Flexi Rods: How To Style Damage Free Curly Hair At Home

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Normally, when it comes to styling curly hair, people will think of going to hair salons to have the hair permed by hairdressers first. After that, they may think of flat irons or hair curlers for temporary curls. All the methods above are heat-based or even chemicals-based, which is very harmful to the hair, though. Therefore, flexi rods – hair curling tools which are damage free and easy to use are becoming more and more popular. In this article, we will show you all about this amazing tool and guide you to curl your hair at home with flexi rods!


Flexi Rods

I. Flexi rods: Top best choice for styling curly hair

You want to perm your hair, but you don’t want it to get damaged? You are not into going to the hair salons? You want some methods that can style your hair curly and maintain it for not too short or not too long time? Then, flexi rods are exactly what you need! Below will be our explanation about why they are so popular and why you’ll love them.

1.1. What are flexi rods?

If you haven’t known what flexi rods are yet, here is the answer. Flexi rods, also known as twist foam hair rollers, are tubes made of rubber, and they are used to curl the hair physically. Their structure is very special. It is as bouncy as sponges. Therefore, it is very comfortable when you touch them.


What are flexi rods?

Flexi rods are therefore damage free and very easy to use. With a soft texture and a physical application without heat, they cause no damage to your hair at all. In addition, you can easily style your hair curly at home without needing to go to the hair salons. The steps will be explained in detail through items below.

1.2. Hairstyles created with flexi rods

Flexi rods are suitable to style all kinds of curly hairstyles on all kinds of hair textures. American – African women especially fancy these tools as they can help their hair form many perfect coil patterns. With this kind of twist foam hair rollers, you can style your hair with an afro kinky pattern, voluminous coils, tight curls, loose curls or so on. You just need to choose the rods with the right size, and then you’ll be able to create the style you want.


Hairstyles with flexi rods

II. Flexi rods vs. Hair curlers: Which one is better?

All of them are tools that help you perm your hair temporarily at home. Then, which one seems to be better, or which one is more suitable for you? What are the characteristics, pros and cons? Please read this item for detailed explanations, and you’ll get a satisfactory answer for yourself.


Flexi rods vs. Hair curler

2.1. The differences between flexi rods and hair curlers

Flexi rods and hair curlers are different in many facets. The clearest difference is the principle of curling the hair. Besides, there are many other different factors such as effects on hair, time of applying and adding gadgets requirements, etc. Below are the most significant differences.

Curling principles: 

  • Flexi rods: These tools curl your hair physically, and the process requires no heat or chemicals. You just need to add some water, conditioner or oil to make the process more effective and easier. As a result, the process causes no damage to your hair, and it is a huge advantage of these tubes.
  • Hair curlers: Hair curlers use heat to curl your hair. The heat is usually very high, so that it can keep the curl turner out properly and last longer. It is so hot that you can get burnt if you are not careful enough. It is also the reason why using hair curlers is not good for your hair. The heat effects can lead to easy tangling, shedding or split-ending.

Flexi rods vs. Hair curler

Applying time:

  • Flexi rods: If you use these tubes, the time needed to apply is a bit long. Normally, you will have to let the hair with tubes stay still overnight or for at least 3 hours. This is a bit inconvenient if you don’t have much time left before going out. However, the hairstyle can last for days, and you won’t have to restyle it the next day.
  • Hair curlers: Using a hair curler is different. It takes only about 30 minutes to have your curly hair done carefully! The high heat can help you perm the hair immediately. However, the hairstyle is only at its best for the first day!

Flexi rods vs. Hair curler

2.2. Which one is better to choose: flexi rods or a hair curler?

After reading the analysis above, you have your answer, right! Whether to choose the rollers or curlers depends on your situation and wish. If you are in a hurry, and you want your hair to be curly temporarily during the day, a hair curler is your savior. On the other hand, if you have free time, and you want to carefully perm your hair without causing any damage, using flexi rods is one of the best choices. You just need to put a bit more effort in the process, and then you will have a beautiful hairstyle lasting for days.

III. How to style curly hair using flexi rods

Perming hair using rods is an easy method that anyone can practice at home. Below will be the most detailed and easy-to-understand process that you can apply to have an attractive curly hairstyle!


How to use flexi rods

3.1. Steps to curl your hair with flexi rods

Perming the hair is very simple. You just need careful preparation and then carry out the perm!

What to prepare before perming: 

Flexi rods, of course! Choosing the size of the tubes is very important. It will affect the outcome of your hairstyle. If you want to style tight coils like the afro kinky style, you ought to choose tubes with very small diameters. If you want bigger ones like voluminous or loose curls, the diameters should be bigger. What is important is the size of all the tubes used need to be the same, so that the curls will be even and become much more natural and attractive.

Besides flexi rods, you’d better prepare water, conditioner or hair oil. If it is inconvenient, using water only is also acceptable. The use of adding hair care products just helps make your curls look more natural and bouncy. 


Prepare to use flexi rods

The process of perming your hair:

  • Moisturizing: After you finish preparing with very simple requirements above, you can start to perm your hair. You’d better wash your hair or make it wet beforehand, so it will be easier to style. Or you can also choose to spray more water to your hair during the process. The adding of leave-in conditioner is also recommended.
  • Perming: To perm the hair, you need to curl your hair around the flexi rods. You just repeat this action many times until all of your hair is tied with the rollers. 
  • Waiting: After you finish perming, you have to wait for about at least 3 hours to let the hair gradually perm. It is quite a long time, so it is better that you style your hair at night, and you can let it stay overnight.
  • Untying: After the waiting time ends, you can carefully untie your hair out of the flexi rods. The result will surprise you!
  • Handling the perm: To make the curls look more natural, you can seperate each curl into 5-7 smaller curls. If you prefer not to, then it is still okay. You also ought to use a comb to brush the hair a little bit, so it will look prettier. Now your hair is done!

Curling your hair using flexi rods

3.2. Can flexi rods be applied on weave hair?

The rods can be used for natural hair, then can they be used to perm hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors, especially weave hair? The answer is definitely yes! In fact, using flexi rods for weave hair is very popular. The process is literally the same as when you style your natural hair. What to notice is you can also style the hair on a wig head, so that it will be easier.


Using flexi rods on weave

IV. How to take care and maintain curls styled with flexi rods

Curly hair styled with foam rollers are easy to do, and it is also not difficult to take care of! Below are sharings from hair experts about the best hair care.

4.1. How long can curls with flexi rods last?

As mentioned, the curly hair created with this kind of rods can last for days or even weeks. In fact, it can last for 10-14 days. So amazing, right! Such a damage free method can keep your hair curly for so long. Unlike other temporary methods which can only ensure the hair to be pretty for only one day, this is such an outstanding choice! However, to keep the hair at its best appearance definitely needs proper hair care. Below are the ways to take care of your curls.


How long can the curls styled with flexi rods last

4.2. Tips to keep the hair bouncy

Hair care of curly hair created with flexi rods is similar to normal curly hair care. You will need to pay attention to the brushing, washing and moisturizing phases. 

  • About combing, you should comb the hair slightly as the curly hair is already easy to tangle. Also, if you brush it too strongly, you can damage the curly form created with flexi rods. 
  • About washing, you actually shouldn’t wash it or wash it regularly. As the curls are physically made, it will be easily deformed under water. 
  • About moisturizing, this is a must for all curly hair. This will not only make the hair look bouncy and shiny, but it will also keep the hair growing healthy. To do so, you need to choose proper hair masks, hair serums or hair conditioners for curly hair.

Hair care for perm styled with flexi rods

4.3. How to sleep with curly hair

Last but not least, how to keep the flexi rods styling hair at bedtime is also a frequently asked question. It is very simple, but if you do it wrong, the curls can be seriously deformed after you wake up. The key lies in the hair bonnet! You ought to tie your hair neatly and cover it with a bonnet, so that it can keep bouncy and well formed.


Flexi rods hair at bedtime

K-Hair Vietnam has just explained to you all about flexi rods! We hope that this post is useful for you. You can also visit our platforms for more sharings like this:

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