Heatless Curls Without Much Effort – 6 Best Methods To Follow 

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Nowadays, curly hairstyles have gradually replaced long smooth hairstyles or personality braided hairstyles as a way to keep pace with the trend of the beauty industry. That is why people tend to utilize convenient and economical manners for their haircuts, instead of going to physical salons or based on the support of other people. In this writing, we are so amazing to share about hassle-free techniques hairstyles for heatless curls and respond to the safety criteria for customers. If you are looking for flowing and shiny curly hair without using the heat exposure, we are here to help you guys!


Heatless Curls For Everyone

1. Why heatless curls tend to be prevalent?

We have to admit that using heat machines for your curls has gained popularity for such a long time in the hair industry of styling real hair as well as hair in bulk thanks to its high speed, and also performance. On the flip side, one of the first and foremost concerns of users to use this way is to eliminate the worries about the side effects towards their hair strands. With the safety, heatless curls totally may supersede this one as a time savior for hair lovers; in terms of the duration and the protective ability. 

No matter how long your hair is, users can apply heatless curls for their desired hairstyles. Our offer mentions DIY techniques and stays away from the approach of hair-torching hot tools. In the long run, using heatless and skipping hot machines has a positive impact on the growth of hair state and allows them to develop as usual. So far, the effect of heatless curls on social platforms, namely Tiktok has caught the huge attention of the public and affirm this role in this beauty field, compared to high-end style machines. 


Prevalent heatless curls

2. The most amazing techniques for heatless curls

Of course, to get a desired curl with heatless curl, it is vital to grasp some techniques and have a deeper understanding about them in a proper way. Don’t forget to try one of these ways and share with us which way is your favorite manner for heatless curls! In fact, you can totally rely on human hair bulk extensions with various styles available, but applying heatless curl methods on your real hair is really fun, economical and worth trying!

2.1 Overnight braid wet hair for heatless curls

We have to admit that braiding is no longer a strange step or new thing when users take the step and get attractive results the next morning. This way needs to be taken when your hair is almost wet after shampooing and conditioning for the best. Whatever users need to follow is to braid your hair according to Dutch Braids during bedtime and let your hair dry overnight. The detailed instructions are here.

  • It is better to separate your hair into three parts before braiding it loosely all the way to the ends and securing it with a hair tie at the root. 
  • With the duration of 8 hours sleep, remove the hair tie and check out your achievement. To place your hair order, users can make use of hair spray to try. 

Overnight braid wet hair for heatless curls

With this hassle-free technique, users can save their time and budget and make your hair curlier with heatless. Besides, you can opt for some options, including fishtail braid, rope braid, French braid, or sort of like that to get bouncy heatless curls as effective as possible. 

2.2 Velcro Rollers for heatless curls

One of the significant points of using velcro rollers as heatless curls is handy and inexpensive. This is also especially suitable for ones who are not really into tight curls such as black female dreads or coily curls, etc. Previously, when it came to heatless curl, velcro rollers were a popular styling tool, but they have been forgotten for a long time. Velcro hair rollers can their ability to create beautiful, soft and bouncy curls and remove the concerns of affecting your hair. While many people believe that  curling hair using velcro rollers is time-consuming, it is well worth the effort with its safety set point. 

  • The preparation of this heatless curls is listed as below: 
    • The number and the size of velcro rollers, which is equivalent to the length of hair.
    • Choose a light hairspray to avoid a heavy or tight experience for users. 
    • Anti-Frizz Serum: this product allows you to minimize frizzy level.

Velcro Rollers for heatless curls

  • Instructions: 
    • Make sure your hair is cleaned with specific shampoo and conditioner in advance and keep it dry 90% to get the best performance. If possible, apply your anti-frizz serum and volumizing spray after the cleaning step.
    • Using a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair. Base on the volume of your hair to divide your hair into different sections and fix them with clips. 
    • It is time to attach rollers towards your hair from the root til the top. Repeat many times until your hair is done and wait for the results while doing anything. 
    • After a certain time to dry your hair, remove rollers gently and style as you want. 

2.3 Curling headbands for heatless curls

Another potential method when referring to heatless curls is using headbands overnight, which goes viral on Tik Tok also with the experiences of tiktoker and influencers. There is not any challenge for this technique, as if you are wearing a normal headband or a crown. Using this item allows your hair to create a solid foundation to gather your hair around.

These are detailed steps for curling headbands: 

  • Start with slightly wet hair with the curl product you chose.
  • Create a center part so you will have even amounts of hair on each side.
  • Bring your hair in front of your shoulders.

Curling headbands for heatless curls

  • Grasp the twisted section you just wrapped around the headband, pick up more hair and twist it away from your face.
  • Tuck the hair behind the headband and grab a little more hair.
  • Repeat until all the hair is done.
  • Let the hair fully dry before taking your headband down. 

2.4 Waveformers for heatless curls

Waveformers  are known as one of the effective accessories for heatless curls with long duration. If you are about to create beach wave vibes, don’t miss this application. Recently, waveformers come in a variety of styles and materials to respond to the different tastes of customers. The most prevalent material of wave formers that are really into by users is made from soft woven plastic for the best comfortability during this process: 

Follow our directions to enjoy the amazing look with waveformers 

  • When your hair is wet, please clip a tiny section of damp. Before installing waveformers to each hair part, from root to tip, make sure you portion and untangle your hair. 
  • During application, users can get sleep to wait and enjoy the gentleness with the soft material of waveformers. 

Waveformers for heatless curls

  • When your hair is dry, step by step remove waveformers with each and every single hair strands. Guranteer this step to avoid repeating this process and wait more time. 
  • It is better to use your fingers to loosen your hair in a gente way. Besides, users can take advantage of hair spray to softer and smoother your hair after a long wet period of hair.

Using waveformers make your hair more stretcher and lengthen your curl hair as well. 

2.5 Coiled bun for heatless curls

Users are likely not to struggle with using this heatless curls technique because it is so straightforward to do with a high speed. The first thing to do is to begin with a ponytail as a loose spiral shape on your head. This way is so effective in case your hair is nearly dry and your curls last longer. It is a little bit time-consuming if your hair is long. Here is how to get coiled bun without the heat machines: 

  • Brush your damp hair thoroughly from the top to the root to avoid tangling. 
  • Now, let’s take a low ponytail, highly focused on the ends of your hair instead of fixing it. 
  • Twist the ponytail one way until it creates a tight coil and starts to twist back on itself. To make a spiral, wrap the coil around the base of the ponytail and secure it with a scrunchy to prevent the damage to your hair. 

Coiled bun for heatless curls

  • When your hair is completely dry, softly lower the bun to reveal your curls. When you let go of your hair after a while, you will notice that it has a natural bounce.

We would like to share a pro tip for everyone. It’s important to note that elastic hair bands should be used instead of other tight materials. The reason is mainly due to tying your hair too tightly damages the hair follicles and leads to hair loss. This is another source of itchy scalp that you should stay away from.

2.6 Robe heatless curls  

Socks can be used to create  curly hair by using heatless curls. You may not be aware that all you need is a pair of short socks to achieve natural wavy curly hair at home thanks to heatless curls, even you are a newbie: 

Steps for implementation are as follows:

  • Brush your hair straight and then mist the ends with water. Make sure you don’t get water on your scalp or hair.
  • Take a portion of hair from the top and wrap it around the sock’s middle.
  • You secure your hair by tying the two ends of the stockings together after rolling the ends of your hair up.

Robe heatless curls

  • Carry on like this until all of your hair is curled up.
  • You wear your hair down to bed and take off your socks in the morning.

Because the socks are soft, they do not tangle or tie your hair to your head, this method of naturally curling your hair with socks will make you more comfortable during your bedtime. 

3. The bottom line with some special notes for heatless curls

The methods for heatless curls listed above are entirely natural, reducing the danger of hair damage or brokenness. However, you should be aware that abusing your hair on a regular basis will cause your scalp to secrete and damage your hair.

The tips below will help you take better care of your curly hair after it’s been curled.

  • Make use of a wide-toothed comb: After curling your hair, comb it back with wide tooth combs to avoid tangles. It’s important to remember that brushing your hair too forcefully might damage the hair follicles and lead to hair loss.
  • After using hairspray, properly wash your heatless curls hair: You may require hairspray to keep your curls from tangling in the wind or external factors, and you should wash your hair after going to a party, work, or out to eliminate the chemicals from the glue.

The bottom line with some special notes for heatless curls

  • Use hair keratin supplement for heatless curls: Using a rich shampoo and keratin supplement to rebuild the hair cuticle if your hair is weak and prone to breaking is a great idea. 
  • After curling your hair, make sure to protect it: To keep your hair frizz-free and healthy, always stay away from the sun and wind.
  • Use Hair care products for heatless curls: To avoid damaging your hair, apply essential oils and hair conditioners right after you wash it, but avoid using shine oils because they will make your hair drier. Hair masks can also be used to maintain the health of your hair. 

Above are 6 best methods to follow for perfect heatless curls. K-Hair website is always here to introduce to you the best hair tips ever. If you are curious about how to remove hair glue from hair or any other natural hair and hair extension issues, please read our blog category of easy tips to style your hair.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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