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Edges hair is a lovely feature that can be the cherry on top of a style, whether it’s swept to the side or sculpted into curlicues. Finessing your edges (and the materials required to do it) have gone a long way with so many unique methods to put them down. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the hair around the borders.


Edges Hair

1. What is edges hair?

Hair edges, also known as baby hairs or swooping edges, are short hairs seen in the hairline area of textured hair types. Women of color have been using these hairs for years to create gorgeous hairstyles that many have regarded as works of art. The appearance has long been a staple of pop culture, and it seems to resurface every few years when another star tries out the well-known look. Swooped edges are a haircut that has been present for more than a decade, despite its recent popularity.


What is edges hair?

Edges hair is most typically seen on Black or Brown women’s hair and is the result of taking something that would normally be neglected or left out of a hairstyle and turning it into a fun and complicated pattern. When it comes to this style, you can be as creative as you want, swirling your hair to precisely frame your face for a unique and magical effect.

The technique of “laying” hair edges has become a cultural phenomena that persons with textured hair strive to master. It aids in the creation of the right final touch for their preferred haircut. In fact, when it comes to applying quick weaves from wholesale hair vendors suppliers, creating edge hair is a must to make the hairstyle look much more natural.


Edges hair styling

2. When did the edges hair trends start?

Edges Hair first opened their doors in the early 1920s. Josephine Baker, a singer, dancer, and civil rights activist, was one of the first notable women to wear the style. The traditional and beautifully groomed baby hairs swooshed down to emphasize the contour of her face were her distinctive appearance during performances in Parisian theaters.

Other renowned ladies of the era, like as jazz vocalist Baby Esther, wore the swooping edge appearance as well. During the 1930s, when the sculptured look of baby hair grew even more fashionable, her voluptuous style inspired the famed cartoon character Betty Boop.

If you fast forward 30 years to the 1990s, you’ll see that edges hair has resurfaced in popular culture. While the appearance remains popular among African-Americans, it also becomes fashionable among Latinas at this period. The Mexican-American Chola aesthetic contributes significantly to the popularity of this style, making it one of the most popular hairstyles of the 1990s.


Edges hair in the past

3. How to do edges hair

The swoops and swirls you make with your baby hairs and edge control are always the cherry on top of any super-cute hairstyle – your edges play a significant role in framing your face and how your hair appears. As a result, you must first learn how to deal with hair around the edges.

3.1. How to style edges hair in overall

Edges hair is not difficult to style, but beautiful edge hair definitely requires careful styling, just like any other styling processes of other hairstyles like the process to style curtain bangs, blunt bangs or so on. Below are 4 steps to follow to style attractive edge hair.

Step1: Smooth and separate your edges hair with a comb

 For starters, you should always slick and separate your hair’s edges. Using a comb, comb out these hairs and smooth them down in the direction you want them to go. If necessary, use a comb that won’t catch on the hairs and cause more damage, as well as water.

Step 2: Using natural boar bristles, swoop and make shapes for edges hair

 The curve of your swoops should be natural to your hairline, and you should use an edge brush with natural bristles. Use an edge control of your choosing to mold the hair into the swooping form while producing the shape. The texture of your hair determines whether you use a lighter or thicker edge control. For coarser hair, however, more edge control is required.


Steps to do edges hair

The secret to swooping your edges is mastering the art of shaping your hair into the ideal form and molding it into a style that will last with the best edge control for your hair type.

Step 3: Use the sharp tip to finish touches of edges hair

The devil is in the details when it comes to characterizing baby hairs. Finish by going over the molding with the sharp tip of your favorite hair tool to define the form. The pointed tip won’t go in the way of the design you’ve produced with the brush bristles, and the fineness of the tip allows you to add and define swoops a bit more. If required, apply a little gel to the tip, although this step can be completed with or without it.

Step 4: Use hairspray to hold the shapes of edges hair

This step is optional and often relies on the nature of your hair and the style you want to achieve, but a freeze spray may help give your edges a little additional shaping and keep them in place. This can be used directly on the tool or on the hair, but just a small amount should be used.  Tie a scarf over your edges for a few minutes to give the spray a chance to do its work.


Use tools to shape edges hair

3.2. How to grow and maintain edges hair

You’ll need to be patient since regrowing your edges takes time. Hair grows 1/2 inch each month, or six inches per year, according to P. Williams. It will take around three months to see a difference in your hairline if you aren’t suffering from severe hair loss and are maintaining a healthy routine.

You may learn how to grow back your edges hair with the aid of healthy habits, smart hair loss remedies, and the correct products to strengthen the rest of your efforts, whether your edges are just starting to thin or are already very far gone. Continue reading to learn how to expand your edges.


How to maintain edges hair

  • Avoid tight hairstyles: Take a break from any haircuts that cause too much stress on your hairline. Even though the term “protective” is in the name, if you choose the incorrect stylist, a lot of these styles may harm your edges.
  • A silk scarf or hat may be used to wrap and protect your edges hair at night. Any other fabric will absorb your hair’s oils and moisture, leaving it dry and brittle. The pillowcase’s friction will catch and damage your edges. To reduce friction, tie the scarf around your head rather than around your edges. If you have problems sleeping with a hat on, satin or silk pillows are a must.
  • Don’t get your hands on them! Your edges are delicate, and you’d be amazed how many individuals lose their edges due to inadvertent tugging. Allow them to be alone!
  • Brush your hair with extreme caution. It takes a lot of effort to pull your hair back into a bun or a ponytail, but if you want to avoid any breakage, you’ll need to take extra care with your edges. Brushing your edges too hard with a harsh boar bristle brush might damage your newborn hairs, which are already delicate. Instead, use a toothbrush or a brush with softer bristles to gently clean your edges hair.
  • Don’t forget about your edges while moisturizing your hair. Breakage is more likely with dry hair, and your edges are especially sensitive. Give them extra attention and care, and keep them wet at all times to avoid them drying out and breaking.

Maintaining edges hair

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4. Some ideas for edges hair styles

It’s time to live your edges hair fantasy now that you’ve got some guidance. Take a look at some of the styles that have recently inspired us.

4.1. Patterned cornrows with loop edges hair styles

Cornrows are one of the most protective and low-maintenance styles for natural or relaxed hair that you may attempt. They sit close to the scalp and may be shaped in a variety of ways, depending on the appearance you want to achieve. 


Patterned cornrows with loop edges hair styles

Curly baby hairs provide a lovely contrast to your patterned cornrow designs. They draw attention to the curves and lines of your face and assist to frame it.

4.2. Cornrows with extra long edges hair

Even if your baby hair is a little on the short side, you can still edge style it. When braiding your hair, thinly separate the hair under your hairline to style in this stunning, 90s fashion without going excessive.

Some people believe cornrows are only appropriate for informal settings. However, we’re here to prove them wrong with designs that show you how to wear them for every occasion.


Cornrows with extra long edges hair

4.3. Bantu knot with Spikes & Spirals

Bantu knots are suitable for all ages. Bantu knots and Bantu knot-outs are one of the only hairstyles that work with all four hair types. They may help smooth out and define curlier tresses, or give a bit more curly anarchy to straighter ones.

Bantu knots usually benefit from some slayed edges hair, whether you’re extending your hair or wearing them as a final style. To complement the various sized bantu knots, the baby hair parting in this style is messy-chic.


Bantu knot with Spikes & Spirals edges hair

4.4. Finger waves edges hair styles

Finger waves are a terrific style for anyone with short hair or hair that falls somewhere in the middle. Because the swooping motion you employ to produce the waves is the same as you would for your edges hair, the entire style is practically simply a head full of baby hair styling.

When it comes to pixie cuts and short hair styles, finger waves are definitely a popular hairstyle, but they can also be done on medium-long hair. Only a little extra gel, duckbill clips, and hairspray are required. Such heatless curls are really recommended for frequent hair styling.


Finger waves edges hair styles

4.5. Swooping edges hair

This look is ideal for those days when you just want to throw something on and go. You only need a decent curl defining creme/gel, a headband, and five minutes to style your baby hair.

Quite literally, these haircuts are! The remaining of your strands, as well as the commencement of your portion, can be slicked back. You may also add a slight bend, which adds a wonderful, subtle flare to the design.


Swooping edges hair

4.6. Side part edges hair styles

Whether you’re wearing a wig, weave, natural hair, or braids, a side part ponytail is a beautiful hairstyle. Adding a few swooping baby hairs to the exposed side of your hair adds balance to the whole style and draws attention to your face.

Another way to use side part baby hair is to apply them on one side of your head, which contrasts nicely with the slicked-down side of this updo. Because you’ll only need to style your edges hair on one side, why not go all out?


Side part edges hair styles

Above are all about edge hair to discover today. We hope that sharing from K-Hair Company is useful for you. Hope that you will be able to create and maintain the best edge hairstyles for you!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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