own touch to it and there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to curtain bangs. From straight and simple to curly and fun, this style can be changed in any way that you find the most suitable for your face shape. Just ask your hairdresser the next time you go to the salon and bring some reference shots to your appointment, and your hairstylist will take care of the rest and style them for you.

Thanks to its versatility, this hairstyle can fit any type of face and hair length. From short to long hair, from round face to square face, there will be a curtain bangs style that makes you look lovely like a peach. With this hairstyle, you just need to understand your hair’s texture and then get the cut that has the face-framing layers that suit your face shape.

And here is the best bonus point: style curtain bangs are super easy to maintain. Since they have a little bit more length with them, you won’t have to constantly go to the hair salon or take the risk of using a scissor to trim your own bangs at home. If you want them out of your way, you won’t even need hairpins for that. Just tie them together with your ponytail. It’s truly the hairstyle for girls who don’t have much time to style their hair but still want to look pretty.


Style curtain bangs: Versatile & easy to maintain

1.3. Who Can Style Curtain Bangs – Curtain Bangs Hair Style For All Kinds Of Hair

As mentioned, curtain bangs are suitable for all types of face and hair lengths. Then, let’s dig into the styles for each hair feature. We’ll now discover the styles for long, short, straight, curly and wavy hair.

1.3.1. Curtain Bangs Long Hair

Curtain bangs long hair is one of the most popular styles. It is simply because people with long hair will feel more confident cutting and styling their hair with bangs. Long hair enables you to style curtain bangs into any kind you want. You can try basic long bangs, wispy bangs, layered bangs or bangs with curls, etc. All just fit well with long hair. Another point is that long hair enables you to create the ponytail and hide your bangs for their rare fail!

1.3.2. Curtain Bangs Short Hair

In fact, hair length has not much to do with your styling curtain bangs. Long hair just gives you a safer feeling as it can guarantee different solutions to failed bangs. However, the percentage of fail to style them is almost 0% as long as you follow the correct guide. Then, it is no problem to cut them for short hair. All the possible styles are just as diverse as those for long hair.


Style curtain bangs for different hair lengths

1.3.3. Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

How to style curtain bangs with straight hair? They are supposed to have the same textures as the remaining hair parts. Therefore, people with straight hair will have it best styling their bangs straight. Some of the fabulous ways to style straight is to style layered bangs, long bangs and wispy bangs, etc.

1.3.4. Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

Curly hair looks super bouncy and voluminous, so some people may be afraid that it is not suitable to style curtain bangs. They may easily mess up afterward or make it hard to style as initial intention. However, just try the curly “messy” bangs and you’ll have another opinion. The bangs look super natural and attractive!

1.3.5. Curtain Bangs Wavy Hair

How to style curtain bangs wavy hair? The styles of curtain bangs for wavy hair is similar to those of straight hair, except for the fact that the bangs will look more bouncy and flexible. Long wavy bangs, wavy wispy bangs, wavy messy bangs, and wavy layered bangs are all highly recommended styles to do with wavy hair.


Style curtain bangs for different hair textures

So with all that being said, let’s see what are the most popular curtain bangs styles, which celebrities are having them, how you can style curtain bangs, and how to rock them too.

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II. Top Inspiring Celebrities Do Style Curtain Bangs

Before heading to the top 5 hottest curtain bangs styles, let’s quickly take a look at some significant celebrities who style them. Looking at how the bangs fit them may give you more inspiration to apply your own bangs!


Celebrities who style curtain bangs

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Camila Cabello with “messy” curtain bangs

With loose wavy hair, styling messy bangs is an amazing choice for the singer. This style is super natural and makes her look even more charming and classy.

Yara Shahidi with bouncy curtain bangs

You have tight curly hair and may be afraid that curtain bangs are not suitable for this hair texture? Then, please look at how the bangs are crazily matching Yara Shahidi! The bangs look super natural and attractive on her!

Billie Eilish with individual colored curtain bangs

You are afraid that curtain bangs are only suitable for tender and girly vibes? Then, the vibes of Billie may give you another point of view. Please look at how the bangs are so creative and unique!

Selena Gomez with wispy curtain bangs

Let’s look at how wispy curtain bangs suit Selena Gomez’s cute round face!


Celebrities who style curtain bangs

As you can see, each celebrity with each hair type and fashion style can totally find for themselves super matching curtain bangs. So why not you! Let’s move on to the next part to dig into some amazing curtain bangs styles that you’ll fancy!

III. Top 5 Hottest Ideas To Style Curtain Bangs For All Hair Textures

Curtain bangs can be said to be the most “easy-going” bangs style that suits everyone with different vibes! Below are the top 5 hottest styles that you can consult. Each of the styles will be the most suitable with each type of face shape and event or occasion, so please read all to choose the most trendy and suitable ones for you.

3.1. Straight Bangs – Top Idea To Style Curtain Bangs

Straight hair is one of the most popular hairstyles, then styling straight ones is a popular choice that is never out-of-dated. The straight curtain bangs can blend well with the rest part of hair and give a natural look. Don’t worry that the style may be too simple or boring, as it has its own attractiveness, and you can also easily restyle it, too!

The straight curtain bangs are the most suitable for oval or a bit long faces. The bangs are straight and a bit flat, so they won’t have the amazing effect of covering the face or so on. However, it is super convenient and suitable for daily style and elegant events without demanding styling.


Style curtain bangs straight

3.2. Voluminous Curls Bangs – Top Idea To Style Curtain Bangs

Different from straight bangs, voluminous curls bangs are the best choice for ones with bouncy curly hair. Many people worry that having tight curly hair makes it impossible to cut bangs. The bangs can easily become messy or unattractive. In fact, the natural curly situation of the hair definitely brings about charming and mysterious vibes. You are the most beautiful when you are confident of yourself, so there is no reason to refuse to cut perfect bangs for your voluminous curly hair!

To style curtain bangs with voluminous curls are most suitable for both individual and cute girls. This style can fit all face shapes. Ones with round faces can try the long curly ones to make the face look smaller. Meanwhile, ones with oval faces can cut the wispy curly curtain bangs and see how cute they are.


Style curtain bangs with voluminous curls

3.3. Wispy Bangs – Top Idea To Style Curtain Bangs

Wispy bangs are bangs that include wispy hair in front of your forehead. Instead of styling the hair towards two sides of the head, the remaining wispy hair in the middle is an amazing choice. Especially when your forehead is a bit high, wispy curtain bangs can help you cover it and give you a youthful look.

Wispy bangs are similar to blunt bangs, except for the fact that the bangs are much more wispy and flexible. Both girls with round and long or oval faces can try this style. It is the most suitable for active and youthful events as you will look super young in wispy bangs.


Style wispy curtain bangs

3.4. Loose Curtain Bangs Ponytail – Top Idea To Style Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are only suitable for untied hair? This is definitely not true. Even when you have your hair tied up, they are still very fashionable. To keep the bangs best natural-looking, a loose ponytail styling is highly recommended. The combination of curtain bangs and a loose ponytail will make you look both sporty and attractive.

For people with oval or long faces, you can try the wispy bangs with loose ponytail. This way to style will make your face look shorter thanks to the forehead-covering effect of the wispy bangs. For ones with round faces, you can try the basic long messy curtain bangs with loose ponytail. All these styles are really elegant and can accompany you to any luxury events.


Style curtain bangs with loose ponytail

3.5. Curtain Bob – Top Idea To Style Curtain Bangs

Besides long hair, curtain bangs are also suitable with short hair, especially individual short bob hair. Cutting bob hair may bring boredom sometimes, so restyling it with curtain bob bangs is a wonderful choice. It will bring you a modern as well as active vibes.

Bob hair always goes well with round faces. Then, curtain bob is the savior for round face girls. Not only the curtain bangs but also the bouncy bob hair will help cover the face sensibly. This style is supposed to be suitable for all events, especially for youthful and active ones.


Style bob with curtain bangs

IV. How To Do Curtain Bangs At Home – Best Style Curtain Bangs Tutorial

How to bangs style at home is one of the most frequently asked questions about curtain bangs. In this section, we will help you answer this question in detail.

4.1. How To Cut Curtain Bangs At Home

First of all, before styling curtain bangs, you need to cut the bangs first. Below are the instructions to cut them, from simple to more sophisticated styles.

4.1.1. How To Cut Long Curtain Bangs

Cutting and trying to style long curtain bangs is the most basic and simple way to do and style them. To do so, you just need to follow these 3 simple steps before learning how to make your curtain bangs look good.

  • Step 1: Wash your hair and let it dry. The bangs are most ensured to be satisfying when being styled on clean dry (or wet but not dripping) hair. Such wet or greasy hair will make it hard to estimate the right length of the bangs.
  • Step 2: Section your hair. You should make sure that you take enough hair in front of your forehead to cut the bangs and style curtain bangs. You can take all the hair that runs along the line to your ears.
  • Step 3: Cut the bangs. You ought to cut 1/4 of the hair in the middle till the mouth length to style it as the shortest part of the bangs. For the 2 remaining parts, please just trim them at angles or vertically instead of horizontally. Just keep trimming and fixing until you see the 2 parts are even.
  • Step 4: Style curtain bangs. You can use a roller, hair blow dryer or a specialized brush to curl the bangs backwards for a couple of minutes. Then, you can put the bangs down and have them blend well with your hair.

How to style curtain bangs

4.1.2. How To Cut Short Hair With Curtain Bangs

With short hair, all the steps to cut curtain bangs are exactly the same as those for long bangs. However, you need to consider some differences:

  • The length of the shortest central part is above the tip of the nose or a bit below the nose.
  • About how to fix curtain bangs when the bangs are short, you can cut them a bit longer than the intended length and fix them gradually.

4.1.3. How To Cut Curtain Bangs With Layers

To style curtain bangs with layers, the steps are similar. However, instead of sectioning the hair into 3 main parts, now you should section it into at least 5 parts: central shortest part, 2 central nearby parts and 2 side parts. Then, you just need to similarly trim, slide cut and blend the hair for the most natural layered bangs.


Style curtain bangs

4.2. How To Style Curtain Bangs – Say Goodbye To Messy Bangs Each Morning!

First thing first, go to the hair salon or at least ask somebody who has good experience in cutting hair to cut your curtain bangs for you. You don’t want to fumble around with your scissors and create a mess that is going to make you want to wear a hat when going outside for the whole week. Got it? Good. Now let’s see how you can style your curtain bangs.

4.2.1. How To Style Curtain Bangs With A Blow Dryer

The first and the most common way to style your curtain bangs is with the blow dryer. Grab a blow dryer and a round brush. For super-bouncy curtain bangs, go for a 1-inch round brush. The rest is pretty simple. First, part your hair down the middle. Then blow-dry your bangs away from your face, wrapped around a round brush. Twist the brush through your bangs all the way at the end so it feathers out and then styles the rest of your hair however you please.


Style curtain bangs with blow dryer

4.2.2. How To Style Curtain Bangs With A Straightener

Another way you can style your curtain bangs is with the hair straightener. By using this you can give your bangs some extra body. Use texturized, flat-iron waves for a more voluminous look. Then, how to style curtain bangs with straightener? Start by placing your hair straighter an inch off your face. Take your bangs between the straightener and slowly twist your flat iron away from your face to help give your bangs more direction. Run it through a few times until you are happy with the look. It is quite easy and convenient to know how to style bangs with straightener, so please note this method down!

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4.2.3. How To Style Curtain Bangs With A Curling Iron

You can also style your curtain bangs with curling iron too. A 1- or 1.25-inch curling iron is great for faking the round-brush blowout look. Make sure you also have a texturizing spray on hand and a medium-hold hairspray to keep your curtain bangs in place. If you are asking how to style bangs with curling iron, remember that the process is pretty similar to how you would use the hair straightener.

4.2.4. How To Style Curtain Bangs With Flat Iron

Styling curtain bangs with a flat iron is similar to doing so with a straightener. First of all, you need to section the hair into 2 sides and apart from the remaining hair. Then, with each side of the hair, you will use the flat iron to flip them up backwards. After a couple of times doing this, your bangs are done styling!


Style curtain bangs with straightening tools

4.2.5. How To Style Curtain Bangs With Rollers – Best Way Of How To Style Curtain Bangs Without Heat

Using a hair roller is also a good choice to flip your bangs backward for styling purposes among many other heatless methods of how to style curtain bangs overnight. However, using hair rollers is a heat-free and damage-free method, so it cannot give the immediate result like the blow dryer, straightener, curling iron or flat iron. Then, how to use rollers? You will need to apply the rollers during bed time for the best result or for at least 20 minutes before going out to have the bangs styled. Though it is a bit time-consuming, it is highly recommended for the sake of your hair health.


Style curtain bangs with rollers

Those are the 5 best ways you can style curtain bangs, including how to style without heat and with heat. This style of bangs might be easy to maintain, but they do require a little bit of styling to make them look pretty. You can do this styling in the comfort of your home though, so it’s really no big deal. Still, if you feel uncomfortable, you can always book an appointment with a pro who will walk you through the pros and cons of getting bangs for your texture.

4.3. How To Curl Curtain Bangs

In fact, curling curtain bangs is styling them. Then, how to curl your bangs? You can use one of the five methods above for curling your curtain bangs. No matter which methods you use, the most important thing you need to remember when it comes to how to curl bangs is the principle. The reason is that curtain bangs and basic blunt bangs have totally different ways of curling that you may sometimes mistake them.

  • For curtain bangs: To curl the bangs, you need to flip the bangs backward no matter what method you use. Flipping backward will help the bangs look more bouncy and also cause no uncomfortableness when having long bangs.
  • For blunt bangs: The bangs are much shorter, so you shouldn’t have the bangs flipped backwards. Otherwise, the bangs will become a mess and look pretty awkward.

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V. [Matching Quiz] Style Curtain Bangs – How To Choose The Best Curtain Bangs For You

To choose a suitable curtain bangs style, you need to make it clear about your face shape and your preferences. Please answer these 2 questions, so that we can base on your answer to give you the best suggestions from hair experts. Then, you will get the best answer to “how do you style curtain bangs”.


Please choose the most suitable answers for you!

Now you have the answer, let’s see what will be the best curtain bangs choice!

Curtain bangs for round face


Style curtain bangs for round face

Curtain bangs for oval face


Style curtain bangs for oval face

Curtain bangs for square face


Style curtain bangs for square face

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