How To French Braid Your Own Hair: Top 1 Guide To Follow

If you are searching for a simple and girly hairstyle, French braid is an amazing choice. With a special braid pattern and the capability to style into different hairstyles with braid, French braid is the choice that will always give you a fresh and special look. Then, how to French braid your own hair? It seems a little bit difficult at first, but after reading this post, you will see that it is actually pretty simple! Through this post, we will also give you more information about this braid as well as many other braids, so don’t miss any items!


How to French braid your own hair

I. How to French braid your own hair: an attractive hairstyle that everyone fancy

Before learning how to braid your hair into this French style, we think that it is better for you to discover a little bit more about this hairstyle. Then, you will know more about the reason why it is so popular and also know more about a variety of styles to add to your collection! In fact, braids are also popular styles that hair warehouse distributor chooses for hair extension products.

1.1. How French braid is different from normal braid

Although both are braids, the French braid is much more special and attractive than the standard one. The reason lies in the way how to French braid your own hair. While normal braid is like a low ponytail with three braids of hair plaited together, French braid is created with a lot of smaller braids of hair being plaited. Therefore, the normal or standard braid is usually easily boring and unattractive; on the other hand, the French braid brings about a fresh and pretty vibe.


How to French braid your own hair: Standard vs. French braid

1.2. A wide range of French braid styles to choose

In fact, the French braid is not only one style available, but you are able to create a variety of French braid styles. Besides popular French braids, you can even create a new style for yourself just by changing the way you tie or handle your braids. Of course, the way how to French braid your own hair is basically the same. Some of the attractive French braid hairstyles you can try are French braid low bun, French braid high bun, French braid updo, French fish-tail braid hybrid, waterfall French braid, double French braid, French braid ponytail, etc. 


How to French braid your own hair: A variety of hairstyles

1.3. How to French braid your own hair: Who can style French braids?

The final question before moving on to the steps to braid your hair is whether you can French braid your hair with short hair or not. The answer is yes, of course! French braid is the style suitable for almost all kinds of hair with different hair lengths and textures, as long as the hair is not too short like very short haircuts. In fact, besides popular girly styles, you can also create a lot of individual French braid hairstyles on rather short hair as well. In addition, you can practise and apply the braids on hair extensions from hair factory for resellers beforehand as well.


How to French braid your own hair: All hair types

II. How to French braid your own hair: step by step

Now comes the most important part, how to braid your hair! We will not introduce to you only one way of plaiting the basic French braid, but we will also give some other ways to style your braids, so that your braid hairstyle collection will be much more diverse and updated!

2.1. How to style a normal braid

Let’s firstly start with the steps to plait a normal or a standard braid! Knowing this, you will get used to braiding hair, especially for beginners. Therefore, when reading about how to French braid your own hair or any other styles of braid, you will be able to imagine and understand the instructions better.


How to French braid your own hair: Start with standard one

It is pretty simple to do a standard braid. To make it very simple to understand, we will divide the process into 5 small steps:

  • Step 1: Brush your hair. Just make sure that your hair is tangle free before braiding. It is a must as when the hair is tangled, you will not be able to divide it into strands to even start plaiting your hair.
  • Step 2: Divide your hair. You need to divide your hair into 3 even strands. Three-strand plaiting is the typical characteristics of a standard or normal braid.
  • Step 3: Start to braid. You can start with the right-side or left-side strand first. They are no different. Suppose you start with your right hair strand first, then you need to cross it with the middle one, and now it is in the middle. After that, you do the same with the left section, which means you cross the left one with the new middle one (the initial right one). Now you have your first small braid!
  • Step 4: Continue braiding. You just repeat step 3 until all your hair is plaited. So easy, right!
  • Step 5: Tie the tail. To keep the braid fixed, you need to tie the last part of the tail. You can also use a ribbon or any other colorful hair ties to create a highlight!

How to French braid your own hair: Steps to standard braid

2.2. How to French braid your own hair: start with a basic style

After knowing how to do a standard braid, basic French braiding now becomes an easy task. In fact, the French braid still lies on the three-strand plaiting principle, but it requires a bit of stylization. We will divide the process into 6 steps to let you have a clearer imagination.

  • Step 1: Brush your hair. This is the first step of any braiding process!
  • Step 2: Divide your hair. You will also divide your hair into 3 even sections, but not all the hair. You just use the half-up part of your ponytail first.
  • Step 3: Start to braid. You just do exactly the same as the third step of doing a standard braid. This is the reason why we introduce to you the way to standard braid your hair first!
  • Step 4: Continue with the rest. Suppose you still start the braid with the right-side section, then now you have to add more hair from the rest (but not all) to your right strand. Then you continue by crossing the new right strand with the middle one and do similarly with the left-side one. This is quite similar to a standard braid. You just keep doing this until you braid all of your hair and reach your nape.
  • Step 5: Continue a standard braid from your nape. After you reach your nape, there must be no more hair to add to the strands, so you’ll continue the rest with a standard braid.
  • Step 6: Tie your hair. For the very last part of the tail, you also need to tightly tie with a ribbon or a hair tie to keep the braid fixed.

How to French braid your own hair: Step by step

2.3. How to French braid your own hair: why not try different French braid styles!

As mentioned, besides the basic style, you can create a lot of different hairstyles with your French braid. Below will be some significant ones.


How to French braid your own hair: Other styles

2.3.1. How to braid your own hair into French braid ponytail

French braid ponytail: After the braid reaches your nape, instead of continuing with a standard braid, you can totally tie the rest of your hair up into a ponytail. You can also tie it a bit earlier, before it reaches the nape, so that your ponytail will be higher and create pretty individual vibes. You can also be creative to style the ponytail in many other special looks as in the picture below.

This style of French braids is super suitable for active and individual girls at all places. It can be outstanding at schools, sport events, lively parties or more formal events like weddings, meetings or so on.


How to French braid your own hair – French braid ponytail

2.3.2. How to french braid your own hair two sides

Double French braid: This hairstyle is suitable for both long and short hair. Firstly, you need to divide your hair into 2 even parts. Then, you do the French braid for each part. This is exactly the same as how to French braid your own hair. 

Girls with short hair and have such an active style are highly recommended to style this type of braid. While the one-braid type can be a little simple and boring sometimes, the two-braid type is totally new and attractive. For one with long hair, this style is also recommended for a fresh look!


How to French braid your own hair – Double French braid

2.3.3. How braid your own hair into waterfall French braid

Waterfall French braid: This hairstyle is harder to do. The outcome is pretty amazing as your hair will turn out to be as smooth and special as a waterfall. For this hairstyle, you’d better get on Youtube to watch lively instructions to ensure the best illustrations.

This style is an amazing choice for girls with muse vibes. If you have short hair, this style is still possible. However, it will be best looking with smooth long hair. You can just look at the picture below to see how amazing the braids are with long hair!


How to French braid your own hair – Waterfall French braid

2.3.4. How to french braid your own hair for beginners into low bun

French braid low bun: To style French braid low bun, it is quite simple. First of all, you need to follow the guide on how to French braid your own hair two sides above. This is because the bun is the best look with the flow from two sides to the low bun. You can look at the picture below to get a clearer illustration.

This is the hairstyle that lots of brides choose for their wedding day. It is super elegant and classy. With this braid, your look will be pretty sweet and outstanding.


How to French braid your own hair – French braid low bun

As you can see, besides using hair extensions like wigs or quick weaves from wholesale hair vendors, spending some time styling your hair by yourself can bring so much fun! You ought to do it more often.

III. How to French braid your own hair: What are other pretty braid styles?

In addition to the French braid and standard braid, we also want to introduce to you other kinds of braid, so that such braid lovers can change different styles every day! They are all amazing braid hairstyles that will give a variety of impressive vibes!

3.1. How to French braid your own hair: What about Dutch braids?

The Dutch braid is similar to the standard and the French braid. It is a three-strand principle based style. You can also create a lot of hairstyles with this pattern of braid. You can style a basic, a ponytail, a low bun, a side braid or many other hairstyles of Dutch braid. It is said to be a wonderful choice of braid for all seasons! In addition, both rather short and long hair of all textures can be styled with this kind of braid.


How to French braid your own hair: What about Dutch braid?

3.2. How to French braid your own hair: Why not try box braids?

You have heard a lot about box braids, right! This style carries a super sporty and individual vibe. It is most suitable for American – African styles. When you first look at the hair, you may be afraid that it is too hard to do. However, it is not that difficult. When you are used to it after a couple of times trying, you will feel that it is pretty simple to style.

If this type of braid is still too complicated and time-consuming to you, don’t worry as hair extensions are always available. Hair extension products from hair suppliers worldwide will offer you a variety of braids which care super fancy and individual!


How to French braid your own hair: Why not try box braid?

3.3. How to French braid your own hair: Fishtail braid – an amazing style

The last style we want to introduce is the fishtail braid. The look of this braid is quite similar to the French or Dutch braid. However, it is more detailed. It is likely to be the same as the fish bone structure. This braid will definitely give you a unique look, and it will be much more special when you create your own hairstyle with this braid pattern.


How to French braid your own hair: How about fishtail braid?

IV. How to French braid your own hair: Curling your hair with braids, why not!

Besides letting the braids shine in its own way, have you ever heard of curling your hair using braids? It must be quite a lot, right! This is a damage free method which is simpler than the flexi rods or the overnight scarf. Just by plaiting your hair and letting it stay still overnight, you have styled for yourself a pretty curly hairstyle!


How to French braid your own hair: Curl your hair with braid!

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